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    Kolin's hypocrisy would go unnoticed. In exchange for this, there would be another strange moment of a man doing something she didn't really understand. This was the second time a man deigned to spit in her mouth. When it was done before, Jason did so in a way that was obviously a bit malicious. He was getting his way and healing her but mostly just to further abuse her. Her most recent cries to be fed a bit more would have this saliva joined by a certain amount of spunk left over in his manhood. She took that in and swallowed it up as well. All before Izou left the spot directly in front of her.

    He went on to sit, calming that it was her turn to show off her best angle. She didn't necessary consider it her best angle at all. She considered it the easiest way to getting what she wanted. She'd never heard of a dude being dissatisfied by such a ride from her but she'd also never really heard a complaint from any dude about her, that didn't have something to do with her being supposedly stupid. "Of course, Master!~" she chimed as she went to take her seat as dictated. She'd plant herself down dropping her self onto his manhood with less care than anyone ever treated herself. Such would see him rammed all the way within herself in the matter of only a few seconds. There wouldn't be a moment of reprieve before she started to shift her own hips in his lap. Rising and falling wiggling a bit. She stirred herself up using him as an object because this was the nature of her as a person.

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    Interesting. Izou would have normally expected some heavy sass coming from the queen. He'd literally drooled into her mouth, and she didn't seem to care one bit that he did. No, she even swallowed that saliva along with the additional deposit of fluids from his tip. Izou should have counted one more mark of success, but he didn't think it really mattered at this point. She was already agreeing to leaving multiple loads on her face for the night's duration, already requesting additional drinks from his cock, and already agreeing to everything he presented as of late.

    Now was such a time of Kolin acquiescing without question. Before Izou even managed to place his back against the floor, he was being straddled and witnessing a very wild ride. How strange. Kolin's movements were what he expected of a lush, or one who'd been effectively broken as someone's actual sex slave. The movements alone almost implied that she was desperately seeking the pleasure of a rod, but it seemed like much more than that. Judging by her demeanor thus far, it was more like she sought a more powerful sensation than most individuals could even tolerate. The descent seemed like one that would be painful to all but the loosest of women, yet Kolin had never been anything resembling loose. Just the same, that rocking and stirring of herself was aggressive enough that Izou could feel heavy friction from something normally more relaxing on the male side. "Oi oi, that's a pretty exciting start ya' got going there! Keep that up if you still want a load inside you!"

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    Kolin had already decided that to get what she needed she would definitely do what this man asked. Though she wasn't about debasing herself for someone who wasn't her choice, she supposed it'd be annoying not to get full use out of someone making themselves so readily available. Besides, when all was said and done and she got everything including a few more murders out of this man... she would leave him in the dust for the one she was actually after. Yeah, that was the general plan. What more would she even bother doing?

    Well, it appeared that right just now Izou was pleased and that was good and now she could pursue her own goals. Like... a satisfyingly aggressive ride on the man's cock. That hips shaking uncaring ride of hers would progress, with Izou offering words of praise to go along with her actions. Her ride would only gain more powerful motions of her hips as she continued, but being given permission to do so... she wouldn't tarry at all. "Hai!♥~" Oh there was a slip from that one. Well, that seemed to happen every once in a while when she was doing something much like her old self. She fell into her old habits and old speech patterns without much of a warning. That exact voice, was one she'd used way too often in her previous life. When those who adored her were just numbers and words behind a computer screen. Here and now she could take full advantage of those who claimed to love and adore her. And she would use any of them as she saw fit. Right just now, Izou and his above average cock were going to be worn out for her own amusement. Yes, this hadn't been a thing she started, but now that it was happening she had no intention of stopping herself. So, ride she would, The force of those movements of her hips would have the man rushing towards her womb only to be withdrawn 75 percent before being forced back. The soft cushion of her excessive thighs and ass were probably all that kept this from being painful for most people. Besides all of that there would always be the added extra distraction of big tits bouncing in their faces and her moans leaving her mouth as she pleasured herself using them. This was enough for them right? More than enough of a treat for any random man... yet they had the nerve to demand more when she gave this of her own accord.

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    Izou was not hearing this tone and cadence from the woman for the very first time. Long ago, he heard it from the mouth of her original form, spoken during some livestreams and the like. What was Izou to think when hearing her revert to that persona, even briefly? Well... he'd make nothing of it, of course. While it was an interesting thing to hear, it wasn't his concern at present. Izou was here for a lay─ the type that would give him reason to keep himself on offer in this deadbeat shithole country during the uprisings he could almost taste coming in the future. Currently, it seemed to be working out marvelously.

    Kolin bounced about in his lap with all the vigor of a grown man initiating a violent rape. True enough, her thick curves were likely the only things standing between Izou and a broken dick. It wasn't bad at all, though. Izou himself was quite the rough individual more often than not, so it was almost as if he remained in control without having to put forth any effort. Yes, Kolin seemed more than capable of handling matters herself. Izou even had a great view of those hulking melons rising and falling each time her body did the opposite. "Nice~" he declared. Never fond of being very idle though, Izou reached out to snatch one of her nipples betwixt his forefinger and thumb. He'd pull that, effectively holding it at a tug while being able to watch the other bounce about freely. It seemed his hips were beginning to thrust upward a bit as well. That was obviously unnecessary to Izou, but it also wasn't much of a conscious effort. It did, however, create a bit of additional force to every ascent and descent of Kolin, presumably to her preference.

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    Kolin was currently bouncing in this lad's lap with all the ferocity of a petulent child throwing a tantrum and she was loving the way it made her body feel. Each and every movement against the end of her body seemed to bring her closer and closer to the sweet bliss she was now looking for. Ah, but this wasn't just a her situation. And the man beneath her wasn't one of the one's she ordered about. He was instead an individual who thought himself set aside from the others. So here he was reaching for her chest taking hold of one of her nipples while watching her chest bounce as she bounced herself. A sudden and stinging sharp pain in her chest as exhilarating. She moaned her pleasure in the moment, as her rough moving hips were soon met by upward thrusts.

    Kolin was soon swooning as each stroke of her body left her feeling tingles all the way through. She was so close to orgasm her body was tightening making that rather violent ride even more vigorous. The utterance of the word nice happened as well, she would take that as a compliment, she tended to take most things as a compliment. "Aaaaah!♥~ If I keep this up, I'm gonna cum, is that okay... Master?~" she posed the question but he didn't have much time to answer. Every movement was driving home a rather violent sensation and she was abusing herself almost more than any man could. She would enjoy each and every second of climax in this ride of hers, so long as Izou had no intention of stopping her.

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    Kolin was much more suited to moaning than she was to dishing out orders and the like. This seemed far more natural, more desirable, and far less abrasive. The things that caused said moans from her were strange indeed, but Izou wasn't one to judge another's sexual preferences─ especially when it was beneficial to him in any way. He had an excellent view at the moment, as well as sounds decent enough to keep him throbbing and thrusting; this was good. Now, if only he could manage some decent food around this place. . .

    Regardless of the few things missing in the ronin's life, there was one thing that would never be missed. That tightness, that sudden clench around his girth with the accompanying sounds and movements of ecstasy, could never be misinterpreted. What's more, Kolin had something to say. Was it okay that she was reaching orgasm? It sounded to Izou like she was expecting his permission, which was... only slightly strange. It did make sense with the whole master moniker applied to him, but he wasn't going to simply be giving permission... at least not verbally. "What do you think?" he asked rhetorically. Before any answer could even be given, Izou's free hand was on the move. A vicious slap was delivered to Kolin's still-mobile ass, with a force that could have incapacitated an adult male, had he been punching them with it. Based on Kolin's previous behavior, Izou imagined such a thing would be enough to push her over the edge right away.

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    No matter what any individual thought of Kolin's motivations, she had a goal and she was reaching for it with everything she had. If nothing else, that would be a respectable effort if... she wasn't destroying a bunch of people's lives to get there. Most would see her efforts as misguided at best, but the fact that she hated and abused everyone made her efforts unworthy of praise. Oh well, there was one place she could almost always received praise, and it was her current placement in the world. Right here in the lap of man she would always receive praise. Too bad it wasn't the sort she was looking for, she'd instead have to settle for it until she could get what she was looking for.

    Ah, that question she'd decided to ask was being rewarded. As she bounced in his lap and waited for an answer, her ass was slapped with an extreme bit of ferocity. Actually, it was quite aggressive. So hard that most would have taken quite a tumble. But, for Kolin that reverberating hand against her rear, caused her nether to tighten with intent. At the same time her loins flooded and she found a sweet release which was far too good to deny. She didn't stop moving, she kept it, up... as if she could hold the sensation by continuing her motions. "Fuck yes!♥~" she moaned as she climaxed but still she was ready to continue. She couldn't help herself in a moment like this... and she would continue this ride, until she was given some other directive. She truly wasn't interested in doing more than she had to. She wouldn't bother trying to make it more or less pleasurable for the man beneath her. It was his job to enjoy it as he liked, she would definitely be enjoying herself as she liked.

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    As expected, a dash of pain was enough to send Kolin over the edge right away. She was so easy to get off, he couldn't imagine anyone having difficulty so long as they didn't fear her reaction to aggressive treatment. Kolin was her worst enemy though, wasn't she? The way she sauntered about with her holier-than-thou attitude and demands of worship, most would keep the more dominating approach in their imaginations. Luckily for her, there were a few who approached many scenarios with reckless abandon. "Figures," Izou commented.

    Interestingly enough, Kolin didn't stop moving at all after this orgasm. Izou would have expected an immediate halt, even an obvious desire to be anywhere but in charge of her own release. Whatever the case, Izou was just about rested enough. He had a few ideas floating around in his head again, but damn, Kolin's hands were still tied-up in all that hair. Naturally, he didn't feel like doing anything about that. What would he do then? The obvious answer in Izou's head was to keep the entertainment value high for himself. "Eh? Still going on your own, huh? What─ haven't found enough satisfaction yet?" he asked, almost flippantly while the thrusting of his own hips intensified once more. He'd think of an alternative soon enough, but first came a peek into the queen's state of mind.

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    What figured? It didn't really matter, Kolin had reached glorious climax and had nothing negative to say about the experience. The thing she would never truly accept was that she was keeping herself from this level of happiness. Except in the rare situation that Jason presented himself, because well... if she was being honest, Jason could make her tell herself the truth even when her own psyche wouldn't allow herself to utter such things. Ah, but none of that mattered right at the moment.

    What did matter, was the question being posed by Izou as she continued to move in his lap. She was still moving on her own? Was she searching for more satisfaction? "I am always searching for my own satisfaction," what a strange admission of truth. Whatever the case she had a bit more to say, even as her hips continued shaking and her body continued chasing a certain feeling of relief. "But you also didn't tell me to stop, if you'd like me to say so... Master~" Oh. Strange enough, Kolin wasn't very knowledgeable on this whole slave master thing, nor was she truly familiar with the idea of pet play. But that didn't stop her from naturally taking the laziest route possible to achieve her goals. As such she truly did make the idea pet or slave. She wouldn't take any unnecessary actions, she'd follow directions so long as they suited her needs and she would make someone else make all the decisions she never wanted to make in the first place. Ah, how good would he life be, when she finally achieved this sort of thing with the person she was aiming for, her life would be great. And she was getting in the necessary practice for it here and now, which technically made men like Izou a bit more useful than they would have normally been.

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    No one should have ever expected a different type of answer from the whore queen. She was, in every facet, the most self-serving cunt of a woman he'd ever seen. Even so, she somehow managed to be such a natural submissive once she came to realize she could successfully get off without having to do things her own way. No, that wasn't right either. Kolin wasn't simply a natural bedroom submissive; she was an uncreative masochist who nearly switched her persona completely when abused to her twisted pleasure. It was strange, something worth passing judgement on in a way, yet simultaneously perfect for stress relief and a bit of flexing.

    He didn't tell her to stop, true. Nor did he tell her she could continue, though there were some caveats in place there. By the time she finished speaking, just as the word master left her lips, Izou's hand was on the move again. A blink was all it took for her open mouth to be invaded, where Izou's thumb and forefinger took hold of her tongue to pull it between her lips. He'd make sure that cum-coated face of hers was aimed his way while staring her down, the devil in his eye, yet that same unmindful grin on his face. "Bad girl. You didn't ask," he stated. Of course, he also didn't intend to actually stop her just yet. He had another pair of digits aching to grasp something new though. The question at hand then, was in regards to the type of treatment Kolin deserved for this minor insubordination. Ah, he had the answer. Given current positioning, he found it incredibly easy to reach between pelvises, where a secondary pinch took her clit between. A pinch, a twist, and Izou was mentally on his way to the next plan. "You probably didn't think of that though, huh? I guess that's alright... this time. Work that memory from now on, yeah?"

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