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  1. Cyberconnects, a fan site. And a lot of Gaia when I was younger. And then some 2D, 34-bit RP games that were glorified forum RPs.
  2. Interesting. What other sites have you been on?
  3. I used to be big into Bleach and .Hack//. But then went on a long hiatus. Really anything though. (Except Fairy Tail. Not a fan.)
  4. So, what else do you like to RP?
  5. Sure! Thanks!
  6. Alright, your character has been moved out to the accepted Second Generation Gravity Children! Just make sure you give him a R.E.A.D. level somewhere between 91 and 250.
  7. Alright changed! So I'm all set to start?
  8. Yeah I was pretty worried about that, which is why I tried to explain that it's a variation of Flame via Friction. I can try to come up with a different name though. (I did wonder why it was called rising road.)

    But yes! Great coincidence that haha.
  9. Looks good. Coincidentally, the age at which your character was separated from the other Gravity Children of his generation fits in perfectly with when their tower was opened. Love a happy accident like that~

    Have you considered naming your Road something different/synonymous? To be honest, when I read Lightning Road the first time, I confused it with the Rising Road xD
  10. Okay! Ready for approval! I hope xD
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