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  1. Alriiighty. That should be plenty for the general jist. I'm going for a third party, chaotic neutral character/team.
  2. I most certainly will have a look. Whenever you're done, just let me know!
  3. Thanks. I'm trying to finalize both Shuurai and the team so I can get involved in RP. Mind taking a look once it's done?
  4. There's nothing to be worried about. There's nothing that can't be fleshed out properly, and you're free to come to us with any questions or concerns.
  5. Yeah I saw that, which is perfect for my Flame Road variation, Lightning Road. I did see the in depth description, which is why I got worried about not having it down perfectly.
  6. The R.E.A.D. level is nothing to worry about right this moment, coincidentally. In the time we've been working on this project, we've modified quite a bit of the universe. We've err... introduced multiple towers, and a Sky Regalia for each one, as opposed to the single/"absolute" Regalia of canon Air Gear. It just so happens that the plot is currently moving toward what would be the third Gram Scale Tournament with the Parts War starting anew - and R.E.A.D. levels with it. For more detail on how we do R.E.A.D. though, Apollymi was kind enough to give us an in-depth thread this time around. You can find it in the White Hole section of Air Gear.

    Well, we kinda got used to being the only people in the RP, so... yeah. We had a long time to release new characters just to add variation. =P
  7. Ah that's great! And I'll see what I can do. But yeah, I've had the idea for my character and the team for a while so I'll probably get the rest of the details nailed down shortly then. I was curious about the R.E.A.D. levels though. Not quite sure how to go about it logically.

    But yeah, you and Apollymi sure did a number on the character section haha.
  8. Hah! I KNEW Air Gear would be useful for more than just my own endless amusement!

    You don't have to. Even if you only have one character for your team, you could run nameless NPCs when doing team-related things. But... Apollymi and I spam characters like nobody's business (especially in Air Gear) so it's likely you'll have at least one of us hopping onto your team soon after your character has been solidified.

    I'm sure you'll also notice we're a bit short on members for the site, so do bear with us. The few people we do have are here on a daily basis. If you have any associates who would be interested in any sort of RP, feel free to invite them along and grow the community.
  9. Ahhh thank you. Doesn't help that I'm mobile right now. The AG RP is actually what brought me here directly though. I'm a long time roleplayed though.

    I was wondering though if I'd have to make profiles for a certain amount of characters in order to have a team. I'm super interested in getting involved. Thanks for taking interest haha.
  10. Feel free to ask any questions you like. By the way, when you're responding to a Visitor Message, click View Conversation and reply from the following page. That'll put your message on the recipient's page, and make sure they get a notification when you reply to them. It's a weird thing Vbulletin does.

    Also, what brought you to the site, if I may ask?
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