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    Zuria Kingdom

    Arthur had been doing more than his fair share over the last few weeks. Merlyn had watched his progress as he became more and more acclimated to the nature

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    Zuria Kingdom

    A long journey was behind the newcomer to this world, Arthur Pendragon. His escapades primarily consisted of slaying giant beasts over

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    Adventures in Three Worlds

    The Fate of Three Worlds: Divergent Fate

    While our Heroes are back home on their own world, the world of AoE is alive and well. Still turning

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    Adventures in Three Worlds

    Fate of Three Worlds

    A Tale of Two Shut-ins (Prologue) Shibuya 1-10
    Begin your journey with our two protagonists, carrying on in the

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    Saint Paul's Cathedral

    A clear comment about taking the crystal was all the lass needed to fully devote herself to that portion of the activity. At least his critical thinking

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