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    Kimiko got to watch a moment of seemingly legitimate consideration for her statement on bone transience. According to Yugi at the end of it all, it sounded ridiculous but he'd still take it. Apparently it was to be noted that he had no idea what she would qualify as good in this context though. A chuckle escaped Kimiko. "Wouldn't you like to know~" she teased back seemingly fine to let go of the situation in the moment. But still, she'd be lying if she said the idea of making that 207th bone remain in her body more often than not wasn't a great idea in her heart. Perhaps that would be part of her next large scale plan against Yugi but for now...

    They were discussing another game a bit indirectly. There was another bit of agreement, that Assassin's Creed deserved credit for not allowing its title characters to make ridiculous leaps in personality with single sentences of simple dialogue. "Yeah, nothing like getting shot at for being nice. Or being too nice when you want to rip off a band aid early... that game was so vicious..." she said just thinking about it made her upset. As a point of personal conviction she always wanted to tell the truth to all parties involved in games like that... and in that particular game certain things weren't even choices, but more or less the simple illusion of choice so a story could be told.

    Moving on from that it was noted in Yugi's mind that Kimiko's floor was quite empty. If asked about it, Kimiko would explain that post reaching puberty she wanted more privacy at night. She had lots of late night gaming and 'personal time' lined up for these hours and did not want either interruptions or unnecessary trauma to her staff. They had orders to be gone by a certain hour and only to begin to look for her again around the time she should be getting ready for school. Beyond that thought there was the bit about a preference for the headaches given by Tatsuki over the heartburn presented by Akashi. "I'd also take a headache over heartburn." More snickering from Yugi came after that as he explained the nature of a hot pot and the apparent game that went along with it. A bunch of people putting food into a single pot to be cooked and guessing the food that is in it. "So it's soup roulette?" she said her brows furrowing. That seemed like a high risk thing with very little chance of reward. She slid into the bed herself pulling her keyboard into her lap and situating herself the way she liked to be. She used quick keys to start up two of the consoles and left Yugi to set up his profile on his own screen. While she signed in. "I eat real food, Yugi. Still I don't think I'd mind a game like that..." she mused lightly. Perhaps she could do that sometime in the future.

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    Touché. Yugi wasn't expecting a callback to his own line from a few minutes prior, but there it was. Ah, but being caught unawares was not going to get in Yugi's way this time. "Yeah actually, I would. You'd be good if you told me, but I guess it's damn tempting to go the bad girl route, isn't it? It'd just be a shame, considering I had the best little treat planned if you decided to spill the beans~" he retorted.

    Games being too out of line, games being too nice for immersion─ games with decision-making for the player were so rarely a complete experience for one seeking actual diversity in gameplay. "It was dumb. I hate the whole Bandersnatch-style bullshit choices route. Decisions like that should rarely be a win or lose type thing, but that entire development company just wanted to cash in on a fad the laziest way possible. Fuck it," he ranted. "AoE is one of few games with a good 'your choices shape the world and story' aspect. Go figure it's the one every player obsesses over for having an almost perfect design."

    Whatever the case, he couldn't sit around harping over annoying game experiences forever. They were finally geared-up to start a new playthrough, only needing to confirm and discover a few things after loading. To address this sup roulette as Kimiko called it, Yugi first nodded. That was a pretty good descriptor for the hot pot game. "Basically, yeah. The more people you get to do it, the crazier it gets. My mom set up a game for us once, and it was... interesting. And no, you don't use your hands enough to say you eat real food," he ended, disregarding any of Kimiko's fancy meals as true delicacies. "I bet you've never even passed out after eating something! But, don't worry. I'll show you what real food is." With that said, Yugi began the process of logging into his account. Considering their random teleportation into another world, he decided it was best to use the GenoKiller account even for this playthrough. Once he signed in properly, he saw the update: The Teyvat Chapter. That could wait, though. First and foremost, Yugi would delve into his account options. "Got a link co─" Pause. Upon looking at his screen for account linking options, Yugi discovered... that theirs were already connected. How strange. "I'm guessing you didn't do that while I was sleeping─"

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    Oh? They were getting better and better at their little game of cat and mouse. Who was what in any moment of the scenario was mostly up to chance, but in this particular moment, Kimiko had turned the tables at least for a moment. Ah, but Yugi wouldn't be the one who allowed himself to be completely caught off-guard again. No, this time he was content to carry on in the strangest of ways. He claimed he did want to know what would make that extra bone good. He even claimed it would make her good to tell him... ah he had a treat in mind for her as well? "Are you trying to bribe me into being good?~ It's kind of bad it might be working. Of course I'd have to know what the reward is to gauge if it's worth the information I would divulge~" Kimiko slipped back into a negotiation with relative ease. Of course, it would do nothing but prolong their entertainment with wordplay so she had no issues.

    It seemed beyond that point, in their video game discussion, Yugi apparently hated the 'illusion of choice mechanic'. He was quite right, if your choices did not truly matter then the point in doing all the things surrounding them was useless. Being able to change a video game world with the decisions you make was an important aspect for roleplaying gamers. "It was a really weird go of it too. Like if you really want to make a game like that you could just tell the story. I'd rather play a fully scripted story based game than a story based game where it never really feels like my decisions matter," Kimiko stated her agreement as she saw it. "And yes, AoE is the best game possible for actually seeing your decisions play out. Go figure it's an actual world and that all makes it way more sensible," she claimed almost sarcastically.

    Oh and here they were. All settled in and getting ready for the most epic game session. According to Yugi his mom once set up such a game for them and it was 'interesting'. "Like are there rules? Or can you end up with like sweet dumplings in your savory soup?" Kimiko asked this question because it was an idea that was wholly foreign to her. About the shot taken at her eating habits she had very little to say. "That isn't my fault. Mama was really set about that rule. But that doesn't mean I don't eat real food," she claimed with pouty disposition. Of course there were many things her mother would have done that she did not fully understand but the thing about eating food with ones hand was a sticking point. Perhaps she just had OCD? Whatever the case, Yugi went to ask for a Link Code and Kimiko was in the process of looking for one to find... that her account was already linked to his. He questioned this and she looked just as surprised as he did. " I didn't do that. I'm not that pushy. Maybe something we did in the other world counted as that kind of connection," she said thoughtfully. Of course it could have been something else. "There could be another reason I suppose..." she mused. It was a curious situation, but they also knew that space and time weren't normal factors when dealing with the world of AoE so perhaps it was them making the decision before which would lead to them doing so now.

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    Many times, Aiba Yugi found that a single question had multiple accurate answers. In this case, one question had precisely two answers that applied equally. Was it his intention to bribe her into... being good, as it were? Yes... and no. He didn't care if she behaved herself; he'd likely even prefer if she didn't. On the other hand, it would be quite interesting to see the girl cave to bribery just once. "If it's working, then yes I'm trying," he said. "But, there's a catch. You don't get to know what the thing is until you've paid for it. If I'm giving you something, it's going to be a mystery box... or sphere─" he added.

    Yugi was quite done with the more annoying games of prior sessions, and fully prepared to have the most enjoyable time of his gaming life. First, he found enjoyment in the manner Kimiko grasped the hot pot game. "I think that's the fun of it. In a way, it's a type of gacha. In addition to that type of gamble, you have the extra chance of the thing being changed by whatever else has been thrown into the pot." With that explanation given, Yugi found himself quirking a brow to... the idea that Kimiko ate 'real food' as she insisted it was. "You don't. If you did, you could probably give me a recommendation for a good cheeseburger. Like I said, though; you'll know real food eventually~"

    As for the strangeness of their random account linking, most assumptions would point toward something in the other world. They did showcase some odd abilities between one another, which he couldn't utilize with other members of the same party. He had no simple way of telepathic communication with even his own sister, but the two of them had such a thing many months ago. "Hmm. It has to be something we've had going for a really long time. Like... within the first week or so, by my assumption. I can't think of anything we did before Dwargon that would cause something like that, though. Can you?"

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    This cheeky bit of banter was taking a rather interesting turn. According to Yugi, if it was working then he was trying to bribe her but... part of this deal was that she wouldn't get to know what was coming as her reward for going along with it. It would be a mystery box or sphere kind of deal. There was a dramatic furrowing of Kimiko's brows as she began to seriously contemplate this deal of his, "Hoh? Well, I do like a mystery and while I am normally above things like bribes, I can't say I dislike anything you've given me..." she said having given it a great deal of thought. "Actually, my desire to possess all manner of things makes it almost necessity for me to accept such a bribe based on the fact I don't know what it is, but I know it can't be bad. Mystery makes it that much better!" she finally managed to exclaim. Ah, but where had this come from? What did she actually need to give him to get this mystery present? She'd all but forgotten.

    Beyond this point, the 'hot pot game' apparently had no rules. It was supposedly gacha like and that made it more interesting. "That sounds like a stomach ache waiting to happen but I do understand the desire to have a whole bunch of things and try a bunch of different things at once," she said coming to that conclusion with a curt nod. Of course, she'd only recently begun entertaining more friends and more people around her in general perhaps such a game would be rather interesting with certain others in hand. "Admittedly sounds like the sort of thing that would take on a strange form of competitiveness." she finished her thought. Ah and food. Apparently the marker for general food was a good cheeseburger recommendation which she couldn't give. "Blah, that's a weird standard." she commented pouty as she could be.

    The easy answer of their linked accounts was something done in the other world, but that wasn't enough for Yugi. According to him, it had to have happened early on, they did show some strange abilities with each other their shared telepathy being one such thing. Ah, had they done anything she thought of as strange? "Hm, the first week was pretty normal. There was the shared quest, the proper partying up, sharing Xerxes, staying at the Inn..." she gave consideration to their journey during that early portion. "But we only shook on deals, there wasn't much if any physical contact there weren't even any random make-out sessions!" she exclaimed. "Actually the oddest thing to happen that first week, was the constant agreement to share and physically sharing a bed, but I doubt that should count as account binding." Their early time in the other world had been spent traveling and adventuring and they'd barely acknowledged each other beyond their initial expectancies. So how did their accounts become bound?

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    "See? That's exactly why you should be taking this bribe," Yugi insisted, knowing he'd done just enough to make something mysterious more intriguing and desirable than something known in advance. One who read and watched any works of the Aeons would always enjoy the promise of a surprise; he had a decent starting point as a result. "Do it!" he said in a mockingly menacing way, staring the lass down all the while.

    Kimiko truly believed she knew the meaning of real food, it seemed. What a shame. Based on her lack of burger, pizza and dessert experience, he could never agree to that notion. Well, that wasn't wholly true. He could give her a little credit. "Alright, so maybe you do eat real food... as of yesterday. Oysters and shit don't count, y'know? If you can't feel how bad it is for you by at least the third bite, it's not good enough." There were so many food-related ideas floating through Yugi's head, it'd take half a lifetime to explore them all. One may also consider the options found in that fantasy world they spent six months in, and how many more had to exist there via the presence of mythical creatures and such. In truth, a single lifetime likely wouldn't be enough... and that was quite exciting.

    Also exciting, was another mystery. How had their accounts become linked? It only made sense that their previous journey had something to do with it, but what part? Partying up? Standard. Sharing Xerxes? Something that could be done within the confines of any Party. Sharing a room at the inn? Even intercourse was possible between any two Avatars in the game, provided the players had mature content installed. With zero factors being of high potential, this was becoming quite the puzzle. Alas, it would have to be completed later, when more pieces were acquired. "I can't think of a single thing. I like it. It's crazy though, right? Account linking is almost like becoming the same person, if you translate it... I think. Having a setup like this, we could even make a pair of twins or─ oh. Whoops. I gave it away─"

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    Yugi was doing a very good job of presenting his argument. It did sound exactly like the sort of bribe she should be taking. Ah and there was even menacing coming her way. She could feel the pressure of statements weighing down on her. "Oh that deal is almost too good to resist~" she said. Ah but would she be resisting? She'd leave that in suspense for just a moment or two, this wasn't the only thing they were talking about presently.

    On the matter of her knowledge of real food, according to Yugi she'd only come to know it a day ago. His new claim was that real food was the sort you knew was bad for you within three bites. "Oh, like all the deep-fried food in Atlantis..." she mused remembering a wide array of foods. She'd tried many just based on the fact that they'd been chosen by Yugi or Fiona. Actually, that was likely one of her earliest experiences trusting in the palate of another individual. Whatever the case, she felt it was fine, technically her trying all those new things was something fun they could always do together and she would relish in that, irrespective of the teasing that came along with it.

    Apparently, though it was impossible to think of a single thing which would have bound them together, Yugi liked it. Kimiko could only agree with such a sentiment, coming to the conclusion that if they were to be the sorts of people who could fairly share everything, she did not mind giving him access to everything she owned and all of herself as well. "Hai, I also do not mind it. Actually, it makes things much easier," she said seeming to be behind just a bit. Then she caught up and a wicked almost lustful grin spread across her face. "Wincest? Are you saying we can Wincest?!" she said more excited than any one person ever needed to be over the idea of making twin characters in a video game, strictly for degenerate purposes. "Yeah, all for it. It's happening. Not even a question. Let's fucking go!!"

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    Further interest was shown in the bribe, yet nothing concrete came of it just yet. Oh well; he couldn't expect too much anyway. Perhaps it would come up later, or perhaps never. Whatever the case, there were far more important things for Yugi to concern himself with. Among those important things was the discussion about food, and the idea that Kimiko had a prior 'real food' experience in Atlantis' festival. She certainly wasn't wrong about that... though she wasn't right either. "That did happen... in a magical world where weight gain and health concerns were a non-issue for you~" he added. "Half of the goodness is how bad it is for you. You didn't get the bad part, so peh!" Yugi's clause ended with a protruding tongue, one finger pulling down his lower eyelid.

    Sadly, he'd given away the secret idea he'd been holding on to. Luckily though, there was no apparent need to feel out the situation. Upon hearing the idea, Kimiko called it... Wincest. That was yet another meme, albeit one appreciated by a select few degenerates. Yugi's brow rose, and his lips curled upward. "Eh?" he questioned briefly. Much to his satisfaction, the idea was taken absolutely without further questioning. "Hell yeah! Fucking Wincest Avatars, let's make it happen!" Not much needed saying in this moment. There was a plan, and both parties were fully onboard. No time was wasted by Yugi in getting started; he was already loading his Ruler-Class Avatar into the mixing pot for sacrifice.

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    Of course! There were even more nuances to this food based experience according to Yugi. He claimed that because she hadn't had the experience of those fatty foods while they could do her figure harm, they did not count?! What kind of sense did that make? "Ugh, that is ridiculous as a thing to say. You can't randomly assign rules to things just to discredit me..." she said seemingly pouty for just a few moments. Even so, it was all in good fun and she wasn't actually upset. Her figure was far from a concern of hers, but she'd also seen all her female family members and knew no real negative would come of her gaining a bit of weight. Irrespective of the perceived consequences she could indulge with him in the here and now and anywhere really and it would make no difference. "Fine. But you're responsible for feeding me all the things that are bad for me that you claim I don't know about..." she said assigning him another task for his lifetime or perhaps many more than that... considering.

    Speaking of indulgences across lifetimes, the 'Twincest is Wincest' meme made its way back to conversation. It would seem that Kimiko herself had no problem making a rather degenerate choice and even knowing she'd eventually be in the body of such an Avatar had no real withdrawals about it. She could indulge in all fantasy aspects she liked until her heart was content, even ones that did not make sense in their nonmagical world. Why would she give up the opportunity to dance in the taboo? The answer would be of course, she wouldn't. No Ashikaga Kimiko would claim such an experience with her own hands, putting her own Ruler-class character into the sacrificial pot as well. And from this point forward they could begin their gaming session, creating the Avatars the two would use in this Teyvat chapter of the game. "Hai hai! Not like I could or would ever turn down the opportunity. Don't forget your scan... we can be super hot~" she said with a playful wink. Of course they weren't very different looking to start with, any characters they made into twins would look rather organic. She couldn't wait to see what kind of character she ended up with in this particular part of the world.

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    Who was to say Yugi couldn't randomly assign rules? Well, he was going to do it regardless. "Sure I can! Besides, who's to say that wasn't always in the rules? Maybe I just didn't think of mentioning it before~" he countered. The point stood either way. The culinary adventures of Kimiko had only just started, and they would probably never end across two worlds filled with irresponsible food-based decisions. Even in this world, there were things that would be new to Yugi as well, so both of them were in for an interesting journey. "Hai hai. I'll even show you the things I haven't tested yet. And, one day... you will be enough of a trash food connoisseur to experience the great Big Belly Burger." His final clause was accompanied by a gesture involving reaching hands and wiggling fingers.

    Now, the time had finally come to begin character creation. Both Ruler Avatars were set to sacrifice, so only the choice of relationship for these joined accounts needed to be made. First though, Yugi was reminded of the face scan. Oh... right. With all that happened in that spa, he'd forgotten the trip's original purpose. "Oh! That was why we went over there, huh─" he muttered. Yugi then spent a few moments sweeping fingers through his hair, straightening it out and giving it a bit of fluff at the top. While doing so, he thought to mention something. "You might wanna redo yours as well. Your face is... just a little different lately. Must be all that moisturizer~" the lad spoke in regards to the 'softer' demeanor presented by the Ashikaga Heiress as of late. Regardless, he was ready to start his own scan. "And am I seeing this right? Doing scans, we can actually like... blend ourselves together to make a legit twin look?"

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