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  1. Hai hai~ happy to help :3
  2. Thanks I appreciate you!
  3. Yeah, it's no problem. I still like helping out from time to time~ <---- that's the site. It's a pretty good one. Though I think it comes up as like greek or something initially. It's one of my favorites though.
  4. I appreciate the tips! She's going to be a synthetically produced Shinigami of enhanced strength, so I was going for an outgoing, positive, but sometimes overconfident personality.

    I see I see. What's the image site?
  5. Lawls, alright no problem.

    As a person who occasionally writes characters of my opposite given gender, I can say my biggest tip, is to not try and force the character into a specific way of being. I don't know if that makes sense, but in general, I'd say just let the character have a few moments in writing before you try, and force a personality on it. Specifically with characters of the opposite gender it will likely make it easier for you to be them, without trying to force their responses. Sometimes, it's easier to figure out who a character is, if you let the character tell you. I'd say to try and avoid stereotypes as far as making your first female character. I found that it is really easy to take a stereotype personality and let it completely fuck over a character and sometimes you will really like it, but sometimes it will go horribly wrong, and you'll hate the character, then you'll have to kill it, or try and fix it. (All of which can be done in plot and is a fun way to write, just so you know XD)

    As for my character look preferences, I generally just go with really high quality images. Most of the really good artists online like half naked hot girls with big eyes and long hair, so I end up with a lot of characters that fit that general description. It is also a lot easier to write a character if I can imagine them doing stuff physically. And it's a lot easier to imagine them doing stuff, if their images are good~ Beyond that I usually decide a lot about a character based on the image, including its powers and abilities and sometimes even its personality. Or sometimes I do that the opposite way around, and go looking for an image which I can use with a specific set of abilities I have in mind. Male characters are in general a bit harder to come across. I could like you to one of the image sites I use, it has a lot of good quality stuff on it, including a reasonable amount of male characters~
  6. Pls help me
    I'm writing a new character who is female. I've never written female characters before. Any tips?
    Also, I notice many of your characters are sexy af with revealing outfits, is there a reason for that? Just curious, since there's a dearth of male characters of similar looks and attire.
  7. Thank you~

    We do like our RPs, without rules, and on a massive scale. That is pretty much what this site is at this point. Have fun with it~ And let me know if I can help ya' out with anything :3
  8. Thank you!
    And I can see you guys are killing it, the profiles you've written are pretty damn good
  9. Yeah, it is one of the bigger things. We got used to it a while ago, it's kind of fun that way though, getting into making new characters with different stuff to flesh out a single story line~

    :3 International Studies~ That's awesome, good luck with that~
  10. Haha Eldridge tipped me off to this site so I figured I'd set up shop.
    The biggest challenge is that there's a low amount of characters for mine to interact with now, so I have to write in multiple characters. With that comes a story line, which I didn't need on BA.
    I'm going for International Studies!
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