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    Pleasure City of Dis

    The Pleasure City of Dis is a circular ringed city set up in the middle of the Desolate Sands. This place is considered the crown jewel of a Kingdom of centered around whores and pleasure. Sex is a bought and sold commodity and the city itself is tinted red in the light of the desert sun. Each ring of the city a level which can only be reached by donating a certain amount of profit to its patron Queen. The city itself is arranged by her designed with the least profitable whores towards the outside in the slums while ones she or her clients favor are closer towards the center. In the middle of the city during the nightly show on a large pole a certain woman can be seen dancing for the crowd for contributions to her coffers. The place is a seedy underground which looks like the average red-light distract on the surface but is full of seedy and less than savory practices just below. There is only one bridge leading in and one real exit. At the center ring of 10 such places, is a grand palace which contains the personal pleasure palace of the Queen as well as a building made up for VIP guests and one special for one for a very particular guest and his entire crew. As one goes out from the center the place becomes more dirty, desolate and volatile.

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    Fresh off the Argo, a small group was finally at their destination of Dis. Leorio, former king of Zuria, was silent and contemplative. His beloved wife, Kolin... he'd seen her in a state he could never have imagined before the past few days, and he wondered if that was his calling─ his chance at last. This would be given a great deal of consideration over the coming future, but he was the only thing thinking as such. Lot, Leorio's own brother and last remaining knight from Zuria, would rather have erased his memory of that entire blasted trip. Ah, but there was one who would not forget a thing─ who could not forget. Charles-Henri Sanson, the Executioner himself, walked with the one called Kolin. The young-looking man who normally seemed so stoic, now appeared... more annoyed than anything. Only two paces behind the blonde queen, he stared endlessly at her lower torso, just above her hips. His bounty was so close, yet it had become so far away due to one repulsive decision made between two people. Damn. He'd have to wait even beyond the time he'd normally have to take her life by the world's own will, and there was no choice at all. Lot seemed to take note of the white-haired male's staring, but his words to Kolin were for a different purpose. "My queen. Are you... well? It seems you've had one hell of a trip, and I wonder if that enchantment is wearing off. Your... employee seems extra-attentive, after all."

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    Each step away from the Argo gave Kolin peace... but also anxiety. Why? It was probably something to do with that bitch Nerys, managing to still be aboard and near Jason. Why should she get to be happy when Kolin herself the actual Queen still had so much work to do? Maybe she could take solace, considering the treatment that Leorio had seen, as soon as Jason bored of her, she'd be food for the rest of the ship, yes... she could happily think about that part. Besides all of that, there was also the matter of needing to replace Nerys as her servant. She'd lost so many good potential people, as they made their way towards the center city, Kolin was more than a little displeased. The only people she'd managed to drag from Zuria were, Lot, Leorio and Charles. Much to her surprise that man was visible and very close to her. Perhaps the death of Hector had been worth a bit more bad karma than she'd thought. Surely it couldn't have had anything to do with her behavior on the Argo.

    "It's good of you to worry but I feel fine. Physically there isn't anything to worry about," Kolin said of herself. Mentally was an entirely different ordeal, but she could lie to these people so it wasn't going to be bad to give a bit of information. "As for the enchantment, at this distance without being able to see him... it's not even a thought. My employee as you call him, is as close and attentive as he is... because of the nature of our contract. This face is still slated to die... but such things aren't the end for those of us who know better," she said as if she had some means of escaping a death handed down by the world. The truth of the matter was, she fully intended to sacrifice this avatar at her earliest convenience. In the meantime, she needed to replace the missing manpower of her lost knights and the court mage, and prepare for the debut of her newest face and... prepare accommodations for the crew of the Argo. What she needed now more than ever, were male servants... no more women in her close circles... she couldn't be shown up by any more women... her psyche couldn't take that anymore. Ah, but there was still one. One singularly trustworthy woman in the entire world. A nun was making her way towards Kolin she gave a little bow. Her eyes were golden in color and narrow. She looked as if she was up to something but otherwise she was quite modestly dressed. "Queen Kolin, I expected your arrival with a small army is all well?" she asked completely shocked. "Things don't always go to plan but we must move on. Beatrice, I assume you're still doing your part yes? You'll have to take the place of my court mage for a while. Congratulations. Don't disappoint me," Kolin said. Her haughty attitude returning with every step taken away from the Argo. Oh, how high and mighty she could act when no one knew her misbehavior. "Of course not. This way ma'am. Surely your travels have left you weary. Is there anything you need me to do for you as you settle in?" She asked this question as she led Kolin and her Knights towards the Pleasure Palace at the center of the city. Here the originals of Kolin's forces would be found doing various jobs and keeping up her 'work' while she was away conquering Zuria. She'd expected to add several knights to her roster but now she had only two, to show for her work. Ugh, Zuria had been almost a complete failure aside form the cash it allowed this place to collect.

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    Physically, Kolin was fine. Lot could see that much, but he wondered how much of her earlier behavior had been due to an alteration to her mental state. Kolin now boasted her usual demeanor of superiority, so he could assume much of it. "I see. Apologies for being so forward with the question. I should have realized, even something that could affect you, shouldn't do so for very long," said Lot, who then bowed his head in apology. As for the situation with the Executioner, Kolin revealed the fact that her current form would die eventually. That didn't register to Lot as something which mattered; she would always find a way to persist. One such as Kolin would never have signed a contract that brought about her proper end. "I look forward to seeing your future self, then," he added. An audible noise came from Charles thereafter, as he clicked his tongue and clenched his fist. Things shouldn't have happened this way. There should have been nothing between the world's guillotine, and Kolin's end... yet there was. In her current state, the world would not accept her death. Why? Charles was disgusted by the truth.

    While Kolin upheld a discussion with some unsavory nun, Charles' gaze averted. That woman was her own sort of atrocity. There was something about her karma as seen by the world, that just... didn't sit right with him. He couldn't possibly know the reason, but his attention was on things deemed more important.

    Onward and into the aforementioned Pleasure Palace, there were many at work. One particular male figure did nothing, however. Tall, well-built, wearing the garb of an old samurai sans any armor, was a man with a dark and shaggy ponytail, golden eyes, and just a bit of stubble adorning his chin. He smoked from a long pipe while sitting atop what appeared to be a throne surrounded by numerous large pillows at the top of a long staircase, which itself had multiple platforms up either side. Upon seeing the blonde queen enter the palace, a lackadaisical voice passed his smiling and... slightly unnerving, devious lips. "You changed your face. Is it just me, or did your rack get smaller while your ass got thicker?" he asked, speaking as if he hadn't a care in the world for Kolin's position. In fact, he didn't. She was a means to an end for this particular male, who sat upon what would be her throne while others worked diligently to construct her... kingdom.

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    Kolin found it interesting that Lot chose to apologize. Being on Jason's ship, she'd forgotten that she'd all but suppressed most of the Knights, attitudes. Well, she'd also forgotten that Lot was pretty soft outside of moments where he wished to challenge other Knights and men for her attention. "You definitely should have known better. I only did what was necessary to get us across the desert without risk of life. I'm feeling generous though, so I'll accept that apology," Kolin said. Yes, this was the lie she was telling herself. That what she owed to Jason as far as oaths were concerned was done only to satisfy her desert crossing and continued safety. Nothing else really mattered long term, her goals hadn't changed and nothing about what happened would ever change what she was at her base. Moving on the words of the shady nun were met with a scoff. "I need you to tell me how I am replacing the fighting potential of half a dozen Knights and replacing that traitorous bitch as my court mage," she said Kolin. It truly didn't matter to her that she'd been the one to free Nerys, she was a traitor because she'd chosen Jason and his crew of criminals over continuing to work for her.

    Before she could get too worked up over anything though, there was a sight she didn't expect. A young man sitting in her chair making jokes about one of her previous appearances while seeming more than a bit careless. When she wore her other face, Kolin was a bit less of a stickler for such things. As an aside this man had been very good at killing and could be counted on in a fight in a way that many others failed. As such, she gave him quite a bit of leeway in the things she let him say to her. As a matter of fact, she greeted him a bit closer to what one would expect of an old friend than one of the ones she just ordered about. "I don't believe I asked your opinion. Every form has a different shape. I'm trying to reach the perfect ratio but it seems impossible without the proper title..." she mentioned casually. "If you preferred that one though, my next will likely make you pretty lively, now... out of my throne, Izou. I'm not really in the mood for this right now..." she said as she moved forward. She did intend to flop down into that chair as soon as he vacated, and she fully expected him to vacate. He might have been using her for his own whims, but he still followed directions at least he had the last time she'd seen him. Kolin had a very specific order to answer things in. Staffing problem, building the VIP section for Jason and the Argonauts, doing something about her current visage. Strangely, unlike when she was aboard the Argo, she had no problem organizing her thoughts and getting to work... obviously Jason was the distraction there that she didn't need. She'd never been more relieved to be rid of someone.

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    Izou. Okada Izou, to be more specific, had been in the company of Kolin prior even to her identity in Cornwall. Perhaps her form had changed a few times since he last met her, but no matter how different each version was, it was always obvious to him that she was the one he knew. The woman claimed her next form would be more preferable to him if he enjoyed the one he'd met more than the current visage, but it honestly didn't matter to him. Why she was seeking a better ratio of bombshell, he hadn't the faintest idea. What could the point have been? She was already the type that men all over the world wanted nothing more than to shove their rods into for days on end, but he couldn't be bothered to question the queer decisions of others. Out of her throne, she said. Pulling that pipe from his lips, what more could he do than toss both hands into the air and grin. "Don't want my lap then? Suman, suman," he said with a chuckle. "I thought this was my chair, and that I would be the throne." Nevertheless, Izou stood. He didn't move very much, though, interestingly enough. Once out of the throne's chair, he stepped only once to lean against its side instead, still taking the occasional drag from that pipe of his. "Why the sour mood then, huh? Bad lay? I tried to tell you, picking out a king doesn't mean you'll end up nabbing a king-sized johnson. Set the bar lower; no room for disappointment that way~"

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    She didn't want his lap? Well, that was up for grabs. If she hadn't been in the mood she was in, she likely would have taken a seat in his lap. But she was in quite the bad mood, so she was more than pleased when he exited her throne. She took a seat soon after even with the man leaning against it. Apparently, these two knew each other well enough that Kolin even wearing a face two displaced from the last one he would have known had no fear of him. Ah, off her feet at last, with everyone worshipping her and doing what she said. This was the life she was meant for... and what was this... it even came with entertainment. "Hahahaha!~" Kolin laughed for the first time in days, if only because the joke made by Izou managed to be at Leorio's expense. Technically she hadn't had a bad lay in three days... it just so happened that it wasn't on the terms she would have preferred. Even so, the idea of sleeping with Leorio was still off-putting and though he couldn't know Izou was much closer to the truth of things with his comment about the title not guaranteeing a tool of use. "I haven't had a bad lay in a while... but its complicated enough that I don't want to talk about it," she said and that was all she was willing to say about Jason and his antics. Honestly he was a great lay, but she was pretty sure that was that enchantment talking maybe it had a more lasting influence than she thought? As for the smallness of Leorio she had but one thing to say. "And a bar that low..." she said cutting her eyes at Leorio. "Doesn't exist." and just like that she was pleased. Oh, she'd almost forgotten in her recent anger that it was possible to be please. Still she waited on the words from the nun who looked more and more sinister as time went on. She needed to replace fighting power and a mage's power? That was easy enough. Beatrice as she was called stared at this woman for an extended period of time. She understood her nature and knew she could summon a servant who would fit her needs. "Ma'am have you considered summoning a servant from the other side to suit your needs? If you make a large enough sacrifice, you could easily have a servant who would topple your missing knights and your lost mage, in both usefulness and power." the Mage offered, there was a smile on her face which was simply unnerving but she'd still offered more useful information than most would have in this situation.

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    Ah, laughter. Izou wondered if the woman still had it in her, given the state of her current mood. Things couldn't have been that bad, if she could still manage a guffaw or two. Besides, she claimed she hadn't had a bad lay in days, and one surely couldn't complain about that. "A complicated lay, huh. Sounds like a slip in the wrong hole to me~" he quipped. The next thing she admitted was... such a shame. The shift of her gaze while commenting on how low the proverbial bar could be set, said the king she chose most recently was some form of eunuch. "Yikes," Izou muttered. How long had she spent in the company of that small male, he wondered. If the knight who came along with them was an example of other options at Kolin's disposal, Izou wasn't too impressed no matter the angle he viewed things from. Planning his next clause, he exhaled smoke and leaned closer to Kolin. He drew incredibly close to her face, as if the usual boundaries simply didn't apply to him. Maybe they didn't, but he didn't seem one to care about those regardless. Ah, but... from an inch or so away, he paused. What was that smell? It was rather familiar, and... oh. It was coming from her mouth. Retreating just enough to avoid the scent, Izou showed an expression of honest confusion. "Complicated, you said? Yeah, that sounds about right. First time for everything."

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    Slip in the wrong hole? That wasn't quite right... actually, Kolin was pretty sure she didn't know the meaning of wrong hole anymore. "Ugh, I said I didn't want to talk about it," she said rolling her eyes at Izou. She'd practically become pouty at the attention. That man truly didn't know when to quit, but she put up with him, mostly because of some innate thing within her mind which made the ones who didn't just do everything she said gain a great deal of favoritism. His tout of 'yikes' would earn him another smile. Even if she was in a bad mood, jokes did tend to get her into a better one. The words of Beatrice were heard by Kolin and she gave it some consideration. A servant from the other side? A demon, "Aren't those notoriously hard to control and don't they always want something terrible in return?" Kolin asked. She definitely wasn't going to end up with another trash contract. "Well, it is no worse than what you have going with the Executioner." said Beatrice. "Besides if your sacrifice is great enough to catch the right attention, they'll hardly do anything but what you ask... or so I've heard," said the rather shady looking nun. Still Kolin had no reason not to trust this woman. She'd come up with her best tool and gotten started with it. It was the least she could do to garner a bit of faith, besides, the staffing issue was quite important.

    Her attention would return to Izou who would have been way to close to her face for comfort had he been anyone else. "Izou, enough." she said cutting her eyes at the man. She truly had no intention of answering any question he had concerning his interest in her dealings post Jason. In fact, she didn't want to think about Jason at all, as such there were two things she needed. "Fine, set up the ritual in this throne room. I'll decide what to sacrifice in a bit. Also... start the preparations on a VIP section for this place. Something great, well decorated, nice king suite. Fit for a crew... of roughly fifty. Find some pretty girls with fat asses and big tits to fill it with... I need that done yesterday." she said being very specific about the terms so she didn't have to continue worry about it. After all, if Jason decided to stop back tomorrow she needed to be ready. "As you like ma'am." said the Nun who gave a bow before scurrying off to do as she was asked.

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    Kolin didn't want to talk about the situation; that much was obvious from the start. Despite her lack of speech on the topic, there was no undoing the smell of spunk on her breath, and even on the skin of her face. Izou leaned back further when Kolin's eyes shifted toward him, his left hand thrown up in surrender while his right hand held his pipe for another drag. A quick exhale of smoke occurred once more, and he moved the pipe toward Kolin. "Oi oi, relax~. A guy's got a right to be a little jealous, right? Makes me wonder if I should have asked more nicely before~" he explained, oddly as if he shared these words for the sake of fun or something. "So, does this more bottom-heavy body of yours take a smoke? Or do you draw the line at one type of thing to inhale? Well... whichever it is, feel free to look my way for a hit~" Of course, Izou was very aware of the other, more businesslike discussion occurring at the time. He didn't care. If Kolin and her whore nun follower wanted to summon a demon from the depths of the abyss, that only meant he had another individual worth challenging. Whether it was a challenge of swords, or a competition of wits, he didn't really care; he could enjoy either.

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