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Thread: Ashikaga Mansion

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    Apparently, Yugi had intended to sink further down than just to his knees, but the additional moisture surrounding his manhood was something unexpected. Whatever he'd come to understand, it seemed by Kimiko's own account that he very much liked what was happening now. She wouldn't be the one to change her antics while they seemed to be working. Besides, part of the added moisture was happenstance, and part was the need to force out all of the build up in her jaws. Taking breaths while moving around with her mouth full in such a way was a rather delicate procedure, sacrifices had to be made. But it was hardly considered a sacrifice when Yugi seemed to like it so much.

    As he settled into her mattress, drool leaked from the corners of her lips down his tool and further still. She could not be certain of where all that moisture went, but she could be certain that he was barely concentrating on the game as it was. She continued on her search moving her head more and more and finding it a bit easier with all the added moisture. Of course, she continued to play, gathering materials, slaying small animals including birds and boars that hit her whenever they popped up, but that being said, even she was starting to lose a bit of focus. Her own work with fingers between her folds had reached the pacing she enjoyed among the slickness and with it her own moaning had become something which would only do more. Now then what was she to do... share that encrouching finish as Yugi move around in the wetness of her mouth. "C-omfph...wh---en... yofpg- --awnt..." she stated mouth full. Strange, she did not actually hate doing this, though she could understand potential problems with it. It definitely wasn't something she'd do with him occupying the depths of her throat or anything. "I'mphf... co--mfging!~" Yep. That is when she decided to test that out... while moaning around the shaft which occupied her mouth while her own fingers brought her untold bliss. Goosed flesh spread across her body and she very easily relaxed into her own position rather nice...

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    Yugi soon fell into the most uncomfortably comfortable seated position of his young life. The bed was fine, of course, but it had nary a thing to do with his... relaxed torment. By now, it felt as if he'd fallen waist-deep into a vat of lubricant, sans his legs. Oh, Yugi knew exactly where that excess moisture was going. He could feel it washing over his groin as lips, tongue and throat spread it about. He could feel it beginning to coat his pelvis, and oddly... he could feel it dripping between his thighs and testicles, making its way into the crack of his backside. Though that final sensation wasn't something he considered pleasurable, it was strangely not off-putting. No, it actually served the odd purpose of solidifying the intensity of a moment.

    Lo, there was something surprising adding itself to the mix as well. They had a brief discussion about the act of speaking with a mouthful of genitals, but at the end of it, he assumed such a thing would not be occurring. Much to his surprise, Kimiko's lips began moving for a secondary purpose. Why he actually understood what she was saying, he wasn't at all sure. Regardless, both messages were received without issue... and so was a bit more. "H'oh? Guess it'd be rude if I didn't do the same," he said. In truth, the fluid that would subsequently spew from Yugi's groin was not at all a thing of his decision. Arousal had taken him to such an extent that he, once again, found himself tipping over the edge by something as simple as a statement or two from Kimiko. Perhaps he should have been concerned by how easily he erupted within the mouth of Kimiko; it almost seemed to be something that occurred on command, just as it would be here and now. Interestingly enough, he remained throbbing during, throughout, and even in the aftermath of expulsion. That... was not something he would even consider being concerned about.

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    It would appear that Kimiko found a great deal of comfort herself. She tried out this particular brand of speech while edging herself towards the abyss. And got an interesting answer out of Yugi. He understood what she said, at least enough that she was not alone by the time she reached climax. Her mouth was soon filled with seed as her own fingers stopped moving as she finally reached the flourish she'd been chasing. All was well, and she eventually managed to sit up with the mouth full of seed she'd come for and the still constant throbbing of his manhood which was strangely similar to the throbbing still taking place within her loins.

    A brief moment would have the girl's tongue would hang from her mouth for just a moment while she showed the deposit made there. Overly pleased with herself after just a few seconds she closed her mouth and swallowed as she seemingly always would. "Waah!~ I don't think I'll ever really get tired of that~" she mused seemingly happily while licking previously occupied fingers clean. After all, if they were getting back to gaming she'd need the use of her hand again... maybe. Besides, she liked the way they tasted together which was not something she'd deny herself whenever she could have it. Besides all that, she managed to avert her eyes back to the screen and noticed she'd not died or taken injury in the interim. She was definitely winning. She got the snack, she played the game, and she had Yugi. She couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome if she tried.

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    Unsurprisingly, Yugi's breath had become somewhat labored. He relaxed further into the bed, never falling onto his back. Alas, his erection hadn't relaxed at all. Gameplay? Right, things were still fine on that front. They each seemed to have amassed a decent number of things, but there were other areas to explore and recipes to unlock. There was no time like the present, right? Well... probably. A shift of his gaze allowed Yugi to watch Kimiko licking clean fingers coated by her own fluids. More interesting still was the claim that she'd never get tired of 'that'. "Uh... huh. Humor me; what do you mean by 'that'?" Yugi wondered.

    His character was moving, but he wasn't watching very intently. Actually, he was only watching with enough focus to prevent running into a wall... or at least most of them. His attention still couldn't be fully torn away from a girl who could freely speak such sultry things while tasting the reproductive fluids of herself and another in unison... all while wearing lacey undergarments alone. "So, I'm assuming from earlier that you've now got a random collection of condoms in the storage realm. What if I asked for one of those?" he questioned. Of course, he didn't expect the lass to say no, or anything of the sort. With that in mind, he pointed closer to the edge of the bed, toward her monitor. "From over there, though. Y'know, because... the location something is pulled from has an effect on its quality. Yeah. Like reaching to the bottom of a cooler for the coldest drinks. . ."

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    While Kimiko busied herself with the cleaning of her fingers, it seemed that Yugi wished to question what she meant at the end of her most recent utterance. 'That' as it was said, could have applied to many things, the taste of the pair of them combined in her mouth, the absolute feeling of power associated with causing the lad to lose control of himself, doing whatever she felt like in a moment. But at this point, there was only one real way to answer his inquiry and it was cheeky but sensible. "Dilk!~" she claimed happily enough. Of course, there were some very interesting extras to be associated with that, but it was the jist of the situation.

    As for the rest, she soon enough finished up and managed to look pleasantly interested in the contents of her storage space. He apparently figured she had a collection of condoms and now wanted to acquire one... "The collection isn't random, after yesterday I made arrangements to have condoms in the right size added to my normal stocking purchases. It just so happens, that your definition of a 'door' when creating the vault was rather loose..." she explained. Still at the same time she sat down her controller briefly and began a rather distinct crawl towards the edge of the bed. Her rear was swaying in the air as a portal opened up between the edge of her bed and the floor and she aimed to reach in seeming to go along with his particular fantasy in this. "Of course, I'll get you one but from all the way up here. It might take a minute. Do you have any preferences... ribbed, lubricated, fire and ice?" she seemed to be going through quite the list of variety while swaying her hips upward in the air. She wasn't looking back at the lad, she was content enough to tease him from this angle and wonder if he was enjoying the show.

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    Dilk. That was going to be a word that remained between them for all time, wasn't it? No complaints would come from Yugi. With Kimiko's usage of the word as her response, he found something intriguing, comical and quite a bit naughty. What better combination of things could there be? Primarily, he was astounded to hear such a claim in general. The idea that someone would actually enjoy the consumption of ejaculate was something worth being flabbergasted over, but he wasn't in disbelief. "That's such a weird thing to hear. It almost puts a wrench in my hentai-related expectations of life," he declared.

    There seemed to be no limits to the amount of things Kimiko could randomly have sent her way. Something about the phrase 'normal stocking purchase' seemed a bit off─ especially when one suddenly added a collection of contraceptives to whatever the list already was. Ah, but the notable thing of strangeness here was not that... it was Yugi's definition of a door. "Well I wasn't gonna limit it to real, functional doors. What if you wound up stranded in a desert with all your clothes torn to hell, and nothing but a single pocket left? That pocket's a door now. You're welcome~" he stated. Maybe the tattered clothes thing was a bit beyond reasonable expectation, but he wouldn't be taking any blame for where his mind had been going then, and even now.

    Speaking of doors, Yugi was presented an interesting view of one he'd continue itching to enter. Kimiko's rear rose as her upper body descended, and what a sight it was yet again. Yugi had nowhere near the amount of self-restraint that would be required to avoid leaning in, so forward he went. Ahead of him were two cheeks, and he gave himself a free hand to grasp each of them as they shifted about. In the meantime, Kimiko offered a selection of condoms. Oh. He'd almost forgotten about that in a single moment. Was 'none' an option? As his thumb hooked beneath those undergarments and kept them out of his way, he wondered how he managed to do anything but dive right in. "Uh... right. Dealer's choice?" he decided. Frankly, the options slipped his mind the moment they were spoken─ the same moment he realized an opportunity to make a... probably bad decision.

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    Kimiko's very simple answer seemed to spawn some amount of amusement in Yugi. That was good, she realized that without the filters she normally possessed she was liable to say anything in this young man's presence. This included admitting to liking something as random as swallowing his bodily fluids. Still he made the claim it was a weird thing to hear and that it almost put a wrench in his hentai-related expectations. "Well, hentai doesn't really prepare you for everything happening... that being said, nothing wrong with holding on to a few gems of expectation~" she mused. Strangely this was something she believed, hentai hadn't properly prepared her for the level of sexual experiences she'd garnered since meeting this lad. Just the same each time they delved into some new kind of activity she felt it was the best use of their time.

    Speaking of, now, she had two hands upon her rear as she bent over the bed. She was reaching deeply into a drawer her hips swaying brought to an almost halt by the sudden addition of hands. All of this happened while she thought over his strange association with doors that weren't really doors. "That... is a very random train of thought. I mean, I am nothing but appreciative, because thinking of all the potential uses of such a thing is ridiculous but why exactly would I end up on a deserted island with only a single pocket? What would that be covering?" she questioned seemingly amused by the topic.

    Beyond this point there was no real choice being made by Yugi. He left their variety of contraceptive in her hands as she reached into the portal for whatever one she wanted. All the while she could feel that string of cloth being moved out of the way and seemed utterly distracted. Maybe that was something to take advantage of? But right at the moment she chose a condom type and pulled it out. Which one? His and Hers, apparently with special lubricant applied to both inside and outside for the pleasure of both people involved. Worth giving a shot she supposed. She pulled it out and held it back towards him as the portal closed and she gave him a playful wink. "There have that~" she said as amused as ever. "And then me!~" That last sentence was punctuated by a tiny wiggle of her hips as if in anticipation for the moment to come.

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    "Well yeah, I guess. I've got no clue what sort of thing to expect now though, so don't go blaming me if I say or do something completely off the wall," he quipped. Many uncertainties had been added to the lad's life, and he hadn't a single gripe about it. Though, he did now have a mental complaint that Kimiko had no reason to be stranded with clothes tattered enough to possess a single pocket and little else. He couldn't even count the reasons he'd pay money to see something like that, but alas, it was a statistical impossibility at this point. "Because reasons," was the only excuse he gave to legitimize the scenario. With that, he was off on an entire mental journey, visualizing events that would never reach reality.

    Ah, but he had every reason to remain in reality instead of the dream world. A condom was offered and taken, though Yugi spent several moments arguing with himself over doing so. It wasn't a strange choice of contraceptive or anything, but... the light at the end of the tunnel was right in front of him. The lad managed to muster enough steel to eventually tear the condom wrapper with teeth, and begin slipping the rubber covering onto his tool. He seemed to do so with a small amount of haste, but it took that much to prevent abandoning it altogether. Those wiggling hips were then grabbed once more, and with no hesitation at all, Yugi's hips moved forward. He'd slide himself home within her core without fail, without so much as a second thought once that condom was equipped. Obviously, Kimiko had done quite a number on herself; entry was far from difficult. In fact, Yugi's forward momentum carried him to the limit before he even realized. Well... that was one more thing he couldn't complain about.

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    According to Yugi, given his altered expectations in these kinds of moments, he might be the type to blurt out or do something weird... he was not to be blamed for this sort of behavior. Kimiko could do nothing but scoff, even as those hips of hers moved about in the air. "Please, you're definitely the only one to blame~" she chimed. As if, she'd ever allow him to shirk his responsibilities. Moving on from that point, there was the momentary lapse in thought about her apparent desert island trip with nothing but a pocket. And that one, had to get the most robust justification of all time. "Uh-huh..." was all she said. Yes, there were plenty of ways to poke at that, but it was obviously something he was very interested in, given his lack of continued speech.

    Of course, there was more important poking to be done. She'd produced the condom but she hadn't looked back. It really was a shame, though she had no problem with their use of condoms, something told her that sex uninhibited would be well worth the potential risks. They were taking quite a few to start with, even just having sex and being teens. Perhaps it would have been better to forego the contraceptive? Maybe... it would be worth some thought, a couple of interesting scenarios came to mind, and maybe she'd play a few of them out. Yes, she was one pill out until safety... but there was a certain amount of fun involved with a lack of safety, no? Well, there wouldn't be much time to consider that aspect of their combine future pleasure... because there was the start of theirs. She figured their start was upon her, but how wrong she was. Yugi did not just enter her after donning the condom she'd given him. No. It would be more appropriate to say he slammed himself all the way to the end of her person. She could have sworn she felt the pressure of that entry all the way to her chest. In the interim it knocked her tongue out of her mouth and left her gasping for air in an almost hiccup. Ah, but that feeling was so nice her body couldn't help but clamp down on that gloved member as she reached climax from an entry so swift and unexpected. "Aa-aah!~" Just that noise, though she couldn't help the secondary wiggle of her hips against his as he found his home within her. Oh, what would that be like later. Would the added skin contact make it more pleasurable? She'd have to know eventually, but for now she could just enjoy this. The added lubrication provided by herself and the condom would make it all to easy for this lad to continue slamming himself home repeatedly within her. And for her part in this, she'd yet to pick up that mouse again just yet, though it was admittedly just out of reach anyways.

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    That out-of-reach mouse wasn't going to remain so distant for very long. That first thrust had been a breath of fresh air for Yugi. Despite their very recent bout in the spa room, he approached this moment with the vigor of one who'd gone without for months. A single thrust was all it took for his thoughts about that condom to disappear. Something about the pleasantry of penetration, regardless of the extra layer between flesh, cleared his mind repeatedly. Ah, and any plans he had to recover his train of thought was almost literally squeezed out of him by Kimiko's loins during entry. Was that what he thought it was? It certainly seemed so. With the thought of success in mind, Yugi hazarded a cheeky smirk. "Already? Guess I'm winning," he proposed, one hand reaching out to collect his controller. From this angle, he had little issue seeing the screen as well as Ashikaga Kimiko's distracting form in unison. In fact, he'd likely be found with his controller against the small of her back rather soon.

    What of Kimiko's distant mouse, though? Well, that wasn't such an issue. Yugi's first withdrawal was upon them, and in its aftermath was another thrust that also served the purpose of resituating. Of course, it would naturally serve the purpose of pushing forward enough for Kimiko to reach that mouse, should she possess the desire. Meanwhile though, Yugi would be clasping one of the lass' hips with his free hand, and his own hips would be pivoting at a rather gradual pace. "Eh? Need help reaching that?"

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