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  1. Dibbs is sacred to me, my dude.

    I mean, I'm talking fusion as seen in Steven Universe? (Love me some lesbian sentient space rocks)

    Yes, yes I am. It has reclaimed my soul, again. I just don't want to inconvenience you and Beni by not being able to post very much or at all for weeks at a time due to uni and such >.<
  2. Dibbs shall kneel before me! D<

    Or are we talking about the same fusion... but with a different outlook?

    I dunno; I heard you were talking about Bleach ._.
  3. You gotta respect dibbs.

    Uh, I think we're talking about different fusions.

    Join which RP now?
  4. Well, I have very sharp teeth ._.

    Yes, fusion. Fusion on a scale great enough to transcend time and space, and rewrite an entire universe!

    ... Join the RP ._.
  5. You can't have it, my partner has dibbs. (There are many bite marks).

    Uh, are you talking about fusion, or...?
  6. That... was an interesting retort ._.

    Now then... become one with us ._.
  7. I'm sorry, what do you want with my butt?
  8. Bring that ass here, Pond. ._.
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