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    Finis Chaldea

    The world above the world; a haven for all who earn a place among the greatest, and those who follow them. Though Finis Chaldea is comprised of numerous countries that have ascended to the sky, neighboring lands rise as well, essentially creating a realm of its own where sky vessels allow transport between countries as boats of the sea do in the world below.

    Chaldea is a place of magnificence and various tiers of luxury, but its history is among the darkest in Alaya. . .

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    In the Age of the Gods, before heroes or the ascension of mankind... a young woman obsessed with the love of others lounged almost gracefully in an open air temple. The location of this space, was almost unknown and she rested, being fed grapes by some needy ex-lover, as she stared almost aimlessly into a ball made of crystal. Through this, she could see and interact with the world below, and those green eyes of hers sharpened as she rolled over slightly. A new man had just appeared, what a strange thing he was. Skinny though he might be, he had a bit of potential didn't he? Ah, and what was this? He was given a near impossible task by that hag of a goddess? Well, there was no need to let him walk aimlessly into his death. She looked closer to his target the Golden Fleece and saw in its shadow a small girl. She looked as if she might have been elf kind, cute but skinny. With luscious blue-violet hair. Oh well, she had no intention of blessing this girl with her form, no... she wanted her to help her new golden blonde pet. The tip of her finger, glowed a gentle pink and she touched this girl's heart through the glass. Instantly, she'd leave behind a single directive, a certain swell of feeling, a blessing for this little girl. "Love Jason selflessly always, and help him become great~" There, no one could complain she wasn't doing her fair share of the work. This girl would no longer end up locked in some temple, a vestal virgin priestess, no... she'd get to experience the fun of life and get to love a man, surely that was more than what any girl could ask for?

    How many gorgeous women wandered this planet? How many got to experience her perfect figure and praised her for it? A lot, was the answer. Still there was nothing but boredom in her heart, and disinterest in her soul. Her last lover had outlived his usefulness long ago... he'd been cute and devoted but was that really enough? No, she wanted more, demanded more... she was already a goddess, without the material wealth to go along with good looks, every man would simply fall short of expectation. What of a man, who boasted muscles, and tattoos? Blonde with a strong ego and gorgeous face, where was one like that? Ah, there he was... she stared into the crystal ball only to see a shift...

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    Blonde, muscular, strong ego and tattooed were descriptors of one particular male that goddess would see upon looking deeper into her crystal ball. Well, tattoos were a bit much for the time being. His flesh was without a blemish of any sort, without fault even, as if he'd been constructed by the gods themselves. Ah... he was, in a manner of speaking. To call this man a hero would be premature, but this very moment was the beginning of an era that would last for eons. A veritable shower of golden majesty descended upon a battlefield from the skies. It was composed of various tools, Artifacts of legendary quality even, and all brought down by a single man whose golden form stood as the only rival to the onslaught's splendor. Ah, but he was not the only individual sweating on this battlefield. Gilgamesh, the Wedge of Heaven set upon this world by the gods, faced the one creature those meddlesome deities thought could best him. Long, green hair billowed as an equivalent array erupted from the ground, called upon by the humanoid sculpted from the gods' clay: Enkidu. In the latter person's case, it was no assault of various weapons being used. Enkidu was neither man, woman nor otherwise identifiable by human standards. Enkidu was itself a weapon─ chains sculpted with the power to restrain those of divine origin, such as Gilgamesh himself.

    For minutes, hours, even days, those weapons and chains clashed against one another. It wasn't always such a barrage. Many times, the blonde male named Gilgamesh took weapons into his own hands to clash against his opponent directly. He'd never seen such a furious opponent before. He possessed a vast, nigh-infinite treasury of weapons and Artifacts, but he'd never thought to use them as anything other than shelf-warmers. That choice was not given to him in this fight. He had to make use of his tools again and again, lest he be felled by Enkidu's next attack. The battle had been going on for so long while being so evenly matched, he'd long since started loosing tools as a troop would loose arrows upon an invading army. Strangely, the blonde man who'd long since become a king wore a wide smile on his face. He was thoroughly enjoying himself for the first time in ages. "Enkidu, was it? I'm surprised. You've got more to offer than any mongrel I've ever seen. Don't think that means you stand a chance of actually defeating me."

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    This goddess was indeed watching, riveted by what she saw within the depths of this crystal ball. She remembered when this young king was forged by heaven, he wasn't quite enough yet. But his attitude was in the right place, she liked a man with the attitude to place himself above others. Oh, but he was also one of those types who took everything for themselves. She flicked green hair out of her face as she watched in awe as he discarded treasure after treasure. Seeing him be so free with those... she could hardly fight against a building tightness in her loins. Too bad he was just shy of the marker right now, a rich king, who was almost perfectly her type was one thing... but where was his fame? She bedded rich, hot men all the time, took portions of their riches to grant whatever wishes they had within her power. Though this wasn't just a friendly exchange, she took from them for more and more influence, because she wished her name to be the only one sung even among the gods.

    A certain one was well on his way to falling out of favor, that green haired tool, was created by a certain voiceless male god. She couldn't simply sway that one to agree with her all the time, which made it rather annoying for her to get her way. Ugh, one day they'd all be out of her way, until then... she'd watch this ongoing match, wondering if the tool created would bring this lad back into the fold. If it did, she supposed she'd have a good enough time, she could turn him into one of the denizens that served her. She could at least take most of his treasures for herself and gain the power necessary to topple the rest. And who wouldn't want a lovely goddess such as herself to be the only one worshiped? A very large amount of people actually including several of her own cohorts. In fact, a red haired young woman was looking down upon this more directly, her cheek pressed against her knuckles as she shook her head at this wasteful display. No, not the king spewing treasures, but instead, the young life meant to wrangle his.

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    "I am no mongrel, but a mere tool, King Gilgamesh. Today, this tool will put a stop to you," Enkidu proclaimed in the wake of the blonde king's arrogance. In addition to weapons and chains clashing between earth and sky, there were additional weapons rising form the earth to join the clash as well. He was running out of energy by producing these weapons so repeatedly, but so too was Gilgamesh running out of treasures to throw out. Seven days had passed, and things were drawing to an eventual close─ even a standstill. "Hah! A stop to me?!" the king chanted. Sadly, he could not fully disprove the green-haired individual. He could not be stopped, no... but nor could he stop the other.

    Soon enough, only one treasure remained in the king's trove. In his hand was a small, golden key-shaped sword which saw the segments around its grip rotate as he raised it to the sky. Gilgamesh's mana extended high above in the form of a red labyrinth-like pattern. The battlefield around them was a barren wasteland by now, but there would still be those who saw this crimson display of cuneiform lettering far, far away. "I will tell you of the beginning," Gilgamesh stated as those crimson arrays receded into a blinding flash, revealing the king's ultimate and unique Artifact. It could hardly be called a sword, despite possessing similar shape. Its 'blade' was more of a cylinder, shaped similarly to a drill with three segments that rotated independently. At the manifestation of this weapon, its power swelled and consumed all, nearly as if to combat against reality itself across the battlefield. Beyond Gilgamesh himself, perhaps this was the thing those gods feared─ the thing which made them send this new creation to him in the first place. "Heaven and Earth split. Nothingness congratulated creation, and my Sword of Rupture cleaved the World."

    This was the moment Enkidu had been waiting for. This, in fact, was what his own Omega Skill had been constructed to deal with. As Gilgamesh readied his ultimate attack, Enkidu reached to the ground. They almost seemed frightened by this display of power... almost. "That's... not bad," they said with a smile that bordered the line between excitement and nervousness. "I will awaken the breath of the planet, for I walk with nature." Two incantations were spoken on either side of combat, and a second surge of impossible power rose from the ground. The two would speak in unison. . .

    "Enuma Elish!"

    Two of the same, but very different ability, were in use. One erupted from a weapon swung down, while the other was Enkidu becoming the spear tip of a massive chain. One was meant to render creation itself, and the other... was meant to bind that which opposed the gods. What would the outcome be? Sadly for the resident overseers of this world, their creation was not enough to counter Gilgamesh's growth. The two strikes collided only to cancel one another out, though the collision itself would have great effect on the land. Their fight took place in a desert, but it would end in a field of glass where the two stood in wake of an explosion... within a massive crater. As if scripted, both Gilgamesh and Enkidu fell onto their backs in unison. In the end, there was silence broken only by one thing. . .

    "Fuhahahahahaha!" What a strange thing to hear. The king laughed to no end, much to the confusion of Enkidu. But then... Enkidu came to understand said laughter's purpose. They had battled one another with everything they had, only for there to be no victor in the end. What would come of Enkidu, then? "Ahahahaha! Hahaha!" Yes, it would be both of them who fell into a long fit of hysteria at what befell them this day. Fated rivals, it seemed, would not be as such for very long.

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    One of the women watching this, rolled onto her side with a large pout spanning her face. What was the point of all that build up if no one died at the end? It was almost more annoying than anything else... a strong king like Gilgamesh being bested by a tool? Well, she supposed he wasn't entirely bested, but at this point, a tie was tantamount to defeat. What was even the point if he couldn't keep something as simple as a tool from stepping out of line? A huff escaped her as she rolled over. "That's too boring. Maybe later he'll be worth something more..." she said frowning. Perhaps it was a better showing than originally speculated. If he didn't fall immediately to something that was supposed to be capable of wrangling the divine, then perhaps he could still be used as a tool to destroy the others... A wait and see approach would be necessary. And if nothing else, maybe if he properly got rid of any of the other gods, she'd be kind enough to allow him to sample her a bit as well, and give him the pleasure of handing over all of his treasury to her. Yes, that seemed like a good enough reward for his efforts.

    At the same time, a different goddess found herself less bored by the outcome. "I told them so..." she said with a gentle shake of her head. Gilgamesh the errant king was one of her lesser concerns. Yes, he was powerful and yes he was mighty, but how a child chose to flex their power was the least of her concerns. He wasn't completely incompetent and therefore should have been left to rule. They didn't need him to hold their standings with the other mortals, and it definitely wasn't going to do them any favors to not have this outcome turn out the way they wished. Trying to force any young individual into an old way of thinking would almost always be met by blatant rebellion. Maybe they'd learn... more than likely they'd die or lose power long before they learned, but it was at least still a possibility. In her own mighty opinion, there was someone else way more deserving of the gods scrutiny and she walked among them. At the very least, there was one pleasantry the red haired goddess took out of this situation, and that was, the budding friendship between the lonely ruler and this created tool of theirs. If nothing else, she didn't really abide by the kinds of personalities that came from being alone at the top for too long... a balancing aspect was indeed necessary, and the one known as Enkidu could at least be considered that.

    Ah, but those opinions were godly ones. Divine in nature and one of them lacking quite a bit of context. The human element of this situation was determined by a certain young lady. With golden eyes and flowing green locks. She was beautiful this much went without saying, but there was a certain intelligence showing in those eyes of hers. As she looked upon this moments clash her eyes were wide and appreciative. She'd watched this battle between weapon and king and found it awe inspiring. “I felt as if the World was born seven times, and destroyed seven times...” she almost whispered even amongst their laughter. How could they laugh after doing so much? Well, it was simply the truth of them as individuals.

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    By the time their laughing came to a halt, the two combatants were oddly at peace with one another. Never had either of them experienced such a thrill as this battle, and the same could be said of the world as a single woman (remarkably similar in appearance to Enkidu) observed the battle. Her words were a whisper, but Enkidu's golden gaze shifted toward her location just after they were spoken. The smile on their face potentially had two purposes. Whatever the case, one would soon witness the union of the two fighters in a showing of... a friendly exchange? Yes, King Gilgamesh and the Chain of Heaven would go on to forge a friendship to transcend all time that day, after simultaneously realizing neither could best the other without both of their deaths. And so, the world saw what was perhaps its first ever friendship based solely on a sense of equality.

    Where would that friendship lead? Many laughs, many adventures, many battles, and many bonding experiences occurred between those two over the years. Eventually, the king and his then-treasured friend were constantly at each other's side. Enkidu had accepted Gilgamesh as king of the known world, pledging fidelity and receiving the blessing of Gilgamesh's own mother in this world to become the king's faithful companion. In time, the pair were on a constant hunt for a worthy adventure to undertake together. Enkidu eventually heard the tale of a fearsome monster, Huwawa, appointed by the gods themselves to guard the Cedar Forest─ a place forbidden to mortals. Well, luckily for them, they were not quite mortal. A visit to the armorer and weapon smith of Uruk proceeded a trip to the Cedar Forest, where they would seek their timeless fame and a journey to be sung of by bards for ages to come. Little did the pair know, more would come of this than simple renown. . .

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    Under constant watch both heavenly and otherwise, the friendship of Gilgamesh and Enkidu flourished. How strange was a friendship born and battle and how much did it influence them? Well, only under pressure were precious jewels formed. And in this case, the jewel itself was a friendship that would bring about something entirely new. She'd watch most interestedly as the pair approached the Cedar Forest. She'd warned those who'd decided on its sacred nature that marking it out of bounds and putting a large guard in front of it, would all but guarantee trespass, but what did she know? The Goddess of Wisdom was obviously misinformed.

    At the same time a certain green eye goddess was watching something else entirely different develop. Young blonde boys across the lands found favor in the form of women and riches, and young women grew into the most shapely figures the world would know. And all around her praises were sung. Did she care about the things she gave? No... they didn't matter, what mattered was all the attention she received. None could ever claim to be on her level and no one could ever take this from her. She laid around unamused bestowing gifts, all so she could hear the praises of the world. Who cared about someone entering a forest? It was only wood, that hardly had any real weight as far as she was concerned.

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    Within the Cedar Forest of legend, the companions of Uruk sought their bounty. The guardian was nowhere to be seen initially. Wasn't he supposed to be some sort of hulking beast? Well, surely the two could draw him out by making clear the fact that the forest upon this mountain had intruders! What better way to do this than to topple and strip the trees, making all the ruckus of a tantruming child by an otherwise silent hearth? Yes, that did the trick! In actuality, the creature they sought could hear the rustle within this forest from a hundred leagues away, but it was simply... observing. When the trees were disturbed, a greater noise than falling trunks resonated from the mountaintop. It was Huwawa. Its roar was a flood cascading over the mountain, filling the forest. When a great shadow of a beast rose, one could see within its open maw. Its mouth was death, and its breath was fire. One could hardly describe its visage, but it was undoubtedly the terror of humankind as Gilgamesh was told.

    Apparently, Enkidu had once been associated with this hulking beast, during their time in the wild. Upon that massive cranium was a circlet of flowers, once constructed by the younger Enkidu... It would soon be one of blood by the hands of its killers. This quest was for fame, for eternal glory in this world. There was no combat against this beast. Instead, there was an exchange of lies. Huwawa possessed multiple 'terrors' that made it a danger to humanity, so Gilgamesh thought to offer a suitable exchange for them. He offered an elder sister to be a wife, a younger sister to be a concubine, a water-skin of cool water, and some other objects. For Huwawa, created to be the 'perfect human' by foolish gods who thought evolution was necessary in the species, these things were of interest. Ah, but Gilgamesh did not truly have an elder sister. He had no younger sister. Any water-skin in his possession was his to drink from, just as the face of Huwawa leaning toward him to lend an ear would be his to strike with a mighty fist. These two came along with other men from the city of Uruk, who took this time to strip cedar from the forest and roll it downhill. These woods would not be exclusive to this forest; the gods needed nothing else kept from mankind. Just the same though, would this terror not wreak havoc on mortals after being robbed of the thing it guarded? Surely it would, but that would not be allowed. Reeling from Gilgamesh's initial strike powered by incredible mana, Huwawa was quickly reduced to a nonexistent problem by the blade of Enkidu rending its head from its body.

    And so, humans would inherit cedar wood starting with Uruk, and Gilgamesh would be hailed as humanity's first hero for besting the creature they most feared. Both he and Enkidu returned to Uruk, victorious as they enjoyed the finest banquet this world had to offer. Finally, a Hero had been born. . .

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    Ah, the deed was being done. The humans feared this creature the gods had created, but the goddess of wisdom herself, despised its existence. That creature was a far cry from human and the fact that the others approved of it, spoke plenty about them. How many times would they have to see the fruits of their labors rot, before the changed their method of thinking? Or at the very least listen to the person who was always right? Well, she supposed that was asking a great deal too much, when half the council was distracted there was hardly anything to be done about the world itself. But... that wasn't going to be the case for much longer. A new title had appeared in this world and with it came the knowledge of what that thing was... a Hero. How strange... a title applied to all who faced the terror the world presented and slayed it in the name of humanity. Gilgamesh became something great, and it'd happened without their direct influence... maybe this time, there was enough information for him to be left alone? Maybe this time no additional suffering would be deemed necessary? She could hope right?

    No. No she couldn't. Right at this moment, the opportunistic green eyed goddess was watching with glee as a man ascended. He was becoming something all together new, something she now decided she needed. A hero?! What even was that? It was something original to the blonde haired man and thus something she wished to be connected to. She'd thought he wouldn't necessarily have the makings to be her husband or consort, but now... she was sure he could be. Maybe she would go to him? Give him a chance to present himself properly? Maybe she'd take a moment or two herself and make sure she was still her undeniably gorgeous self. Maybe just maybe... she'd found her real ticket up in the world.

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