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Thread: Ashikaga Mansion

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    Something rather interesting happened soon after Yugi's entrance to Kimiko's body. The lad, seemed to gain confidence and cheek upon theorizing about the ending such a violent entrance caused the lass he'd plunged himself into with reckless abandon. He thought this made him a winner of some sort, and if she was being honest, Kimiko couldn't deny such a statement. "Look, if you go diving all the way in like that, of course I'm gonna cum. It isn't like I was ready for it or anything..." she said seemingly terse. "Not that I'm complaining of course, you can probably count it as a win on your part..." she mused.

    Still there was Yugi's first withdrawal to come and when it did, he had another question to ask. Did she need help reaching that? What was that... it took a few seconds for her brain to remember she was playing a game, right, she needed her mouse at least the one hand to play properly. She could see from this angle, it wouldn't exactly be a problem or anything. It was just outside of her view but. "Hyuck!" a hiccup left the girl, she didn't climax this time, but she was rocked with just enough force to send her arms towards that mouse of hers. Her upper body lowered to the bed as her hips remained up. Ah, right she opened her hand as it was so near and took hold of that device. She turned her head so she could eye her screen and began moving once more with her character though she was admittedly distracted. "I guess I should thank you for the assist~" she mused still... those upward hips of hers would begin to move against his shaft, working towards another sexual release, but also trying to help him along. Those strange thoughts of the added sensation of no condom. Oh, her mind was already swirling how was she supposed to concentrate.

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    "Well it's not like I'm supposed to know that's how it should work," was Yugi's rebut. He'd definitely be adding a hashmark to his win column after this moment. Actually, he'd add two. The fact that he'd knocked Kimiko forward enough to reach her mouse was worth claiming as a victory, right? Right! As for receiving thanks for the assist, he thought it more satisfying to hear that little utterance that came during. It may not have been the same as an orgasm during insertion, but it was pleasant enough on the ears to be counted just the same. "But you already did," he said, acknowledging the aforementioned sound as gratitude enough.

    Now, they each had a method of playing in hand. How much gaming would actually be done? Time would tell. In Yugi's case, his character began to move just as his hips took proper action. While he plunged into Kimiko's undercarriage with something resembling a steady, casual pace, his character was interacting with an NPC offering... quite randomly, a fishing rod. "H'oh? Looks like there's a fishing event going on right now. Wanna get started, or grind out some levels?" he questioned, keeping up the repetitive motion of his hips. What an interesting round this was going to be. On Yugi's end, some effort would be required to produce any concrete results toward orgasm. Two were spent, and the third would not be easy. He thought to abuse knowledge of this fact, and it was highly likely he would over the next few minutes.

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    Oh? He was claiming a lack of understanding in the workings of her body. Fine. It was likely he'd come to understand it better than any other person on this planet or any other ever would. Such a violent entry after bringing herself to climax was about an assured way to make her knees buckle, and she'd never argue with such an execution after experiencing the shallow victory that was a climax brought about by her own hands. Even with just a few days worth of experience there was something uniquely satisfying about the difference in sensation between causing her own orgasm and letting someone else do so. She couldn't rightly explain what it was, but she was quite sure it could be seen as satisfaction in the depths of her soul. "Well, I'm sure you'll remember it from this point onwards~" she claimed, knowing full well this lad could take full advantage of such moments and she'd be perfectly fine with it.

    Ah, and what was this? He apparently took her earlier almost hiccup as thanks instead of the words actually spoken. How strange. "Well if you are going to take thanks from that... I might not be inclined to offer them in any other way~" she teased. Oh, how strange their life could be, if she only thanked him in such moments in moans and noises instead of actual speech. Moving on, hands on mouse and eyes on screen she was finally able to bring focus to herself, though the starting up of true rhythm was something which would likely distract her infinitely. A finishing event? No. He said fishing didn't he? Woops. "Finishing... oops I mean fishing would work towards our food based goals. It's not like it would take much to level after we were done with that~" she finished seeming to slip over her own bit of misspeak. Maybe he wouldn't notice.

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    Of all things spoken, one remained true without a doubt. Yugi's memory was selective at times, depending fully on his commitment to a train of thought. In this case, however, said commitment was well beyond 100%. "You're not wrong about that," he assured. Many future events would see Yugi aiming to cause the lass' climax before he thrusted even twice, and from the sound of things, there would be many successes in that endeavor.

    Alas, there were far more interesting facts about their future together than that. For instance, Kimiko teased the idea of showing gratitude with noises the likes of which he recently heard. Though it seemed only a tease, it wasn't the first time he'd heard something along those lines from her. The last time, it wound up being nothing resembling a joke. "Y'know I'm inclined to believe you. Should I hold you to that?" he wondered, thinking it would be right inline with everything else thus far if that form of interaction changed between them as well. Still carrying on with the acquisition of an in-game fishing rod, his ears picked up a far more interesting utterance from Kimiko─ a slip-up, in fact. He'd spoken of fishing, and she retorted with... finishing? Well, there was only one way to take that. "Yeah, finishing is always relaxing too, isn't it? We've got plenty of time for finishing before we have to worry about anything else." Yugi's words were somewhat flirty, yet accompanied by a small amount of laughter. Up to this point, he'd been the more distracted of the two. Was now the time of vengeance? Maybe it was. . .

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    According to Yugi, he wouldn't be forgetting about this particular thing. And Kimiko could only give an acknowledging chuckle. She knew the lad's memory only seemed to concern certain things, and she was more than happy to have her random sexual desires be on the top of his memory commitment list. "Hmphf!~" was the only initial audible noise she could manage given the current state of her undercarriage and the fact that it was taking literally all of her concentration to carry on with their gaming session.

    Of course, there was a lot to be said about her divided concentration. It was would become obvious to all pretty soon, but apparently her vocalization about only thanking the lad in those sexual contexts with noises and the like was something he thought to question holding her to. A smirk breeched lips used most recently just to moan before she could try and come up with a good response. "If you want... there is hardly a reason to hold me to anything... given I do what I say," she said that tone of hers still teasing but it wasn't like she hadn't called him daddy while they were casually talking about food earlier. Regardless, she was content to carry on, but that verbal slip up of hers, about finishing was heard and acknowledged fully by Yugi which could only make her scoff. "I... had hoped you hadn't noticed that slip up, but...." she couldn't really help herself as her hips began flexing backward into his as well. Strange though it was she could easily do this and feel nothing but good about it. "It really is so relaxing~" she claimed. Whatever the case, Yugi appeared to be quite amused by Kimiko's distracted state and she could do nothing but share his happiness, strange as it was. Those flirty words of his were definitely interesting. "Hm... so finishing and fishing sounds like a plan!~" And with that she'd continue on. Fishing was easy enough, just a couple of button press prompts before reeling in the catch. Still even her first fish was taking quite a while given how close she was to reaching climax. Would she even catch one fish? Time would tell...

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    Kimiko's retort was true; she did tend to do exactly as she said she would. The wording she chose, however, was something worth picking apart as desired. So, as Yugi shook his line to bait the first fish, he did just that. "Really? I thought it was a good idea to hold you to a lot of stuff. I really must be losing my touch," he quipped. A bit of sass was not uncommon from the likes of Yugi, but it seemed he was feeling a little more sassy than usual at this point.

    Onto the little verbal accident suffered by Kimiko, there was no way Yugi would refrain from commenting. It was a thing that would be considered hilarious, if not watered down by a more prevalent conjunction of loins taking place. No matter; both fishing and finishing were on the list of things to do, as affirmed by Kimiko herself. Sadly, it seemed the former was something met with minor difficulty for the girl. Yugi thought to take advantage of the long catch. A flesh of his rod and a slight added rotation of his hips, and he'd see for himself how much he could manage to distract. If he caused her to fail a catch while succeeding in one of his own, he'd find it rather amusing. "Careful. Don't go letting it slip away; it might be a legendary catch~" he teased. In the meantime, it seemed his character was busy jerking a fish from the water.

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    Kimiko was in quite the predicament. Right at the moment she could feel a plethora of sensation but she as also trying to have a conversation and play a game at the same time. This was distracting, moreover there was the matter of her constantly moving thoughts. What about sex without a condom? What about that feeling of skin against her insides... it had to feel nice right? Oh... He was talking about holding her to things wasn't he, sassily at that. "I suppose it would depend on what you're holding me to, how long you're holding me to it... the nature of the hold~" she mused thinking of all the ways she could be held. Yes, they were simply talking about holding to her word, but the consequences and nature of the holding were the most important part. Her own response had been just as sassy but that was a defense mechanism against the distracting flood of her loins.

    What was more, she was still enjoying the movements of his lad's hips as well as the movements of her own. She wasn't supposed to get too distracted she needed to be careful according to Yugi. A legendary catch... "What a tempting statement. I wouldn't want to miss a legendary catch~" she murmured. What was she talking about... a lot of things. What was she thinking? Too many things that were unrelated to gameplay for her to think straight. Those movements of her hips continued and she finally managed to keep that little indicator in the middle of the bar on her screen. It was almost done and so was she, almost. Her mind was playing tricks on her, surely that clutching of her nether would feel much better against flesh right? Well with the relief of actually catching that damnable fish she relaxed just a bit, the feeling of an orgasm washing over her like a great relief. "Aaah, yes!~"

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    Something was to be said about Yugi's joke. It all depended on the nature of the hold, Kimiko said. Oh? Well, there were certainly many methods, many options. He could hold her against a wall, the bed─ any random structure, or even against himself. The timeframe was hardly worth delving into; it could never be anything short. As for the nature itself... "Is there really more than one type of hold worth talking about?" he wondered. A fish of uncommon quality fell into his inventory around that time. As his line was cast again, he made another decision related to their... more important activity of the time.

    Tempting was the idea of a legendary catch, was it? Perhaps she had one. Whether she did or not, Yugi was soon to be on the rise. His controller pressed into the small of Kimiko's back while he switched from kneeling to squatting, legs opening unto either side of the lass' hips. His hips would piston henceforth for the sake of angling his member downwards, though maintaining most of the general in-and-out movement. Still, his pace was only gradual. It seemed gradual was working well enough, as another flourish had undoubtedly struck Kimiko in the moments leading to this change. Strangely though, only one of the two teens continued considering anything regarding condoms. As far as Yugi was concerned, the memory of even wearing one was long gone by now.

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    A question was presented to Kimiko. Was there really more than one type of hold worth discussing? "Right just now... no. But keep those options open, you might need them~" she teased. Yes, at present she was the one in the worse situation. It was her body falling all over itself. It was her mind, talking her into doing something risky and it was her gameplay utterly suffering because she could not concentrate. Even so, there was much to be said about luck and pluck in such situations. And if she had one... she could surely make up for the other on her own.

    The legendary catch was indeed something that could keep her attention. Even as she finished around that sheathed manhood, she could not help but wonder infinitely over the possibility of this being way better for both of them. If she was to lose concentration, it was only fair if he lost just as much, right? Well, after a most relaxing finish and with the change in Yugi's position adding to her distraction, she finally pulled up that catch and it shined just a bit. An added sparkle that fish was a legendary catch. Something not identified until it was pulled up and with a different look to all the other fish in the water source they were using. "EEeh!~ Sugei!~" she moaned. Was that about the orgasm or this new catch. Well it was about something. "Lucky~ I guess the world is on my side today~" Welp that was about all she would say about that. Distraction was coming for her, on one of those backward pulls she edged forward just a bit. reaching back for the condom, she'd aim to remove it and if successfully timed on the forward thrust, Yugi would find himself buried within her, with nothing separating them. "I gotta test the limits~" she said. What a strange sentence, seemingly unrelated, but the gamble was already in place. She owed it to him to be a better host to his visit and he should give her something interesting as a result, right?

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    Would Yugi be needing those options? Chances were, he'd need them at any random moment in the future. Saving some space in his memory bank wouldn't do any harm; he could log a few ideas away for whenever they became necessary. For now, he could be satisfied without any holding of any sort. Well, that wasn't quite true. In all technicality, he was the one being held by the ever-tightening undercarriage of Kimiko. That would be enough.

    Ah, but it wasn't enough. It seemed Kimiko had planned some form of celebration for her legendary catch. How would she be doing that? Apparently, the answer was to scoot forward as Yugi drew back, freeing their loins of each other. Though that could have been ignored as a single matter of circumstance and/or misaligned movement between the pair, Kimiko made it blatantly clear that was not the case. "Oh, nice! It was actually legen─" Yugi's statement ended midway through. Why? Perhaps it was the sudden hand on his groin serving a purpose other than realignment. Yes, that was a thing more worth silence than anything in life thus far. He felt that rubber barrier slipping away in one clean motion, and in the midst of his forward thrust no less. That surely was no accident. "You just... Did you... Is this really something to test the limits of luck on?" The poor lad's mind was blown already. All forward momentum had come to a halt, leaving his member hanging just at the precipice of Kimiko's being. He could feel the heat of her loins, even the slightest caress of flesh almost penetrated. These thoughts plagued him minutes prior, but were they truly more than his own thoughts? Apparently so. He could lodge himself within the lass, unfiltered if he so pleased... but did either of them have the will to gamble like that? Well... yes. Still, Yugi wasn't exactly the one at risk in this case. "So like... really though?"

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