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    An agreement was reached, and with it came the rise of Nikoleta. Ozzy would not be standing, interestingly enough. No, he sat in place while unfastening his belt and trousers. One heel ground against another to slip a shoe off, and the other followed soon after. All the while, his gaze was fixed. Nikki's shirt flew off her torso with haste, while Ozzy saw it as a glorious, slow-motion flourish feeding into his arousal. The same could be said of those sweatpants that he saw collapsing around her ankles. None of these maneuvers needed to be showy or anything of the sort, for Oliver to see them that way. He was never halted from his own progress... until Nikki was partially bent over and removing her undergarments in an obvious effort to tease. She did want him focused on getting rid of his clothes, right? Well, he was still going to get that done, even at a slower pace.

    "Bloody hell, if I had a quid for every time you made me stop what I was doing─" he mused. It took nothing for him afterwards to slip out of his pants and boxers simultaneously. They'd be left on the floor not far from Nikki's own trousers, leaving Ozzy with nothing but a pair of black socks and a palpitating erection that seemed to be aiming straight up at his own face. Of course, he also still had that ever-present grin. He sat upon the couch with all the brass of a man who owned the building. Actually, he may as well have been the owner! Nikoleta Corbyn fancied him, and that placed him on a higher podium than any man on Earth could hope to reach!

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    Nikki's occasional glances in Ozzy's direction were rather telling. There was the matter that the man was always smiling and looked perfectly at home while pulling off his trousers and boxes from the seated position. Then there was the aside that his manhood was an entity unto itself. "Blimey," she muttered once more. This man was the image of perfection to Nikki, and beyond that he had so much on offer to her that she could hardly believe it was all for her. Though she'd been teasing him gently while half-bent over, his words reached her ears and made her chuckle just a little? "Well I haven't even done anything, on purpose yet~" she mused as well. So flirty these two managed to be, even while Ozzy looked like a king upon his throne at the height of his kingdom. Actually, Nikki quite fancied that as an idea... she'd save that for later.

    Regardless now fully undressed she returned to the couch and Ozzy's lap, very gently rising herself and trapping his manhood between them. Such an undertaking needed a bit of a slow and steady approach at least for a little while, but at this angle she was quite in charge of it and left herself to hover over it. She'd gently move her hips about wetting the tip of him as she leaned over his face. It'd be a while yet before she settled back down into his lap, as such she'd used this time as an advantage. She'd kiss him softly while beginning that slow descent onto his manhood. This was exquisite. Could she really have this man all to herself with no drawbacks? Well, she had a dream of this and it seemed Ozzy shared it, so why shouldn't they make this happen?

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    "Really?" Oliver questioned after hearing Nikki claim she'd done nothing on purpose. "Well, when comes the chance for me to be selfish and ask you to do something on purpose then?" As far as Ozzy was concerned, Nikki being bent at the waist and on full display was very purposeful... and his groin agreed wholeheartedly. If that wasn't intentional, what would she manage if she truly tried? He was almost dying to find out.

    Ah yes, a king on his throne. That was certainly what the lad felt like, but a king required a queen. Luckily, his was on the way to her own throne, which happened to be his lap. She claimed her throne, slowly, carefully even. He couldn't blame her for the process; it had been the same way on the opposite end. Besides, he couldn't possibly complain about the sensations he felt from her sex rubbing against his tip, slicking it to prepare for an eventual smoother entry. Oh, and the kissing─ what an extra little treat that was. Gone was the urgency they once knew. Now, everything seemed so... affectionate, as if their earlier mentions of marriage had resulted in an actual engagement, and this was the celebration of upcoming nuptials. Ozzy decided to leave her to her own devices while they kissed. He resisted any urges to grab her hips, choosing instead to claim the sides of her face with both hands. That softness was not lost; no, it was returned in kind without failure. He met her with a gentleness matching the supple nature of her lips. No matter how much his loins screamed at him with nonsense─ ravage her, bend her backwards, pin her by the ankles and the like... there was only one way to answer this meeting, and it was the way Nikki initiated.

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    "Yeah, really~" answered Nikki. She truly wasn't trying to do anything specific. Well, aside from the current bout of seductive behavior, but nothing she'd done at the moment was outside of the ordinary for her behavior. Of course, he questioned when he would get to be selfish and ask that she do something on purpose. Hm, when indeed? "When the time comes, feel free to ask what you'd like... I'm not opposed to allowing you a spot of selfish indulgence~" she mentioned happily. Soon after though her mouth was rather occupied. She was kissing this man again and beginning to fall down upon his manhood. Gravity was doing a great deal of the work in this case, even so she couldn't help the small noises escaping her as she made her descent. Her mouth opening and her tongue seeking to gain entry into his mouth again. Of course, it was noted by her that the placement of Ozzy's hands weren't on her hips but instead around her face. She really should have been a bit more wary of such things, but given their previous interactions, his level of gentlemanly behavior and her own current actions, she had no problems with what was happening here.

    It was more curious than anything that he was being so very soft, as if simply matching the energy that she was putting out. Not that she minded the urgency of their previous bout, she simply wished to claim him in the way she found most normal for herself. She wanted to enjoy him. And this was the method she chose for that enjoyment. And boy was it pleasurable. The soft shifting of her hips had begun as she took the movements of gentle pushing from above. It was torturous but she was enjoying it, that much was obvious by the gentle pulsing she felt within herself, her loins already slick enough to allow the coating she aimed for with these initially shallow movements. How long would she be able to keep up such deliberate pacing? She had no idea, but she would just to have a look at Ozzy from this angle. It would take quite a few moments but eventually those gentle movements would have her settle down further and further into his lap, until the tip of him brushed right against the end of her person. What a strange jolt of sensation that was, and when it happened she'd finally break their kiss.

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    Oliver's indulgences would be allowed in future. That was very useful information and all, yet his current form of gratification came in the form of Nikki's desire. Tongues danced slowly as the lass prodded her way into his mouth again. Of course, her effort was hardly required to gain said entry. The more she worked her way onto his shaft, the more Oliver lost all ability to resist reactions, resulting in the natural opening of his mouth for the sake of loosing a gasp. Experience always dictated that endowment of his caliber came with easy access to a pleasurable experience. These lasses always felt tighter than they would have for more average tools. Even with that being the discovered truth, though, Nikki seemed to remain an exceptional case. Maybe it was the infatuation, or maybe he needed to thank his sister for the indirect workout routine advice she gave this woman.

    Even though he had no intention of disturbing the ride Nikoleta chose for herself, Ozzy's instincts would not allow him to be idle. His hold of the lass' face was solid even while being gentle enough to cradle a newborn child. He may have been eclipsing her head from either side, but it wasn't as if he intended to crush it. Eventually, their lips were fated to part. This was no work of Oliver's, nor seemingly Nikki's full conscious effort. He knew the cause. He felt the cause as a battering ram would be halted by a barricade it hadn't the momentum to go through. As far as strange jolts were concerned, one reverberated its way through his length and into the core of his being. It was strange, experiencing such a thing from movements so gradual. Until Nikoleta, he'd never even bothered going to such length, and he certainly wouldn't have expected her to do as much of her own accord. "Fuck," he muttered in both shock and pleasure. Advantage was quickly taken of their parted lips. With the space created, his hands moved to guide Nikki's head upward. Ozzy needed just a bit of room to dive in, after which he had a mind to unleash the flat of his tongue upon her neck in one long, slow stroke up to her jawline.

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    Nikki was being allowed her indulgence, and it seemed that Ozzy was enjoying it as well. Actually, the opening of his mouth and his gentle cradling of her head and face implied that he was having as good a time as Nikki was herself. That was great. They could match in so many ways, and if he truly enjoyed even this approach then they would always have something in common. What was more... she was doing a slow grinding job of sending herself into madness. The slow movements of her hips and the thickness of his manhood allowed her a greater bit of sensation than she'd ever managed before. This position was one often chosen by women because it was easier to achieve flourish while being in control of ones own speed, and depth of penetration. In this case she'd chosen this method so she could bear witness to his face and as such she kept an eye on him. Though she was quite certain the visuals of this position would also be beneficial for him. Of course, when their mouths finally separated she was rewarded with a swear from the mouth of Ozzy. Oh? Was this truly something he enjoyed? It seemed so, that was for the best, because she was starting to enjoy this to a great extent.

    "Ozzy!~" she moaned his name as he licked up her neck after tilting her face upward. Oh this was sensual, soft but very much appreciated. Oh, but then it was the matter of her movements huh? Her hips began shifting, once more in a rather slow rocking motion. Strangely, she was stirring herself up using the lad beneath her as a catalyst for her desire, and ever so gently brushing him against the end of her while she did it. Oh, and she was enjoying it... her body accepted this motion with gentle pulses and each and every movement seemed to begin pushing towards a flourish for the lass. Her hands would eventually be found resting against his shoulders, enjoying the sensation of his flesh while she moved about in his lap.

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    If poor Oliver hadn't experienced ejaculation thrice the previous day, he'd undoubtedly be in danger this time. Since none of the pacing to this entry was his own doing, he could be still. Was that a good thing, a bad thing, or both? Well, no matter what, it was brilliant! It was as if he could feel every nook and cranny of her insides in fine detail. Every pulse and clench, every shift that was more easily executed than its predecessor─ it was all driving him mad. Worse yet was the moaning of his name. Was that alone better than sex? It might have been. It was so simple, but the mouth from whence it came caused him unexplainable pleasure.

    His tongue's slow trail up her neck did end at Nikki's jawline, and there, he pressed his lips against her flesh. In the meantime, those hands of his slid their way down. Never did they part ways with Nikki's skin while gliding down her neck and torso. Each of her nipples were simultaneously brushed against, moments before his hands settled on her sides again. An extended exhale through the mouth, and Ozzy was able to formulate words despite his mind being a thousand places at once─ most of which were centered around the groin. "Say that again," he spoke against her skin, kissing her neck once more thereafter.

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    Nikki had experienced a set of flourishes in their previous meeting that she'd neither expected nor initially desired. Even so, she'd enjoyed them to a great extent. Right just now though, she was in charge of her own body and she knew to some measure exactly what it was she was chasing. Those soft movements of her hips gained their own rhythm just a gentle rocking which brought his manhood towards the end of her but also knocked around each of her walls. The sensation of it with something so girthy was beyond what she could have normally asked for and as such she was nothing but elated. Oh and she could feel it, the beginnings of that ever so pleasant sensation.

    As if the physical feeling of it weren't enough there was the sound of Ozzy's voice again. Oh? He wanted something did he? For her to repeat herself... what had she recently said? Oh, that nickname of his... she'd moaned while her hips were rocking. Still, those hands gliding down her body, those little jolts of sensation caused when he brushed against her nipples, all of that brought her closer to her own demise. And what did this beautiful man want in return for all that she was taking from him in the moment? He expressed that simple desire for her to repeat his name, and how could she not? When his lips pressed against the skin of her neck she felt that internal clenching sensation caused by that external stimulus. "Ozzy..." she moaned again. But she did at least have a bit more to add herself this time, as her hips found and kept that rocking motion. "I'm pretty close now. If I keep going like this... I won't be able to stop~" she said it like it was even remotely an option. It truly wasn't... it was only a matter of time for her.

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    Ah, there it was. So soon after he'd requested the repeat of his name, it was given. What's more, it came along with an additional clause regarding the encroaching climax of Nikki. He needed a moment. Between the sound of her moans and the grip of her nether, words were proving rather difficult to locate. Oliver's mouth opened several times as if to retort, but all he managed for multiple attempts was deep exhales. "Well what would you go and do that for?" was what he had to say─ a simple enough query. "We don't stop until you're good and sorted, right?"

    Two questions were on the table, though Oliver didn't really expect an answer to either. No, what he expected was bliss given even as Nikki sought her own pleasure, and bliss was precisely what he received. If he observed things from the right angle, this was all like some sort of strange jock massage with the world's best oil at his disposal. He kept a firm grip on Nikki's sides, just under her ribcage without daring to hinder her own movements. It felt a bit strange to sit there doing nothing─ and yet, it felt far greater than anything he'd ever known. What could he do? At this rate, Nikki was doing more for him than she was doing for herself, regardless of whatever she was attempting. Though it was only a matter of time for her, time was something they had a great deal of. . .

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    Nikki was steadily moving toward her own end. Even at the point where Ozzy was asking questions of her, she seemed to simply be enjoying the sound of his voice as he held her. She could easily note that he wasn't hindering her in anyway, letting her move as she wished and simply being along for the ride... in a manner of speaking. Knowing that he had so much ability to care and not stop what was coming made her a bit more pliant than she'd initially realized. Actually, each movement of her hips was already pulling her apart at the seams, she could feel it. That tingle that spread starting from her core and spreading outward to the rest of her. Everything within her person wanted to go still at the sensation but she continued to shift her hips as her nether tightened and spilled more nectar from within. At this point, it would have cut off the feeling and she didn't wish for that. No, instead she chased it for several seconds longer allowing that pulsing feeling she currently enjoyed to be shared between the two of them.

    Nikki knocked at the very depths of herself and felt elated by the sensation. Even as her own motions carried him well past that barrier she only seemed to relax more as her hips came to a gentle stop finally. "Fuck all, that's good. Can I start every morning like this?" finally managed to say. She truly didn't want it to end. Given Ozzy's own words it wouldn't have to... they went until she was well and sorted he said. He really had no idea how appealing such words were, perhaps one day, in the future she'd get around to mentioning it. Right now though... there was more to be had... and she'd take it. And after the briefest moments of fluttering her eyes would shift back to the lad beneath her.

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