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    Kolin watched as Leorio practically cried. She'd kneed him in the balls enough times, that she might have actually succeeded in turning him into a dickless man. Ah, but it seemed he still had some fight left in him. Even after being kneed that many times, he still reached out for her throat. He still had enough spunk left in him to reach for her throat. Hadn't she just said he wasn't allowed to touch her? A grin crossed her face as his hand contact with her neck, it wasn't pretty. She'd been choking on dick for three days, it wasn't as if he could stop her from breathing. "Wrong choice," she said with an amount of calm which bordered upon psychotic. Her grip on him tightened instead and she swiftly moved her head forward to headbutt this young man.Kolin moved him up and out of the tub his hand being casually knocked away from her neck while she did. It was currently her aim to toss him out of the water and she'd exit as well. She planned to kick him again repeated actually while speaking to him. "You still don't get it. I will never drool all over you. You don't matter! You are trash, less than trash. No kingdom, no queen... barely even male by definition," She began speaking with the intention of kicking him, but instead, she started stomping the young man. Oh she'd picked up quite a few Jason's habits. What a terrible thing to have pop up in her mind. This poor lad was now getting a beating he might not have been owed. "You want my attention right? So you'll take it the way I give it right?" she asked him as she stared at him with utmost disgust on her face, aiming at dropping her foot upon his face multiple times.

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    This wasn't going the way it should have been. Leorio should have been hailed as if he were Kolin's master, her ultimate lover, in this private setting shared between them. Why then, was he having an even harder time breathing? Why was the consciousness nearly knocked out of his head due to a sudden collision with hers? More importantly, how did his groin still feel pain after he was quite certain his balls had been reduced to rubble? On a positive note, he was alone in a room with Kolin, and both of them were quite nude. Was this something she wanted for her own enjoyment? It was quite agonizing, but... she was actually touching his genitals. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad in the end. All that kicking must have been what she learned in the privacy of Jason's cabin. Yes, that would explain the look of her when she came out! She'd been using Jason and her own body to test these things, making sure she could be forceful without going too far overboard! Oh, how thoughtful his darling queen was! Did he want her attention? Yes. Would he take it the way she gave it? Actually... yes! If she wanted to keep stomping his face as she was, if she wanted to keep kicking him and crushing his balls with her bare flesh, he would see it as some form of sexual attention he'd never experienced before. It didn't seem like something he would enjoy, but he supposed it could be learned. "You'll drool," he insisted. "But you can have your fun first, if it suits you. That is my adoration, my beautiful queen~" How was he still smiling? Well, in short... the poor lad still thought he was a victor in this situation. All he had to do, was work his way up to proving his ability.

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    Kolin stomped this poor child into oblivion. She didn't care about him, she didn't care if he existed. The fact that he did right here and now, just meant he was an apt thing she could use, to take out all of her aggression. Still, this wasn't quite right. He'd looked confused before, on the verge of tears, but now... he was smiling?! How could he possibly be smiling?! She would drool? Was he out of his mind? What kind of dumb thoughts was this no dick having bitch boy thinking to really make him believe this was her wanting him? She'd given him no indication she wanted him. She'd not even made it obvious she thought he could get better. She was using him just to vent her aggression? Why didn't he get this made him less than trash? Why didn't he know that this made him a thing... not a person?! Another swift stomp happened. His adoration. "Hahahaha~" another laugh of crazed potential. She bent over the lad still standing upon his groin and spit into his face aiming directly for his mouth.

    Since he wanted her drool so bad that was fair right? Yeah... that was demeaning and degrading. Maybe he'd finally get it. "You mean nothing to me! Literally nothing. You aren't a prince, you aren't a king, you are a pack mule. A beast of burden, a bad one at that since I had to go to a fucking desert pirate to get me here without it potentially killing me!" she stomped down again. This boy's inability to do anything made him worse than the lowest creature she'd ever come across, and every time she saw him, she was annoyed by him. How could she not be, as this lowly creature smiled in the face of her abuse? She wanted him to beg forgiveness for his incompetence. She wanted him to know what absolute trash he was, she wanted him to know all of his advances would go unrewarded because he meant nothing. She could have anyone she wanted (except Jason). Another crash of her foot happened in this moment. So why would she want some cockless little boy who barely counted as an existence. He had nothing to offer her, except this whimp body of his, he didn't even put up a fight as she stomped him repeatedly, how did he not know he was worthless? This boy had once been trusted with someone's safety? Really? She could almost stop now, if he asked forgiveness she'd grant it and send him out of her face for as long as possible. She could contain this anger built up in her soul... all he had to do, was learn his place.

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    Sadly, there would be no forgiveness begged by the one known as Leorio. It didn't matter what Kolin said. Leorio had long since convinced himself that they were a destined pair, that only he could be the king to have her as queen. After all, there was no other reason for her to choose him. She needed a king in Zuria, and no other would do the trick. If Jason had been her only ticket across that desert, there would have been no need to bring him! He also knew, surely Kolin wouldn't touch the nude form of a person she truly detested... right? Yes, all of this was foreplay. Something big was coming, and the stamping was just the beginning to work out excess stress. Ahh, there was something else granted to him. Kolin allowed Leorio the pleasure of tasting her saliva by firing it into his mouth directly. That was so... carnal, so aggressive. A kiss would have been fine to the young king, but this was something fierce to arouse him! That was of spit was juggled around on Leorio's tongue, even savored as he continued smiling up at his abuser. Now he was beginning to understand─ beginning to see the pleasure in this! She would give him pain, and then he would receive his just rewards for enduring it! Perhaps this train of thought was how he managed to keep erect, in spite of his shattered testicles. Or... perhaps part of him actually enjoyed the crushing itself? Time would tell.

    As for the abuse itself, Leorio was sure things would turn around soon. Actually, it only made sense that the rewards were beginning now, right? He'd been delivered a sufficient amount of agony, so it was assumable that the spit was the first of many treats for the poor lad. "Yes my darling!" he exclaimed, pausing to cough as that saliva slipped down his collapsed windpipe. Apparently, the degradation was registering quite differently in his head. Of course! Leorio knew his place, just as he believed Kolin knew hers. His time would come eventually; that much was certain! "I am your mule! No prince, no king, just a thing for you to ride as you see fit! I am your worthless tool, waiting for more purpose! Unload your burden on me, my precious queen!"

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    She called him terrible things. She stomped his testicles out of existence and still... he had that hard little pecker of his on display. How? How was someone actually so disgusting that they'd take this sort of abuse and like it? "How fucking dare you still have that hard little dick of yours on display!? How dare you think any of this is good for you? Do you know how trash you are for liking this you piece of shit!?" she asked him questions, but they sounded crazed. Oh? Were those questions actually meant for him? She knew that she'd taken such a beating from Jason... she'd wanted his attention badly enough to like the things he did to her. Did that make her and Leorio the same? No! Of course it didn't. She was queen here, he acknowledged that, but what else did he just say.

    She looked upon this boy with ire, even stark naked she stood above him like he was nothing but absolute trash. She couldn't bring herself to feel anything for this lad but disgust. But he'd admitted it right? He was fine being a beast of burden. He knew he was just a mule something to be used but not cared for? He was truly a disgusting creature to not want something more for himself. How gross. She knew what to do. She knew how to show him he was nothing. He wanted to be ridden.... "Hahahahahahahahaha!~" she said aiming to kick and roll him over. Once he was on his stomach she positioned herself atop him, she placed herself in the middle of his back and reached towards the tub for the loofah sponge on a round wooden stick. She held the back of his neck with one hand, aiming to bounce his face off the floor before she aimed to do something most would have thought unthinkable. She aimed to ram that wooden rod straight into the rectum of the boy on the floor. He was fine with being ridden. He was fine with being a beast of burden. He was fine with his beatings then he should be fine with this as well. She'd told him he was cockless, this was the only reward she could offer him.

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    What was with the things Kolin had to say? Ah. Yes, yes, it was all sensible. None of those things were proper insults. They simply couldn't have been such a thing, if only because they were one and the same. Kolin also enjoyed being reduced to nothing more than an object. He'd remember that when his turn to dominate came around, as it... definitely would. For now, it was Kolin's time to shine. After he spoke, she laughed. Surely she had an idea as to how they would properly enjoy one another, and Leorio was curious to know what it was. He was excited! A single kick resulted in the lad being rolled onto his front, after which his back was straddled. Wait... this wasn't how things were supposed to go. Why didn't she simply mount him while he was on his back? The answer to that question was eye-widening, and also sphincter-shredding. The ass of Leorio had already been torn open by so many of Jason's crewmen, the sudden insertion of that wooden handle reopened every tear at once. Well... at least it was a distraction from his broken and bleeding nose, rendered as such by his face being slammed into the floor. Leorio's wailing came out as a gurgle. Ah, he now had a missing tooth or two as well. His legs were bending at the knee, feet rising and flailing as his arse was rammed by something that had no pliability whatsoever.

    Even as he screamed and bled on the floor from both face and anus, what did Leorio take from this? Well, obviously, she did like how she'd seen him on the ship a few days ago! This was satisfying for her, right? Maybe he would soon feel the wetness of her loins on his back, where she straddled him? Ah, the excitement was building anew! "Augh! Yes, my lovely queen! Mistress! Does this please you? I'm being a good boy for you, right?"

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    Yes! Finally something satisfactory happening in front of her. Gurgled screams and a broken nose. This little boy was seeing the sort of abuse she wished to see on him. For being so inadequate for being so unskilled for being so fucking trash! The mind of Kolin, or rather the mind of Mai was a dangerous place, laden with madness. She was unable to see the truth of things, she was without question crazed beyond reason. Even as she opened up old wounds, even as she enjoyed making this boy suffer, she didn't see the truth of his current state. She didn't understand that this was indeed equivalent to how she acted around Jason. All this lad wanted as she ravished him was to be told he was good. How disgusting. Of course he wasn't good. No good man would lie a bleeding mess on the floor and think it would give him the right to be good. "Ewww, no of course you aren't good. You're a disgusting little pigshit!" she said. She raped his body this way for several minutes and she felt nothing short of elation while doing it. And when it was over, it was nothing but a relief. By the time her mind calmed she exhaled a sigh which contained just a shred of contentment, but... she wasn't Jason. She didn't wish to turn Leorio into a better person, a better punching bag for her. She was vindictive, she just wanted him to suffer for his transgressions. She wanted him to suffer for thinking he had a right to her. Why didn't he understand he was manipulatable. A means to an end of conquering a place after she couldn't get the King of that place to accept her terms? It didn't really sit right with her that Leorio enjoyed this sort of thing, but she'd never give him anything else. He'd also never receive an ounce of praise. "Ugh, get out of my fucking sight. I don't want to see your face again. And the next time you whip that pitiful little dick out in front of me. I'll have someone cut it off." she said standing, finally. One more swift kick to send the boy rolling across the floor and she'd seem to relax. Her bath had been interrupted but she was far from wanting to continue to relax there. She'd need this room cleaned. She didn't want blood in her bathroom.

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    Finally, something Kolin said registered in the mind of Leorio. A disgusting pigshit, he was. Was that good? No, it was preceded by denial. What could he do to be good? Leorio's mind raced with possibilities; he knew something had to work eventually. Perhaps he'd try again later. Several minutes passed like this, with his mind remaining on the same subject. Leorio was eventually numb to the repeated thrusting of a wooden rod in his bum. His body had gone limp, but Kolin was finally done. Well, the same could be said of Leorio. When she kicked him away, perhaps she would see the splash of ejaculatory fluid left on the floor where he'd been previously. Yes, the pitiful king of Zuria had achieved orgasm during the time he thought to be presenting Kolin satisfaction. Maybe that wasn't even the only cause? Whatever the case, he was sent off with a threat. Movement was hard enough that he couldn't simply stand; he wouldn't be walking properly for at least a day or two. As such, he only managed to drag himself along the floor toward... the source of a whistle?

    Indeed, a whistle followed Kolin's treatment of the boy-king, but it didn't come from Leorio. The door had been left open after Leorio's entry, and there stood... Izou. He'd been the one to whistle, just as he would be the next one to speak. Arms crossed, Izou leaned against the doorframe and glanced over the crawling mess of a boy, then looked toward Kolin. "And here I thought you were just killing him. Sorry to say, but you might want a swordsman with even better skill than me to hit that target. Anyway. Feeling better now?"

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    Kolin was now relaxed quite a bit, maybe letting Leorio be this wasn't too bad an option, at the very least beating him made her feel better. As she watched the small boy crawl off into the distance her eyes took note of that blood stain on the floor and the small white fluid that went along with it. He truly was disgusting, to have felt anything resembling pleasure after she'd raped and beaten him herself within an inch of his life. Disgusting. He was trash. Being beaten like that was all he was good for. He shouldn't even want more than that... oh, what a dark place her mind went to in the moment. But she'd be brought out of it, by a whistle. Who was the source of this sound? Well, after witnessing something like what she'd just done only a few wouldn't fear it for themselves. In this case, it was the person she'd actually expected to show up at some point during her bath.

    Izou mentioned that he thought she'd been killing the boy king. That was a reasonable way to handle him huh? "You know, strangely that hadn't crossed my mind yet. I'll have to add it to my list of things to do..." she mused like it was a joke. It sort of was, but it was also the truth. To be fair even in her rage, Kolin hadn't actually considered killing this lad recently, she had no idea why that was the case. "And I was under the impression that there were no better swordsmen than you. Do you have a list going?" she asked of Izou as if she was completely serious. She walked away from this bathroom, towards a large closet, near her own bed. What a nice looking place this would be at some point as soon as it was clean again. She looked through it as she gave consideration to the man's question, "Actually, a bit. I guess..." Kolin stated as she looked through clothes stark naked as if she wasn't in a room with another person at all. All of her plans had been made askew, she didn't have much time left to get to the next aspect of her goals. She still needed to consider what to sacrifice to summon her abyss servant. Oh, and then there was the matter of the grand opening of this place as it was meant to be. Of course, Beatrice was actually doing her job there, but... what about the rest of the things that needed to be done? She hated this. She really hated this...

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    While Leorio was crawling by, Izou lifted his foot and leaned back, as if some disgusting bug had nearly ran over his foot. Only when the little king cleared his path, would Izou's foot find the floor once again. "Really now?" he asked of Kolin. "Well, if that made you feel less like shit, maybe it was worth not killing him. Pity. Guy's probably got cum stains on his boys. Uh... his toddlers? Eggs? Eggs," he carried on, sighing as a new pipe was pulled from his kimono.

    Kolin addressed his mostly self-proclaimed identity as the best swordsman around. That clause would eventually be true if Izou had anything to say about it, but for now, he had only these jokes to offer. "There's never anyone better for more than half a match. That's the point. You'd have to put me on payroll if you wanted me to hit a mark like that. Maybe a nail-clipper would do..." Izou stepped aside enough to allow Kolin passage through the bathroom door, only to follow suit as she entered her primary chambers. Always one to make himself comfortable, he sat at the foot of her bed, watching and smoking as the queen visually sorted through clothing choices. "I sort of like this new face you've got; she's got some bite to her. Well... she's apparently got a lot of things I never saw from you before. Never thought I'd catch you taking domination to that extent. Hell, at first I even thought this one was more of a sub, considering~"

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