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  1. =o
    Sounds interesting~ who's acting as zeref?
  2. Then that puts us at 7! =D

    Only 3 left, and then we start on the Spriggan 12... .____.
  3. Okay then~
  4. She's definitely strong enough to be one, and we currently only have 6 of 10 =P
  5. Can be, depends. Do you want her to? o.o
  6. Is she one of our Wizard Saints? =D
  7. The two of you with your admin status D:

    Hehe :3 Mind if you take a look at this and check if the stats are okay?
  8. Because I can see your email address o.o

    Besides, the username seems very... you~
  9. And you knew it was me immediately D:
    How D: when someone else didn't (he admitted) D:
  10. Wonder no more ._.
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