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    Alright, now was the time for her torture to begin. She'd been as good as she could be, there was no cause for any undue treatment by her own approximation. And soon enough she was gently lifted with her legs spread wide. This seemed to be the exact sort of thing she would have enjoyed. Ah, but there was still that devious look on his face as he approached. His line up was great, he could have shoved it straight into her soul and she would have felt nothing but burning desire. But no...

    Slow. It wasn't even painful it was just slow. How was this actually torture. The least he could do was go a bit faster, push against her legs a bit harder... hell at this point she'd take dangling a bit more. There was abject confusion crossing this woman's face and eyes in this moment. She didn't want to be romanced, she didn't even really understand it as a concept. Who purposefully had sex this slow. This is why she normally mounted people and chose her own pace, letting someone do something like this to her, felt like blasphemy. "Ugh, people like you are why I usually mount the men I bed..." she scoffed. Her displeasure at this was obvious. But her body wasn't exactly unaccepting of the motions. It wasn't that this was traumatizing, it was just that it would never be enough to get her to the finish. It was literally the only way possible to hold her orgasm at bay and that was... an annoying things to have in the hands of someone as devious as Izou. Slow love-making sex was a tool of the weak to use on weaker women. Women they wanted to take advantage of and hide themselves from. They wanted to do all this dumb shit, staring people in the eyes, making sure they were careful not going to slow. This seemed like the sort of over idealized thing that teens think should be happening when they had sex. But, Kolin wasn't a teen, and even her base self Mai hadn't been one in a long time. She was a woman, she didn't need someone taking these soft steps with her, she wanted to be ravaged.

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    Kolin could, and would be ravaged just as she desired. It wouldn't happen just yet, though. In fact, there was a very real chance that it wouldn't happen for a long time yet. That, however, depended entirely upon Kolin and how long she took to reach that anticipated boiling point. Her reaching said point would lead to them having a wonderful time. Not just yet, sadly. Now was the time of slow penetration, much to the queen's dismay. Everyone who understood her ways, understood this as the reason she chose to straddle the men she actually slept with. "You're in luck then, yeah? Like I said, you get to ride me once I'm done in here. That'll happen some time after you're done, so you might wanna hurry up and start cummin'~" he teased. It was blatantly obvious that she wouldn't be getting anywhere with this pace; that was precisely the point.

    Ah, but Kolin probably wasn't going to fully get the point, was she? If he wanted to drive it home, he had to be far clearer than he was being. In the midst of those painfully slow thrusts, he chose to do just that. "You can't though, can you? You can't ever really get off in this city without either doing the work yourself, or having me do it. Be honest with yourself, and you'll get the point─ and a lot more." Based on Izou's own information, he hadn't spoken a single lie. Everything he learned gave him much reason to believe the only one he didn't fully hold a candle to, was that sand pirate Kolin had some strange connection with. Keeping that in mind, there was no reason he shouldn't be able to break her. Where else would she find extensive, on-demand pleasure within the walls of Dis? Nowhere, he thought. All reason in his head dictated that she should simply give in, and accept that she should be on her knees and ready to receive him whenever her loins were burning.

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    Izou seemed to be taking some kind of pleasure from doing this to her. And she was hating it, why? Because this could never be a thing that got her to orgasm. But here he was just the same, claiming she could and would get what she wanted as soon as she started reaching climax. Lies, she couldn't do anything like that given the current circumstance. So obviously, this was some sort of power play. He wanted something from her and she had no idea what it was, but he was willing to torture her in what she would consider the most annoying way possible to get it. The blonde's haughty attitude was visible all over her face. "This isn't luck," she claimed easily.

    But maybe it was, lucky for her. Apparently Izou didn't think she'd come to the right conclusion on her own and decided to keep talking. He made the claim that she couldn't get off in this city without him doing the work or her doing the work herself. This was pretty much true. No one else would treat her with the necessary roughness that she required to reach orgasm. So, she was to be honest with herself in a moment like this. Huh, of the types of men who managed to bed her properly were few and far between. Right now that number included only, Jason and Izou. Jason had said something similar but unlike Izou he had the means of forcing her to say the truth. 'This is why I hate men,' she thought with a roll of her eyes.

    In the meantime, Izou was committing to slow stroking her at a speed and gentleness he knew wouldn't make her achieve orgasm. Men were all the same. Here he was again, trying to force a thing he shouldn't. Izou should have just accepted his place, and did what he knew he should not asking for more. Icarus tried something similar and fell into the ocean. Hm, what a strange memory she was having. Izou wasn't even her type and still he wanted this undue control over her, yes it was just her body, but it was hers. He had no right to aim this high, he should have taken just what he was given, he already was getting extra, why couldn't he appreciate it? At this rate she'd probably end up having him killed. Ugh, that would involve so much trouble though, why was he like this, people like him shouldn't reach and here he was, reaching. She wasn't something someone who didn't suit all her needs should ever be trying to control. She didn't like the idea of being under anyone's thumb but here he was, the second such person to exist. She didn't want him, he was just a layover so why was he trying to be like this? While she went through her options she was ever so quiet. He'd chosen badly, the most demented of Mai's faces and he was crossing a line. He claimed he didn't care about potential violence coming his way, but he really had no idea how long she could hold a grudge. Maybe she'd accept it for now, but the moment it became an annoyance. The moment it made her feel bad about herself, he'd be on the chopping block, same as every other man who existed.

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    Lies. Kolin claimed this wasn't a stroke of luck for her. She was more than welcome to offer any amount of proof to the contrary of Izou's proclamation. Alas, he doubted she had anything of substance to offer. This woman had a habit of disagreeing for no reason other than wanting to do so. Not a thing she could say would be sufficient enough to convince Izou of any wrongness, and in fact, her offering nothing but disagreement proved his point right away. "Don't even think you can lie to me," Izou said sharply.

    He couldn't just keep slow-stroking her until she broke; that would never do the trick. Izou thought there had to be some incentive, some promise of an orgasm that he wouldn't allow in the end. Besides, he wasn't exactly into this either; it was almost necessary to make sure he remained hard every now and then. While Kolin sat in silence, Izou's decision was made. The ronin picked up his pace, thrusting to slam the end of her canal without warning. All the while, his grip tightened until his fingers were digging into those meaty thighs. How long would this go on? Just long enough, he figured. He'd be incredibly conscious of any reactions Kolin had, even being careful to avoid any trickery performed by her eyes, mouth and attitude. Yes, that whorish cunt of hers would always tell the truth. If nothing else, that would tell him precisely when to slow his pace and keep Kolin hanging at the edge. Or, perhaps he'd be given another sign instead. Either way, he would take up this occasional rough pace just to remind Kolin what she was essentially denying herself.

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    Izou had the complete wrong idea. This was a bad stroke of luck for her, because he managed to push all her crazy buttons while not being her ideal type. Given that information, her own psyche wouldn't accept him completely. He could have just remained a casual associate of hers, doing the occasional interesting thing to her body that she allowed and they could have been relatively happy in each others presence. Now... she had to plot against him find someone capable of killing him or use him until they reached a level where someone could easily kill him. All of this because if she caved to him, he'd have too much sway over her and she... wouldn't be able to deal with knowing she caved to some random dude. Yes, they were people with like minded goals, and yes they occasionally had sex, but something about the idea of their relationship being anything more than platonically parasitic was annoying. And handing over herself in anyway changed the terms of their engagement. "I'm not lying..." she said with those sharp eyes of hers cut in his direction.

    Still, there was a rather sudden movement. A stroke which reached the end of her so swiftly and so unexpectedly that it changed everything. Her entire face softened and her nether clenched hard at the actual sensation of it. If he kept that up at any real frequency she could actually get off, and maybe stop considering methods by which to have him killed. But he likely wouldn't do that. He'd eventually slow again probably to try and coax out of her whatever form of demand he had to be acknowledged in the way he wanted. She gritted her teeth together annoyed now more than ever. Why wasn't it enough for him that she'd let him fuck her roughly, what extra dumb shit did he want besides that? "So what do you want? I'd already let you fuck me how you want, but obviously that isn't enough for you..." Yes, she was mad. But even if she nor anyone else currently in her employ could kill him, she could probably offer his head to Gilgamesh after having him kill Artoria. Actually, that sounded like a plan. And in the meantime she'd enjoy letting him fuck her the way she wanted to be fucked, knowing she kill him eventually.

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    "Urusai. You just don't know yet, but you'll get it," said the man. In due time, he would see his plan to fruition. Kolin would snap one way or another, and while one envisioned path was the ideal situation, the other wasn't something negative to him either. He could accept Kolin as something of a pet during their more private hours, or he could welcome all combatants she sent his way with open arms and a sharp blade. No matter which thing happened... Izou was going to be doing a lot of fucking. Kolin's job just happened to be snapping in the right direction, to make that fucking a more literal thing than the metaphorical sense applied to those who met Izou on the battlefield.

    Upon slowing down again, a few choice words were offered to the swordsman. What did he want? That question wasn't up to par. He was having what he wanted regardless, even if he wound up in the proverbial doghouse by the end of this night. "What I want, is for you to get the point. See, I heard about how you can get, and I want a nice thick piece of that. So... I'm gonna make you cave and agree to be my plaything whenever all the lapdogs move to another room," he summarized. As things always were, Izou didn't care one tiny bit how Kolin wished to appear before the masses. Those were times he preferred taking a backseat anyway, so that was all fine. However, he was growing evermore tired of dealing with her resistance while they were alone; it was an endless tedium that he didn't need added to his day. "So, here's the deal. You're gonna cave to this, and agree. If not, I'll just rape you whenever you're getting on my nerves. If you agree, though─ well, I'm probably gonna rape you regardless, but it'll be the kind of fun you know I give better than anybody else in this city, and you might actually be allowed to get off from it."

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    Kolin was lucky and lying and just doesn't know it yet? Not likely. Kolin had dumb moments but she wasn't actually stupid. She knew this lad was reaching for more than she'd ever properly offer him, but the depth of that reach was something that hadn't become obvious yet. Once it became clear whether she gave in initially or not, she would definitely immediately begin looking for methods through which to kill the man. Why, because she hated when men being the dogs that they were, didn't stay in the place they so obviously belonged. There were rare exceptions that found themselves capable of having ambitions that concerned her and were allowed to reach for what they wanted from her. Izou while being good for a regular individual wasn't supposed to aim for more. And he would learn that lesson eventually.

    On to what he actually wanted. The wandering ronin known as Izou wanted her as his plaything when the others weren't around. He wanted her this way, because he'd heard about what happened with Jason and felt entitled to similar behavior from her when they were alone. So he wasn't trying to out her for the kind of person she was, but here he was trying to exploit it for himself. And this is why men were garbage. He claimed to be unlike the others, but here he was, taking something she wasn't inclined to give him. And while he wasn't begging for it he was admitting to being just as bad as everyone else if he didn't get this thing he claimed he wanted, from her of all people. This is how men got discarded at her earliest convenience. That was sort of an annoying realization, because Izou was quite right, she knew he could offer her a good time and he was the least annoying of the men to have a random conversation with at any given time. Too bad he couldn't just accept that for what it was. Now she really had to make sure he died as horridly as she could think of, because he was making her do all this extra work to cull him, when he could have just stayed in the situation he'd placed himself into, and she was supposed to be the stupid one.

    Given how slowly he was pacing himself between his rough streaks she had more than enough time to think and make a valid set of decisions. He was going to die the moment she had an upgrade that suited her needs. Until then she didn't mind letting him have his way with her. She disagreed in general with being his plaything but since he was a dead man walking allowing him to have a wish or two granted was magnanimous of her, right? "So I agree to be your plaything as you put it, and you fuck me like you're supposed to and shut up about it?" she sald aloud. 'And I get to spend extra time thinking up methods to kill you, after having you kill that flat-chested bitch that is standing between me and my goals...' she thought while rolling her eyes.

    This situation itself was salvageable but that didn't mean she'd like actually debasing herself for someone who didn't suit her needs. But didn't that just make Izou another stepping stone for her? And beyond that, there was the problem which made this an actual problem for her... Jason. His actions made Izou believe he could get away with this, and he wasn't here to keep such riffraff away from her, making it his fault she was stuck agreeing to this situation. It wouldn't be so annoying if he was here to take care of her, obviously her needs would be met if he hadn't just gone back out to the desert to have sex with a stupid witch lesbian. Now she was actually mad all over again, "Fine."

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    Kolin's reaction was... strange. Her mind seemed to be working again, and that was never good for most individuals crossing her path. Luckily for Izou, he wasn't most individuals. He was far too used to plots of espionage, conniving and general approaches lacking in morality, he wasn't going to simply fall into her passive-aggressive ways. One would think Kolin herself had learned how to put up a better front than that. First, there was her question to address. "You'll become my plaything, and I'll get you off the way you need to get off. Maybe I'll even shut up about it every now and then," he said. Kolin was back to thinking then. Whatever her train of thought was, the negativity of it was painted on her face. Hell, it was even put on full display in that annoyed rolling of the eyes prior to a very upset 'fine' given as the ultimate response.

    Therein lied the problem. She really thought he was going to take her at her word, and believe she'd given in properly? He never would with that attitude, apart from the fact that this wasn't the solution he sought at all. "Yare yare. I said you were gonna give in, not give up," he said with a sudden, additional thrust to the limit of her canal. More words would follow while a blood-red gleam crossed Izou's eyes. Ah, there was that murderous drive again. At this point, it almost emerged as a direct response to Kolin's own murderous intent. His, however, was never a long-term plot. "You're one of the last people I want to kill, and you're making me feel like I'll have to. You're not really gonna make me do that, are you?" he asked. There were thousands of ways for him to take her life, and few reasons he would take it upon himself to do so. Numbers were in her favor, so why would she choose to stupidly select the limited number of bad options? "Think it through more. You don't wanna go making enemies out of the guy who chose to stick around because he figured it would be a fun ride. He's the only guy who won't turn on you unless you give him a reason to. Oh, and... if you're gonna show a thirst for blood, don't show it to a guy who can smell it from a mile away."

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    Izou's response to her question was one which annoyed her again, but in a different way. He was always one of the more mouthy individuals she came across, but whether or not she liked it at the time was totally dependent on her moods. Somedays, it was absolutely fine, some days, she had to remind herself she liked having him around. Today was one of those days which caused her a long term struggle. She liked having access to the kind of dick that could get her off, she did not like the idea of him backing her into a corner over the way she chose to behave while getting it. The strange thing about this was, she knew that any of her other faces might have been a bit more agreeable to his point, but not this one. This one was a bit too... self-reliant to fall to anything that didn't help her with her goals, and his current proposition was an annoyance and made him seem like he was in her way.

    He wanted her to give in not give up? Well, that was an argument of words and she didn't like those. What would have been another scoff came out instead as a moan because of a thrust that reached her depths, while at the same time he looked at her as if he'd kill her. Ah, but apparently her murderous intents were seen through, that was always the case with this face, she'd taken care of it for the next one. "I'm not forcing you to do anything, you're the one trying to force me to give something I didn't offer you." That was the plain and simple fact of this exchange as Kolin saw it. There were a few ways they could have approached this upgrade to their shared sexual activities and his chosen method pissed her off. And being the sort of person she was, this meant that her mind jumped straight to death potentials. Extreme yes. But also true.

    Ah but here he came with his great logic. He followed her of his own accord. He acted the same way, he wasn't her enemy and she shouldn't make him that. But he was the one setting himself up as a target by trying to make demands of a tyrant. "For someone who claims he was just along for the ride you're definitely trying to change course. Any aggression you get over your method is on you..." she said this as truthfully as possible. She'd always been reasonably honest with Izou and though she was annoyed and considering the different methods through which she could kill him. It would definitely be more of an annoyance to get rid of him at this stage than it would to keep him. "I also know this face is a bit too honest, but you're the one who said I could keep the attitude..." She was mad, yes. She didn't want Izou long term. Also true, she didn't really want to kill him, he was the least boring man she could constantly access. Still this was a battle of wills and though she was the type of bottom who wanted to be abused and treated roughly she wouldn't allow just anyone to treat her that way, only those she truly wanted. Izou was fine but he wasn't that, so he should have tempered his expectations better. Yes, she was putting all of the blame on him even in her own mind, but that was simply how she operated. If he wanted to deal with her as he had been this entire time, he should have been ready for it.

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    She didn't force him to do anything. It was Izou who attempted to force her to do something─ something she didn't offer. While both of these things were true, both of them was also false. Kolin refrained from rejecting his demands in the throne room. If anyone here had broken an arrangement, it was she who did so. "H'oh? So you did lose your head," he stated as he raised her legs higher. He wouldn't stop until Kolin's legs formed a right angle with its meeting point downward, fully baring her undercarriage for maximum penetration potential and tightness within. "I'm on extra pay today, remember? I'd be fucking you ragged no matter what, just 'cause it's what you want anyway. So... where's my extra pay?"

    Everything came in steps. The most important step leading into this scenario, was the moment Kolin decided he needed to kill someone against his normal code of killing only those he first struck down. Only partially buried within her conniving snatch, Izou loosened his grip just enough to let gravity slowly lower Kolin onto his length, while also adding a proper tight tug against her hair. "Don't go getting me wrong. This ain't a change of course; this is another step forward. You got a problem with my methods? That's not my problem."

    This face was too honest, Kolin said. Obviously. She could keep the attitude, but at a certain point, she was only lying to herself. Izou had every reason to believe his demands, when met, would be in her interest as well. Their mutually beneficial relationship was always in such a way. As such, as the queen's hair was pulled and her crotch was filled, Izou offered what would likely be his final clause when taking this approach. "You could win. It'd be so easy. All ya' gotta do is be a good girl, and you'll be set for a whole bunch of good times in this here city. The dumbest thing you could do would be letting us get on each other's bad side, 'cause there isn't a loss for me no matter how this goes. Try and kill me, try and have me killed. I'd take out all of your boys and half the dumb bitches in this country, and I'd die happy."

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