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Thread: Pleasure City of Dis

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    How many loads had she swallowed since a few months ago? Dozens, most of them belonging to Jason. That wasn't really the point though, the ones that didn't belong to Jason were few and far between but among them Izou's was neither extremely good nor extremely bad. She wasn't even sure what sort of thing to think about it. It wasn't exactly tasty, power was in such fluids when she took them in, but according to the 'Advisor' she'd taken the trouble of summoning, that was more due to her own power than anything else. Men couldn't even be given the credit for making such a thing interesting to her. Whatever the case, she was told to be honest, or that she'd never have a good time, "Honest?!" she sounded outraged just a little bit. She wasn't ever honest with anyone of her own accord. It was up to the masses to interpret her whims.

    Whatever the case, what would immediately follow his words would be several hard slaps on her bottom. That was kind of nice. Each one sent a string of sensations tingling into her loins. Though she could do without most of his talking, she was indeed waiting on what he would provide her. After all, she was here for her own satisfaction and the sooner everyone realized that the better off they'd be. "I don't like waiting, ugh... no one came here for your cheeky attitude," she claimed, knowing full well to some extent those words were meant in opposition to each other. According to the man something was still missing, she didn't have time for games or long speeches. She wasn't here to think, and to provide boosts to his ego nor answers to his questions. "No one has time for what's missing are you gonna give me cock or not?" she didn't like being teased, she wasn't here for his crap she was here to get plowed the least he could do was stick his meat in one of the two holes currently present to him.

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    "Yes, honest!" he yelled, slapping once more in an angrier fashion that belied the start of annoyance. In truth, it was always annoying to keep dealing with Kolin and her antics. Their impatience was shared, albeit for very different reasons. Kolin didn't care to wait for insertion, and Izou didn't care to wait for her attitude adjustment. True enough, she may not have been here for his cheeky demeanor. She came here to take dick into the core of her being, but one thing came with the other. If Kolin didn't have time for whatever was missing, she'd have to find the time somewhere. Izou would see to that by first snatching up that waterlogged hair of hers, pulling her head up to his level. One arm simultaneously hooked around the woman until he could palm and squeeze one of those honking tits of hers, all while he spoke into the side of her face.

    "You want it?" he questioned. The clear answer was yes, but Izou was not going to join the ranks of Kolin's loyalists and interpreting her pointless blabber. "You can get it and all, but try asking nicely for once. Be a good girl, ask daddy for a treat, and he'll give it to you just like you like it~" Izou insisted. In the meantime, he was indeed inching forward. Insertion had officially begun, with Izou choosing the wetter of two holes. There wasn't much to it however, lest Izou ruin his own plan. No, just the tip was all she would be getting at the moment. He wanted to see the side of this woman that he'd been hearing about so much lately; he didn't plan on missing it by any means.

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    Honesty was indeed what the ronin wanted from her. A scoff would escape her instead, she didn't need to do this much for anyone. Why waste all this extra effort on someone who wasn't the one she was looking for? Well, there were a few options and answers. If she gave into his desires in the moment, she would get what she wanted, Izou wasn't the type to be anything but the way he was anyways... so she wouldn't actually lose anything by doing so, but why should she?

    Well that answer came with an angry slap to her ass, and more rough treatment. Izou was pulling her by the hair, forcing her up to his level while holding his manhood at bay. Yes, he'd chosen the wetter of two holes, but he was content to further tease. Even that hand gripping her chest was something desirous. But why? Why did assholes like him without everything to offer, always feel the need to try and take more from her than she was willing to give? He wanted answers, and wanted her to be nice? Did he have any idea the amount of things he was asking with only dick and the occasional kill to offer in return? Ugh. Men were always like this, always acting high and mighty demanding things from her or asking for them when they'd done nothing to deserve them. Yes, she held this opinion, even about Izou. Though she tolerated him more than most, a moment like this was exactly why she didn't always tolerate anyone. He wanted everything including the break in her fašade, while not being able to offer everything she desired...

    "Hmphf!" another scoff. "Yes, I want it, and you should give it to me. I didn't come here for you to tease me all day." That was about as nice as one like Kolin got. Eventually everyone would understand her nature, and maybe she'd even understand it herself. But she definitely wasn't just going to give in to some half-assed attempt. She wasn't here to play with him. If he ordered her around she might do whatever while bitching about it. If he wanted the soft and broken version of her, he'd have to actually succeed in breaking her. That was it. She was only doing the things she was currently so she could enjoy the sex, anything else this one wanted out of the situation he responsible for setting up himself. This was how she actually was.

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    Izou knew there was nothing Kolin could lose, bar a bit of face. He also knew there was always a high chance of Kolin being hard to deal with, solely because it was her way to be disagreeable. She was going to be exactly those things. The queen admitted to wanting his tool, though the follow-up was that he should be giving it. She wasn't here to be teased all day? Well, she would be if she didn't know how to acquiesce to a few simple wishes. "If you're not here for a tease, there's an easy answer," he said against the side of her face once more. That tug against her hair became more forceful, more against the roots. At the same time, the grip of her breast became the firm squeeze and twist of a nipple.

    As Izou recalled, he didn't receive a salary of any sort for the work he did in this country, nor during his time in Sengoku. What he received as remuneration for his actions was a lay here and there, and access to facilities he didn't plan on paying for. This wasn't going to cut it, especially after that atrocious work she had him do earlier this day. It was time this wage worker collected his check. "You didn't go dumb and forget that I'm not one of your little boy toys, did ya'? I'm not here 'cause I'm afraid of you. I don't care about whatever stupid goals you've got beyond this place. Your ol' pal Izou is here to have a good time, and right now, that involves punishing your little bimbo cunt. So, be a doll, and do what the fuck I'm telling you. Then we can all have a good time, yeah? Daddy Izou'll take real good care of ya'."

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    Ah, there it was. Izou claimed there was an easy fix to the problem of her getting teased, and it apparently had to do with her. What did he actually want? Why wasn't he just plowing away at her already, this was tedious, she didn't like tedious. Admittedly he was winning a few points by the course of a few moments he was managing to give her a bit of what she wanted. A rougher pull of her hair and a firmer grip of her bosom resulting in a painful pinch. She enjoyed that at least, and it would be more than obvious by that pulsing in her nether and the moan leaving her mouth.

    Still she wouldn't be so easy as to just give into whatever weird desire this man had. His words, seemed to imply some kind of aggression but was it really enough. No she hadn't forgotten that he wasn't one of her pet men. That didn't matter though because he wasn't the one that she wanted, he was just something she used to fill the space. The fact that he killed and did jobs for her, for just this was standard, he didn't deserve more for doing something he would have done anyway. "I didn't forget, that's why you're here. The rest of that sounds unnecessary. Fuck me already..." Yeah, that was about it. He'd done nothing to prove he should be getting more than her bitchy attitude. She was not going to do any more than her usual self. She might be a bit soft, go along with some well placed demands, but she definitely wasn't going to do anything out of the ordinary just for this man to do what he was already going to do. Who actually bothered with that sort of thing besides porn stars? Yes, she was choosing to ignore the fact that she was exactly like that for Jason, but Jason had forced that issue, no one else had or would for the most part so she had no intention of doing it.

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    One thing Izou always excelled at, was forcing issues. He could send an established empire into anarchy with a single flick of his blade, and in fact, it wouldn't be the first time. Perhaps what Kolin forgot, was the kind of state Sengoku was in during her stay of a few measly years. The murder of a feudal lord was an exciting thing in its own right. Ah, the sweet bloodshed that came in the aftermath. So many who swore themselves to those lords thought to right the dishonor of an assassination, and they all fell just the same... and it was magnificent! What would happen in the city of Dis if Kolin continued to behave like some spoiled brat? Maybe Izou would be able to find out first-hand.

    More demands. Kolin decided she wasn't taking the shit from any man, but Izou wasn't taking any of her entitlement while knowing she was just some slut at heart. As for why he was here, it was his choice, and his choice alone... just as it was his choice to abandon her chest. Izou reached out to the space behind his current location, retrieving a tanto from within his kimono. "Oh I'll fuck ya'," he said. Still holding her by the hair, Izou jerked his short blade from its scabbard. It only took a blink for the weapon to be at the queen's neck, while Izou exuded palpable bloodlust that was otherwise only hidden beneath the surface. "What if you weren't alive when I did it? You're the dumbest kind of bitch sometimes, ya' know? Think about this: I could kill you right now, and I'd have a lot more fun fighting off the lapdogs who'd rise to avenge whatever honor they think you have, than I could ever have digging into a cunt that doesn't know how to act right." As the man spoke, he held that blade against her neck just firmly enough to break the skin. He knew what care to take when threatening a life, and could draw no more than a single drop of blood with the sharp end of a blade. That was his choice in execution. Now, Kolin knew Izou was the type to only take the funnest path for himself. Maybe she could at least see the bigger picture here. "Get the message yet? Wanna take a guess at what would be even more fun for me?"

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    If Izou excelled at force, Kolin had yet to see it with her own eyes. Whatever the case, her previous face had known of his work in Sengoku. She knew it was possible for the man to kill anyone he felt like at any time he felt like it. But that was hardly something she gave consideration to, in fact him being like that was only a positive for her. Oh he'd fuck her would he? Well he wasn't really showing that at all, until of course he was.

    Ah, that was interesting. He'd let go of her bosom to take hold of a knife, did he imagine her being scared of him? Well she wasn't. Or rather she wouldn't admit to such, but her body was much more honest than she was... her nether tightened around the tip of him as a blade was brought to her throat. He thought to remind her of the fact he could kill her. She was strangely excited by that as an idea. Well, she didn't actually want to die, she just didn't think it was worth it to do too much. Regardless, if Izou decided to kill her, it would create a few problems for her she didn't want to have, and she'd probably lose a few too many of her forces that she didn't want to lose. He had her pinned. She couldn't let him get between her and her goals, though the fact that he could with a single decision was a bit enticing. That little drop of blood from her neck was something entirely different. Maybe if she was less crazy herself she might have had a problem with the abject amount of violence being presented to her, but she was crazy.

    The danger of this, his intention and clear lack of problem with harming her potentially and bringing ruin to her everything, made her nether gush. To be honest, he'd probably have been better off raping her at knife point, not that she'd say that aloud. "That's a lot of words, that amount to you wanting to fuck me while I'm not being rude about it..." she said, but at the present moment she actually really wanted him to start moving properly. Hell, he could even keep the knife if it suited him. Now then, how much face was she willing to lose to get dick right at the moment that didn't necessary involve her dying? "Ugh, guessing is stupid. You keep referring to yourself as daddy so I'm guessing that is what you want," she managed to sound disgusted by it as an idea, but with a knife at her throat she was more pliable than she would like to be. "Fine," she scoffed again. She was an absolute brat more so than she would ever realize, but though she liked being threatened, abused and mistreated. She didn't honestly want to die. She just needed certain assurances that debasing herself in front of him wouldn't just be for him. She didn't care to do anything just to make him happy, it had to get her something primarily or it wasn't worth doing. A roll of her eyes would come as that bratty face of hers put together a string of words she truly never imagined herself saying. "Daddy Izou, fuck me..." there as a pause in there, like it was probably a bit too rough still. "Please." This woman probably hadn't said please to someone who wasn't exactly her type since childhood. It felt wrong to do so.

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    One day, maybe some absolute man of culture would properly convert Kolin and her other selves to the state she was meant to be in. Izou shouldn't have been required to literally hold a knife against her throat for a favorable reaction, though he obviously didn't mind the act of doing so. More importantly, it appeared to be the case that... Kolin didn't mind it either. No, that wasn't right. She was aroused by a threat on her life? The clench around his tool's tip certainly made Izou believe so. That was something he'd been missing. Tales were told of Queen Kolin's behavior during the Argonauts' stay in Dis, but he didn't fully realize there was an enjoyment of proper abuse within Kolin herself. That changed things a bit.

    "It doesn't matter if you're rude; don't be stupid. You almost came from realizing I would actually kill you just now, didn't you? I felt it. You're more interesting than I gave you credit for," he said with the cold flat of that blade pressing into Kolin's flesh. She surmised that he wanted to be referred to as 'daddy' after hearing him refer to himself in such a way. That was about accurate, but it would no longer be enough after what he'd been dealing with thus far. Still, it was just enough that he saw fit to thrust his hips forward, swiftly and roughly enough to send rippling waves up the queen's plump arse as he slammed her cervix. "I was thinking that, but that ain't enough after all that pointless bitching. Keep the attitude. I'm not your daddy, either. I'll settle for master~" he spoke with arrogance in his cadence. His blade scraped along the underside of Kolin's chin in a motion that resembled shaving with a razor while he thrusted again, and again. Never did he plan on plunging to anything less than the limit of her depths. Of course, he also didn't plan on letting the woman kick back and relax. "You're gonna show me how you ride after this one, so enjoy having your master do most of the work for now, yeah?~"

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    Izou wouldn't realize such a person already existed, or perhaps it was two people. Whether Kolin would admit it or not, Jason was about as close as this part of the world got to someone who could get a fully favorable reaction out of her. And whether she realized it or not, it had nothing to do with her oaths and everything to do with him fitting her exact type with the personality to match. Too bad he wasn't the one she was actually aiming for, so... he also fell short by her own approximation. She knew of the things she'd blurted out on the ship, so she was happy for the death of Lot, the banishment of Nerys and the absolute devotion of Leorio. Without those things, too many people would likely be able to figure out what she was actually doing. And it would likely stop the lads who were following her under the guise that they could win her over time.

    Izou wasn't in any similar boat. Instead he was a man who was dangerous in his own right and slung nice dick. With those two things under his belt, he was earning himself his own sort of niche but not one of any real permanence. And what was he doing now, claiming he knew about her almost climax at realizing that he could kill her. "I didn't hate it," that was it. As close as she got to admitting anything. According to him, Daddy wasn't enough because of his extra work. Ugh, he would be like this, she was the one he was forcing out of character for his own amusement, he had no right to complain about what he had to do to get there. He'd chosen master? Would she call him that? Well, he was still holding a knife to her throat. Which she enjoyed and he'd finally started moving so she could appreciate it. What else was there to it? Not much at all, he claimed he wanted her to ride after he finished giving her a railing with his full length and force and she could only agree to that, since it was her preference to start with. "Yes, Master..." yep, full attitude she as going to continue to give. Even as her hips began to shake and her mouth fell open from the abject new pleasure she was feeling.

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    Izou was never going to be in the same boat as those others. He wasn't some lout crying for Kolin's attention, and he wasn't simply trying to stand above the others who sought to lay with her. He was going to get what he wanted because it was made available to him. Now, he was going to make this easy access something more desirable─ more entertaining for himself. Kolin admitting that she 'didn't hate' the death threat was an interesting start. Her freely calling him master as he repeatedly slammed against the entrance to her womb was even better as a continuation. The cherry on top, of course, was how she agreed to his terms for the next position. Excellent. He'd strangely yet to learn how she straddled a man, despite laying with one of her previous identities in Sengoku. Maybe the bigger rack on that one made it more difficult to do anything but lie there and take it?

    Whatever the case, Izou was finally starting to enjoy himself properly. With that, Kolin would be receiving a more pleasurable experience as well. When would she learn the benefits of doing something to please another? If she behaved this way more frequently, maybe the men in her life would pleasure her more by sheer virtue of being excited to do so. That body of hers was appealing to many, but it alone wouldn't do. Her apparent kink list, however... was a different tale entirely. "Good girl! It only took you the whole day to make the smart choice. While you're agreeing to shit, don't forget to get some whips and chains in this shithole! That's where the real fun is~"

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