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  1. Who the hell uses Merriam-Webster? *genuine disgust*

    I have no need to consult anybody about class, thank you. For you though I would suggest some sort of plastic surgery, because apparently you have your buns up on your face.
  2. You were saying?

    You can't have swag or class unless you got buns, hun.
  3. You can't eat speculation so it can't be spicy. Stop playing games and spill.

    Swag is for boys. Class is for men. *rekt*
  4. Just some...spicy speculation~

    Ew my foot. You can't handle my swag.

    El was here
  5. I... have no knowledge of that. Who told you?

    Your sig is so ew, man. Who made it?
  6. So I hear there's a pretty blondie watching you~
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