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  1. uh okay I came up with some ideas, this is the link to the post, pls tell me if you think it's nifty I guess?
  2. I was thinking cold water, some form of uncategorised damage, and one offensive and one defensive ability for shikai, and then for bankai I was thinking of doing something that may be slightly OP which I should probably run by you at some point.
  3. Well then, we already have the first step in mind. Now...

    Allow me to offer you a list. Choose one or more:

    Hot water; cold water; cutting damage; blunt damage; uncategorized damage; offensive; defensive; supplementary/healing
  4. I am bad at doing zanpakuto abilities and currently want to do water themed ones but am unsure how to word it or how to precisely do what I wish to do.

    Sorry if that's poor writing, I just got home from uni for the day xD
  5. Of course!
  6. Hey friend wanna help a friend out?
  7. ... oh no, what are you going to do, click at me? End my suffering and student debt? (I'm kidding please don't I would miss my dog too much)

    Yeah I was not smart last night. Sorry about that, chief.
  8. Oh no. This is an entirely different breed of stones. Stones of power. Stones of... Infinity! ._.

    I noticed you posted on your own wall, but I wasn't gonna say anything about it. ._.
  9. No stoning. Please, this isn't the early medieval period.

    I mean, it's a children's show but they're all lesbians. Except Steven, Connie and Greg.

    I'll think about it my dude. Also I was dumb and posted this on my own wall before I went to sleep last night whoops.
  10. Hmm. I thought I was sacred to all. I must gather the stones, then ._.

    I've yet to watch that, but... lesbian rocks sound interesting.

    It wouldn't be an inconvenience. We change our primary RP from time to time, and the back-and-forth becomes too fast-paced to keep up with multiples. It'd actually be nice to hop over to a secondary RP with a slower pace, so you'd be plenty welcome. So... chop chop, let's talk about that character creation ._.
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