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    [5th Division] Captain's Office

    Captain's Office

    This office is where paperwork is done, meetings are had and briefings are given. From the curtained glass

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    Main Thread

    Before Cade could do anything else a dark blue blur sped towards him and took him off the ground. He was unable to react because of two reasons: first,

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    Main Thread

    The auction had become chaotic.

    When the mohawk lady attacked, so did Ronald. Hed intended to use the attack as a distraction to make

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    Reina Baratheon

    Personal Profile

    Name: Haruka Hayashi
    Age: 264
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 68kg
    Hair Style/Color:

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    Secondary Thread

    As Cade walked towards Ronald to finish him off with style, he was suddenly hit by a tornado of light. The attack possessed immense force behind it and

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