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    What a relief that was. Ozzy's head was almost spinning, though his groin continued to throb away within Nikki as she lifted herself. Ah, that wasn't just some simple lift. Simultaneous orgasm had been achieved, and in the afterglow of it, that crippling tightness remained. Ozzy simply couldn't go soft. If he did, he may have been crushed by the pressure! No, surely that was just some ridiculous thought in the moment. Either way, with Nikki against his neck, he reached out to place his hand against the back of hers. She didn't need to move just yet─ not at all. "That's not the half of it. You think you're shocked?" he questioned, his breath reduced to an erratic state.

    Nikki mentioned her allowance of some selfish indulgences. What an interesting time to do so, and to ask what it was Ozzy wanted. What did he want? Rather, what would he say he wanted? "Well it's not like I'm short on things I'd fancy doing to you," was his first comment. What even were the limits? He'd like to believe the sky, but that was surely asking for too much. Oliver didn't simply want to do things; he wanted her to enjoy the things he did. Ah... now was the time to put himself fully on the table, he supposed. "I want..."

    A clause hung in the air. He didn't need to finish it just yet, so he took the time to wrap his free arm around Nikki's midsection. While standing, he lifted her as well. Off to the bedroom─ that would be the only place suitable for his current desire. With every step, his still-pulsing phallus remained just barely within the lass he carried. Eventually, he was lowering her onto her own bed, and lowering himself over her. Now was the time to complete that sentence, nearly a minute out from its start. When he spoke, he took the time to lift her legs. His knees found the mattress; they would both need to be fully atop it as Nikki's legs were pushed back, back, and back even more. Could her knees reach the mattress as her undercarriage rose into him? He'd find out while those golden hues stared hungrily into that adorable little face of hers. Oliver often wore a happy grin, but for Nikki, he had another─ one that nearly sported a pair of fangs. "I want you..." he said while continuing the effort to pin her knees against the mattress. "... to admit something." Still not done, it was time to push his girth into her again. The additional lubrication of earlier would be quite useful, but only so much, considering the angle he was aiming for. "I want you looking at me every day like you look at your new favorite project. I want you to say I'm yours, and you're mine. And honestly, I want to see if I can make you look piss drunk and completely mental while I'm having at you, just so I know I'm having an effect. That alright with you, Nikki?"

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    Oh? Nikki wasn't the only person shocked? The purple haired lass could believe that given Ozzy's erratic breathing and the current still throbbing state of his manhood. Strange though it was, Ozzy's hand was soon found at the back of her neck, while she buried her face within the crook of his neck. This gesture was strangely comforting and she couldn't really resist settling into it. The movement implied that she didn't need to move just yet, so she didn't. She was left instead to wait curiously for the answer to her posed question. "Keeping a list then?~" she teased only slightly. She was quite interested in his response. It was obvious to her that Oliver was obsessed with her, there were probably loads of things he wished to do with her, but what she couldn't know was the depth of that obsession. Beyond her growing appreciation of him as a person without his saying so she couldn't know exactly what it was he wanted from her.

    But she was about to find out. Though it took him a while to get around to it. A whole minute in fact, he eventually got around to expressing his immediate desire. He'd stated he wanted something, but that statement was left hanging open in the air. Even as he stood and carried her off with him. Even as she giggled just a tad from the suddenness of the movement. What else would occur before he spoke into existence his actual desire? A position change... on top of her bed in this five star suite, Nikki was placed on her back on the comfort of the mattress. Her legs were pushed back far, very easily actually, even while he stayed at his place just in front of her. He climbed in as well pushing further and further. Until her own knees met the mattress behind her as well and her sex was left up in the air.

    He wanted her to admit something?! That was shocking, and for more reasons than one. Considering he was pushing himself back inside her. Even with their previous expelled liquids as lube such a thing was tenuous especially from this angle. Such a thing was normally undertaken because the reach couldn't be made normally, Ozzy could reach such spot at full rest, even so as he pushed in, she couldn't help the moan that escaped her while she looked up into this man's face. Those golden eyes, and that smile that seemed more like a beast than a man. Oh, he looked like he really could gobble her up at any moment, and she... liked that as an idea. But there was much more to his statements then just that. He wanted her to look at him like she did her projects. He wanted her to belong to him and he wanted to belong to her?! He wished to drive her crazy and see the results of it on her face?! What an outlandish thing to say! Commitment offered with reckless abandon as well as that throbbing member making its way into herself. Nikki stared into that perfect face of his and met those golden eyes with her large purple ones. She really could stare into that face forever, being fascinated by those golden eyes. She would also be the first to admit he had a great cock, she could take this man the way he wished. She looked a bit sheepish. "Blimey, that's more than alright with me, Ozzy." She admitted. Though this wasn't at all the type of conversation she thought she'd be having when she'd mentioned that... the little itch in the back of her mind was there once more. Why shouldn't she lay claim to this perfect specimen of a man in every way humanly possible?

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    Starting a proper list may have been a good idea, now that the idea had been presented. Doing such a thing would actually let him start checking things off in sequence, he thought. Why didn't he consider that before now? Ozzy's biggest problem was that he wanted an infinite number of things, and had no real clue where to begin. Maybe a list could be made, and then some random lottery choice could be made in future? That would be fun.

    Nevertheless, his full desire was laid bare as the two bodies placed atop the bed. Nikoleta's moans struck his ear like a soothing melody, though also like some audible aphrodisiac. Blood flow to his groin could not be halted in its crowing intensity. The already arduous process of inserting himself into Nikki became just a bit more challenging as that noise reached him, almost as if his body intended to draw out more during the breaching process. Ah, it wouldn't be long yet. Already past the halfway mark, Oliver kept pushing. More and more, he drove that singular thrust. This was no longer a simple matter of having sex. As their eyes locked during his little stare-down against Nikoleta, his aim was to fully lay claim to her body the way he intended to eventually claim her mind. The latter would be a process of undetermined length, but this... he could surely do in a single day. It seemed to be functioning quite well already, and this was just beginning.

    More than alright, Nikki said. Good; he'd keep that in mind. Yet another victorious grin crossed Ozzy's visage as his next words came forth. "Atta girl. No regrets~" he chirped. With that, his gradual approach reached its end with the initiation of a more... natural thrust. He'd find his progress in laying claim to mind, body and soul one way or another. In this particular case, it almost seemed as if he intended to mold her canal to his shape, stretching her interior until his full shaft fit within, as if to make it a sleeve. "I'll start here then, eh? I'm guessing you don't mind not being able to go out tonight either."

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    Whether Ozzy had a list, or made one, wasn't really important to Nikki. What was important to the lass, was that he was content to see those things and do them... with her. There was something innately satisfying about being someone's first choice. Leave it to Ozzy to blow that expectation out of the water by making it appear that Nikki was his only choice! And going on from the point of her interest in him, to lay claim on her in a way that she'd never been claimed before.

    He pushed into her depths with no real urgency. That being said it was full of something else. She could practically feel herself stretching around him. Nikki could tell her body was tightening against him aiming to hold on to him, even as he pushed further and further in. It was unreal the depth she felt at this point and it was far too good to deny. That soft moan continued far longer than it normally would have and she couldn't stifle it even if he tried. What was he doing to her at this point? She couldn't even tell, but it was delightful. This was far beyond the act of two infatuated individuals having a pre-breakfast shag... that was clear even to Nikki at this point. And oh, what was this? As she looked up into Ozzy's face, even while feeling the push into her depths she saw a smile? Oh what a great looking face that was. It was gorgeous!~ What did she have to do to see that smile all the time? Her mind was on fire with a burning desire to claim that one for herself. It was hers, she wanted to be the only one to ever see it. No regrets? She had none, only this feeling that was pushing her closer and closer to a future with him. "Fuck! Ozzy~" she moaned out just those two words...

    He was ruining her and she was loving it! And as his more natural thrust began, Nikki was more certain now than before that she'd never properly enjoy this with anyone else. The idea of being a bit hypnotized by a nice cock was gone from the lass' mind. She was now more than fully aware that it wasn't just that which brought her to Ozzy. Still, if this was where he was starting, she had no hope of even putting up the front of a resistance. And... she wouldn't even try. "If this is the start... I'm done for, but I don't care about out. In's more fun!~" she explained when she finally caught her breath enough. How often was she going to be able to keep talking? She was unsure. What was more, she probably should have been a bit more worried that it was early in the morning and Ozzy was already speaking about the night of this day... Oh well, why not?

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    Ah, breakfast had been the intention when Oliver woke this morning. At this point, he couldn't feel or remember the hunger of earlier. He did feel a hunger of a different variety, and he would go about sating that sense of starvation. As for what he was doing, well... he was simply enacting the master plan while answering his own desires. He could see it in her face; his efforts were paying dividends rather consistently. By the time he managed to fully bury himself within her, Ozzy was more than ready to begin the process with utmost purpose. A squelching retreat fought against those collapsing walls, rubbing with a fair amount of friction despite the extra dosage of lubrication found within.

    According to Nikki, she was done for if this was the start. Ah, but it was indeed only the beginning. They had all day, didn't they? Ozzy didn't plan on spending the full day plunging into the woman's undercarriage as he was beginning to do now, but it was obviously something liable to happen at any moment, based on how things had been between them thus far. Hell, the sexual tension alone somehow managed to rival the physical tension enshrouding Oliver's tool as he thrust his hips to and fro. "That's somethin' I like to hear," he commented when Nikki spoke of staying in, as opposed to going out. Of course, he also took such a statement multiple ways. "Gotta agree as well; in's pretty great. I think I'll go in again~"

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    Nikki found herself at Ozzy's mercy even while staring into his face from this angle. She was quite honest, staying in all day with him, was in general a much more appealing day than anything else. She wasn't really that into going out in the first place. She did so a lot, but to be honest she'd rather be comfortable and at home with someone she was interested in.

    Speaking of interests the withdrawal of Ozzy came with increased friction and much more tension than she would have expected given her earlier two climaxes. Even so, there was something just so gently appealing about this feeling, that she found herself swooning and unable to properly relax. At he was still talking too, even while beginning to move his hips properly. That was wonderful! And yet, it was also undoing her... she hadn't been joking... she'd never find relief until the very end if he did it like this... well, she supposed that wasn't so bad. Nikki looked up and saw Ozzy's face in the moment, as he claimed he'd go again and couldn't help but be elated. "Alright then, go as you like, I can't stop myself either~" she mused. A finish was coming and she was in no position to guide it either way. It was strange to be this much at another person's mercy but as it stood, each of his forward plunges stroked her depths and hit everyone of her clutching walls. What was she to do other than reveal in the sensation. Instead of that gently building tingle throughout her body, it would be like he was battering away at a barrier... eventually, the sensation would just come pouring out of her, along with extra lubrication and the shift backwards as it tried not to collapse under the weight of pleasure. Ah, but that wouldn't happen, Nikki would give in and eventually those eyes of hers would close as she felt the deepest of strokes along with the release of her body's tensions in this position. "OZZY!~" she moaned his name as she finished in this position. Nikoleta Corbyn had come to an amazing conclusion earlier and it was reverberating down to her very soul now, she'd never let Oliver Williams go. At present, she was going to make a series of irrational decisions but they'd pretty much all end with her and him together... damned be the consequences.

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    Nothing would be stopped on either end this day. Ozzy hadn't a clue when they would wrap things up, and in truth, it wasn't even a thought for him. With that being the case, he would soon adopt an approach wielding even further comfort in his own actions. Nikki was doing a wonderful job of easing his reprehensions with every word, every climax, and every grip of his member, and his response to such a thing was becoming clearer over time. The orgasm of Nikki was upon her. What a wonderful thing it was, typically to be considered a sign of conclusion... but not for Ozzy─ not in this case at all. He would instead use it as something of a green light, vigor consuming his every motion as his core became the source of all movement.

    Nikki spoke earlier of utilizing his sister's workout advice, so surely she was no stranger to regular stretches, he assumed. Perhaps that would make his gamble worthwhile. Either way, he considered it worthwhile to lift his lower body off the bed just a bit, bearing most of his weight against Nikki's legs as he kept them pinned. In doing so, Ozzy freed himself to perform every thrust with his abdomen. Depth was more easily sustained, and the fervor of his plunging was easily amplified by the strength of his core being in use. Ozzy almost seemed to be dancing in some strange, snakelike manner, the way his spine oscillated to fuel his thrusts. The end result, however, was a series of long withdrawals and equally long forward movements.

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    Ozzy was a strange man in many cases. Experience had previously conditioned Nikki to expect her finish to herald the end of a session. That was usually just the case right... a reasonable guy was working and holding himself back to make sure the lass he was with was sorted before his own end. She was used to that as an aspect, but she was finding Ozzy to be very different in his approach. The truth was, whenever she mentioned finishing he was usually way further behind, and his actions changed from that point forwards. Case in point, her current moaning finish of his name was met by the man shifting his own position slightly. Her own legs were used as further leverage for him to relax his weight a bit more and she felt no discomfort from this change.

    What was her reward then, for minding her stretches on a daily basis? Well it was the snaking movements of Ozzy's hips, which gave her more variable movements of him within her depths. He could go deeper withdraw farther and stimulate her more. Oh, that was doing great things... terrible things but great. Being pinned in such a way she could do nothing but accept it, still her mouth fell open to speak on this, "Aaaah~ Ozzy..." she started before her body tightened just a little, a small hiccup occurred in her speech. "Fuck all, that's great!~" she sang his praises. She didn't now why she liked this but she knew she did for a fact. Just like she liked the depth he seemed so easily capable of reaching within her. Whatever the case, she'd ride this feeling to her next flourish.

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    Perfection. Nikki offered no complaints about supporting his weight with her legs, leaving Ozzy free to thrust away with nigh-reckless abandon. He wasn't very apt to show restraint at this point, harboring only the hope that his efforts would be received well. Lo and behold, if the general noises passing Nikki's lips didn't tell the tale on their own, her words soon did more than enough to portray her feelings on the matter. Thrice, her mouth had opened, and thrice, his name had been spoken. One day, Oliver may develop a mind to make that a custom notification for something─ yes, that would be wonderful! "God damn, don't ever say my name any different than that," he insisted─ technically in jest.

    Time passed minutes by the moment with Oliver never ceasing. He had stamina to spare, thanks in part to how easily he was managing to slide into and out of the lass. Sadly, all things had to see their limit... though it didn't really have to be sad. The efforts of his core could be repurposed, even redirected. Buckling down to his knees again, Ozzy loosed his hold on Nikki's legs, nearly flopping his torso onto her own while his hips took on the remainder of the work. An upward angle to his thrusts was the result of this, but the true positive came from the fact that he could now reach the face he'd been staring down into for so long. Moreover, unoccupied arms could slip between Nikki and the mattress. That feral position became something more akin to an embrace, albeit with incredible vigor being applied just below the beltline. Regardless of said labor, Ozzy couldn't let things remain so simple. It had been far too long since he tasted part of Nikoleta, and the part he was choosing now was... her neck. Lips closed around flesh above the young woman's collarbone, and he sucked that very flesh into his mouth with animosity matching that of his hips.

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    Oh? Oliver had expressed a great many things he liked about Nikki in the time that they'd been spending together. In this particular moment, he declared that she should only say his name the way she did. She made an assumption that he liked the way it sounded when she said his name mid-coitus and it was implied to be somewhat joking as a demand. That being said... what she knew of the lad so far, led her to believe it was only partly a jest. She'd mention this as a curiosity while her body inched closer and closer to flourish. "I can do that, as long as you like it... Ozzy~" she almost teased.

    Almost because there was another shift coming and with it his face and body were brought in closer to hers. Actually her legs were freed and he continued to move rather vigorously within her. Each shift now was made while holding her body closely. Still quite savage, though she didn't mind that, and very much the sort of thing she would admit to liking. Now somewhat free her hips shifted to meet those thrusts and she found that sensation to be optimal along with something else. If she'd been inching closer and closer to flourish the entire time, Ozzy's face meeting her neck would be her exact undoing. That spot on her neck he so aptly sucked upon was like a trigger for her lower body, causing an immediate release of her nether. "Bloody hell are you doing to me?" she asked rhetorically, as she reached the ultimate tension and rode it for several seconds thereafter. After all, she was more than a little aware of what had just happened. It was marked on Ozzy physically as her arms surrounded him, her fingers gently clawing along his back as he dove into her fully, she was able to bask in the sensation he offered her. Even her legs would soon be found clamped around his waist as if to hold him at his deepest stroke as her body tightened around him pulsing that release. She couldn't imagine what she had to look like, her vision was full of stars and black dots... it truly wasn't fair for him to have pushed her so far, but she could do nothing but enjoy it to the fullest.

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