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  1. Not at the moment. I made the Fairy Tail character because I haven't really messed with that setting, and made this character because reading through the interactions between you and Beni made me start thinking of concepts for Naruto characters. Basically just started as the though of a stone staff that could change size, shape, and have earth added to it. Bounced ideas off her until I made something I was satisfied with.
  2. Accidental things like that are the best. Can't ever say no to a happy coincidence.

    Good man. Got any plans for some more characters?
  3. Yeah, completely forgot Kilik even existed until I started looking for pictures of characters with a Bo. Fit pretty well for the mental image I had, so I went with it.

    I found that from the Kekkei Genkai in you guys' characters, yeah. I'll think about putting things together there, if I need to keep track of more stuff.
  4. I see you over there. Doin' stuff. Makin' Kilik Kekkei Genkai and all that.

    If it wasn't mentioned before, we have a wikia: Feel free to use that for holding and linking in all your custom things!
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