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    Gone were the talks of food, future indulgences, and the strain such things would be on any fitness routine or diet. While it was a fun little chat filled with enjoyment for one such as Ozzy, there was a gaping hole in the possibility of keeping it up for too long. That hole was... Nikki, of course. It was as if the longer he gazed upon said hole, the larger it got, until it was massive enough that he couldn't avoid falling right into it. Oliver could have avoided said expansion by not staring for so long at once, but why the hell would he waste a chance to treat his eyes? Doing so could only be considered an even greater benefit when it resulted in further treats for the rest of him.

    His question wasn't much of a question at all; he knew that. The point of it all wasn't to receive an answer, but to get under the young woman's skin in a way that could be considered positive. He seemingly managed as much, to his satisfaction. "Doesn't need to be." Nikoleta licked her lips after the briefest contact of his thumb, and the need to refrain became a thing of the past. Everything was more than alright with her; it had been for quite some time now. Even so, he could never tire of hearing it. "Good. I'd hate for it not to be," he said as finally, one jut forward brought his lips into contact with hers. He hadn't yet released her chin, but he'd been waiting long enough to attack that his forward momentum wasn't stopping by the time he reached his goal. No, no, he didn't have it in him to stop until the blanket draped over them fell, and Nikki was left beneath him as his lengthy form stretched over her body.

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    The tension between this pair of individuals was rising quite high. And Nikoleta couldn't be happier about it. She felt it might be possible some time in the future for every little conversation not to nudge itself in this direction but right just now... Her food had settled, she was relaxed... they'd had a nice chat, and now her eyes were distracted by the view of him. He was still saying things, and she could hear them as her eyes traveled over his face and down his body. He knew his question wasn't really one, he was just trying to get her to talk... she figured this out but still couldn't stop herself. Who was she not to offer a man like this what he wanted when his wishes were so simply fulfilled? He would have hated not to hear that everything was alright... of course, she'd let him know whatever he wanted, later of course. Because right at the moment he had closed the distance between them, pressing their lips together with a great deal of ease. But his forward momentum didn't stop with their faces, either. Nikki found herself with her back against couch cushions as his body stretched out above hers. What an interesting sight that had to be, too bad all she was seeing was the insides of her eye lids as she relaxed immediately into these new motions. This shirtless man was closing the gap between them and she couldn't help but look forward to it. Her own body shifted to allow him to occupy that open space her leg at the outside of the couch slightly lifted as she found comfort in this meeting of bodies and mouths.

    Oh... it was starting up again. That pounding sensation in her chest was headed towards a fever pitch. There was also that longing sensation between her legs, this man's presence did terribly good things to her body. One of her hands would be found resting against his chest, if only for a moment until she aimed to instead wrap that arm around his neck and pull him in closer. Never would this lad have to question whether or not she wanted him. Nikki always wanted to be perfectly clear about her desires when it came to him... and she wasn't quite sure when she decided that.

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    Nikki's desire to be clear was executed to perfection. Ozzy's own desires were always worn on his sleeve, and there was Nikki, tugging at the end of that sleeve to show an interest in the same thing. Body language alone screamed her interest into his mind's ear. Quickly as they moved, her legs didn't have to spread around him. The hand upon his bare chest didn't push to deter him at all. Most importantly, she seemed ever so... relaxed. Excellent. No words needed speaking to prove anything here; all the pair needed was to experience one another in whatever way their minds and bodies demanded at the time. Of course, demands of the body often overtook those of the mind... or perhaps they were one and the same in some instances.

    He had a free hand that needed occupying, but he wasn't in a rush of any sort. Casually, that hand slipped its way under Nikki's top. Palm and fingers gently slid their way up the young woman's abdomen, her shirt lifting only due to the interference of his arm against its resting place. Eventually though, this came to a stop as his hand found its resting place upon Nikki's bosom, cupping over her breast while lips continued to smack against each other. There wasn't a particular slowness to this approach, nor was there the aggressiveness of their earlier bout. This time around, Ozzy simply seemed to be partaking in some comfortable exploration. He'd gotten out all of his built-up desires, he'd done what he could to solidify his place from what he could tell, and now... now he could simply enjoy as nature intended.

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    By Ozzy's motions alone Nikki knew her intentions here and now were clear. What was more, there seemed to be no rush, but also no purposeful slowness. Both of them seemed ready enough to take their current adventure at whatever pace their whims dictated and Nikki was just fine with that. Even as their lips smacked together and her jumper started to shift ever so gently, she could do nothing but enjoy herself. Ozzy's hands moved casually up her body to rest against and cup her bosom. The smallest of moans escaped her at the action but she did nothing more than relax into it. Strange though it was, Nikki never felt more comfortable than she did in Ozzy's presence. She spent no time at all hung up on the idea that she wasn't enough for him, because he practically shouted that she was everything to him every time he spoke of her. There was something oddly romantic about that as an idea.

    In a moment of closeness like this, Nikki ran her tongue over Ozzy's bottom lip before biting it gently instead of her own. She aimed to find comfort in this make out session as her hands explored the expanse of skin which was his upper body. He was so well muscled how could she do anything but appreciate him? This man truly couldn't understand how interesting he was as an entity to her. Perhaps he would eventually. Right now though, she explored him, from the comfort of the space beneath him. The heat of her body building up slowly as she heard the pounding of her own heart beat in her ears. Maybe she should have questioned how they ended up this far in, but she could hardly ignore her desire to find out more.

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    That pounding heart being heard in Nikki's ears was also being felt by the hand of Ozzy as his hand engulfed her breast, even as it moved about in a somewhat lackadaisical circle. That little moan thrown into the mix brought an upward curl to his lips while they were pressed against Nikki's. Ozzy thought to let loose his tongue and invade the lass' mouth, but just as he was prepared to do so, he gained a sensation other than what he already had from her wandering hands. His bottom lip was wetted not by Nikki's lip, but by her tongue. He supposed there would be a chance to unleash his own tongue, but then, his lip was abruptly taken between Nikki's teeth. How unexpected and... interesting. Playfully, he decided to lap at her top lip while she did this.

    Of course it wasn't long at all before some part of Ozzy was on the move again. In this case, his first hand to move finally left Nikki's chin, reaching out to take her elevated leg by the thigh. He'd hold it against his side, he'd rub it to no foreseeable end, and he'd use it as leverage to maintain his overall positioning. There was a shortage of space between them, and Ozzy sought to create even less by interlacing their lower halves at an absolute minimum. Neither of them would be questioning the developments taking place here, nor did it seem either of them would be stopping anything anytime soon. Oliver certainly wouldn't. No matter what the topic of discussion was with Nikki, even if the conversation wasn't had with words, he only wanted... more.

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    Ozzy and Nikki were entwined in something rather interesting. The feeling of his hand upon her chest, rubbing in a rather lax circle. She felt that little upcurve of his lips when they pressed against hers. Oh, that was something very interesting for her as well, since she teased his mouth in such a strange way, she was teased in return. His lapping at her top lip, seemed to bring a smile to her face as well.

    What was more, Ozzy was on the move as well. His hand moved from her chin, and took hold of her leg. Another gentle moan would leave her lips as he rubbed against that thigh seemingly without aim. It presented an interesting amount of sensation to Nikki and she remembered in this moment the other goodness of Yoga Pants being that light fabric rubbing against her now. Still, as Ozzy interlaced their lower bodies and closed more space between them, Nikki continued her exploration of his face and neck. Her lips shifted from against his to leaving a trail of gentle kisses along his jaw and down to his neck. With no real space between them she allowed herself the comfort of tracing over his pulse with her tongue. All the while those hands of hers began to dip ever lower down his body. He was only wearing those shorts wasn't he? Well, as her fingers traced along his waistband she figured she was sure to find out, well not just yet.

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    Wearing more than shorts? Why would Oliver bother doing anything pointless like that. Given the previous day, they were liable to start exploring each other at any given moment. With that, there was no logical reason to throw on too many layers and make things more difficult than they needed to be. Hell, he'd only put on shorts for the sake of starting the stream. Now, the only thing keeping them on was the fact that he couldn't back away from Nikki for a moment─ by his own choice, of course. That didn't stop her, though. The lass seemed to have no issue letting her hands wander lower down the length of his torso until she located his waist. There, she would soon find the truth, while Ozzy found euphoria sent through his neck via the lass' mouth. The smell of breakfast was sent into the air around them as Ozzy heaved a sigh. He took a moment to shift his hand to one side, cupping her breast in a slightly different manner to tease her nipple with the tip of his thumb. All the while, his hastening breath took in the scent of her hair. What sort of shampoo was in use here? Whatever it was, it was a lovely smell, he thought. What if he took it by the roots? Maybe that one was a better thought for later, but it was a thought nonetheless. Ozzy found himself often plagued with thoughts of what he could, and likely would, do around this woman.

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    There truly wasn't much point in wearing an extreme amount of clothing, well aside for dressing for weather conditions. Nikki realized this at the moment she couldn't wait to get this man out of what little he had on. Of course, there was no rush, her exploration around his waist line had her following the line of his waist back to his hips. Her finger tips slipped into his shorts and across his bottom. Such a thing provided her with dual confirmation, he definitely was only wearing these shorts and... he had a really nice arse. Seriously, if she wasn't currently caught up in nibbling and sucking on that spot she'd found while buried in his neck, she might have expressed proper jealousy.

    Well, no matter, her mouth would soon be separated from where it was, if only because Ozzy's hand took new position on her breast. Brushing over the peak found there with his thumb, a rush of sensation trickled over her skin. Her back arched upwards, afterwards causing that sweater to slip further up her body. Goosebumps broke out over the exposed flesh of her abdomen as she all but squirmed under this lad's attention. She wanted out of her jumper, but she wasn't in much of a rush. A gentle moan left her mouth, the breath of which danced over the skin of his neck so recently abandoned.

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