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    Apparently, a rule could always be a rule and only be mentioned later. The rules for this particular game were becoming muddied as quickly as games between children became confused. Even so, all Kimiko did was scoff. "Meh, you made it up on the spot!" she exclaimed seemingly still only joking. It did not matter if he made up rules at random nor added them to their lives, they were always going to have fun together and as such she could make no complaints. According to him, after she finished her great 'bad food' tour she would also be able to taste 'Big Belly Burger'. With the added caveat that he'd show her things he hadn't tested yet too. "Well as long as we get some shared new experiences. I don't know what Big Belly Burger is but it seems like one of those things I won't understand until I do~" she mused.

    Moving on from this, it was time to get to character creation. Yugi began fiddling with his hair after being reminded of his face scan and Kimiko did the same after it became a mention that her own would need to be redone because of her face being different. Even a bit of a tease was thrown in there about moisturizer. "Yeah, I have been trying a new one. I wouldn't want to not look fully like myself~" she agreed. Though she knew about her softer demeanor around Yugi she wasn't aware that it was in general leaking into her facial features. She figured it would be fine to be included, given she didn't intend to appear much without Yugi at all in the coming forever. As he readied himself he wondered if he was seeing the screen right. Kimiko's eyes wandered up, she'd seen the blending options before but never between two people. "It does work like that. I've never seen the blending option between two people before obviously. But I have seen it for making Avatars take on your human face and textures without looking odd. it would make sense if it applied to dual scans of characters we plan to make related... It's probably how the game is programmed to make sibling characters as well. You know like the more advanced version of the GTA thing..." she commented. She'd wait for him to finish his scan and then do her own and they could try their hands at blending these two faces together.

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    "Did not!" Yugi insisted, though he certainly did make most of that up on the spot. Now, he was a bit distracted by thoughts of the future, and couldn't do much to save his end of the debate. Thoughts of Big Belly Burger were beginning to fill his mind. It came as no surprise that Kimiko knew nothing about the greatest cheeseburger of all time, but the thought alone had Yugi and his many experiences drooling. "It's called Big Belly Burger for a reason. In just a few bites, you're fat and beyond satisfied. It feels like it's killing you with satisfaction every time you chew," he explained.

    This face scan technology was surprisingly easy to understand and utilize. Fitting it over his head, Yugi was immediately scanned over by a descending ring that took in his every feature multiple times over. On this ring, there was the occasional small flash meant to draw attention and observe minor shifts in expression. It even advised not withholding yawns, coughs, sneezes and the like for the best outcome, so Yugi continued conversing as normal. "Well that new one is definitely working for you. Fuck it; buy a lifetime supply of it!" he joked... somewhat. "Anyway, this is all looking super immersive. Think about all the other crazy stuff we can do with options like these. Oh! While this scan's going, I've got some changes to make," he said while focusing on the Avatar Kou, thinking to insert some personality changes while finishing the scan.

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    He did not!? What kind of claim was that?! He did exactly that... "Blah," she said seeming apt to tease in the same direction as him whenever the opportunity presented itself. She couldn't well let him get away with his antics all the time. She had to fight back. Ah, but now they were talking about big belly burger. It was apparently satisfaction in every bite even given how bad it was for you. "Oh? That sounds like an experience at least," she stated seeming to enjoy several things about their current situation. They were a little bitey in conversation but it wasn't anything to be taken seriously. There was no overlap in their conversation which caused them to have to explain themselves, they both just sort of clicked and that was alright with Kimiko.

    Speaking of moments that just clicked, there was more talk of her moisturizer and how it worked for her. Oh? "I mean I think I have the means to come across a lifetime supply... it just requires the supplier to be alright with such an extensive contract~" she joked as well. He was already doing his face scan and those words were some of the cheeky ones they seemed to share between each other all the time when they were alone. As his scan worked forward he was keen to change a few things about some of his other Avatars. "I have to do that too... I can't have Miki being too tentative all the time. I'll leave the part of her that is nice and morally right... just make a few amendments to her mannerisms," she said knowing her character was fine aside from being so shy she couldn't function unless challenged. "And yeah... it's always super immersive. I assume we'll be able to do some really crazy stuff. Our existing powers and combinations are gonna start looking plain by comparison~" she said looking forward to the OP combinations and fun they could have. Oh and seeing the way Yugi's scan was coming along she thought something slightly unrelated. "Kaiba must have a full body version of this in his workshop. He was way too him for it to be anything else..." she concluded thoughtfully.

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    Extensive contracts were fated to become Yugi's specialty, from the sound of things. As for the current topic, nothing could stop him from signing up for a contract of great permanence. "Oh? You know, I think I can make a constant supply of the stuff. I'd need some help producing it, but sign me up~" he offered. Moments after the lad spoke, his scan registered as complete. As such, he removed the halo from his head, passing it along while modifying his first Avatar. Kimiko seemed content to make some tweaks as well, and they were rather similar to his own plans. "Same! I mean, even I think I'm beyond socially awkward, but... Kou is just a little bit too much, and I'm not trying to get blue-balled by myself. . ."

    Now that he was done with his scan, Yugi let it process into the game. His character was already shifting to take on his personal features, and he was finishing Kou's modifications all the while. In mere moments, they would be able to properly produce their characters and blend their own appearances. Kimiko wasn't the only one with momentary concern for their other characters' power structures, but Yugi had already thought past that little gripe. "I think it'll be fine. If anything, I think this'll be a strong segue into improving our other Avatars as well. There's a lot of potential here," he said prior to the strangest assertion yet─ one regarding Kaiba Seto's development of the face-scanning technology. "Hmm. That's a weird thing to do, but not too weird I guess. I think I read something about the developers and insiders being used as a base for character models. Maybe they used an older prototype of the full-body scan?" he wondered. In truth, it was so. Kaiba Seto had been working on such technology for a very long time. This device Kimiko had was a prototype for a far better scanner, which had since paved the way for the biggest project yet. In fact, had Kaiba Seto himself not entered another world when testing the final product, Kimiko would have herself a copy already. . .

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    According to Yugi, he could give her a constant supply of her new moisturizer but she'd need to help him out. "Well, I am nothing if not fair, I couldn't ask you to bear the full brunt of production~" she said with a cheeky smirk. Business transactions being what they were, it would be nothing for her to make sure that they could constantly help each other out. Beyond this point it appeared that both wanted to make the same kinds of adjustment to their main or first Avatars. "Yeah, Miki is fine for what she does, but I would rather not have her fluster so hard every time something is mentioned. She also ended up with most of my insecurities and I'd rather not keep dealing with them as the character I will be to do most of our adventuring..." she said with a curt nod. She couldn't get in the way of her own relationship just by being too odd.

    Yugi soon finished with the scan and passed her the ring which she situated on her own head. Of course, after doing this she went on with her scan and carried on with the conversation, knowing the slight differences between her normal self and the one post meeting Yugi would be very good for her general disposition. "It should be. In this case, it might be helpful that those characters aren't done yet by way of Artifacts, levels or storyline yet. They won't be left behind completely not between the Bones of Rathma and the Dragon Emperor's Mask..." she mused happily. Of course, she'd go about fixing up her own character and continue the discussion of Kaiba's technology and its many uses. "That was definitely a thing. Mama mentioned that everyone on the team getting scanned in for various purposes. And I negotiated indirectly the deal between Kaiba and Industrial Illusions, while testing his equipment..." she commented. Her general business was as a go-between for various different kinds of collaborative projects, and there was none bigger than AoE though she wasn't part of any of the major developments. Soon enough her own updated scan would be finished and she'd remove the halo from her head only to ready herself for the proper game play.

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    "Then we've got a deal, yeah? You pick up a chunk of uh... manual labor, and I'll make with the moisturizer. Y'know that stuff's also edible and chock full of protein?" This little dance of words would continue, apparently. So strange was the way this pair essentially flirted with one another, but neither seemed in opposition. In fact, Yugi seemed even better for this manner of speaking.

    All of their characters would be fine by the endgame─ of this, Yugi was certain. He had utmost confidence in his own ability to dominate any game. Upon meeting and joining Kimiko, he had utmost faith in her capacity as well. With their accounts linked, they would reach even greater heights. Even Yugi, being the infamous GenoKiller himself, couldn't fathom the true potential they held. "They're not done, and we're not done. With or without these twins, I think we're gonna do way more than the impossible. Godhood isn't even a question at this point," he asserted. As for the apparent Kaiba tech being used by Industrial Illusions, Kimiko admitted to both knowledge and involvement of some caliber. He'd seen some things, he'd read some things, but nothing had ever been as credible. "Really? Huh. That'd be pretty nifty if this tech was accessible to everyone, but I guess that's how it is. Damn shame that e-girl Valentine got to mess around with it. Anyway, sending!" With that announcement, Yugi offered his confirmation for the Avatar sacrifice. If Kimiko did the same, they would bear witness to the melding of two Rulers to create... two twins of a very new archetype, and apparently an impossible classification as well.

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    "Totally a deal. A little, leg, arm or mouth work is far from an inconvenience~" she said with a dirty little smirk. Of course, they were constantly flirting with each other, but Kimiko found no problem with this. In fact, it was a preference of hers to be as honest and open as possible. The fact that Yugi accepted what she did made it that much easier for her to slip these kinds of words out of her mouth from time to time.

    As they moved on to discuss their gaming/alternate lives. Apparently they weren't done with the characters nor their builds and Yugi thought that even without these twins their upper ceiling was high enough that Godhood wouldn't escape them. "Godhood huh? I think that will be pretty interesting... lets make sure to take down the church first though... I'm not trying to have competition for my awesome self~" she joked only slightly. As for the information she freely shared about her dealings with Industrial Illusions and Kaiba Corp, Kimiko had a few more sentiments to share. Confirming what she said and agreeing with a point Yugi made about a nigh infamous 'cam-girl'. "Yeah, the deal was pretty lucrative for both parties and has some pretty open terms for expansion. I also hate that someone like her was included in the project at all. She's way more involved than she should be, but I can't expect too much when nepotism is at play," she said of Mai Valentine. Moving on from that there was one more thing. "I pitched Kaiba a few ideas for sharing this with the rest of the world when he's finished with it. If he goes with my favorite it would be readily available to the masses, by virtue of him setting up several booths and using a phone app to convert the image data for all gamers. This way no one would have to buy the thing and it could be available for a nominal fee. I told him he should launch it on an open tour date of his company, as it would help with his image as a dickhead, but I am not sure if he set up plans for that properly," she said of her general presentation to one called Kaiba Seto. Of course, there was now the matter of their game play and she would easily press the button as well. Sacrificing their rulers to make something different. "Traveler, huh?" she said those characters had some interesting baselines.

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    Leg, arm and mouth work, Kimiko said. Upon hearing these words, Yugi quirked a brow and shifted his gaze toward the lass. What an interesting take she had. "Yeah, that sounds about right. All of those things," he stated. Kimiko was apparently hellbent on keeping him stiff as a board for the rest of time. Was he complaining? Absolutely not. He could be erect for an eternity, and as long as there was an outlet, he'd have nothing negative to say. Here and now, he'd treat his rising member as building to a great moment. Eventually, things would boil over as they always did.

    Actually, a bit of godhood would be quite useful when reaching such a point. Yugi came to realize something interesting that would very much come in handy... whenever they returned to the other world. "Oh shit! Y'know, we never got a chance to do like... crazy fantasy degen' stuff? Well... not counting the dragon stuff. Tatsuki was... an experience─" he admitted, still not recalling his own actions as Akashi, but very much remembering everything Tatsuki subjected him to. As for the suggestion Kimiko offered to Kaiba Seto, it was interesting to wonder how the older male would react. That man's attitude was one of the world's wonders at times, but if nothing else... "Kaiba's the other person whose name I'd throw into the 'Pride' hat, if I didn't know how far he went for his sister. Well... I can't really discredit that either. I'm still voting for Sage King," he said. With the completion of their dual sacrifice, a pair of identical twins were created. When they were, the Class they shared by default was far beyond strange. "Huh. I'm not changing mine. This thing's full of question marks, and I'm trying to unlock all of them!" Yugi announced. Ah, but there was customization to be done. He was already in the process of lengthening his Avatar's hair to a ridiculous extent. "So, I was thinking... blonde. Because reasons."

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    "Good, it sounds like negotiations have been completed. It will be a pleasure to work with you~" she teased gently. Oh yes, there was plenty of fun to be had with such a contract connected to their future. Kimiko couldn't actually wait to make such an undertaking. She did like their sexual innuendo of a conversation and if she was succeeding in the continued state of arousal in Yugi, she was also successful in keeping her own just barely boiling below the surface.

    Ah, but there was more to talk about when it came to degeneracy. According to Yugi, they had yet to fully explore being magical/fantasy world degenerates yet, not counting their individual run-ins with each other's Dragon selves. According to Yugi, dealing with Tatsuki had been an experience. "Same, Akashi is... something," she said knowing something strange. If the girl had been more of herself and less of Miki at the time of Akashi's rising, that dragon might have been the first person to be called 'Daddy' by Kimiko. Ah, but things had worked out differently and she had no complaints about the way they worked out. "Even so, keep in mind that we should take full advantage of that fantastical world we ended up in when we decide to go the degen route while there~" she mused happily. She was more than ready to experience some weird or magical sex at some point in the future, even without the involvement of the Dragonoid forms they had.

    Moving on from degeneracy there was the talk of Kaiba and Yugi's vote for him as one of the 'Pride' candidates. "Hm, I suppose I could see Kaiba as that even with his devotion to Tsu-chan. But Sage King has a bit more of it to toss around, even with that obsession he has with the PenDragonWitch~" she thought absently. At the same time Kimiko was also looking over her own character. Seeing all the question marks and random openings she also decided that Traveler was a class of character worth keeping. "Same. I am definitely not changing, question marks are unlimited potential!~" she said seemingly pleased. "Alright, let's do this prologue and see what the land of Teyvat has to offer~" She was way too hype about the combination of things taking place here and now.

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    "Oh, you've got no idea," Yugi proclaimed. Them 'working together' would indeed be a pleasure, but even that would go far above and beyond expectation. The only other situation in which he felt so certain of something, was... while being Akashi, coincidentally. It seemed that much was a given, as Kimiko claimed that Akashi was... something. Based on the residual feeling he had after reverting, and based on how his every interaction with Tatsuki had gone, he could easily believe that. "I believe you, but please don't tell me Akashi did something super awesome that I couldn't pull off in a million years," he pleaded. Surely his dragon self wasn't too far from the norm, right?

    Despite the semi-seriousness of their overall discussion, Yugi found one point worth laughing at. The most prideful streamer any platform had ever seen, did appear to have a weak point. The one called Sage King had a very blatant interest in one PenDragonWitch, another streamer of repute. The woman in question showed nothing but disdain for him, and in fact, it seemed at face value that his chances would be higher with her sister who shared a stream. Alas, it was an interesting thing to watch unfold. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say he had no chance. Buuuut... I think there's a chance that'd end in them hatefucking each other to death," he declared. Moving on, the ultimate decision had been made. Both would keep the Traveler Class, and without any naysaying, Yugi selected blonde as the hair color. He was quite satisfied with his own Avatar at a glance, so he sat in wait. "Guessing everything looks alright to you? Let's fuckin' go!"

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