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  1. It was sooo perfect. Couldn't stop laughing while being amazed at how good he was xD The reactions and side comments are S+ rank.

    The satisfaction of finishing a game :3 and the sad part that is also finishing a game. Welp at least you can start with hollow knight soon. Would love to hear you reactions / thoughts about the game
  2. Right?! I also enjoyed his reactions to being seen by the girl's in the dress. Ultimate Tsun Cloud in the building!~ It was a really interesting sight. I have to get around to finishing the whole thing, I wouldn't want to get disowned XD
  3. I partially guessed that part. What I was surprised of was the dancing. Loved that part where he initially did not want to dance and when he did, he was epic xD
  4. Yeah, apparently he can get three different looks (you have to replay the chapter if you want to get all of them). Still it's a pretty interesting take on the whole thing. They even managed to appease PC culture. I was astounded.
  5. Yassss I saw a vid of the makeover part and I never expected that (will not specify since it wasn't in the trailer until you have reached that part)
    Yup he's so cuteee. Some specific enemies, bosses, and areas - not so cute xD
  6. Hm, yeah, apparently it's possible to get him in multiple different outfits with different hair. I think that part is pretty cool tbh.
    Also, that game looks pretty cute. We haven't had a platform game to play since Super Meat Boy, and I have very few things to play on my switch, so I might check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!~
  7. Yup, huge diff from old pixelated to now, and I love it :3
    I'll get to that game once I finish the others on queue xD
    I recommend hollow knight if you guys like castlevania x darksouls difficulty game c:
  8. I mean sure, but it is at least cute. And in new graphics t's perfect~
  9. Yup yup. But it seems that his hair gel is too strong that even the makeover couldn't flatten it or rather it has become permanent
  10. I've been having a pretty good time of it. He's got a slightly different hairstyle this time around, but it is much more believable that people thought he was a girl. Also the scene leading up to that was fabulous, though I haven't gotten there myself yet.
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