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    [Kyoto] Kyoto Tower

    Kaminari seemed to find a lot of flaws in Roze's thoughts. All of these she'd mention after she kicked the woman and watched her fly off into the distance

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    [Kyoto] Kyoto Tower

    "Obviously because we did it before it became a fad, and you're just a copycat," Roze replied. Whatever source she'd drawn her logic from, it

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    The Grassy Plains

    The Commander nodded at Raizo’s remark on the plains. Their fight had taken a toll on the dimension: some of the groups of trees had been partially

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    The Grassy Plains

    The glowing white of Raizo's eyes fading back to their regular silver color was the only real mark of his Bankai sealing itself. Whether it was

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    [Sunagakure] Village Center

    "I'm no business genius or anything, but that doesn't seem like a reasonable business model. Though, if it makes you happy I won't argue," the

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