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    Oh? Camelot's queen had a bit of snip to her yet, it seemed. Whilst he held upheld himself as the almighty pharaoh he was, there was but one being that stood above perfection. Anyone who understood that was, of course, of sound mind. "Hahaha! You possess impeccable judgment! The sun's light may only be gazed upon directly as it reflects off the glorious moon, after all!" As if to prove his point, Ozymandias uncrossed his arms. His eyes were focused on Nefertari, and one arm stretched out to point at his chanting queen and all her ongoing works. Medjed multiplied and moved about all the items Nefertari thought to put in place within the city. Meanwhile, Ozymandias could do naught but stare through the twinkle of his own eye. "Look at that. Look. At. That!" he stated. Never had there been something more worth watching. Well... he'd be lying if he actually said that. There were quite a few things he had a greater interest in watching, as a matter of fact. Alas, all of those things still involved Nefertari... but were not things he needed to share with the general public, for the sake of their own sanity. Though there were officially some things higher on his list, observing the woman at work was no less magnificent than it had always been. Such enjoyment transcended reality twice over, spanning two worlds already and certainly reaching the next as well. "Be warned, ye Mighty! Set foot in one building, and you may never want to leave this island," he said. Though... now that he'd spoken such words, there was something concerning. "You don't have transportation up here either, do you?"

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    Artoria's words to Pharaoh Ozymandias were well received. Of course they were, he was always smitten with the woman who was working now. Even long before the stepped foot in this world, everyone who knew anything of the man knew of his obsession. Of course, Artoria wasn't the type to fault anyone over things they liked, and in her humble opinion they made a great couple. They were entertaining people to watch and genuinely seemed to care for each other. Such was visible even now. Jeanne held a similar opinion and found herself bemused when the man started with something that'd become something of a catchphrase for him. Her hands clapped together in distinct delight, "Awww, it's still so cute!~ I really am happy for these two," she said which caused Artoria to nod her head. Of course, she found this whole thing to be amazing.

    At the same time, Nefertari was still working. It would be quite a few moments yet, but all the things had been made already. Now there was just the matter of room organization. Beds to be laundered, desks to be situated, and a few homey touches for the likes of the Queen of Saints. Nefertari had an idea or two given the way this lass had behaved so far, that she wouldn't have asked for a space for herself. But, she was Pharaoh, and goddess among men, and if she couldn't provide for even the unasked prayers she would scarcely be worthy of her title. No the room she was decorating now was an open air office in one of the spaces with a large window, overlooking the open spaces which would likely be training grounds. It had soft blue lighting a table, a globe, and it was homey. A bed was included as well as a closet, it even came with a podium for her grail if she chose to keep it there. On the whole it was one of her best works and it was for the Queen of Saints who thought of others before herself. "It's like that?! I really can't wait!" said Jeanne, seemingly excited about the potential decoration. "Transportation up? We've been considering it. I wanted to use my friend Frankie, but Eri-nee says I shouldn't rely on her too much. I suppose I can rely on Astolfo instead, that one seems to be worthy enough in the eyes of the Queen of Knights," said Jeanne still a bit pouty. "Do not call me that..." was Artoria's first reply. "Your friend Frankie is a pirate. I did not say you could not be friends... I advised against over-reliance on someone with that sort of dynamic personality," mentioned Artoria. "You would say that, you know I like hanging out with her. She was the first person I met that reminded me of you..." said Jeanne in defense of her friend. "All the more reason to be cautious... I am not exactly the model of ideal behavior outside of the constraints of Chivalry, am I?" said Artoria. Which only made Jeanne huff. "You say that, but that isn't the truth, you're fine even without the Chivalry. Frankie being a pirate doesn't make her less of a good person..." she said huffily. "Of course it does not, but it does mean it is possible she will not always be available to you should you need to move back and forth continuously... contingencies."

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    Ozymandias never pulled his gaze away. Each time he watched this act of decoration was like the first, even if it was the exact same process again and again. It was like his favorite childhood movie; he'd watch it, even marathon it every single day until he could reenact every moment. Once he reached that point, he would keep watching, until that movie became boring... except, it could never become boring. Even while his attention was visibly on Nefertari, however, Ozymandias was not a truly rude individual. At least, he'd been granted enough years to get over the tunnel vision she caused him to have. Whatever the case, his ear was still open to the words of both Jeanne and Artoria. They had something of a plan in mind for their transportation across Chaldea. He knew nothing of this "Frankie" or "Astolfo" they spoke of, but he doubted either of them could make a very horrible decision. "Whichever you choose, if not both of them, ensure they are ready to tolerate the atmosphere of Chaldea. I'm sure you've both noticed how dense the atmosphere and energies are up here. If your people are on the weaker side, they will need to be acclimated appropriately, or shielded until they can breathe and exert their mana properly. It is very easy for the little ones to die here."

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    Movements of the Medjed continued for several moments more, but as Nefertari finished rooms... more and more of them filed outward. They would after their parts were finished collapse in on themselves. Becoming fewer and fewer in number as decorative tasks were complete. Furishings of rooms, additions of drapes, kitchens, halls, bathrooms, all of them were decorated and filled as they should be by the magic which possessed Pharaoh Nefertari. All while they watched, the words of Ozymandias would come into Artoria's and Jeanne's ears. The mana up here was quite dense, both of them were fine with it, but they were pretty high quality individuals to start with. Jeanne was admittedly less worried as all of her associates were knights of medium to high standing already, but she'd rather be safe than sorry. "Hm, I guess I'll have to be pretty selective with the first batch..." she murmured thinking about it for a while yet. Artoria on the other hand had a completely different plan in mind after realizing it might be a problem. After all, she had a whole kingdom to look after, she couldn't have the deaths of countless elderly, women or children on her hands. She needed the people to work her farms and she couldn't well let the well learned lessons of her predecessors go to waste. "I have a way to test it," she said to her sister within a moment or two. "And after that it might be a while before I make my rise. Though, any knight that passes my test is free to work for you in the meantime," she mentioned which made Jeanne's eyebrow raise. How did her sister plan to test it? Whatever the case, Nefertari was now all finished, and she turned around as the last of the Medjed came filing out. Finally the condensed back into a single entity. She gave it a head pat and listened to the last of the ongoing conversation. Ah right, the Queen of Knights planned to raise an entire kingdom. Well, she should be complimented for her foresight and planning. If warriors weren't your only people it could potentially be quite traumatizing to move an entire kingdom to the upper world. "Oh, I leveled up from that one... feels good to stretch~" she stated as if she'd been bored before now.

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    Selectiveness was probably the best option, Ozymandias thought. Jeanne did not intend to raise an entire kingdom, much less a full country as he and Nefertari did. It was only by the grace of Medjed and many sphinxes that there weren't thousands of dead children filling the graves of Egypt. It was a frightening time, but all for the better in the end. Now, those same children were teens capable enough to be warriors in the lower world. Artoria would have to be mindful if she didn't wish to sacrifice a great deal of her kingdom to lift it. Ah, but it seemed she had a plan after that little warning of his. Good. "Test thoroughly. If anyone recklessly abandons the wellbeing of their people when joining this realm, they will make an enemy of Egypt. I will not allow that kind of thirst for power to plant its vile seeds in neighboring lands. Only the Duat awaits such a cur."

    At the very least, these two would be nothing to worry about. Both were righteous, even if there was something slightly twisted in the shorter one's mind. Oh well; everyone in this world was twisted somehow, whether it happened before or after their rebirth. Even as pharaoh, he would not pass judgment without reason. Moving on, Nefertari seemed quite satisfied with her efforts. She could never be as satisfied as him, of course, but... it was close enough. "H'oh? You seemed to be having a good time of it. A most magnificent show for our honored guests! And, of course, the most entertainment even a pharaoh such as myself can hope for between one moon and the next!"

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    Ah, reckless abandon was not appreciated by the Pharaoh Ozymandias. She wasn't quite sure what the Duat was, but Artoria was well aware of a death threat when she heard one. A small smile came to her face in a moment of legitimate respect for this man. "I will be sure before Albion raises everyone can withstand the pressure, so to speak. I have been entrusted with those people's care most of my life, I will not forsake them..." she said with full acknowledgement. "It would probably do some good to spread news of this difference to the lower world in general. It would probably do a world of good in stopping any potential massacres. Eri-nee, you're so responsible now..." she managed sounding a bit surprised. Of course, her sister had always cared for their family members, she just couldn't really wrap her head around the idea of that bubble of care extending so much. "I am Queen of Camelot, it is second nature at this point," she scoffed seeming a bit embarrassed. Artoria knew it was likely she seemed brash and uncaring most of the time, but just because she still had an assassin's brain, didn't mean she didn't care for those who couldn't protect themselves. "When we go back I will test your first choices," she said with a head nod. "After that, I will make sure my own knights can function normally before taking on the task of the rest of the country," she said. Still Jeanne didn't get how her sister fully intended to do such a thing. Maybe she'd share eventually.

    Ozymandias had words for Nefertari and she could only smile brightly in response. "It was quite fun. Come Queens, I have at least one thing you need to see before you leave... " she said to them both. She'd lead the way into the building passing through well decorated halls and perfectly lit walkways. Artoria would follow already impressed and Jeanne would as well, almost squealing her delight. "Wow, this is magnificent. Really, truly..." she mentioned never really sure how she'd ever thank the Pharaohs for their kindness. "Come now, you have seen nothing yet. This room is yours..." she mentioned showing the space. An elaborate office a small hidden bedroom, bookshelves and a large window for ambiance overlooking the training grounds. "It seemed to me you would be the type to forget yourself in your demands. So, I designed this one with you in mind, does it suit you?" she asked of the girl. Jeanne's eyes went wide. Did it suit her? Of course it did, there was so much here and it was so well put together and to her taste. Her eyes were watering up at the corners as big tears began to stream down her face. "I am impressed. It usually takes a bit more pushing to make her cry," mentioned Artoria with a small smile on her face as she opened her arms for her sister whom she knew would bury herself in them. "It's really great. I don't know what to say. You've done so much for me... I didn't expect this..." Ah yes. Small hiccups and tears in between, some things didn't change it seemed. And in a moment like this, it was obvious which of them was older, it wasn't always as clear... but Artoria relished in being a proper big sister for her youngest sibling.

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    While the Queen of Saints was being shown the amenities of her Holy Knights headquarters, and while the surprisingly titled Queen of Knights made decisions regarding her eventual ascension on her own merit, the King of Heroes sat upon the throne of Uruk's citadel. Golden locks were being swept from the floor around him. That journey was long since over, and his mourning of Enkidu would have to reach its end of showing. Now was the time for progress. He simply could not allow himself to visibly grieve further, lest the people of Mesopotamia share the dread and function less efficiently as a result. No, it was only he who could suffer. It was a king's place to shoulder the burden of a country. It was this king's place to shoulder the burdens of the world. "Siduri," he called out just as an attendant swept the final lock of hair from the floor. A tablet had been in his hands even during the cutting of his hair; there was far too much to be done for breaks. "The conclusion should be about now. I've prepared the Belt of Nidaba; have it sent to the Saint immediately. That should be of aid where the Egyptians cannot be," he concluded. Ah, but there was one more thing. Those pharaohs had done Chaldea a service, so perhaps it was appropriate that he send something their way as well. "If you find the time, prepare the finest wine for delivery to Egypt as well."

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    While the Queen of Saints tried to pull herself together while crying in her sister's arms, the King of Heroes was apparently undergoing a bit of a transformation. That is to say, he was having a hair cut for the first time in a long while, his outward showing of grief disappearing for his people. What was more, he was making more pronouncements, even while the last locks of his hair were being swept away. For her part in this, his assistant Siduri heard out the requests of the king. A Belt of Nidaba for the Queen of Saints, it would be good for her to get her crops going. And, fine wine for the Pharaohs of Egypt? Hm, previously she wasn't sure if King Gilgamesh was up on standard conventions. He was a king, it was likely he didn't apologize nor did he thank others for their work, but sending out presents in acknowledgement was a good thing to do. She'd make sure both things got where they were going, and she'd likely do so personally. "As you wish. I will personally make sure both things get where they are going," she said happily. Ah, she supposed before she left the city she should make sure she was unneeded for a short time. "Anything else you require? I don't intend to be gone long at all... but I would rather not leave anything potentially more pressing," Siduri mentioned. Preparing to teleport just herself and a few items took little energy and even smaller amounts of focus. Though admittedly, she'd not gotten to use magic so much as she did in recent days, it was still much more enjoyable than sitting alone in her little cottage on the side of the vast sea.

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    Yes, that seemed like everything he should have the woman do. Ensuring that Jeanne D'Arc's headquarters was up and running quickly was imperative to the betterment of all who inhabited this realm. As for the wine he would see sent to Egypt, well... it was a simple show of good faith while other agreements between them were still being situated. There was nothing else he needed to do for that lot presently, so long as he sent this silent message of noticing their input. Ah, but was there something else he required of the wine-maker? The time of her leave was irrelevant; he had more than enough tablets to keep himself busy. Indeed, whether there was something of great enough importance to require her action or not, there was always something else he could do in the meantime. Restless as Gilgamesh himself was, he would not go about requiring too much of his people─ not anymore. "Take in the sights of this realm. Mingle with those who call Chaldea their new home, if it pleases you. Empty your mind of arduousness, and upon your return, take rest immediately," he ordered. A bit of time without Siduri present in the throne room would not be so troublesome, the king thought. Though she was no laborer, he required much of that woman banished from the garden of gods since the day they returned with that Rider. Sending her out was something frankly long overdue.

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    According to Gilgamesh there was something else for Siduri to do. He wished for her to take in the sights and mingle with the others of the realm. He also claimed that upon her return she should take some time to rest. Oh?! She'd not been told those specific words since they'd entered this realm. While she didn't quite expect work, she definitely wasn't really prepared for the idea of an immediate break either. But, she supposed it would be bad to go against his wishes. As an aside, what she'd seen of Jeanne and Artoria in their capture of the Holy Grail, let her know that both of those women had decent personalities, especially the one that Gilgamesh himself had his eye on. They were sisters beyond that point, and she imagined outside of their interactions with Gilgamesh, at the very least, Artoria was likely a bit less overwhelming. And Egypt had been something discussed between herself and Medusa. According to that woman, it was the safest place for children and those who did no harm to anyone else, meeting its rulers would be interesting indeed. Even if she didn't wish to leave the man whom she was currently serving, finding out how the rest planned to live would be good for perspective. "I understand. I will spend some time away then..." she said giving a gentle bow. With both the things she needed to deliver in hand, she used the bridge she'd created in the underworld now to take a single step forward that would end her, right inside the new Headquarters of the Holy Knights. Her eyes swung around this building so very different from Uruk but still very comfortable. "Ah, they work fast," she mentioned.

    While all of this was occurring, Gilgamesh was still being watched. By whom? Well, the only person who watched him so closely, Ishtar. She was still a bit salty about her recent death, but she spend her spare time making sure that he wasn't too attached to the extra women he brought home with him from that Holy Grail war. "Hmphf, obviously they are nothing compared to me," she said her nose up in the air as she paced her own temple. "And there is nothing to worry about with the boy Artoria either," she claimed seeming to use such words to calm herself. "Obviously, he is just showing off for the masses, trying to muster the forces of Chaldea for my benefit," she claimed aloud. "It is clear he wishes to support me, he just was not finished yet. I obviously approached him earlier than he was ready for," she claimed. Yes, yes... it all made sense. Obviously he wanted to do as she said, but he needed time. She'd give it, there was no problem with waiting for good things. He'd killed her to make sure she wouldn't come back before he was ready to accept her properly. Yes, that made sense. It was obvious to all in the world, he didn't want to repeat the mishaps of her other lovers. She'd obvious ruined the surprise of his upgraded form. And obviously the talks of marriage to that boy, were all jest, he had no real interest in that person. He barely spoke to her directly, they hardly interacted. It was outlandish to assume anything else.

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