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Thread: Pleasure City of Dis

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    Izou was one who didn't think himself on the same level as the others. And he was right in one aspect only. He happened to be one of the few individuals who could call himself capable of getting more out of her. But how long that would last would mostly be dependent on how long having him around would satisfy her. Maybe he could come along with her up in the world. Maybe he'd be the one to behead the Queen of Knights, and move her out of the way of the one she wanted to be with? Whatever the case, right now he was at least a good lay and a weapon on demand.

    But one thing she would never learn was that the act of giving would garner her something in return. Why? Because she'd been given everything at every turn for as long as she could remember. The act of giving anything was unnecessary when people literally fell all overthemselves to do things for her. Izou was winning right now only because he was able to draw something resembling giving out of her. Not that she'd ever admit that, even while enjoying the rough treatment that put him right against her womb with every hit. "Whips and chains? Ugh, whatever you say, Master," such words came with an obvious eye roll not that it mattered. Would she actually do it? Maybe, she didn't know what he wanted them for, but at the very least she could use them to punish other people at some point in the future. Right at the moment, she'd enjoy herself, wiggling her hips against him as he plunged into her body. Whether more people would do better for her or not didn't matter. This was just a holdover as every encounter was... until she reached her ultimate goal.

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    Such a stupid woman chasing her stupid, impossible goal. Izou didn't have much of, if any clue as to what her ambition was, but it had no place in his mind anyway. As long as this woman was indirectly catering to his needs by running a place like this, and directly catering to his urges as she was doing now, he had no concerns. Ah, but Kolin didn't seem to understand the need for whips and chains. It didn't surprise him at all that she managed to be so vanilla; she still hadn't truly come to terms with her own basic preferences. That reaction to his demand was exasperated, but initially a bit quizzical. Whether she wanted one or not, it seemed she needed an explanation. "Not following, huh? Since you like a knife to your neck and a dick all the way to your womb, you oughta like being whipped at the same time. As for the chains... Well, we might as well strip your ability to move, yeah?"

    While Izou continued thrusting away, he finally removed the blade from her neck. In its place, his hand was soon found. An old habit of his would also return in this moment, as the small line of blood caused during the tanto's removal was then licked in the opposite direction. Then, came the firm grip of his hand. He couldn't keep that blade in use while following through with his upcoming movements, which involved Izou slamming his way into Kolin with enough force to knock her body forward. That was fine, though; she would always be pulled back into place by the hand squeezing her throat. "Sounds good, doesn't it?~"

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    It was very interesting to constantly have her vanilla tastes questioned by people. It all started with Jason and his obsession with having the ability to shove his cock in her mouth and now there was Izou, wanting to be called something specific and adding threats, danger and physical restraint and possible actual torture to her list. Obviously she wasn't exactly into anything like that, it seemed to just give her what she desired as far as feelings were concerned. Apparently, liking the knife to the neck hinted at a need to be tied up and whipped? She didn't think she'd just agree to that sort of thing... but Izou was pretty good at pitching ideas she didn't like. And at the very least, if she was tied up, she wouldn't honestly be expected to do anything, that was sounding a bit like a win to her. She was the type of person to lay around and take it, or straddle someone and ride them like a piece of furniture. As it stood the idea was making more positives than potential negatives.

    Strangely enough, the knife went away and the lad was left with a hand on her throat while ramming in and out of her at an incredible pace. She definitely liked that... as for his idea, it didn't actually sound bad to her either. "Hm, I've heard worse things..." she said though her body's response to this rough treatment was exactly the thing that would make that obvious. Still, that hand squeezing her throat while her body was rocked back and forth had her feeling woozy and her legs feeling weak. She was definitely going to finish, but did she want to risk some sort of violent outburst from Izou when this happened? "So, are you gonna be all mad if I cum without telling you?" she asked with all while still concentrating on the feeling of it. Izou himself had a bit of a limited amount of time to make his answer known. She could hold out a bit longer if it would keep him in line with the proper reactions, but he should just be more direct about what he was aiming for in this situation.

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    Direct was, in fact, precisely what Izou was being. As far as his intentions were concerned, he was making most of them up as he went. He wanted an experience, to see how far Kolin went. His main objective was pushing as many of her buttons as possible, and seeing how many switches he could flip this day. Of course, if he could manage to properly break her and avoid having to go through this whole ordeal again later... even better. "So you do like it. Just fucking say so next time," he said with a sigh and his own eye roll.

    Kolin had a very interesting question to ask as she climbed the ladder of orgasm. Would he be angry if she reached it without telling him? Ah, he did hear something along those lines about her interaction with the Argonaut Jason. Izou, however, was not the Argonaut. He had a different plan in mind for breaking the woman down. Based on her question and the look of her movements in prior moments, he assumed the time was nearly upon her. With that being the case, Izou... stopped moving. "Hmm, actually... yeah, you should let me know right before. I'll let you know what it feels like to be left waiting for satisfaction. You don't get off 'til I decide you've done a good enough job," he said. What a wonderful idea. He'd see how long she could last at the edge of pleasure, and he'd see exactly what sort of snap was in store when she grew tired of waiting.

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    Izou managed to sound just as exasperated as Kolin did on a fairly regular basis. He just wanted her to say she liked something next time? "Not like I know if I like it or not. I just said it didn't sound bad... not that it sounded good," she said still rolling her eyes and rocking her hips. Why on earth was this man always so god forsakenly difficult. And moreover why did she feel the need to keep meeting him in instances like these when she knew he'd annoy her just as often as she'd find satisfaction with him? Probably because she was always annoyed with him. Yeah, that sounded about right.

    Speaking of annoyances, the man was now claiming that he wanted to know that information so she would know what it felt like to be hanging on waiting for pleasure. "That sounds annoying..." she said as an absolute point of truth. "You don't really have much time..." she commented, though she'd already said she didn't like the idea of this thing. Random men always wanting to be in control of her body wasn't actually that unusual, but Izou could count himself among the lucky few who'd actually managed to get to try it. Whatever the case, after her spoken sentence he had a matter of seconds before those shaking hips gave way to a masterful orgasm.

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    "Well, I'm telling you... you'll like it," Izou affirmed. Given her track record thus far, there was no question in the ronin's mind that Kolin would take pleasure in being whipped, paddled, or whatever form of striking. It went without saying that she would like being restrained, considering how lazy she was in most bedroom situations.

    Oh. Kolin was still moving when she spoke of what an annoyance some orgasm denial would be for her. If she was annoyed, that would only make things better in the long-run. Good. Bad, however, was that mobile ass of hers. She said he didn't have much time to stop her climax even after Izou himself stopped moving, but the problem was Kolin herself. Heaving an exasperated sigh, Izou removed his hand from the woman's throat, moving it to the back of her neck and applying a pressure that would slam her face against the floor. His plan was to hold there, keeping her at distance while leaving himself lodged within her. She didn't bother stopping herself, so he took that upon himself via this method. "I'd have a lot of time if you weren't moving your hips on your own! Who the hell do you think you are here?" he asked. He couldn't go and let this plan be ruined so quickly. If anything, Izou would allow just enough range of movement to keep her going, albeit not enough to let her truly chase that orgasm she obviously wanted. "What happened to not doing shit, huh? Playing the lazy bimbo until it's just about time for you to get off ain't gonna fly here. You cum when I say it's time. Got me?"

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    If Izou was sure she'd like it, Kolin would believe him. None of the faces she'd used to interact with him, had ever been properly disappointed by the man, so he had that much going for himself. Whatever the case, the hand that was once occupying her throat would move to the back her neck after her recent admission and the lack of control of her own hips. What would happen by result of this change Kolin would find herself partially restrained and slammed towards the floor. Actually, that was almost enough to do it for her. For someone who didn't want her finishing of her own accord the force of that movement was almost violent enough to get her there regardless. "Fuck," she said just that word alone. Who did she think she was in this situation? Well herself was the easiest answer to that question. This man was really acting like he didn't understand why she hadn't stopped.

    "I said before I do for me. But if you want to be in control that bad, fine, Master. You should probably watch those jerk reactions though, I almost came when you slammed me like that..." the woman said truthfully. That was about all the warning he would ever receive from her. She liked pain that should have been obvious to him by now, slamming her around, randomly taking control of her movements or anything like that could potentially send her over the edge. Izou was working against himself with the goals he had in mind, even if Kolin didn't know exactly what he was planning. It was becoming more and more obvious to her, that there was little he could do to her that couldn't end in orgasm. It also seemed to slip past her memory that she'd given more control to one like Jason but Jason was bordering on abusive to start with so, he took less prodding to get violent. Hell her normal personality was enough to push him over the edge. She imagined acting bratty would just end with a boot to her face.

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    Well... damn. Izou was learning bit by bit how extreme Kolin was. Her reaction to having her face slammed to the floor was a surprisingly pleasant one. Izou didn't even want to believe it, but she went on to say that she'd almost climaxed from that minor bout of abuse. How strange. There was nothing even remotely sexual about that, so how could that be? This woman was truly demented, and yet... that remained interesting somehow. "You're fucking kidding me," Izou said. He needed a minute to think. His plan was being unraveled by Kolin's demented nature alone. Surely there was some way to deny her release, right?

    ... Right! She got off on abuse and general rough behavior, so perhaps there was one surefire way to make his plan work out as intended. Izou had the perfect idea! He first had to remove himself from her undercarriage, so he did. All that hair would soon see use. Both hands were used to position Kolin's wrists over her head, and he used her hair as a method of tying those wrists together. There was a bit left afterwards─ that was intentional. He left her holes empty for a short while to let her reset a bit, and while he did, Izou looked up. That tanto of his found itself lodged as deeply as possible into the wall. It was firm enough to require a great amount of force before being pulled, and well... that was where Izou would tie up that remaining hair after pulling her up by it. "Here. Have a sample," he said, ensuring she was tied up while facing away from the wall. As far as improv went, he was somewhat satisfied with this.

    Now was time to truly set the stage. Izou's face reeked of deviousness as he eyed Kolin up and down. He looked as if he could ravage and devour the woman at any given moment. It was only fitting that his words suit his visage, no? "High time you got fucked silly, isn't it? Ya' know, until you flood your own bathroom in cum and can't even close your mouth anymore? How's that one sound?"

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    "I am not kidding," she said with finality. Izou was actually learning how deranged someone like Kolin was. Well, it was more truth that he was learning the depths of Mai Valentine's depravity. Of course, this was what those in this elite group learned. And something she'd only learned about herself somewhat recently. She'd been so bitchy with so many bendable men at her control, she'd never had one react the way Jason did to her in the first place. Given this, she was currently experiencing a whole new kind of exploration, and her existing lazy ways weren't going to be changed just because she learned she liked abuse and threats. She would only go on to goad people into doing such things to her, or completely restricting them to use as a hard cock only.

    Ah, but someone like Izou was given a bit more freedom than that. And right now he would be experimenting. Soon he'd removed himself from her person and picked her up using her own wet locks to tie her wrists up, he put her up on the wall using the remaining bit of her hair and a knife in the wall. She supposed that meant he wouldn't be holding it against her throat at any point in time in the near future, that was fine though. This whole position was rather strange though. Apparently this was a sample of what he meant when speaking of whips and chains. She wasn't sure if she liked this position but she supposed if it was anything of importance she would find out soon enough.

    A devious look was on the face of the ronin. She wasn't sure how she felt about that either. She didn't like the idea of being preyed upon, but she wasn't adverse to the kinds of games the lad before her played. After all, he'd licked blood off her neck and managed to almost intimidate her into orgasm. Perhaps she should be giving him a bit more leeway and a bit less bitchy than he was currently receiving. His words had a great deal of appeal, and she'd state with clarity what she saw of that... "Sounds like fun, if you can manage it..." ah there was a brief pause there probably just for her to remember she was supposed to be addressing him a specific way. "Master."

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    Master. Above all else, Kolin remembered the deal. He'd have her remember that in future as well; Izou rather fancied the idea of being a casual, friendly acquaintance to the woman in public, and something akin to her owner when they were alone in situations like this. He didn't have the benefit of... whatever the Argonaut Jason had against Dis' queen. This would have to suffice, but he knew to create any sort of continuity in this behavior, he had to try and break her properly.

    The idea of being plowed until she went dumb was allegedly something that sounded fun to Kolin. Good. However, Izou didn't plan on making it very fun initially. She was going to suffer until she caved absolutely, though the end result was likely to be exactly what he teased her with. Now, the time had come to find his cock's long-term resting place once again. Izou stepped up to the woman pinned against her own bathroom's wall, and he grabbed her by each leg. Both of her legs would be lifted, and he'd hold her just high enough that she could continue feeling the restraint's tug against her hair. Ah, not too much, not too little. Izou thrusted his way into her snatch once he had her spread eagle against the wall... albeit not in the way she would have expected, wanted, even demanded. His insertion was slower than even he preferred, taking on a speed more tantamount to love-making. That didn't change the deviance on his face as he stared through Kolin's very soul. He'd continue this act of sex, while being relatively certain a woman like her would never cross the threshold of orgasm from something so very... vanilla.

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