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    Oh, how unusually tender for what they'd come to know of each other thus far. Everything the previous day had been almost a rush. Ozzy might have wondered if lust alone was the fuel for their actions, yet these moments silenced any assumptions. Alas, there was another truth to the matter. Even if not powered exclusively by lust, carnal desire was omnipresent in its own right. Those gentle touches and little pecks could only be fleeting as arousal began to claim two souls within this sitting room. The simple matter of Nikki claiming his lap the way she'd done was enough to raise loins, but her hips were already beginning to move. So close they were─ close enough that the discarding of a few articles would leave them melding together. Ozzy's gentle grip became something more akin to a clench, fingertips pressing into Nikki's skin as the sharpness of his inhales joined the ferocity of his heartbeat.

    That 'good morning' would be lost to the world in an instant. Mostly, it would receive no response due to how quickly their lips were brought together again. Oliver couldn't complain one bit. No, all he could do was match that desperate clutch with every fiber of his being. Tension coursed through his every muscle, aiming to release itself through both groin and lips as the latter retaliated against Nikki's mouth. It was so strange that such a thrill could come his way when in the company of a woman and fully clothed. If it was ever going to be someone to bring about this eventuality, though, of course it would be Nikoleta. This was a proposition at base. Did he ever have an opportunity to turn it down? He wouldn't have done so anything, but something about Nikki's approach here was... not quite demanding, but certainly commanding.

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    Nikki hadn't given Ozzy a chance to reply to her morning greeting. Even so, she was having a great time of her occupation of his lap. Those gentle movements of her hips, even fully clothed didn't stop at all. It was just the same that the soft movements of her mouth were a constant as well. Her lips meeting his repeatedly would evolve a bit, as she nibbled at his bottom lip, sucked it with purpose. She wanted him to open his mouth to her so she could enter that space with her tongue. She wanted to gently caress the inside of his mouth as she aimed for an amount of closeness, unperturbed by timing. Surely, this pair of people was still behaving a bit like horny teens. That much was obvious by the amount of clothing still present on their persons. But today, there wasn't a feeling of rushing encompassing the whole of Nikki's actions. She felt a bit more settled in that carnal desire today. Now instead of the itch of impulsivity she had a desire to claim.

    Right at the moment the feeling of Ozzy's fingers against her sides was quite enticing. Though there was another matter. Beneath her, his groin was more than happy to let her know of its existence. As she kissed him in this manner she found herself growing in arousal knowing she could excite him like this, even fully clothed at a moments notice. Strangely, there was some kind of power in knowing someone found you attractive. Ozzy seemed to have a bit extra of such a power when she considered how much he liked her for just herself. She found her hands moving from his hair eventually tracing the skin of his neck as they kissed. She liked his clothes and his clothing choices, but she'd have to break their kiss to get more access to his skin. Ah... well, that could wait, she had a bit more patience to enjoy today, and there was a certain pace she intended to take as she took a bit of charge in this situation. She wondered if she'd be allowed this... well, time would tell.

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    Heat. Oliver felt a massive surge of heat coursing through his body. Perhaps the sweater was to blame. Yes, it certainly wasn't a good idea to wear such a thing if this close contact was going to be an option. Luckily, he fancied the heat. Nikki seemed to fancy the idea of consuming his bottom lip, much like she did her own so frequently. There was no questioning this activity─ only questioning the limits of Nikki's intent. Where would she stop? Would there be any point of stopping at all, or even slowing? It didn't seem so, and that thought was riveting. Hands were moving about his head as his mouth was assaulted, and of course, his mouth opened naturally. Such resulted in an immediate intrusion of Nikki's tongue, in anything but an unwelcome manner.

    Ah, that tongue. Oliver's own tongue met the intruder, albeit only within the confines of his own mouth. Nikki had been moving about as if she had a plan, so indeed, now was the time for the lad to take the proverbial back seat. He could have easily brought about a bit of swapping by forcing this interaction back into Nikki's mouth, but something about that felt... wrong. No, it only felt right to act as if inviting another into one's abode. That tongue was caressed upon entry, as well as for the duration of its stay. All the while, Ozzy's hands loosed their grip for the sole purpose of sliding lower down her sides. No matter what was in his way, if there was an arse to grab, he'd be taking hold of it─ and that seemed to be perfectly rational with the preexisting movements of Nikoleta.

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    Entry! Nikki had attained exactly what she desired from the movements of her mouth and with her tongue now moving about within Ozzy's mouth she was content. But content alone wasn't enough she would lavish the inside of his mouth, explore it fully while wrestling that which moved about within. If Ozzy took any issue with the directness of her approach, he hadn't gone about making it anything different. Not a single push back was met against any of her motions, her hands were settled and his did the same but not in anyway which impeded her own exploration or movements. Instead the lad whose lap she occupied would have his hands grabbing her rear. That was a warm and welcome sensation. Nikki herself was rather petite as a woman, well-proportioned but with nothing particularly exotic about her figure. As such, Ozzy's obvious interest was something she welcomed without hesitation. She liked this feeling and found a gentle moan escaping her.

    She began to wonder as she continued, if there would be a point at which Ozzy wished to stop or change what was happening here. He hadn't shown that he would stop her from doing most anything she liked, and she didn't have any strange desires so she doubted they would clash properly at any point. So she continued when a break was natural she pulled back from his mouth and stared endlessly into his face. He really was gorgeous!~ Her fingers traveled downward to the sides of his sweater. She did like the look of it, and she would love to talk fashion with Ozzy but right now she simply wanted to see more of him and to feel the warmth of his skin directly. "Hm, aren't you hot in this?" she asked as she aimed to help him out of it. Whatever the case, she wanted more, she hadn't move from his grip, nor exited his lap and intended to remain just as she was until she got whatever it was she was actually seeking from such a position.

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    Naturally, that heat wasn't going to be going anywhere anytime soon. Nikoleta inhabited his mouth as if it were her personal property, and Ozzy had no room to complain at all. As far as exotic figures went, and as far as Oliver was concerned, there were none more luxurious than what his hands lay upon presently. Of course, that only meant he had to keep a decently firm grip of it when possible, didn't it? Yes, that would be the case. It seemed even, that Nikki fancied his grasp... unless her moans happened to be the result of his groin pulsing beneath her at the time. It could have been one thing, it could have been the other─ neither made a difference in this situation.

    No, he didn't have a single intention of changing current events. Ozzy didn't even think to take charge of the situation in any respect, given how clearly invested Nikki was in laying claim to him. Excitement was all he knew. Well, that wasn't the whole of it. He knew excitement, but also general wonder. What all would Nikki be doing? Apparently, everything would begin in a new phase as her hands reached the bottom of his sweater, tugging away when their lips finally parted. Along with this, came a question. "Fat lot of good that'll do; I think I'll be hot regardless," he quipped as that sweater and shirt combination was being pulled up his torso. This proximity to Nikki alone would have been more than enough to have him tugging at his collar, even if they were both fully nude in an air-conditioned room. This sort of heat, however, was the type none should ever complain about. "Not to say I mind the help, but I'm not too bothered if it gets even hotter~"

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    The natural heat accumulating between them, surely wasn't going to disappear just because Nikki removed his sweater. Of course, that didn't matter because what she wanted from him was that heat. Strangely, even through her clothes the press of his hands and the pulse of his member were both rather enticing things to feel. Her lack of rushing in this moment meant she'd get to enjoy them more and that brought a certain hidden joy to Nikki. She was taking ownership of his lad piece by piece, whether she realized it or not. But this wasn't simply a matter of plaguing his thoughts for more than a year. No, this was a personal matter of Nikki taking a great interest in him personally. Nothing she'd seen of him so far was anything other than what she wanted, and as such making her own interest in him as clear as humanly possible seemed to be woven into her every action.

    Her fingers traced skin as she managed to get his sweater up to the halfway point. He'd have to remove his hands if only for a moment for her to get it up and over his head. She assumed he'd acquiesce to such a desire, while he spoke of being 'hot'. She grinned at the statement as it was true in more ways than one. "You're right about that," she complimented. Though he was always singing her praises, she couldn't help mentioning how much she saw him in a similar light. She hadn't had a whole year to get used to the amount of attractiveness the man contained... so all of it was still very new to her. "Well, if you don't mind the help, we can definitely make it hotter~" she mentioned. Upon him being unveiled she'd move back in her face being buried into the side of his neck. She'd press her lips there, drawn her tongue up towards his ear and shift her hips just a little bit more in his lap.

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    Indeed, he was right, and in multiple ways to boot. He was always going to be 'hot' in the sense of being attractive. Just the same though, he was always going to be hot and bothered in the presence of Nikoleta. Both now and the previous day were poor examples for how far his adoration went, but even Ozzy himself could tell things would only develop with every interaction they had. Chances were, he'd hardly survive enough encounters to unveil the truth, but he was more than willing to spend a lifetime working toward it.

    Speaking of working toward things, a sacrifice had to be made. What a shame it was that he had to release his hold on Nikki, even if just for a moment. He let go, of course, only to return the moment that shirt was pulled over his head. He didn't care where it ended up, regardless of its price or limited availability. There was only one thing of importance here, and it was Nikki─ he had to get her sorted as she liked, however that would be. "Sounds lovely. I'm not one to dress for cold weather anyway," he quipped in response to that little flirt of hers. Her hips were mobile once again, and soon, her lips and tongue were wetting his neck. Ozzy's head tilted the opposite direction as goose pimples rose along his torso. What a tease. Surely Nikki knew the immediate effects of what she was doing. At this rate, their trousers would both become soaked at the groin as they rubbed against one another through the layers. Just the same, Ozzy would soon be well out of his mind. "Alright, you got me there. Definitely hotter, that. What do I do to heat things up on your end?" the male questioned. There remained many more things he wanted to know. What really tickled her fancy, for example, was his prime concern presently. How would he next deliver satisfaction, or rather... did he even need to do a single thing at this rate?

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    Nikoleta had some interesting feelings in the making about Oliver. Though admittedly quite a few of them were about his appearance, she'd already become fond of the fun he showed himself capable of. Beyond that point his charm and kindness easily won over any of her misgivings. She was having an interesting time and had every intention of figuring out how much her own feelings could grow towards his. She was already infatuated, she already enjoyed his company, she already desired him... so what more could she want?

    Well, right at the moment, there were a few more angles she wished to view his face from. And their current positioning was one of those. She wished this for the time being... and for a start simply because it was proof of her own interest. After all, she couldn't have him feel as if he was solely the one interested in her, such a feeling was absolutely heartbreaking. And if there was one thing she didn't want, it was that potential. No, right just now, she wished to show that budding affection, in the only way she could. By claiming him as her own. Ah, but the distractions of his form were still present as well. Given the placement of her face in his neck her hands traced his exposed torso only to feel the goose flesh in response to the workings of her tongue and lips on his neck. A knowing smirk broke out across her face as she ever so gently teased him with the rocking motions of her hips. She'd then speak against those gently wet spaces she'd created, thinking to answer his inquiry. "Oh... that's a good question, innit?" she replied playfully. In the space of a breath after that question she moved a bit to flick his earlobe with her tongue. "Save it for later though... I'm sure you'll keep me hot regardless~" she mentioned as she took the time to gently close her teeth around that lobe. "Right just now, I wanna go like this," she punctuated this with a gentle rocking of her hips in his lap. "So when I get up to take my clothes off, you'll finish getting naked for me right, Ozzy?" she asked as she blew a gentle breath into that same ear. Nikki had probably teased a bit more than she would have normally, but she'd wished to ride this lad as she'd been teasing the last few moments. Her own movements told her she was about ready for such an undertaking regardless, and so long as Ozzy was agreeable to the plan... they could progress towards that goal.

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    And there he sat, topless and erect beneath a fully, yet comfortably-clothed, lass. The pressure of this situation was getting to him quickly. It had little to do with his own clothing situation, but everything to do with the rising sexual tension Nikki was causing. His question was a good one, allegedly. What of it? Apparently, there was nothing to be done with the offer. Nikki had a solid plan, and it didn't at all involve his own input. She was going to get up. She was going to disrobe. In the meantime, she would be expecting him to remove what remained of his clothes as well. What could he say? Well, no was not an answer that could escape him at all. "Well there's no need to ask me twice," he managed through the gasps that came as a result of Nikki's approach. There was hardly a thing he could do besides disrobe, if he was going to be watching Nikki do the same. Well, that wasn't fully true. He'd have to be rather conscious of doing so, lest he let himself be lost in observation. "I think I can manage. Since you're so sure, I can at least do that."

    Progress. That was the name of the game, wasn't it? To make it, he had to remove his hands from the lass once more. What a shame. Realistically though, he'd only receive a higher quality surface to grasp if he let loose right away. And so, he did. His hands slid themselves off Nikki's rear, and his eyes traveled along her form as she remained in his lap. She'd be up soon enough, he thought... and he could easily observe while also ridding himself of breeches and the like. After all, he no longer had to be concerned with any articles impairing his vision, since that had been taken care of moments prior.

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    Ozzy was apparently rather agreeable with the current plan that Nikki had laid. He agreed with his words, and though she'd been teasing him constantly his actions also complied. She soon enough found the lad letting go of her person which he would have had to do in order for her to exit his lap properly. Ah, so there it was, now it was time for her to make good on the plan she'd so recently constructed. Still, if she was being honest, Nikki didn't really want to exit this man's lap at all. What would it be like to just be able to cast aside one's clothes in a single motion and attain nudity instantly without losing anything... a pipe dream but it surely would have been useful for moments like this. Right just now though, she'd press her lips against his having finally abandoned those teasing mouth movements at the side of his face. "That's a good man~" she mentioned after the peck and she'd extricate herself from his lap.

    Given Ozzy's own agreement, she expected after standing that he would be too. It would take Nikki mere seconds to remove her top, which was barely more than a gentle slip of fabric. She tossed, more than willing to pick it up some other time. Those sweatpants she wore were just as easy to remove as well and would fall to the floor pretty easily after sliding down her hips. Ah, there was the little matter of that thong of hers too. The one thing that would actually take more than a single second to remove. Plain black in color she'd slip her fingers into the sides and stretch it gently to move it down her hips. Ah, all the while she took casual glances towards Ozzy, she was half bent over by now, but that was both for tease and functionality. After what felt to her like hours of built up excitement, she would be naked again and ready to occupy Ozzy's lap.

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