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Thread: Ashikaga Mansion

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    Whether Yugi needed those options now or not didn't matter. There were more pressing things on the horizon... like surprises. At this point in their endeavors, there was nothing ore satisfying to Ashikaga Kimiko than an action which obviously surprised Yugi. Here and now, that dislodging of their loins and the removal of that condom were likely the highest rated things she could have done to throw the man off his rhythm. Of course, she had no intention of allowing him to remain that way... still it was amusing to see the hiccup in his brain pattern. When those stumbling words finally settled it was a strange question which make Kimiko look over her shoulder and smirk at the lad. "I can think of nothing better to test my luck on... I ran the numbers and I've been confirmed lucky~" she teased gently flexing her hips but not quite pushing back for the entrance yet.

    "That is a lot of potential we don't have to waste. I don't mind the gambit, we have to live some right Yugi?" she stated seeming to find nothing wrong with the sort of gamble she was taking. Some two days out of three on birth control it wasn't like she could be impregnated immediately. By the time it would be a problem she'd be back on schedule no harm no foul. But the danger of this situation and its added potency couldn't be let to go to waste. Kimiko was deviant enough to gamble herself and win. Here and now she would take the decision out of his hands if need be. "Yes, really... I could absolve you and do it myself~" she added with a wiggle of her hips. "Or would you rather do it, together?" she questioned. Either way this connection of body parts without the feeling of barrier between them was happening. She was going to sink back against his manhood and it would either be with him pushing back against or or with him just waiting. Either was acceptable to her. She didn't mind being more aggressive in this case, it was a nice feeling with this kind of power floating around them.

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    Since when did luck and numbers coincide? Kimiko spoke of chance, but her figures came from something with a very separate set of numbers. She didn't mind gambling here, but what of the potential variables? "Well yeah. That's just... potentially a lot of living," Yugi said, not seeming entirely against the idea despite his somewhat contrary words. Gambling was something he stood to lose nothing from, so if Kimiko was willing to roll the proverbial dice, did he really have much say in the matter? He truly didn't, though in actuality... he almost did.

    Without any input from Yugi, Kimiko would apparently take matters into her own hands. That couldn't be allowed, right? Surely there could be no issues, so long as he remained conscious of being unprotected. Yes, going about it together seemed like a rational idea with that minor limitation in mind. On the other hand... limitation didn't really present itself as Yugi's gaze shifted downward. Observing the curve of Kimiko's rear functioned as something akin to a tractor beam, seeming to draw him inward the longer he stared. It didn't matter whether she reversed or not; penetration was occurring. Oh. Whatever he expected of this, was very far from what he experienced. It should have been fine, not very different from previous experiences. Instead, it was something so all-encompassing that his advancement could be neither halted nor slowed from the moment penetration began. Shouldn't he have at least considered withdrawing? He certainly expected to, but it seemed forward was the only way to go. He murmured something incoherent during this time. Maybe it was a moan, maybe it was meant to be a word or sentence at some point. Whatever it was, it was some form of acknowledgment regarding this terrible, wonderful decision─

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    "That's why it's a gamble worth taking~" she replied. Yes, she was taking the risk of getting pregnant but given how she planned out her own life, having a kid early wouldn't actually be that much of a problem for her. That being said she wasn't actually trying to cramp her own lifestyle she was simply going for as much of the experience as she could get. She was a deviant, she wanted the full experience that she could get. She also wasn't particularly patient as an individual so she couldn't wait any longer to try it out. All the way until tomorrow morning? They could get into so many different things over the next 24 hours, she might as well fully enjoy herself here and now.

    Interestingly enough, Yugi didn't seem to have much to protest here. It was actually completely true that he could have argued with her, and she might have even let it slide a bit. She could have been talked out of it for this round, but she definitely wouldn't have continued to be talked out of it long term. Even so, he began to move at a steady pace and she did as well. She'd help the lad lodge himself into her depths but the difference in texture between skin and condom was quite different. Truly she could feel every inch of skin dragging along her insides. Kimiko came to an easy conclusion in this moment, she hated condoms, aside from the potential deviant uses of condoms this experience had been multiplied a thousand times over. Well worth the minor/great risk she was now taking. "Ah, that's really good!~ I can't say I don't like that... Come on, Yugi... don't quit on me now~" she teased gently. If he couldn't bring himself to withdraw just yet, she'd go on to shift her own hips forward just a bit. Actually, she quite liked backing up into him like this. Her undercarriage was squeezing at the lad and she could feel his full girth as well.... this was truly what sex was meant to be. Of that she was certain~

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    A wavelength was ridden by two minds in unison. It could immediately be said that condoms were the single greatest hindrance on the planet, crippling all enjoyment of life. Whatever person invented those things had some explaining to do─ namely as to why they were so against things feeling good. Yugi's mind would likely never function again. It wasn't up to par presently; he couldn't even think to move beyond what his body did instinctually.

    Luckily for him, he didn't have to. While Yugi sat there pulsing away, trying to gather his bearings past the sensation of legitimate moist flesh enshrouding him, Kimiko did just as she said moments prior; she took all movement into her own hands. He wasn't quitting anything, but it was quite difficult to process the goings-on past a temporary mental overload. "Yeah, well I just uh..." The lad paused upon looking down again. There was something mesmerizing about watching the girl's backside move the way it was, seeing his uncovered rod be consumed and halfway spat out the next moment, and even seeing the folding and unfolding of petals around him as it occurred. So, how would that statement of his end with his mind so plagued by these thoughts? "Fuck," he muttered. "I'm gonna need a lifeline─"

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    This moment was one which amused someone like Kimiko to no end. Yugi, stumbling to make a sentence work with his obviously overloaded brain. Both of them experiencing some new form of elation in unison... their bodies being forced together and pulled back apart by the movements of her hips. There could be nothing better. It was obvious to her that there was an agreement that went down to the level of their souls, condoms were a curse from mankind. There was nothing they could have been more certain about. This feeling was something entirely new and though they'd fornicated several times before now... there was almost no comparison between the acts of earlier and this act now.

    When he finally managed to say something there was a swear and the associated words which made her smile and her nether tighten around him just a little. "Oh? If it's a lifeline you need.. I might be able to give it, but what will I get in return?~" she questioned in a manner most teasing. She wasn't sure what had brought about this particular line of questioning but she'd all but forgotten they were doing anything else before this point. Those hands which had held a mouse were now wrapped up in her bedsheets as she moved her hips. Back and forth, repeatedly pushing the lad in and out of herself rubbing against her internal walls at a speed which was not too fast, but was instead very steady as if she was building to something quite good.

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    As one could expect, another teasing offer for some sort of deal was always soon to come. Yugi had spoken of a lifeline mostly in jest. Kimiko, however, thought to use it as an exchange opportunity. She could offer one, presumably for fair trade... but what quantified as fair? More importantly, what was the offer? Yugi gave these things some legitimate consideration, if only to distract himself momentarily. Sadly, he managed a full thought only here and there. It was as if each movement of Kimiko's hips erased his train of thought. That could have been a matter of the visual, or it could have been the strange form of wet massage his groin received as a result. Well... it was most likely both in conjunction with a few other factors. . .

    Whatever the case, Yugi remained silent for only a matter of moments. The lad eventually sifted through his brain enough to manage some cognizant thought, even as the controller in his hands slipped out onto the arch of Kimiko's back. He'd have a hand full of buttocks instead, bearing down on each side from above as if he were some animal preparing to knead its bed. "Guess that depends. What's the lifeline?" he wondered. It felt as if the train of thought leading him here had taken an eternity. Though he grasped the thought and managed speech in the end, he began to thrust in a pattern opposing Kimiko's movements, and the recent statement all but left his brain immediately. This would be an ordeal and a half, it seemed.

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    The legitimate consideration coming from Yugi was interesting. She wondered how he would take her teasing offering but it seemed to be taking him quite a while to come up with a proper answer. It made her wonder for a moment if the difference for him between his cloaked and uncloaked self was as stark as her own. Obviously, she'd previously allowed this young man the refuge of her mouth and the back of her throat but it was quite obvious that the comparisons between things was markedly different. Just as she could feel the grips of her insides better and something dangerously close to extra friction she doubted he could not feel something similar yet opposite of her own feelings. "Hm, well I was thinking to offer a shift to a position less dangerous. And of course I'll let you know how I am coming along..." she mentioned gently. "That being said, I wonder how different that will feel for you now~ I wouldn't want to be a bad hostess~" she said those words as she kept chasing that sensation.

    The depths of her person tightened erractically, as those movements of her hips gained more precise angling. Down, down her chest went giving more of an arch to that back of hers. That controller that rested there would likely find itself tumbling out reach while, Yugi took up to hands full of her round bottom instead of their shared gaming experience. How strange these two had become even so the depth reached and the rubbing against a certain internal factor began the deepest descent yet for the pair. Kimiko had all but given up on gaming right at the moment. She could only truly think about the sensation clawing at her depths and how much she was already enjoying it. "I should say, I'm pretty close so I'll need that answer soon... lest you end up trapped~" she added for good measure, as if on cue her loins tightened just a tad, that encroaching climax was to be one for the ages.

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    Yugi was given an answer to his curiosity, but not without more questions appearing in his head. What the lass offered was a position shift. What would this new position be? At the current rate of progression, would he even last long enough to justify the change? Considering how different various positions felt, would it be worthwhile to try anyway? It seemed having these questions was actually helping Yugi along with his mental recovery... but at what cost? None, actually. The more his brain functioned, the more he could distract himself for the sake of longevity.

    Despite the benefits, it appeared he didn't have much time at all to consider things. Kimiko announced that he'd be trapped in this position if she got any closer to the proverbial edge. As if to drive the point home, she clenched around him and arched her back in what could only be described as... well, the most sinful thing he'd ever seen, weirdly. Smothered was the phallus of Aiba Yugi, his brain nearly suffering for the sake of it. What would the answer be? Desire took precedence here, so he decided to join Kimiko in gambling this day. His stamina had been more than halved by removing that condom─ that much, he could tell. Even so, surely there was a chance he could hold out until the next pose, right? Right! "Yeah, that sounds like a good plan," he said aloud. In spite of these words, Yugi made zero effort to change position. Instead, he made use of that strange squatting position of his by putting his legs to work. While Kimiko was busy squeezing the life out of him, he'd help along her progress by plunging into her depths with a bit more purpose, even firming his grasp to make sure she kept in place. "But don't cut your fun on my account~"

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    When given the option of switching positions, Yugi's brain went to work. This was both good and bad in its own ways. For the good part, Kimiko did always enjoy looking at this lad while he was deep in thought, and it was likely doing good to distract him. On the other hand, she was currently facing away from him, so she couldn't easily gain the look of his distraction. Only minor glimpses were possible not that she took issue with this. Soon enough a decision was reached and what a great one it was. The change in position was a good idea, but she shouldn't let that get in the way of her own fun. How very generous. "Hai!" she chimed seemingly with glee before another moan erupted from her lips. There was something so very good about this position, her hips up, her spine arched. The exact place he reached within her depths causing a gentle pulse within her loins which would not stop until she reached that blissful finish. She was pushed that way, slickening her insides and clamping down upon him with one of his forward strokes. She couldn't really help it, but she'd announce it just the same. "I'm cumming♥!~" That might be one of her own favorite utterances.

    Whatever the case, as her body relaxed she'd easily slip around him soon after given they had the entirety of her gigantic bed to work with she thought delving into something a bit more classic might be worth while. They were already the super adventurous types... why shouldn't they have a little fun in bed? She'd roll herself onto her back and spread her legs wide initially both for his viewing pleasure and his eventual entry. She'd even do him the kindness of spreading those folds with one hand and letting him see the place he was meant to be. "I think this will work. Come on, Yugi, I'll even let you decide how you want my legs. As long as you end up here~" she said moving both her fore and middle finger for emphasis on the supposed home of his tool. And from her current position she could gauge his reactions, this would indeed be something to like even if, bed sex was far from exciting in general.

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    Kimiko's supposed favorite utterance may have also been Yugi's favorite thing to hear. There were many options for his favorite phrase to hear from the lass, but that particular one stood out among even other top-rated selections. It served the purpose of informing him, and of something he'd become more than interested in over the past 24 hours or so alone; what could be better than that? Besides, it could essentially be considered the singing of his praises in a case like this, right? Of course!

    In general, it seemed Kimiko very much supported his suggestion of her personal fun-seeking. It would have been pointless to put off her climax just because it drew nearer; she could always have another. In fact, that pulsing conclusion was sure to be followed by at least one other, as Kimiko took it upon herself to select the next position. Yugi watched as the girl shifted about, lowering onto her back with legs and petals spread. He was offered the chance to make a decision regarding those legs, as if there was a better option than what he could currently see. "Eh? Decide what now? How do you expect me to do that?" he wondered while scooting toward the lass, shaft in hand and a glint in his eye. Unabashed staring was beginning to become commonplace for the young man, odd as it was for him to realize. "It's not like I've got any improvements to make─" was a passing comment made as his hands reached the underside of Kimiko's spread legs. It would be far too easy to bury himself within her loins again. Of course, nothing would stop him from doing just that. Much to his surprise, what he found upon entry was an even snugger fit than he'd recently become accustomed to. . .

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