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  1. Well, I'm a bit rusty so let's see how this goes :P Haven't really peeked around, I went to work right after I signed up :P
  2. We don't ask for activity, we're more quality based people. As long as you are doing what you do and well~ We don't really care how long it takes you XD We tend to amuse ourselves very easily, iffin you've been peeking around I'm sure you've realized that already :3
  3. I'd say El dragged me back kicking and screaming... but that's not strictly true. Can't promise I'll be the most active person because uni and work :P
  4. Pretty good, got no complaints or anything~ nice to see ya' around :3
  5. It is going well, how is you going?
  6. I suppose I am called that more often than I am not~ How's it going, Pondeh?
  7. ... Beni...?
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