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  1. Do you have a specific character sheet that I might be able to use?
  2. Well, of course he's excited. We do enjoy RPing with other people, even though everyone else is busy a lot. And it's always good fun not to be able to predict where things will go and to get a new extra bit of excitement in a posting cycle :3

    That RP has a table of contents that will lead you through the whole of it in order :3 happy reading~
  3. Yeah he seems very... excited. I'll need to come up with character stuff first and read up on your lore and arcs while I think
  4. Well with Wayne messaging you himself. I doubt that is actually a legitimate concern. After all, we are perfectly capable of keeping ourselves busy :3
  5. I will keep it in mind <3 I just don't want to slow you down at all <3
  6. <3 If you say so~ It's an option though if you find yourself interested in it. And rust can be shaken off, don't worry about it :3
  7. Awh, thanks for the offer! As much as I'd love to take you up on it, my RP is super rusty and I get super busy for extended periods of time and wouldn't want to slow you down. Thanks for the offer, though! <3 And you are the awesome ones, honestly <3
  8. D:


    Okay then. If you change your mind though, we wouldn't have any problem with it. There are only a couple of VCs that are locked for story purposes. The rest could come or go and it wouldn't make much of a difference if you wanted to be involved with that one. We'd enjoy having a new person along for a bit regardless if you wanted to get into the story with us. All we really ask is that if you want to get into it with us, that you finish your arc so the story can continue progressing~ <3 All faith is due to you if you're here. No need to thank us for your being awesome <3
  9. Okay the President is super late yay .-.

    Procrastination is life D:

    Yeah, I wasn't going to try and interfere with that one, do not worry aha. I will ask Raizo and El though, thank you for the help <3 And also thank you for the trust and faith and yeah <3
  10. O_O awesome.

    I also procrastinate. I don't like doing things when I have other stuff to do.

    As for making a character VC level for a Bleach Roleplay. Wayne and I are running the Bleach- A Tale Once Forgotten Roleplay. That one is very heavily story based and as a completely different plot line to the BA type stuff from old times. That roleplay currently has a full roster of Captains and Vice-Captains, but there is a storyline coming up which would shake that up if you wanted to make a character to fit into it. The other just "Bleach" roleplay I am pretty sure is being run by Raizo and El. They'd be the ones to ask about that. But in general I have no problem with your character being any specific power level. If you are on this site, we trust you to be able to make a character that isn't too much or too little for the rank, or story you want to play out.
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