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    Marsh Kingdom

    "Oh? Sweet!" Kou said when he was offered a space on top of the pillow. Frankly, he was becoming tired of holding onto the bottom of the object,

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    Marsh Kingdom

    As Miki floated along, she didn't initially realize that Kou was hanging on to her pillow. Until of course, the lad poked his head out to mention a potential

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    Marsh Kingdom

    While Miki floated atop her pillow to traverse the Marshlands, Kou was nowhere to be seen from a bird's eye-view. When she commented on the intensity

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    Marsh Kingdom

    The blonde-haired adventurer known as Miki had her hood pulled up on her head as she floated along acccompanied strange Lizardmen who were taking herself

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    The Kingdom of Eonis

    "Uh... yeah. Me too," Kou added. Whatever these Lizardmen thought of the two Adventurers was certainly brought about by someone else, and Kou

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