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    Silence. That was the most this personality ever had to offer. He would not be silent; she knew this. However, she continued to order his silence as if to deflect her own indecision. One day, that indecision would surely fade away. She'd know for certain what drove her to him, and what she should expect to receive from him at all times. Today did not seem to be that day─ at least not yet.

    Pointing out the presence of Hoshimi Eri's gag reflex was not something she took kindly either. Why? It seemed to be a sore point, if only slightly. In response to this, he chuckled once more. "You needn't worry. It is only the first night, within the first climb toward bliss. I remain far from disappointed," he clarified. Somewhere inside, he was even infinitely pleased with everything going on, regardless of any limitations or reprehensions held by this woman. Gilgamesh's victory had been the bedding of Artoria Pendragon, but at this exact moment, something else occurred. Somewhere, somewhere deep below the surface, there was the reality of Ishigami Daisuke laying with Hoshimi Eri. That was indeed a greater victory than any Gilgamesh could ever know, whether the king himself knew that or not.

    Now then, what would come of his instruction? She thought it was... rude. "Fuhahaha!" he laughed earnestly. Truly, this was rude? It had hardly been a few minutes since he had her pinned by the neck while pummeling away at her insides. How was this the thing she found rude? "You worry about something so trivial as that? Look upon this body of mine, Hoshimi Eri! Life's blood flows into the veins of its most precious tool for your sake. When you have claimed even the beating heart of another, why not should you use the vessel that contains that heart? I welcome you to lean on me no matter the time or place, you impossible woman. It is all the more gratifying if you do so while we share a bed."

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    Eventually her indecision would fade. By her own logic she assumed it would be when she murdered him but... maybe that wasn't the case at all. She'd tried and very nearly succeeded in killing him the first time they'd met. She should have killed him then, she would have killed him then. She'd had no problem killing anyone else she'd actively decided needed to die, so why was he always living just outside of her expectations? She hadn't figured that out yet, and it was why he was still alive right now. Beyond these points though, apparently there was no disappointment within Gilgamesh about her current level of novice behavior. Several emotions played across her face in the moment. She wanted to protest, to be angry to... something else. That was nice wasn't it? This was how Artoria fell to this man's kindness, because he was so accepting it was nerve-wracking. "I..." she paused what was she to say. "Fine." She conceded in this moment, though her face was admittedly more red than it should have been.

    Moving on from this point, apparently she'd said something worthy of laughter when asking about the potential rudeness of using his form as leverage. Laughter so earnest her eyes were shining as she looked at him. What was it now? What thing had she done or said that was worthy of this? He saw this use of his form as a triviality but she did not. Yes, it did not escape her notice that she'd been contorted strangely her body being rocked about, but she'd submitted herself to that the moment she'd not just killed him outright. She had a great deal of faith in this man, though she did not necessarily expect that faith to be extended to her, especially in the case of her being unfamiliar with the task she'd undertaken. Ah, but he had words for that too, his heart beat for her and his loins were they way they were for her sake? So she could use him? He invited her to lean on him, regardless of the situation, and claimed it would be all the more gratifying if she did so, while they were in bed together. She stared at him as her brain processed the information, her heart began skipping beats as her mind caught up to what he'd said. Why was he like this? Why did he make her feel like this? Why didn't she hate it? Her face was reddened and though she'd been looking at his form she found herself looking away for a moment or two. "You say things to me and I never know how to respond..." she was speaking softly again, almost to herself but still in the moment she seemed to settle a bit. "But I don't hate those things you say..." she mentioned softly. She could not say she did not like him speaking to her the way she did. Nor did she feel anything negative when his words came out that way, she could not rightfully express herself so, she acted. That was her nature. Since he had no issue being used that way, she gently pressed against his chest using it as leverage. A bit deeper in he went to her depths and then she pulled back just a tad. A gentle bit of surprise crossed her face as she continued these sorts of motions burying him deeper and deeper within herself at every plunge. Actually, using him for this sort of leverage wasn't half bad, she could already feel tingles as her loins began to both accomodate better and gently convulse around him.

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    Yet again, this woman had little to no ability to respond properly. Yet again, Gilgamesh accepted this as a colossal victory. With her face as red as it was, he could be nothing but pleased. Since Eri chose to follow his instruction and use his torso as her source of leverage, he could free up at least one hand to touch a cheek upon that heated visage. The warmth he found there was no less inviting than the heat of her loins, even as she averted her gaze from him. Ah, but that clause could not be used to discredit the other source of warmth. It was somehow a very different experience, having her descend onto his member instead of taking the act upon himself. Throughout the rocking movements of her hips, she consumed more and more of him, and he would be found with the most content smile on his face, and a long sigh passing his lips. Perhaps sigh wasn't even the word. Indeed, the sound escaping Gilgamesh could even be likened to a moan by some. Regardless, he had more words to share. Eri may have been incapable of reacting verbally, but it was high time he made it clear that there were no stipulations for rebuttal. "There is only one acceptable method of response. Naturally and with gusto; that is the way you should always respond to my musings. I will accept nothing less than the words of your own heart, so when they are finally spoken, ensure that is their point of origin."

    Indeed, there was purpose in Gilgamesh accepting this woman's repeated silence. He likely would have been disgusted by an uncertain reaction, bar those that made obvious the true meaning beneath. In the case of Hoshimi Eri and Artoria Pendragon alike, when something firm was offered, he essentially demanded the very same candidness he offered at all times. "And if you remain incapable of speaking, there is much more this mouth can be used for," he said as that hand moved slightly, thumb pressing to her bottom lip. "Compared to your words, how much does your silence speak?"

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    Having taken up movement properly, Eri found herself with the ability to study Gilgamesh as he watched her. Since she was supporting herself it seemed he had a free hand, and if his current reactions were anything to go by, he had no issues with the movements she'd undertaken. Those gentle pulses would continue with him sinking deeper and deeper still into her person. All the while he was now touching her face and having more to say. She did not know why she liked this doting affection but she could not turn away from it either. Beyond that she'd begun to gently pant, seeming to almost be on the verge of something great. That rhythm she'd chosen was far from something she disliked and as he was plunged deeper and deeper into her depths she couldn't help but enjoy herself. But what was he saying? That the only way to reply to him was naturally and with vigor? Something whose origin was her heart? Did he know what he was asking of her? Obviously not, those who knew her, knew she did not have one... Ah but that couldn't really be true with the way it was beating in her chest. 'Why does he do this to me? Why does me make me feel things... I'm not supposed to feel things...' she thought absently even as her own actions continued.

    Eventually he'd find himself properly buried within her as he spoke. And she in turn for not knowing what to say to him... had absently leaned into that hand against her face. She was still looking down at him even as his thumb rubbed against her lip. She sort of liked looking at him from this angle. To her own understanding it was much like looking over the body of someone she'd killed. Hm, would that be similar, how would he look in a moment like this, would it be like watching the light fade from his eyes? Would it grow instead of fading? Would that be a thing worth seeing? Was that even something worth thinking? She nipped that thumb of his playfully as she took to a certain speed of her own choice. With this kind of angle she could stimulate herself both in the front and in her depths. That had an interesting effect. Was that what this was? A ride to chase such a feeling... she could manage that. So, she'd take to it. Her treatment of herself in this moment was not particularly rough or speedy, much like her own general stance it seemed to have a certain steadiness to it, as if rotation was needed and each gentle plunge within her would move him a bit but never truly withdraw him. Her gentle moans were growing again. Her mouth could do many things, huh? She leaned forward and pressed her lips against the red lines that crossed over his chest. Did his skin taste strange as the rest of him did? Well she'd find out now, as she dragged just the tip of her tongue up to his neck from there and kissed his pulse instead. And then she'd sink back into his lap knocking her pearl against him and getting the residual effect of him knocking gently against the end of her as well. She felt that as a surge of sensation in her body. She definitely liked it.

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    Bit by bit, moment by moment and sway by sway, Eri's movements each ended with their loins more succinctly intertwined. It seemed she would actually keep going until none of him remained outside, and indeed, that may have been the case. Regardless of whatever stopping point she had or lacked, that sweet melody returned after far too long an absence. It graced his ear as teeth playfully closed around his thumb, and folds of flesh welcomed the base of his manhood. The body, once again, did not lie. Say what she might, the fact that she naturally progressed toward taking in the whole of him was a mark in his favor. Her body remained desirous, whether her mind had caught up or not. Gilgamesh even wondered how conscious an effort that little nip was.

    One thing was certain, and it was the working of Hoshimi Eri's mind. Something cycled through for quite some time while she looked down at him. The glint in her eye implied a certain interest that may not have been all too pleasant. Alas, it was nothing he could concern himself with addressing. Watching thoughts play across the woman's face was far too interesting, and moreover, the way she chose to address his most recent clause was something unexpected. The cycling of her hips was unwavering, yet she leaned forward for a purpose he did not intend. Was it one he would mind? It was not. Lips were pressed against the skin of his chest. He thought to goad her into offering her lips to his own, but perhaps this was a better outcome? Indeed, it may have been. Those same lips parted as the tongue they concealed brushed flesh, traveling up his neck before a peck was left there as well. By this time, he was exhaling in an uncommonly slow manner. He throbbed within her as a reaction to both the applications of her mouth, and the way her canal massaged his girth in various ways via the movements she chose. "H'oh. I am pleasantly surprised," he admitted. "You have quite the busy mouth after all─ both of them. What reward shall I offer for these unexpected pleasantries, I wonder."

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    As far as one Eri was concerned her body seemed to be moving towards a specific goal, her mind wondered over this choice, but could not truly turn against it. Besides, the more she endeavored the more relaxed and comfortable she became... chasing a sensation was a mindless enough task that it did not require her to actively be anyone so she could with ease just think a bit. Of course, this meant her reactions were not on the list of things which she actively gave thought to. She'd nipped that thumb for pressing against her lip and then used those lips just to explore her own musings.

    All the while, her moving hips chased those tingles which seemed to spread every time she moved. Ah, but those feelings could wait for a moment. That breath he'd just taken was a bit slower than the norm. And she still had a hand on his chest so it wasn't as if she'd pulled away. Actually, she felt a pulse within her person not caused by her own movements, was that him throbbing. Did she cause that? If she did, she liked that... strange thought it was to think about. Oh, there were more words coming from his mouth, he was surprised? She placed other kiss on his neck this time closer to his face. He claimed that her mouth rather both of them had been busy. Oh? He would offer her something in exchange for an unexpected pleasantry? "Eh?" she almost seemed to question something before pressing her lips against the side of his face. She shifted just a little looking into his eyes while her hips continued moving in slow and gentle circles. "Offer what you want..." she said honestly. She had no distinct desires, but she did not mind this action they were taking. Well, that wouldn't stop her from taking a bit more for herself. She leaned into his mouth, pecking his lips gently before she settled against him. Like this, she could likely find the rest of what she was chasing those hips of hers still in motion even as the rest of her body came to a stop so she could use her lips against his own for the first time in a while. She had gentle moans to offer between the movements of her mouth and seemed willing to keep up her efforts even as her depths began pulsing with the general feeling she'd come to know this day. Actually every rocking moment became a thing of near ecstasy until, that build up would end. It'd stop the motions of her hips for just a moment even as she internally continued clamping around his girth right against the end of her. She'd never caused this sensation of her own accord, it was a bit stunning for her movements to be responsible for such a feeling. "Fuck!"

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    If Gilgamesh was to offer whatever he wanted, the night would only become more interesting over time. He had quite a few ideas, and all of them reeked of debauchery. Choosing one, however, would prove difficult for quite some time. "How very tame," he commented. What was he to do with this woman's lack of specific preferences? He supposed the burden of enlightening her to her own desires fell upon his shoulders. "Fear not. I will act as the guide who will deliver you from an ignorance to pleasure. When your desires awaken, you will speak of them properly."

    The exchange between them would normally have resulted in much more yammering from Gilgamesh, if not for the situation at hand. Besides a general lack of wordiness, the king found his mouth occupied by that of Eri herself. He could let himself be silenced by such a thing with no issue, as lips returned the impact of a pair that vibrated with Eri's moaning. He continued pulsing within her as well, swelling against her walls and the fluids built up between his flesh and hers, until... her movements suddenly stopped. The repeated clutching of his tool continued without the accompanying application of friction, and he continued to throb against it nonetheless. In light of the utterance which followed Eri's halted movements, Gilgamesh took her by the chin again. Their eyes were not to remain separate now─ not with the moment of new elation so ripe for the picking. "That. Once more, say it."

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    Oh? It seemed that Gilgamesh took her lack of specific desire as a lack of understanding. To be clear, she did not have any true list of things she understood to be personal desires, but she was growing into her own understanding. Even so, the speech which told him to offer what he wanted was not a matter of altruism or indecision. Instead it could be seen as a matter of trust. He'd yet to show her something she did not like, so she could and would take him at face value for anything he offered. Perhaps she'd explain that some time in the future, while she wasn't dealing with her own desires welling up and taking her to new places.

    She'd silenced him momentarily. While their mouths were together she did not have to worry about him speaking too much. But that could not last forever. She chased pleasure and found it exploding in her loins, less friction was applied than before, but that could have a lot to do with lubrication, angle and a whole host of other things. Even so that pressure she felt normally disappeared even while she continued to grip him internally and what was more their mouths separated. When they did this, it was because a swear needed to pass her lips following such an unexpected sensation caused by her own movements. But in the space of this time, Gilgamesh had more to say... he held her by the chin their eyes suddenly locked together he wished to hear that word pass her lips a second time? Truly? A pulse in her loins was nearly undeniable. She swore more than any one person probably should, and usually she was being chastised for it. Behavior unbecoming and all of that. Did he like when she was this way? Truly? Even if he didn't she couldn't actually deny him a simple request. Actually... she probably would have said it again anyways within her own mind, as it was her general response to emotions in the first place. "Fuck." Eri repeated herself while staring this man in the eye feeling her nether strangely twitch at the utterance even when it fell from her own mouth. She unconsciously shifted her hips to accommodate the feeling. Perhaps that was just something she liked? In this particular setting those words just seasoned the situation, a bit like watching fear build up in someone's body as she approached them. Probably a bad thing to compare it to, but she felt it was similar enough.

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    Much to his satisfaction, there was a repeat of that glorious utterance. Gilgamesh had always enjoyed the spark of tenacity in mankind, but he may have enjoyed even more the sight of this woman's public persona being torn away from within by the side of her that answered the call of desire. A simple swear was nothing uncommon for either form of her, but in this situation, one word told a very different tale. One word came with a settling of hips and a quivering of internal walls, the pair singing songs of truth regarding the woman's nature. Such satisfaction he gleaned from hearing her vulgarity, seeing and feeling its effect on herself, and experiencing a similar effect in himself all at once.

    Indeed, such words were like a seasoning. The meat had been laid before all in celebration, and for it, Hoshimi Eri brought the spices. Gilgamesh would take up the task of basting, which was... luckily something he'd considered involving Hoshimi Eri since long before he even became Gilgamesh. Did he even remember? Perhaps he did, perhaps he didn't. Either way, he often looked upon that stoic expression and watched as it devolved into great anger and furious vengeance. It always began with a single crack, and now, he was seeing that crack form and expand for a different purpose. He thought to partake of her lips once more while these thoughts cycled through his mind, but instead, he opted for yet another declaration. "Good. Hear me now. The walls will crumble. Three times you will find your voice, and three times it will be a voice that sings with wanting. I will not complain if you decide to do so even more, but I say to you this night does not end until your true voice sings its desire thrice. You are unopposed to this, yes?"

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    Hearing a swear from herself had never been more satisfying. Perhaps this was a moment which made it better even for her. She was not sure, but in her own mind it was always nice to get away with a swear or two. She'd never considered what it would be like to 'be herself' as her elder sister put it. She was always so confined by the antics of the faces she wore or the tasks she needed to complete she had no idea what 'herself' could actually entail. Here and now, she seemed to be gaining some understanding of it, though not nearly enough to count as self-actualization. Still, in a moment like this she decided that she could be herself in front of this man... whatever that actually meant. It was a thought she internalized which reached down into the darkest depths of herself. So deep in fact that it touched even... that one.

    Ah, he was talking again. Another grand declaration from the King of Heroes and what would this one be? She was to find her voice thrice this day. Apparently, this day would not end until she did so... but the King of Heroes had already put stipulations on the kind of speech he'd accept from her. She was to sing three times of things she wanted, three calls of her own desire and this night could end. Did she have a problem with this? No. Technically, such a declaration gave her the sort of boundaries she liked to work within, while simultaneously giving her the freedom to come to enjoy whatever situations were playing out in the moment. She'd fought a man for eight days straight, and somehow she still found this situation more exciting, enticing and a bit frightening than the idea that she might accidentally get herself murdered any moment. Her loins pulsed gently as she shifted again, did she like this too? "It's still fucking ridiculous, but I don't have a problem with it," she said. Though she'd spoken no extra words about it, that was simply her nature. She'd aim to seal such a situation with a kiss. How long before she realized she accepted this man as he was? How long before those death threats went from being honest to playful? How long before she realized she'd actually genuinely miss him, if she actually murdered him?

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