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    It was only natural that he avoided affecting Nikoleta's movements in any way; there was no way he could think to make any improvements on what was happening. There was no sensation to chase─ he had the best of it already. Clearly it wasn't enough for Nikki to 'pull herself apart at the seams' as it were; she had to be constantly pulling something vital from within Ozzy as well. Yes, that was how it felt in the end. He felt it in his core, constantly, the ever so gradual progression toward ejaculation. It was in his urethra. Was this preejaculate, or was it the fluid of Nikki herself slipping its way into him? He couldn't tell. There was too much going on, and the idea of finding an answer was lost to the internal curves and... eventually...

    There it was again. That barrier at the conceivable end of Nikoleta's interior was reached by her own devices. Oliver received a bit of a pinch, sudden and sharp, very much unlike the previous day. Was it bad? No, not quite. Actually, he could call it a nice jolt added to the increased slickness found within the lass. Another jolt came in a more metaphorical sense, targeting his mind. Could Nikki have been serious with her words? Surely they were spur of the moment nonsense, but Ozzy thought somewhat differently about the matter. "Ah─ promise? I'd be cross if you said that, and I didn't at some point wake up to this. Don't take the piss out of me, eh?"

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    Having met the end of herself Nikki's movements stopped for a moment. After that, little slip of the tongue of her words, Ozzy seemed to have a reply, but nothing negative to say about the actions she'd taken thus far. A small sound escaped him as she looked into his face and Nikki took in this expression with wide eyes. His claims met her ears and she chuckled, though she'd allowed those words to fall in the heat of the moment, Nikki strangely meant exactly what she said. She leaned into Ozzy's face in the moment, her hips restarting their movements as she pushed him further into herself and then back out so he was knocking against the end of her once more as she moved her hips in gentle circles. "Well, wouldn't want you to be cross or anything... consider it a promise~" she said as she pressed her lips into his. She really could do this every morning and be completely satisfied by it. She had a strange amount of joy and desire when having Ozzy reach new depths within her, and she could and would have it be so at any time. Ah and with those little circular movements of her hips, she planned indeed to continue moving until she drew a certain thing from Ozzy as well.

    It would go without saying for quite a while, that there was an obvious implication of keeping Ozzy around. Actually, the truth of the matter was, Nikki was already more than willing to accept Oliver as her boyfriend. She was certain that there was no one who would ever be more perfect for her. And after chatting with her sister this morning she realized there were no real negatives in giving them an honest chance. Especially when he showed back up to her room, ready to spend the whole convention with her.

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    Well, that was unexpected. Ozzy would have been overjoyed if Nikki meant her earlier words. If only it were possible to greet every new day from betwixt her folds, life would be magnificent! Oh... but her response to his response was... what? That didn't make sense. No way was that an appropriate answer to banter or pillow talk, so... oh. She was serious. As lips were puckered to meet a kiss, eyelids grew further apart from each other. Impossible! Could he really expect this every day as a 'good morning' equivalent? That shouldn't be possible, but the idea that Nikki even entertained such a thing was incredible already. How could he resist grinning from ear to ear, even against Nikki's lips? Probably as easily as he could avoid the intensifying throb of his cock, which was about... not at all.

    Now that he thought about it─ or rather, now that he felt it, there was something Oliver could do in this situation. Just as she had been for well over a year without even knowing it, Nikki was the cause of his constant throbbing. What if he made a tactic of that? Her ride was renewed, and with it came the initiation of Ozzy's plan to force his own throbbing at each descent. Every time he encountered that wall at the end of her, there was a very purposeful pulse. Meanwhile, the avoidance of an idle tongue resulted in Oliver seeking entry into the lass' mouth this time around.

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    Nikki after rejoining their lips was left to wonder if Ozzy realized how serious she was being. Ah, she supposed she'd be able to tell him at some point. Or maybe just waking him up the next morning in a similar fashion would be enough. Ah... it probably wasn't good that she was already thinking far enough ahead to encompass moments in the future. But surely a man like Ozzy with no fear of commitment wouldn't have any sort of problem with what she was doing. And what was she doing? Moving her hips around with a gentle rise and fall to prod at her end with Ozzy betwixt her thighs. Oh but beyond the meeting of their lips, there was a certain throbbing.

    While Nikki moved her hips against Ozzy, whenever his girth struck against her depths there were a certain extra pulsing sensation. Surely that wasn't something accomplished on purpose. Ah, but it was happening so frequently, it had to be purposeful... brilliant. She couldn't stop the moan that escaped her mouth as it happened a certain while in, and when her mouth opened, it was filled by Ozzy's tongue. How could she do anything but lavish the visitor back, while enjoying the sensation being offered her? She couldn't so she didn't try to, now those hands of hers were on the move again, back to being buried within Ozzy's locks as she rode him towards her next cycle of bliss. This really would be a great way to start every single day.

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    There wouldn't be a single complaint or opposing suggestion from Ozzy, if this were to be their greeting toward one another each day. If they were truly in the same proverbial boat, he wouldn't even care if only one of them happened to be awake to initiate such a scene in the morning. Time would tell the truth of their agreement. Currently, all of that was nothing but a source of excitement fueling preexisting arousal.

    Ozzy's decision seemed to be working. His tongue was granted entry to the lass' maw, but that allowance came from a moan during which her mouth opened. How very amusing. His conscious throbbing would of course continue, but his tongue retreated into his own mouth briefly to allow speech. "Like that, huh?" he teased. He knew where that particular moan came from, and he knew he could take the blame for it. Idle as he was, Ozzy would not be totally absent in his current seated position. Even as he spoke though, his lips never truly pulled away from Nikki's. There would be none of that; no, he had to be in close enough proximity to enter her mouth again at a moment's notice. Of course, that was his intention as soon as his final word was spoken.

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    Whether the pair knew it or not, they were both aligned in their thoughts about the best way to start the morning. Nikki was also of the opinion that she wouldn't care if only one of them was awake to start the festivities. What a great way for them to greet and enjoy each other! Speaking of greetings, that throbbing sensation that happened in his manhood as it brushed against the end of her person. Of course, when Ozzy withdrew from her mouth, as brief and short a distance as that was, it was simply to ask her a question which had to be rhetorical. Of course, she liked it, it was a great addition to an already sensational set of feeling. Those movements of her hips didn't stop, but she also wasn't allowed an immediate retort because he was back within the confines of her mouth as soon as he'd finished speaking. This was fine, she'd continue teasing his tongue with her own for a few seconds while her hips moved in slowly growing circles. Oh... it was coming again, and at a much more intense rate considering the pulse of his manhood against that of her own depths. She'd break their kiss again herself if only because she couldn't stop a moan from escaping her. "Haah~ It's brilliant! I didn't know you'd tease me like this, Ozzy~" she managed finally before she sank back in. Now that she had exactly the speed and rhythm she was looking for it was simply a matter of time before she found that great feeling again. As a hint of it this time, there was a semi-constant clenching occurring within the lass. With Ozzy knocking against the end of her and throbbing, it wasn't like she could avoid the tightening feeling which was the build up of her next flourish. What little thing would push her over the edge this time? She didn't know, but she was rather keen to find out.

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    Infinite potentials were ahead of these two. One day, they would both come to understand this ultimate truth. Today may not have been such a day, but it was a massive stepping stone toward the unknown eternity of their future. Nothing mattered but this. The simple fact that Nikki's tongue was there to meet his own as it breached the barrier of her lips, was more than enough for Ozzy. Of course, that wasn't all there was to this ordeal, was it? Nikki was rather busy moving herself about in his lap, taking on a circular pattern with what felt like an omnipresent grip around his member. Luckily for Ozzy, their kiss wasn't broken by him this time. Of course, it would have been if Nikki didn't do so first, as there was a hefty breath needing to escape him as well. "Not much else I can do, is there? Doing all that on your own, I've got to come up with something," he responded. Ah, this clench was dangerous indeed. There was hardly a question in his mind now as to whether he'd sprung a leak within Nikki or not, as he could now feel the encroachment of his final moments as well. That wouldn't mean much, surely. This was Nikoleta Corbyn, after all; Ozzy would surely have no difficulty remaining firm in the aftermath of ejaculation. "On your way, eh? I'm almost ready to have a go myself─"

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    The realm of infinity was indeed before this pair, whether they knew it today, tomorrow or some unknown day in the future. Right about now though there was a certain kind of moment encroaching and Nikki was aiming to meet it head on. After meeting Ozzy's tongue and then breaking that kiss to speak she was all but elated to hear the man's voice again even as her hips twirled in his lap. He had to do something because she was doing everything else herself huh?? A chuckle escaped the lass as she leaned in... "Well that was sort of the point, to get us both sorted~" she mused as she leaned into his neck. The lad whose lap she practically danced in had a bit of news to share as well. As close as she was to her next flourish he was apparently close as well. A wicked grin spread across her lips as she pressed her face into the side of his neck. She spoke softly against his ear, having no desire to extricate herself from his lap. "Oh? That's bloody good timing isn't it?" she questioned not stopping what she was doing nor making any moves to shift out of his lap. "You can have that go, inside if you like~" she whispered to the lad. She really wasn't planning on getting rid of him or anything. And he kept making the claim that she could have him as she liked. She had been on birth control for most of her teen years, accidental pregnancy wasn't something she worried about at all. Though she generally waited a bit longer to announce such things... she'd been making exceptions for Ozzy since she met him... there was no reason to stop allowing them now. Actually the thought of such a thing alone made her body almost demand it, that clenching of her nether seemed to happen on its own as she continued the rhythm which would lead her to flourish in just a few passing moments.

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    Maybe Nikki did have the right of it, taking things into her own hands to sort them both out for the morning. Still, Ozzy couldn't resist his own actions. There was still too much to learn. He had to know what worked for her so he could make it happen. He had to know what didn't work, so he could avoid it. Most importantly, he had to find out what thing could be done to send her over the edge like nothing ever had, or ever could.

    Sadly, it would not be Ozzy to make such a discovery just yet. It would instead be Nikki who stumbled upon a trigger for nigh-instant gratification, and it came in the form of her go-ahead for Ozzy's release. What did she mean? Well, there were options─ it wasn't like this was the first time Ozzy heard such an offer. Perhaps she was on some form of birth control, or maybe it was one of those 'safe days' women were always going on about. There was also the final option, in which neither of those things were true... and she didn't care if she wound up impregnated. The final possibility was precisely what kept Ozzy from reacting to such provocation in previous scenarios, but... this was different. This was Nikoleta Corbyn, whom he could not back down from. Even if she said to impregnate her, he'd do it without so much as a second thought─ maybe even quicker. Regardless, whilst being startled by Nikki's claim, he was sure to acquiesce. It almost seemed as if shock value alone brought the man to orgasm, though perhaps the fault lay just as much with that clenching sensation he felt at her every rise. One lift, and it began. By the time he touched the end of her again, there was a gasp... and a spurt. This was certainly new. As if Nikki's fluids alone weren't enough, he could feel the mixture washing over him now. What would Nikki do with it though, he wondered. Would it be the end, or would she think to torture him again by continuing her movements? Or, would there perhaps be another answer? Once more, he was dying to find out the lass' next decision.

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    Nikki did indeed discover something very interesting. That a single sentence could cause nigh instantaneous relief in Ozzy. How much was he used to holding out that such a thing happened so instantly? Or was it just her? Again she had many questions but they all seemed to eventually wander back to why Ozzy went so far on her account. Regardless, she experienced a strange amount of satisfaction. She was no stranger to the sensation of such a release, but it was quite different to experience it while one had such a far reaching tool. That last nudge at her end and the added sensation of the spurt with its sudden filling of her canal caused her eyes to widen as bliss over took her. Of course, this would come with the added tightness of her nether before her body relaxed leaking those fluids down the space. The gentle moan that escaped her did so against the side of this man's neck as she raised herself gently off his manhood though that didn't stop the gentle squeeze being applied to it.

    "That was pretty shocking Ozzy~" she said in a manner most teasing as she allowed the tip of him to just as gently nudge at her opening. "Mmm, I really like it though," she admitted softly. "But I did say I'd entertain a selfish request or two..." she mused. To be technical she had decided to claim this lad as she wanted, and she had, all the way up to his proper finish. In fairness, she'd give more if he wanted more but she'd been rather pushy about this, so it was time to entertain a bit more of what this lad actually wanted, whatever that happened to be. "So, what do you want Ozzy?" she asked of the man as her lips gently pressed against the side of his face. There after she looked at him awaiting his answer, would he want her to continue? Did he wish to change position? Did he want to actually have breakfast? Whatever the case, she was ready for any eventuality.

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