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  1. University assignments, curse tertiary education. I am currently studying full time and not working because I have much studying to do. What is your job? Little victories are great. I probably should ask him, but I figure he will stalk me at some point and see it? Also, I'm trying to flesh things out a bit still.
  2. D: I have no idea what Assessment is, but it sounds horrible. But public holidays are fun, they'd be funner if I had guaranteed more than two of them off my job. But... little victories were they fit in. I am sure he would help you out if you have an idea~
  3. Agh, you guys are so great. I have a vague idea for my standard Bleach RP Character's zanpakuto, at least themewise, but abilities often leave me blanking :P I may bug him after my next class and be like hey help a friend out...? Also I need to sit down and read all of your history stuff for your RP but like... Assessment is a thing that I have, aha. Maybe tomorrow, which is a public holiday (yay)
  4. All of that is fine :3 And if you need help with a Zanpakuto Wayne is awesome at it. I am pretty good myself but he's a better idea's man :3
  5. Thanks! Building zanpakuto has always been a weakness of mine ^^' And nowadays I'm more versed in building D&D characters than anything else. I want to build a character for the standard Bleach RP and then maybe do a side plot with yourself and Wayne (if that is okay and we all have time) which I'd like to build a different character for. This will be fun.
  6. <--- Raizen and Benihime ------> They are both pretty flushed out and fairly different as far as their builds. The other characters also have a great variance in Zanpakuto if that is something you're interested in having a look at. I am also around if you have any questions~
  7. Okay silly question, where can I find Benihime and Raizen's profiles?
  8. That is no problem :3 I am here to help~
  9. Bless you, thank you. I like me some templates. I appreciate your help <3
  10. <.< that is the character template for a Shinigami. The combat profile only really includes the form for a zanpakuto. Kumori Raizen's Profile as well as Niwatoko Benihime's profile include different levels of expertise in Shinigami Combat if you wanted to include those kinds of things. We let everyone write their own descriptions of that so that it can be specific to the Character (wiki style) :3
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