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Thread: Finis Chaldea

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    Upon his adherence to her own wishes, the queen seemed taken aback enough to seek a place of hiding, or even comfort. Words were lost, and her crimson face was left resting against stone. What she said was something offered not to Gilgamesh, but to some unknown force beyond his ears' reach. When she did speak to him directly, she simply agreed to their strangely shared method of living. Gilgamesh remained against the idea of this woman's self-sacrificial nature, but he couldn't truly say he'd never been in the same boat. In fact, their very first meeting had been such a point in his life. He still thought back to that day, that moment he resigned himself to a death he wasn't even allowed. Thinking about it now, he found it... comical. Chuckling followed, and an almost unrelated statement passed his lips. "It is a form of payback, is it not? Your rest will not be allowed either," he said to Artoria, but only in passing. Mostly, he was just letting internal musings leak out subconsciously.

    Redder yet became the face of Artoria. Finally, she came to realize what he'd been going on about. Her state of dress was perfect for debauchery, perfect for general observation through Gilgamesh's own eyes, and perfect for watching the color of her flesh change with her state of fluster. The reactions she offered were downright adorable─ even that single tuft of hair refusing to conform to the rest of her locks. Oh? In being accusatory as retaliation, the queen stood and pointed, baring her nudity without shame. Had she thought it through? Perhaps she had; perhaps she hadn't. Smug as ever, Gilgamesh drank the remainder of his second wine serving. The grail itself was then tossed aside as if it served no purpose, and the hand previously holding it reached out with swiftness. He aimed for the wrist of that hand aimed his way, intending to jerk it and pull Artoria forward, down, and against his own relaxed body. "Fool. It is not shock that will make you unconscious. When the stars in your vision fizzle out and leave only blackness, know that the thing removing your consciousness is this." By the time these words were spoken, Gilgamesh had already taken up his manhood with his other hand. A small amount of shifting would leave it rubbing against Artoria's flesh beneath the water, gliding across her abdomen as if inspecting the exterior design and structural integrity of a new home.

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    Understanding was reached. Though not to the same extent. Whatever extras Gilgamesh applied to his understanding, Artoria had only consciously been doing what she saw as right in the moments of their first meeting. She was strangely on autopilot that day as she was many others. Perhaps she'd eventually figure out what it was that made her think twice about killing Gilgamesh. Or maybe she'd never think of it at all and it would be fine. Regardless, "I have done nothing to warrant retribution..." she answered quickly. That was the truth in her eyes, though it was also false, given the circumstances.

    At present none of that would matter for much longer as she stood to be accusing towards the King of Heroes he finished his drink and discarded his grail with gusto. Why? To take hold of her wrist and pull her into himself. The audacity of this man... but still, knowing that he meant her no harm disarmed her most of the time. She had no real way of reacting except to fall into him with shock drenching her face. They were far too close together rather suddenly, and she could feel her heart beating in her chest at the intrusion. Well, it wasn't an intrusion. She did not dislike this closeness, it just seemed rather random. And he was still so relaxed what did he gain from such an action? "You could have just said that..." she mentioned but she also wasn't trying to escape. Right, no... being pulled into such a proximity made her own body relax as well. A hand that met his chest should have pushed distance between them but did no such thing. Instead those deft little fingers began gently tracing those crimson lines she'd come to enjoy etched across his flesh. Oh. She was being nudged once more not towards her depths but instead the flesh of her abdomen beneath the water was being, inspected by the King of Heroes moving about his manhood across her skin. "I understand your meaning now..." she said seemingly evasively, the redness of her face had gone nowhere. She felt strangely now and that once quieted throbbing of her loins returned. Was this preparation? Was something about to happen? Why did just being in contact with him cause such a strange reaction? She had no ready methods of voicing such a concern but she also wouldn't back down. And now she was close enough to be staring again. She shouldn't concentrate that was terrible but if she didn't how would she assess him? What a confusing set of thoughts... the Queen of Knights was being lured in once again and she was, fine with it.

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    "You lie," Gilgamesh said quickly. Artoria herself had already spoken to the contrary of her own words, what with all the talk of her fated death and so on. Still, that was not at all the male's point in calling her a liar. "You have committed the ultimate crime in accepting your own death. Stealing from King Gilgamesh is a crime punishable by death. What then, should the price be for enabling the destruction of his greatest treasure to date?"

    Regardless, Artoria was soon pulled into his form. No protest came as a result. Instead, the queen quickly became comfortable, bringing about more physical contact than even he sought with that little stunt. If she thought to touch him so brazenly after being forced into close proximity, there was little point to all her previous naysaying. "And you could have easily stated your desire eons ago. We are both more prone to action, are we not?" he joked. She understood his meaning now, did she? How perfectly timed. He'd just spoken to the notion of being persons of action, so in keeping with both parties' sentiments, he continued rubbing himself against her fore. "Yet you do not act. You still refuse to retreat, but even then, you refuse to take action. Is there some mythical loophole to the knights' code, to which I am unaware? In all other aspects, you are far more forward than this," he goaded.

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    Lie? Artoria Pendragon did not utter lies. What thing had she done which made her deserving of retribution in any way? Oh... she looked to him again this time with raised brow. He honestly believed that 'accepting' her death was something which constituted a theft from him. What an outrageous thing to claim. Her death was a thing decided a long time before now by her own right. It would besmirch her honor to turn from it, even knowing it was coming. "I will take outrageous claims in order," she said giving a sigh while staring at him directly. "First, death as a punishment for theft is ridiculous. There is no where left to go when you start with ending someone's life..." she mentioned. Of course, it wasn't all just about the punishment. "Second, it is not for me to determine the punishment of that supposed crime. Truthfully, I do not think it is a crime, to retire the way I wish. Especially considering it was a decision made long before you even became the cause of my ire..." she said with the smallest of smiles appearing on her face. Why? Artoria Pendragon considering the day of their meeting to be a fond one, mostly due to the amount of violence she'd meted out that day. "There are duties I would always accept for the right reward." That was it. In the end she still saw herself as an assassin seeking a peace she did not think she deserved. As one who took joy in killing, she never once believed she'd get to live a peaceful or happy life. And the price for getting to live a life as something other than just a killer for hire was her death. A death she would gladly accept for the thrilling battle and the extended longevity of the one she respected. She did many things for that particular objective, so she considered this her ultimate retirement.

    Ah, his next words had a different level of sass to them. He could have stated what he did by pulling her in. And she could have stated her desire, but they were people of action. This wasn't wrong, she was normally a person of action but this situation was always a strange one to navigate. "Well, yes... but..." how was she going to phrase her rebuttal? Not at all, right in the moment since she was currently being distracted. "This is quite different," she settled on those words specifically. "And no such loophole exists that I know of, but it also is not as if I am looking for one..." she managed huffily. She knew she was being goaded and she knew he would not stop until he garnered some sort of reaction from her. This much was a normal step within this dance of theirs. Irrespective of those facts she already felt something like... annoyed. No. That wasn't right, but it also was. In the interim of the moment the hand that had been tracing that red line upon his chest had continued to follow it beneath the surface. It'd been doing that on its own this entire time, only to make contact with his manhood as it rubbed at her stomach. Her hand beneath his own as her level of distraction became more obvious. Up and down that little hand manuevered brushing against his own on each stroke. She wanted to continue right? That's why she was annoyed? "Seriously, how many times must I mention that you should not tease me?"

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    One by one, Artoria addressed her issues with all he said. She thought a death sentence for theft was something ridiculous. Obviously, she'd yet to meet a proper thief on this level of the world. Determining the punishment for her form of theft was something she diverted, as she didn't consider it a crime at all. Of course she didn't. Alas, the timing of her decision was of no consequence to him. It could have been made long before either of them were born, but a crime, he deemed her future actions nonetheless. "And yet, the crime has not yet been committed. As the King of Heroes, it is my duty alone to ensure a hero breaking my laws does not go unpunished. Yours will be thorough," he declared.

    Soon enough, progress was being made once again. There was no loophole in the knights' code, nor did Artoria seem keen on finding one for this particular instance. Good. With a foreign hand upon his groin, Gilgamesh's own hand moved away after a few moments of impact, and he seemed to further relax into the bath. Where would this journey take them next? Wherever it led, it seemed Artoria remained adamant about his teasing nature. That sort of talk wasn't going to get her anywhere; only one form of banter would result in any real progression. "Hmph. You may mention it as many times as it takes, until you finally realize it will do you no good. Are you not the one teasing now? A sword is to be wielded; to simply polish it will not help the coming battle. Your opponent sits defenseless before you. How will you attempt to fell him?"

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    A claim was made and it was technically accurate. As King of Heroes it was his responsibility to make sure any one titled 'hero' who broke his laws was duly punished. Artoria herself saw no fault in her actions, but they were also selfish enough that she understood they might cause more harm than intended for some. Given what she knew of Gilgamesh and his attachments, she figured he would indeed be among the most affected by her impending doom. If only because he chose to attach himself to her... In her own mind, he decided that part of fate for himself, her actions could not change simply for this reason. Still... she felt like she was suffocating ever so slowly while thinking of him on his own after the journey they'd taken together thus far. What was that feeling? "Those words are factual enough..." she stated. What more could she give in a moment like this... just a bit a tiny taste of hope. "I do not run from the consequences of my own actions. If any could punish me, it would be you alone who was capable of it... and I will face it with as much foolhardy as I take my other decided steps forward," that small smile returned if only for a moment. Why did she feel so strangely saying words like that? Why did she honestly feel like she was taking something else from him. Honestly, she hadn't felt this conflicted about her actions since her match against Enkidu.

    Ah, but that thought was only a passing one. Slipping by and into the depths of her subconscious just as quickly as it had risen. In the moment she had another problem to deal with... this Divine Tool which was attached to this arrogant, haughty, utterly relaxed man she was still leaned against. That hand of hers encountered his only a few times before it was moved, and then his lips started moving again as they always would. He literally did not not how to shut up, what was more he claimed her chants of no teasing had no efficacy. She scoffed, but she was not only annoyed now. "The nerve of this one you are attached to..." she mentioned not speaking at all to Gilgamesh as her hand slipped up his manhood and over the tip as she braced herself against his chest. The water could not impede her if she did not wish it so, and she took the leverage created to slip him towards the warmth of her entrance. She'd mount him while facing him, clamping down on inch by glorious inch. Sliding him gently home between her legs slowly enough that it was almost agony for her. Though admittedly her body was more than ready for this entrance. Instead of answering his question, she addressed her partner for this battle. "As if I was not simply making preparations for this next dance~" she almost moaned that last part and once the whole of his manhood had disappeared into her person. And those hips of hers would begin to move at the pace she decided, slow and steady as she'd like. This man was far from defenseless but that would not stop her from pursuing this ride in the water she seemed to desire.

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    As per usual, Gilgamesh spoke only factual statements. The Queen of Knights would receive due punishment for her misdeeds against him. What would they be? He hadn't a clue, but it would certainly be something to redden her face once more. In fact, perhaps it would be something completely unfathomable! She claimed she'd face whatever punishment with foolhardy, and he'd be sure to hold her to that. "Then I will take you at your word. Remember, you have already agreed to rising against the future challenge~" he said jovially.

    Ah, perhaps the King of Heroes should have saved some of that joy. More was to come in the following moments, as Artoria's hand took its final trip up his length for the time being. With this, she began to straddle his lap whilst speaking... not to him at all. Clearly, that wasn't a one-time ordeal; she initiated a conversation with his manhood, fully excluding the man himself from it. How very audacious, yet... strangely erotic. "H'oh? How you manage to rile me up with no effort whatsoever. You shall be repaid for exemplifying this ability as well," he stated while Artoria took the task of insertion unto herself. Slow was the approach, much to Gilgamesh's expectation. Alas, he took no issue with it─ it was instead something to relish in. Agony was something experienced on both ends of this exchange, yet even while agonizing, that descent was oh so marvelous. Gilgamesh had never been more at peace, albeit simultaneously wound-up, than he was during the veritable eternity of being fully enveloped here and now. There was a sharp inhale until his lungs were filled to capacity. Once Artoria's descent came to an end to begin the steady movement of her hips, that air escaped his lungs at a very slow pace. Such would become his breathing pattern for the foreseeable future, it seemed. . .

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    Gilgamesh seemed... happy. After agreeing to accept the punishment he saw fit, Artoria might have questioned her decision, but she was not the type to think over things more than she needed to. There was an implied trust between herself and the King of Heroes. She did not fear whatever punishment he thought to enact upon her for carrying on the way she intended. If nothing else, she knew she wouldn't die from it and considering she would have already died once she doubted it could be something she hated. "I will look forward to it," she mused. Strangely enough, she also seemed pleased by that little conversational deviation.

    What else was she pleased by? Her slow descent and joking conversation which excluded Gilgamesh entirely. Apparently, he had no problems with her conversation partner of choice. He took some strange pleasure in her choice not to address him directly. In this case, she was only doing what was natural to herself. To converse with people was always difficult, to converse with weapons that belonged to her exclusively was always easy. "And listen to him repeat a notion I shared with him not long ago... just audacity everywhere," she commented. Artoria kept saying she was not looking for anything in particular when choosing to address Gilgamesh. Her motivations were her own in this case and she was simply doing as she pleased. And what was pleasing now? Well her continued conversation and her gradual shift in speed. "Though one does wonder what this repayment will look like... any ideas?" she questioned. She expected no answers. It was a strange habit she had, constant speaking to inanimate objects. She carried on those conversations as if she expected and would be given answers without ever tarrying. This new sword of hers would become an old friend as she moved about. That relaxed pace gaining rhythm which seemed to stimulate her more. She chased that sensation even as she internally gripped at the sword which felt ready to run her through. It would take a few moments to find release, but now that she understood it, doing so would not halt her movements. They could continue and as that happened the snug and slick feeling of her depths would continue... until such a time as a change ensued.

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    Still, she spoke to that which would give her no retort. Well, that wasn't very true at all. No verbal response was given, but the speech of Artoria was met by... a form of sign language, if one were to consider it as such. The renewed throbbing betwixt her folds seemed almost purposeful, occurring with great intensity each time she spoke to the thing buried inside her. Surely that counted as a response of some sort. Alas, Gilgamesh himself would never remain silent. Even if his groin chose to retort of its own accord, there was one thing he'd be certain to answer. What would repayment look like? "Another thing leading to your prolonged uselessness. Breathing will be the only thing you find yourself capable of," he mused. Relaxed though the king seemed, he was obviously anything but. All tension that could have been in his body, visually, appeared gone. Ah, but it was not; it had all welled up within his member to meet the coming slickness. Interesting was the fact that Artoria continued moving through and beyond orgasm. Gilgamesh would take it as a sign of ultimate progress, and let things continue as they were for some time.

    How much time would pass? Enough that the King of Heroes became incapable of waiting further. The bath was done away with, and the bed returned to its proper place. They, however, were left out in the open floor. Gilgamesh stood by the bed's edge, fully erect and soaked by both bathwater and sexual nectar. One open gesture focused on the bed itself. "The time has come, knight of Camelot. Prostrate yourself before your king, and be knighted in a way that would make your own customs blush."

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    Artoria spoke to objects that could offer no reply. Imagine her surprise when one was offered. Admittedly it was not in the traditional sense that she gained retort to her musings. No, instead she was given that constant throbbing she'd come to enjoy from the tool which was buried inside her. "Sou..." she murmured ever so softly. "Well, I did not expect reply but I suppose I cannot find fault in this one..." she said as she moved about. "As you were... we are far from finished~" There were many things said by Artoria as she went about a morning ride, similar to and very different from other such rides done for leisure. All the while, Gilgamesh seemed to be gaining tension at various rates. She was quite certain he'd reach some sort of breaking point and when he did it would be interesting. Oh... right. What of the claim of her eventual uselessness? A smirk crossed the Queen of Knights face, knowing as it was... "Prolonged uselessness will take quite a bit of work... good luck~"

    As the time passed, Gilgamesh did eventually find his stopping point, or rather it would be more accurate to call it a switching point. The question was, what kind switch? Well, a gesture was made towards the bed, and Artoria looked at it giving herself a moment to steel her footing before taking the first step towards it. Still, her knees were shaky like that of four-legged beast taking its first steps. Someone would eventually have to explain how such activities rendered battle-hardened legs like those of a newborn doe in the spring. Open gesture, sex soaked tool to be knighted in a way that would cause her own customs to blush? Two images popped into her mind simultaneously and both had an equal amount of shamelessness associated with them. "I am certain you have subverted my thoughts in some way... in truth those words placed two images in my head," she stated. Upon reaching the bed she crawled gently into a prostrate position facing away from the King of Heroes, hips and rear up in the air facing him. Her lower back naturally arched as a stretch occurred in the most relaxed way possible, having made a decision based on her earlier actions. "Having already had a bath this morning, I will skip the way I initially interpreted that statement and ask that your intentions be made a bit more clear when you reference knighting~" That was probably flirty, probably didn't help that she looked over her shoulder at him while saying so. Perhaps she should have kept that thought to herself? Oh well, it was far too late for that... it'd already fallen from her face.

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