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Thread: Ashikaga Mansion

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    Apparently Yugi was debating within himself what would count as a normal dog breed for someone like Ashikaga Kimiko. The truth of the matter was her father did raise a particularly rare breed of dog, but he just liked it. There was a vast difference in how Ashikaga Tokiomi approached life and how others interpreted that information. "Hm, Papa's favorite and personal dog is a Kai Ken. He breeds them from time to time. But we also have Hokkaido and Shikoku as staples around here," she explained of the lad's likely passing curiosity.

    Ah, but it didn't really matter soon enough, Yugi had gotten himself together. He claimed to be rested enough to continue and as such Kimiko stood, stretched and this time she extended a hand to the lad instead with a smile on her face. His inquiry about things between him and the game made her brow raise as she tried to think of anything too outlandish for normal people. "Between us and the game, is a not much. Outside there is a garden and we'll pass my garage. The more interesting things are on the eastern side if I am being fair. Then for the building there isn't much... A ground floor sitting room that leads to the elevator and then a five floor trip and then we'll be on my private floor so it won't really matter," she said with a curt nod. To be honest, she'd gotten used to much more privacy than most people her own age, she lived on the top floor of the western wing and the entirety of the western wing belonged to her. Her parents lived on the eastern wing and they tended to entertain and keep guests in the central compound of the house. All was fair and there was nothing much to be worried about. Hell, it usually took her parents about fifteen to twenty minutes to arrive on her side of the house after telling her they were coming. It was rare indeed to run into them at random so, she could have a decent bit of faith they'd not have to go through much between here and the end of their journey.

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    How strange. Being quite fond of dogs himself, Yugi wasn't expecting that particular list of canines. For a personal dog, hearing the breed Kai Ken was even more outlandish than whatever top-dollar foreign breed he could think of. Actually, there was another coming to mind, which he would've expected to be her father's personal favorite. "So your whole family just specializes in making me unable to predict stuff, huh? Akita is what I would have expected your dad's favorite dog to be. Let me guess, it's not yours either?" he asked. interestingly enough, that happened to be his favorite dog breed. Of course it was his luck to favor the most expensive breed in Japan; such was sod's law.

    Apparently, there wasn't much of merit en route to the gaming session. A garden? Normal. Kimiko had a garage? Strange, but somewhat expected. There was an elevator? That one was worth a pause, but he wasn't about to get absorbed in that sort of outburst again already. "Alright. That all sounds... sort of acceptable," he said while accepting an outstretched hand, letting it be a guiding force for his rise. One could say he was actually looking forward to the trip itself, whether for the sights, the gaming experience, or otherwise. Perhaps it was all three. Whatever the case, onward he'd go along whatever path Kimiko chose to lead.

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    Kimiko got to watch as Yugi expressed some manner of surprise. It was interesting to her that he claimed he'd not been able to predict the favorite animal of one Ashikaga Tokiomi though he'd had an idea of what it would be. It seemed that Kimiko alone wasn't the only type of person who's thoughts he couldn't predict. A smile crossed her face as he expressed a breed that he thought her dad would have liked. "Probably, yes... but it will likely wear off," she said about the nature of her family and being unpredictable. "We raise Akita a bit. They can be a bit hostile to strangers, other dogs and they have a pretty high prey drive... we have a lot of kids running around during the day so they always have to be trained extra so they can be more amiable. But the families that like to live off site are usually really happy with them as watchdogs," she said of the woes of raising Akita. Strangely enough though, Kimiko's mother favored Akita as a personal choice in dog, so maybe Yugi wasn't too far off from the norm. "As for my favorite, it's the Shikoku. They come in the best colors and they have the best temperament for me," she explained of her personal choice. What she didn't know that there was a rather strange irony associated with her choice, as Shikoku were historically bred for hunting boars.

    Moving right along though, her explanation of what was between them and their gaming goal didn't seem to set Yugi off too much. She could still see the man's brain working, but he was at least calm enough to take her extended hand so they could continue. "Hoh? Good good, I wouldn't want it to be unacceptable..." she joked as she lead him along. Eventually they would come to the door at the rear of the western wing. She'd enter a code on the keypad at the back door and have it unlock enough so they could slip inside. Once they succeeded in that, she'd breathe a sigh of relief, "Yosh! Made it in... now then, school tomorrow is probably out of the question," she mentioned as she led him along the darkened sitting room with the greatest of ease. "But, that just means we can game all night which is a way better use of our time... I'm really excited about that~" she mentioned casually. That darkened room was one she passed through from time to time. When she wasn't receiving guests and no one needed a place to sit, it was never really necessary to have the lights on. It was decorated with a few plush couches, some high backed chairs and a couple of tables. It would have looked cozy if not for the massive size of it all, and at the far end of it, was the lit elevator she'd spoken of. They were home free, only the length of this room to the elevator before they could fall into the gaming situation.

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    Akita were indeed a troublesome breed, beyond the matter of their expensiveness. Yugi still had the desire for one, but he would never have been able to afford such a creature. Even if he randomly stumbled upon one to take in, paying just to keep it alive and healthy was an expense he couldn't deal with. Well, one had to have their pipe dreams. It seemed Kimiko's family had a few of those dogs around, though. Maybe he'd take her up on that offer to go see them eventually. She went on to address her favorite dog breed, which was one he couldn't fault anyone for liking. As for their common use, though, there was only something to laugh about when hearing she preferred them over other breeds. "Uh-huh. Y'know, it's hardly anything besides fitting that you always get stuck with the pigs," Yugi commented.

    In they went after a code input from the lass to gain entry. Yugi entered the mansion prepared for anything... well, almost anything. There was one thing he was prepared to go without, and it just so happened to be the case that he would be surprised by the truth. Within that dark room Kimiko guided them through, there was another figure seated atop a high-back chair. This figure came into sight upon switching on a small lamp next to the chair. At this point, the figure was revealed to be a middle-aged male with sleek, dark hair, and a well-trimmed goatee. An open book was in his hand when he came into view. Why? How was he reading this book in the dark? He wasn't; this was just something he always wanted to do, because he thought it would look 'cool' or in some way stylish. Ah, it was just like the movies. Prior to basking in the success of the moment, he had to sell it, right? The man would do so by addressing Kimiko's mention of skipping school. "School is out of the question, is it? Are we under the weather, or just playing hooky?" he asked calmly, causing Yugi to freeze with all the knowledge of who this man was.

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    "Eh?!" Kimiko seemed aghast. It was fitting that she got stuck with pigs all the time based on her favorite breed of dog. That was pretty true huh? She wasn't herself the kind of person who hunted, but if she was she'd likely hunt pigs. Depending loosely on your definition of pigs, she was often seen murdering them... at least by ego. That little bit of surprising banter aside. Kimiko was ready to go into her room, and settle up for her first term of long term gaming. But of course, the universe wouldn't simply allow her to have that.

    Within this darkened room a light clicked on, and instead of input from Yugi about the nature of their extended gaming session she got the sound of a familiar voice hitting her ear. This particular voice wasn't supposed to be, anywhere near this mansion or even on this island in Japan. Some 6 days before now, Kimiko had returned home from school to find that her mother and father were taking a vacation, so why... was her father sitting within this room? He was holding within his hand an open book and questioning her lack of school the next day. This was a problem Kimiko didn't foresee having this day. "Papa!" she exclaimed, seemingly surprised. Kimiko hadn't let go of Yugi's hand and also didn't seem entirely phased by her own father's antics. "You aren't supposed to be on this island right now, why are you back so soon?" she questioned. "As for no school, well it's three in the morning and I am not sleepy. So, I wouldn't be ready for going out again by six. Take that as you like," the girl explained herself in an almost completely transparent way. She was basically skipping school, but it was late and she had been up at out all day. their own conversations about school meant it didn't really matter if she skipped either. "Also tell me you didn't take that book out of my library," the lass said running her unoccupied hand over her face. She really didn't like the idea of having to explain her literary choices to her father this day.

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    Ashikaga Tokiomi. That was the name of the seated man, who seemed caught between a state of seriousness, and one of relaxation. Whatever his actual mood, there was an aura of intimidation that Tokiomi carried with him always, simply by virtue of being such a powerful figure in this world. Yugi couldn't even suffer the effects one such as Tokiomi would bring about if one overstepped any unknown boundaries, and still, he seemed taken aback. Kimiko also appeared surprised, if only because she knew he wasn't meant to be anywhere near this place. So then, why was he here? "Are you so sure I'm home soon, Kimikun? You've been gone for quite some time. Maybe it has been a few more days than you accounted for?" he spoke curiously, though not at all in seriousness.

    It seemed Kimiko was not at all ill, but had instead been awake far too late. Of course, one could have assumed the lass had taken a nap or two throughout the day, but no such responsibility was present. He didn't blame her; she was still a teenager, and therefore entitled to her night activities. Curious though, was this strange lad she'd brought with her so incredibly early in the morning. "It is three in the morning, and no, you don't seem to be very tired at all. Is that why you've brought a new friend with you? Are you going to introduce us?"

    Ah, the question to which there was only one answer. Tokiomi had been waiting in this wing for quite some time, and he certainly didn't plan ahead enough to bring a book from his own library. He'd gotten bored. As such, he perused his daughter's collection in search of a specific novel... but to no avail. What he wound up with was a copy of New Olympus instead of the desired title. "I did pick this one up a few hours ago, yes. I was hoping to find volume two of that vampire book you have a special copy of on display. That one is about four years old now; why do you not have the next part?"

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    Kimiko was quite used to her father's antics. Still, his calling of her name in the familiar fashion she was used to, as well as his playfulness was something she'd missed while in the other world. Even though she was out to make her name for herself and do her own thing with no strings attached, Ashikaga Kimiko didn't hate her parents. No... she was quite fond of her father and appreciated him and all of his strange ways. Right at the moment, he chose to question her surety about when he would return and Kimiko was still her rather confident self. Had she just been busted sneaking in? Yes. But that didn't mean she was at any sort of disadvantage. "I was locked in my room three days, including the one you left. Gone three days and have been back the last two... or now three. You should still be on vacation of this I am certain, but it isn't as if I'm not happy to see you. Okaerinasai~" she said with a knowing little smirk appearing on her face.

    Funnily enough, Kimiko was still holding on to Yugi's hand and having a most casual conversation with her father in the meantime. She might not have remembered this point if it wasn't brought directly to her attention after she addressed the reason she wouldn't be attending school. Was her lack of going to school the reason she'd brought Yugi home with her? Well yes, and no. Would she introduce them? Well... there wasn't much of a choice now was there? "Something like that, yes..." she explained of herself. "I should make the introduction, but again, I wasn't expecting you to be here. This is Aiba Yugi, he's my boyfriend," she announced as casually as she'd mentioned skipping school the next day. "Yugi, this is Ashikaga Tokiomi..." she said formally making that introduction.

    Ah, but there was one more topic up for discussion. Ashikaga Tokiomi had indeed been inside of Kimiko's library. His title of choice this day was New Olympus but it was a secondary option, because the one he was looking for was not readily available within the girl's collection. "Papa, one does not simply possess copies of Aeons works," the girl started dramatically, being the meme lord she would always be, even when the reference wouldn't readily be understood. "Assuming you meant to look for Translyvania, the second volume hasn't been released yet... which is the only reason I don't have a copy already," she mentioned huffily. "Also you are good at picking long waits... New Olympus is a good read though," she said in reference to the book he had in his had as well.

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    Interestingly enough, the lass had perfect awareness of how much time it had been since his vacation started, and how long it should have been prior to his return. Though he never mentioned how long he would be gone, Tokiomi anticipated that it would be her to understand how much vacation time he allowed himself. Alas, he'd yet to explain why he was back so soon. "I'm here because I was called. You, however, have been out all day. Why bother coming back so late?" he asked with genuine curiosity, leaving his answer oddly vague. Whatever the case, he was just as pleased to see his daughter as she allegedly was to see him. "Tadaima," the man said with a soft smile.

    The strange boy being dragged along by the hand was a point of curiosity for Tokiomi, though he wouldn't be left curious for very long. Aiba Yugi was the name given, and his title as Kimiko's boyfriend followed immediately. Oh? He wasn't expecting anything like that, but the hand-holding was almost a dead giveaway. "H'oh? So I see─" said Tokiomi. In the meantime, Yugi bowed. This was undoubtedly a far more awkward scenario than the lad imagined; he'd been expecting to see nothing more than a few workers, if that. "Yoroshiku," the boy spoke.

    Tokiomi raised a hand, as if there was nothing more he needed to hear from the male in his daughter's company. There was, of course, but not quite yet. The words he had to share first and foremost, were once again directed toward Kimiko. "Boyfriend, eh? This is the first I'm hearing of you even having interest in someone. It seems rather sudden," he stated, his eyes scanning the lad just once. It remained unclear whether there was an interest or some level of discontent, and the fact that Tokiomi was hardly acknowledging the situation beyond a few passing statements wasn't helping at all. "I'll make dinner arrangements for the three of us tomorrow... or rather, tonight. I would invite your mother, but she stayed in Hokkaido to wait for my return."

    Dinner? What was this man talking about? Was Yugi suddenly being expected to attend some sort of interview process over a meal with this man? It certainly seemed so, and in a way, that was exactly the case. Tokiomi expected the details to be shared at a later time. For now, he was actually more concerned with these books being discussed... as well as a media reference he could actually pick up on. "I understood that reference," he pointed out nonchalantly. "Why such a long wait for a single book? These Aeons─ do they lack funding? Transylvania was an interesting enough read that I would even recommend it to your mother, and this Greek mythology-based story is incredible so far. I would be willing to help these writers along, if they need it. So, when is the next chapter's release date?"

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    Kimiko looked at her father and shook her head. He'd returned home because he was called. She also knew about the amount of vacation time he would take at any given time. She used to go on such vacations with him and her mother often. Now, she was more keen to look after herself and give her parents time to themselves. Besides, her interests no longer required adult supervision or anything. She gave a brief sigh before answering the question of why she'd bothered returning home so late. It had a multilayer answer after all. "It is late, and I wouldn't have bothered coming back just to do so, but Kei if he is still following orders is still on vacation. I didn't want anyone worrying about where I was and notifying the authorities unnecessarily. Besides after the movie we decided we wanted to game, I have the best set up for multiplayer. That's all..." she answered honestly. There were several details missing from her answer, but those were hardly the kinds of details she'd ever share with her father.

    Soon after, Kimiko got to watch as Yugi rather nervously bowed to her father and he in his usual fashion held up a hand. He would continue his conversation with Kimiko in the manner that she'd gotten used to him previewing perspective new hires in her early years. Strange as such a thing was to her, she supposed this was the first time, she was coming home with a boy in tow she was obviously interested in. That had to stir a few curiosities. "Iie, it isn't that sudden, our meetings were just a bit indirect at first. But finding someone with enough shared interests to be fun was a major undertaking. I wouldn't mention it without being certain," the girl explained of herself. If she was being honest the pair of them had been hanging out for over six months just not in this world's time. Regardless, they'd been indirectly playing tag in video games in this world for a significant amount of time as well.

    As for the dinner and the conversation concerning her mother Kimiko could only chuckle. "I expect she did, since you probably didn't expect to have to be here very long. Dinner, huh? do you have plans tomorrow evening Yugi?" she asked the lad. She hadn't expected her father to be here, the least she could do was give the lad an out if dinner was a bit too scary an option for him in the moment.

    While she awaited the lad's answer her father mentioned that he understood her most recent reference Kimiko looked genuinely surprised. "Hoh? Been wandering the internet, Papa?" she questioned in a joking manner. Of course, that little snide comment would become outright laughter at the idea of getting faster released from the Aeons. "Hahahahaha!~ That's hilarious," the girl managed seemingly genuinely amused. "That doesn't work that way Papa. The Aeons, don't need funding, believe me I asked. They work on whims. They write what they feel like, when they feel like it. Which means that Aeons fans, are in a constant state of anticipation waiting for the next release of their favored series. And most times the wait is so long, that you're willing to pick up anything else they write just to hold you over... and then you've just created that same problem with the new series. Perpetual agony..." she said of their works. "But they're getting movie and show deals now... so there's always that. We just came from Transylvania, it was great!" she explained though they hadn't seen the entire movie, they'd seen enough of it that she could say without question it was top notch Aeons quality material.

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    "Well, it seems a bit late for that," Tokiomi stated. Others had already begun to worry in Hoshimi Kei's absence. He did say he'd been called here, and that worry was the exact reason someone had done so. "I had to send Hoshimi-kun on vacation a few hours ago. He was rather upset with the others for letting you slip out unnoticed for more than a few hours. I expect he'll be back from this one in a day." If there was one complaint to present regarding Kimiko's bodyguard, it was that he was a bit too dedicated to his job. Tokiomi had known this for a very long time now, but it was always a good complaint to have for all reasons other than the lad's own mental health.

    Yugi was hardly resisting a fit of laughter, as noticed by the businessman. It was too much to hear a media reference from the man's own mouth, while also hearing talk of Aeons... actually releasing new books for once. Moreover, it was always hilarious to see people walk into the trap of reading everything the Aeons had to offer just for a fix. It really was like a drug, getting into their creations. On Tokiomi's face, however, there was a look of sheer disappointment upon discovering that there was no way to hasten the releases. What was the point? He'd already gotten invested in a couple of books, so how long would he have to wait for more of the stories? He wasn't exactly getting any younger. "If you need information and are fine with theorizing, there are a lot of books from the early versions of their works. Transylvania has a few volumes of its earlier concept," Yugi said tentatively. Though he wasn't sure if he was clear to speak, he didn't want to leave that information unspoken. No one deserved the full suffering of waiting on the Aeons if they were willing to ease the pain a bit. Of course, Tokiomi's eyes were drawn to the lad when he spoke. A brow quirked, and then his curious gaze returned to Kimiko. "You don't say. Kimikun, why didn't you say so before?"

    There was, of course, the interesting note that these two recently left Transylvania's movie. He'd recently heard of that film's release, as well as how long it was. Now it made sense of why they were out so late. "H'oh? Did it cover the entirety of the first book, at least? It would be a shame for it to stop midway. Also, what say you, Aiba-shounen? You don't seem too nervous to take dinner with the pair of us." Ah yes, starting and ending on a businesslike matter. Such was the way Ashikaga Tokiomi operated in all walks of his life since achieving success. Yugi wasn't too nervous to accept, of course... it would be easier to say he felt declining wasn't even an option. Besides that, it wasn't like he actually had any plans for the next day, so his answer to both Kimiko and her father was a given. "Ou. I'm not usually one for making plans, but I'll take dinner. I'm guessing there's some sort of dress code though," said Yugi, much to Tokiomi's silent amusement.

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