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    You gotta respect dibbs.

    Uh, I think we're talking about different fusions.

    Join which RP now?
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    You can't have it, my partner has dibbs. (There are many bite marks).

    Uh, are you talking about fusion, or...?
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    I'm sorry, what do you want with my butt?
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    A footnote to what I just sent you is that I would be very much interested in Akira being a Captain and/or a Royal Guard, but I would need to understand her motive for doing so. She largely gives zero fucks about Soul Society as opposed to people.
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    I had another plotline intended for Akira and the greater SS universe. I was planning not necessarily to make her a Captain, but rather just a powerful figure.

    The gist is as follows: Akira returns to Soul Society and causes a sort of political uproar when she re-asserts command of the Shinoda Clan. The Shinoda Clan is de jure a lower-ranked House, but in terms of de facto power it has the broad loyalty of Rukongai. The Shinoda are historically guardians of Rukongai, a minor paramilitary House that CC46 now ignores since the Gotei has such concentrated power.

    Akira's plan is to stage a revolution by mass-manufacturing Bakkoto, thereby arming the Rukongai-jin. Simultaneously, she will carve out a faction of Soul Society's military, about 33 percent of their total power, loyal to her and her ideals. They will also leave, and depart to set up a new "capital" to the East of Seireitei. Meanwhile, a second revolution of corrupt Captains and nobles will (attempt to?) assassinate the current Captain-General, Hitsugaya. Akira's faction will return to Seireitei, realizing that they don't necessarily want to be under its command, but they don't want this other faction of corrupt bastards to take over and possibly come after them either.

    The endgame is to set up a new status quo where Akira can engage in more political and social battles, rather than physical, thus making it more of a big deal when she/her comrades come to blows.

    I was also planning on having Akira be trained somewhat by Eldridge/Shuren during her first year or two of existence.

    These are my ideas, but they are open to change. What do you think?
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    Not at the moment. I made the Fairy Tail character because I haven't really messed with that setting, and made this character because reading through the interactions between you and Beni made me start thinking of concepts for Naruto characters. Basically just started as the though of a stone staff that could change size, shape, and have earth added to it. Bounced ideas off her until I made something I was satisfied with.
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    Yeah, completely forgot Kilik even existed until I started looking for pictures of characters with a Bo. Fit pretty well for the mental image I had, so I went with it.

    I found that from the Kekkei Genkai in you guys' characters, yeah. I'll think about putting things together there, if I need to keep track of more stuff.
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    Your idea, entertain it I will.
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    Is in yo visitor messages.
    Leaving messages and stuff.
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    Cyberconnects, a fan site. And a lot of Gaia when I was younger. And then some 2D, 34-bit RP games that were glorified forum RPs.
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