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  1. I could probably up that by telling you my favourite phrase for a penis? (It's massive throbbing gigglestick just fyi god I love shitty fanfiction)

    Yeah, the waiting is the worst bit. Plus I live close enough that I could go home and come back again but then I'd have to deal with the going home and coming back again. I was in year 10 when I first joined BA and it was always open while I was at school xD I am definitely a morning person and as such having classes that go til 8 or 9 at night is in fact the worst. 100% agreed on the things being easier.

    It is fun but it does take up a bunch of space on your phone, which can be a problem. Idk if you know Stuart, but he was also telling me about it the other day and I was like 'microtransactions? oh goodness I can never resist those...'

    Sounds like a plan~
  2. LOL, first things first, my new favorite phrase of the week is Horizontal Tango~

    The breaks in that uni-day might have made it okay for me. It seems like I could have gotten in my naps and not been cranky. Though I don't like waiting for school, nor sleeping when I have other stuff to do. I think it would have been weird to balance for me, because I am not a morning person, but I took all morning classes so I could sleep every afternoon between 2-7pm and stay up all night on BA <.< those were simpler times XD

    Hearthstone is something I've watched be played on Youtube. It seems like it would be pretty fun, but I have a lot of things I am already playing on my phone and I can't devote any more space to them. (By the way, if you aren't playing it already, Bleach Brave Souls is good for Bleach related nostalgia boners. So long as you don't get tricked into making micro-transactions, it's free to play)~

    If I find time between video game season and RPing I'll let you know~

  3. That's totally understandable, aha, I do that with texts all the time?

    I try and do stress relief, but sometimes it stresses me more because I think of what I need to do and then anxiety kicks in and like... yeah anxiety and stress are a bitch, yo. Still, I'm trying and that's the main thing. Oh good, I'm not the only one who uses it xD My university is small and thus doesn't offer many (read as: any) options for different lectures and tutorial times. It's a 12 hour day but I have two three hour breaks which sucks more because then I'm stuck, waiting. Still, I have a three day week which is nice.

    Yeah, I have played magic like twice? I mostly just stick to Hearthstone, it's cheaper :P YES! Please do I love D&D it's great. I have a character who did the horizontal tango with a goblin and then we the players spent the next year wondering if she was pregnant. It's good times.
  4. O_O so I saw this while I was at work and forgot to say stuff :3

    Find your stress relief it's important for you~ Totally is still a word I use a lot, regardless of the year so don't feel bad. I can't imagine a 12 hour uni day. When I was in school I purposefully scheduled myself for less than 6 hours a day of classes (which amounted to three classes 4 days a week).

    Magic is easier to play as far as rules are concerned. Yugioh still feels like more of a fan game but it can get a bit convoluted because of different card interactions. Still fun to play though. If I ever really give way to D&D I'll let you know. I could definitely use and appreciate the help~
  5. I can never seem to escape stress, it's a problem. And yeah my time crossing over with east coast nocturnal people is often fortuitous. D&D is good fun and 5th Ed (the current edition) is super easy to get into. If you want to get into it I can totally help you out with that? Also as I typed totally I was like what is this, 2016? before remembering that it's 2018. Ah, 12 hour uni days. It makes total sense to me. I know a bunch of people who play Magic but not Yu Gi Oh. My partner and his friends periodically play which is cool.
  6. We are definitely East Coast, and non-stressy is how I live my life. :3 And I am pretty sure that is cool, because if you are up during your time then we will have a couple of extra overlapping hours in our days. Should be good. D&D always seems like a lot of fun, but it reminds me a bit of RP which just makes me want to make up a universe :3 I don't know if that makes sense to anyone else. We also periodically play Yugioh or Magic (the trading card games) but those are just when we are interested in something :3
  7. Ah. Man, Australia's system is so much better. And that is a good philosophy to have. Very non-stressy. Ah yes. See it's nearing my bedtime as I am strictly dayturnal if that is even a thing? I'm basically a grandma unless it's a Saturday night, at which point I have to run D&D when I'm trying to not crash and burn. Nocturnal must be nice and quiet though. Also from the time zone I am guessing east coast?
  8. Yes, it is super expensive. I am only really working right now because I am like $20,000 in debt after finishing college. But... I am not really worried about it. They will get it, when I have it to give. :3 As for it being bed time, it would mostly depend on the people. Wayne and I are strictly nocturnal, and we go to bed around 8 or 9 am our time, and it's only 4am now. So we have a few more hours before we wind down for the night XD
  9. Yeah, I'm in my last couple of semesters which is nice. Isn't college super expensive over there? I feel so lucky when I hear about it. Free time to pursue your interests is great. Haha I'm not surprised that he's sitting next to you, that's hella sweet. Isn't it nearly bedtime there? :P (Depending on the coast I guess?)
  10. O_O wow, been a while since I was last in school (I graduated from college back in 2012) Right now I am one of about 4 managers at a Pizza place. Which is fine with me because I get a lot of free time to pursue my interests. Like writing and playing video games :3 And I mentioned it to him, it isn't very hard to do since we are sitting next to each other at present, s'all good~
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