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    Ridiculous, she called it. Even so, she expressed a lack of distaste for the arrangement in a manner markedly different to, yet oh so similar to the way her other persona spoke such things. Excellent. He'd go on to see more of this side, of Hoshimi Eri in her rawest, most unfiltered form. He'd engorge himself on her demeanor and engorge her on every physical showing of his adoration. The wild beast was being roused─ Gilgamesh could sense it and many other things stirring within the smaller blonde's subconscious. All the way down to the soul, there was something monstrous and filled with primal urges that could perhaps rival his own. When would he meet that one, though?

    Well, whether it took seconds, minutes, hours or days, the moment would appear before him eventually. Even now, she took him by the lips and he could do nothing but match the effort. A hand wrapped itself around the back of Eri's neck, its aim to hold her head in place while their mouths explored each other again. He even appeared to take more unto himself, hips thrusting upward from beneath the woman since she'd yet to begin moving anew. It only felt natural to continue things somehow, so the decision was a rather easy one to make. And so, the passage of time would begin anew. . .

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    Gilgamesh was truly a ridiculous man. Eri had always thought him such, even before he became 'Gilgamesh' in this life. Ishigami Daisuke had been ridiculous and though she'd hated him and wanted to murder him whenever his name popped up... she also could do nothing but respect him, truthfully. Regardless they seemed to be on a similar path, dancing around each other in this particular endeavor. If a wild beast was being freed, she'd liken it to a quiet cat, being lured out from its hiding space. Ah, but it was likely more monstrous than that... Each time they interacted she became more of herself... This was something she knew would be impossible for her to hide after a while... oh well. She'd deal with that when it became a problem...

    For now, her only real problem was the restarted movements. She'd brought their lips together of her own accord, mostly to keep him silent. Well, that wasn't true, she did kind of just like this now... Ugh. Instead of thinking too much about that, she was forced into thinking about the movements of his hips. Beneath her, he was already thrusting upwards, forcing her into a ride not of her own choosing but forcing her to respond nonetheless. She would have had to steady herself but there was a hand against the back of her neck. She was being held here... she liked that too. As unruly as this man always was, she couldn't say she hated the way he behaved in a moment like this. She choose to meet the challenge presented to her, meeting thrust after thrust with the movements of her own hips and jarring her senses when he met the end of her repeatedly. That was kind of nice wasn't it. Time would begin to tick away... how long would it take for her to meet his demands properly? How well built were the walls around her souls? Sturdy enough to withstand a thousand years of solitude. Sturdy enough to leave her whole when she was transported to an isekai world. Whole enough that she didn't forget a day of training nor her own hopes, dreams and goals. So the sun would rise and set, rise and set, rise and set... and rise again before Eri saw an end to this torture. Even so, she could not say she hadn't been enjoying herself. There were many things to be discovered and many more that were experienced.

    That is to say, she'd started speaking bit by bit and replying to the randomness presented by Gilgamesh at various intervals. How had it started? As something small... a simple utterance, a demand for "More," moaned ever so gently, while he was plunging in and out of her depths with one of her legs tucked over his shoulder while her other one was out to the side. She hated this. She loved it. She hated him... she did no such thing. Her simple and quiet requests eventually evolved until her current request was being made. Well, request wasn't the right word. She wasn't necessarily being gentle in her words here and now. "Don't tease me, fuck me!" What position brought about this statement? Why did it it fall from her lips so comfortably? And why did it feel so right to make such a demand in the moment? Well, Eri was still not used to taking orders and as she became more comfortable in herself she became demanding. That little edge of prickle to her nature became quite thorny in the right circumstances... her personality seemed to dance along a dark path from time to time.

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    Three times, he declared, and three times he would hear. The setting sun would not be allowed to rise again until that number was met. Time had passed them by, though not a second of it had gone to waste. Every moment filled itself with pleasure, just as he desired, and just as he foretold. Also just as he foretold, one of three utterances left the mouth of Hoshimi Eri. While he kept one of her legs hooked over his shoulder with one arm, he heard the repeated moans and the whisper of a single word. Was that the end of it? No, it obviously wasn't. There was just a bit more, creating a much more potent demand from the Queen of Knights' lips. He'd taken to casually grinding against her inner walls for some time now, presenting a lull in the debauchery they had been resigning themselves to. It seemed, by the wishes of Eri herself, that lull would come to an end.

    She said not to tease her. Ah, but she said so much more than that, didn't she? How could he respond to such blatancy? "H'oh?" he muttered as those grinding motions continued, his free hand reaching out to her face. "And so, we reach the first time you have spoken your true desire." By the time Gilgamesh spoke these words, he did so within a breath of the woman's face. His movements came to a halt, but that intense throbbing returned with a mighty vengeance. "Surely though, there is more. Have you an inkling of how you shall be pummeled, or shall I take you as I please? To me, it matters not the method. This night shall be one to see my queen's unending bliss take precedence."

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    Eri had uttered a rather strange sentence while Gilgamesh ground against her insides with her leg held up over his shoulder. Of course, when she finally uttered such a words, it'd been almost unconscious as an effort. She'd simply made a demand to have her desire sated. Of course, Gilgamesh had a response for her, he always did. That thumping of his manhood and that gentle utterance from between his lips both infuriated and calmed her. He had a hand extended to her face, she always found this gesture so strange. He'd reached for her like this numerous times, and it always confused her as an action. The first time he'd done it, she'd assumed some harm would come to her and when none came she was utterly baffled. Here and now, a thousand years later, she came to a certain conclusion, it seemed to be an act of affection. Not one she asked for but one given freely. It still didn't make sense to her, but she did not dislike it, she didn't mind that he did it nor did she have any intention of turning him away.

    Not that she could. Now he was throbbing within her, having come to a stop to speak on her 'request'. Apparently, he wished to know if she had any idea how she wanted her supposed pummeling delivered. It did not matter to him, but he wished to offer her unending bliss and have it take precedence over his desires. Huh? That was a weird thing to say but she didn't dislike it. He also specifically referred to her in such a sentence as 'my queen'. He did this often, so did many people, but... something about him saying it stirred something strange within her. It made her insides tighten gently and made her moan just a little. So, she gave his question, an honest bit of consideration while her hips shifted gently, why did he stop moving like that... she'd just told him not to tease her. He lived to make her upset, she was sure.

    Still... she'd not disliked any method by which they'd copulated so far, but she also did not know if that was reason enough to continue on such a path. She could let him choose again, that would give her more to work with as far as her base understanding but it wasn't as if she was content to just let him decide everything. But what was a limit? What was sexual and what was not? These were questions. Her base personality worked on rules, conventions and fitting her own work within them. Sex seemed to be something much freer than her mind would normally allow. Some would tell her to do it again to make sure she liked what she thought she did... she imagined that advice would come from one like the female Pharoah's sister. At the same time, her own sister would tell her to try something new and do simply what felt right... something that gave her the fluttering feeling in the bottom of her stomach. Such was the advice she'd given about killing methods, she did not imagine her advice changing very much from one thing when another. So what kind of decision would be made by one like Hoshimi Eri when combining such thoughts? What had she liked in a more normal situation that might lead to something interesting in sex. She'd seen how that sort of thing translated a bit already. She'd once been pulled into this man's lap and had him mention the potential sexual connotations of her being there. And then she'd been in his lap performing two very different sex acts from her perch. Had he done something worthy of her interest?

    Well, when they had first entered he'd been holding her up... she had initially thought to argue with him about that but she found within seconds that she did not mind it. Perhaps such a thing would suffice as an interesting change of pace. Moments of silence and realization would come down to an inquiry. "Can you do it while holding me up? I might like it..." that was a strange way to think about things, but she figured trying things she might like based on her own understanding was better than the alternative. Besides, she was quite small and liked feeling that way in situations which involved Gilgamesh directly. It should be fine right. What likely wasn't fine was the fact that she'd asked such a question while being painfully shy about it. It was always weird when she wasn't feeling particularly aggressive towards this man, she always felt like she should be armed and ready to kill and he disarmed her, constantly.

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