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Thread: Finis Chaldea

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    Prolonged uselessness would take a great deal of work, she claimed. Good luck, she said. The poor queen; she didn't have a clue. He'd promised to leave her in ruin for no less than two weeks, and if Gilgamesh was anything... he was a man of his word. Even if it took months of endless debauching, that tablet he once had Siduri carved would be made a matter of truth. "I am in no need of luck. Pluck shall be the determining factor here," he said, certain it was only a matter of time. Even as Artoria made her way onto the bed, he could see the worthlessness of her legs setting in again.

    Ah, but there was something else to consider. Apparently, he'd been having an effect on Artoria's thought processes. She claimed two images were placed in her head by his suggestion. Interestingly enough, one of those things was something Gilgamesh himself hadn't thought about. "H'oh?" he muttered as she took to all fours. A bit of hesitation ensued as he gazed upon the woman. It was the Sumerians who first discovered the majesty of that arched back, but it seemed this one had some natural talent yet. "I suppose there are other ways to receive that. To think, your desirous nature is already clawing away at your mind so thoroughly. No matter; this was my meaning," he admitted while entering the bed behind her. That little flirt was an amusing thing to hear, and of course, it was something else he'd be addressing while hovering over her body. "Only because you've already bathed? Time is no factor here, Artoria Pendragon. You will have many opportunities to bathe, whether in water or seed. First, though..." His words trailed off as one hand found the back of Artoria's neck, bearing the weight of his upper body. His other hand followed the target of his eyes, solidly colliding with the queen's backside before the proverbial sword found its sheath once more. She wanted his intentions more clear? That was easily done, only while he was forcing himself into the core of her being. "My intentions have always been clear. For now, it should only be made clear that you should avoid having your lungs punctured~"

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    Pluck. That was the thing that the King of Heroes would be using to ruin the Queen of Knights sensibilities. "As you were then," she commented with the smallest smirk spreading across her face. She hated to admit it, but the amount of confidence oozed by this man was something she well and truly enjoyed in such moments as these. She couldn't really help but find his assurance amusing and comforting. She really should hate this, but at present she could do nothing but enjoy... so she would.

    The lack of proper use of her legs did not seem to bother Artoria. Her cheeky words and flirting understanding of Gilgamesh's most recent speech was rewarded by the King of Heroes. With what? A surprising admission that he'd not meant that statement both ways she'd taken it. Her eyes widened slightly at the knowledge. Perhaps she'd let the thought get away from her a bit too much, even so.... he did not have anything negative to say about it. She only received confirmation of her choice as he took in the view of her raised backside. According to him she'd have plenty of time to take a bath in whatever fluid she wished but before anything like that occurred, a hand found the back of her neck. She was forced further down but did not seem to mind it. At the same time his other hand collided roughly with her backside. It sent a stinging sensation straight to her brain in a single moment which caused a tightening of her loins in the moment before she was entered rather roughly regardless. "Fuck!..." that whispered swear slipped from between her lips. She was acutely aware that the reaction of her body to that slap on the bottom was also nothing negative. 'I liked that didn't I? Can't think too much about that...' her brain wandered as she tried to take a breath. That forceful entrance was something else, but also quite good. She should worry she liked it, but couldn't be bothered to voice anything, instead she found herself just trying to take those breaths while allowing the time to pass. Eventually managing the backward rocking of those same hips.

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    A grasped neck from behind was something Gilgamesh had every reason to believe Artoria would not dislike. She seemed fond of a hand around her neck from the other side, so that much was a given. A smack to the rear, though... should have been a gamble. Ah, but it was no such thing. Gilgamesh's decisions were premeditated, primarily based on his growing understanding of this woman's body. He could feel the fact that she would enjoy such things when they occurred─ at least for the most part. To think, it was deviance which gave him another use for that perceptive ability he harbored.

    Whatever the case, somewhere between the slap and entry, Artoria found reason to swear once more. An exhale through the king's nose could almost be taken as a laugh while he raised one leg, then the other. His grip of her neck took new purpose. No longer did it bear his weight upon the queen; it instead served the purpose of a saddle horn. "And what should receive credit for that? One does wonder..." he harped. Artoria wouldn't exactly be given a chance to run from her train of thought. "Was it this?" Gilgamesh asked as his hand collided with the flesh of her rump once more. "Or this?" With the final question, his legs extended to withdraw his tool, only to bend again for a deeper, hastier dive that ended in a series of mighty throbs. "We are dealing in clarity now, are we not?"

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    For her part in this, Artoria had not yet found something she disliked about the King of Heroes methods in these moments. She did not dislike the hand upon her neck even as weight was forced down on her body. She also did not take issue with that slap to the bottom though that was a newer thing to realize she had no problems with. Ah, but that wasn't entirely true either. Artoria dealt mainly in not disliking anything but the reaction of her body said she liked the feeling of his hand making contact with her bottom. Actually, she'd be given a chance to fully realize that information in just a moment.

    Gilgamesh was not without understanding of what he was doing. In being as attentive as he managed to be, that slipped little swear was something he heard and attributed to one of the two actions most recently taken. So, of course he'd question it. Which one caused her to swear, where was she placing credit? Another stinging slap to her rear was presented and the tightening of her nether was the direct reaction. She clamped down upon his member even as it began to withdraw. And once it did, it was placed back where it belonged with enough force to wind her. So... what did receive the credit. She had to first make her lungs work. A few seconds and that extra throbbing made her hips shake just a tad... She really did like that sensation strange though it was. "Ah... I..." she was indeed trying but it was hard when it literally felt like he'd shoved himself into her chest from her loins. "Yes. Credit is to be given both individually and as a combination..." she finally managed. "Stop teasing me, Gil..."

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    Another slap gave him just the answer he sought, without any necessary input from Artoria. She spoke anyway, but the squeezing of his retreating tool was more than enough. Of course, he wouldn't use that as an excuse to discredit her words. Her body trying to snap his groin in two was one thing, but the words of her mouth were always music to his ears. "Hmph," Gilgamesh muttered as she struggled her way to a proper sentence. Lunges continued at a gradual pace, and Artoria admitted to both factors playing a role in her outburst. Oh? It was always interesting to have her properly admit such things.

    More interesting yet, was Artoria's continued insistence against his teasing. When would she learn? He would never go against his methods─ especially not while they produced such glorious results. More importantly, he didn't believe she had a distaste for the approach at all. Done with pressing against her neck, Gilgamesh steadied his legs and moved that hand into her hair. He'd tug until her head was pulled back, all while moving his own toward the side of her face. "Say that again, and mean it," he said at a near-whisper. "Tell me how you abhor being teased, and how it doesn't just excite you beneath the surface, leaving you hungry for the moment things go beyond simple teasing. I will allow you to even try making yourself believe it."

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    All that struggle for just a few words. But it was worth it overall to manage a complete sentence or two which had initially been something which evaded her quite a bit. No matter the case, Gilgamesh was always capable of speaking and thus he would always speak. She was quite certain that there was very little in the world which could quiet him. It was now one of her new goals to find one such thing... but that was an aside. As his movements continued, he seemed indeed unhindered by the tightening of her loins against him. Instead lunges were to follow up as she tried and failed to get her life together in just a few moments.

    While she struggled against her newest pummeling, Gilgamesh pulled her up by her hair having removed his hand from the back of her neck. What would he do with her body arched up and their faces right next to each other? Well, he'd speak. Of course, he would. Those near whispered words though sent a chill down Artoria's spine. She liked something about those words uttered so near her own face and she wasn't certain of what it was yet. It could have also been the light tingling of her scalp which added more sensation to cause strange reactions from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Ah, what else... he wanted her to repeat herself and mean it? He went on to explain how he'd taken what she'd said. He truly did not take seriously her telling him not to tease her... that was for the best. Gilgamesh got away with a lot as far as challenging the Queen of Knights sensibilities was concerned. "Ugh..." just that sound initially. It was hard to verbalize. Artoria did not tell lies, so she could not tell him not to tease her and mean it. "Listen here, Gil... you are not allowed to be smug about this!" That was the claim. She would not say for him not to tease her and mean it, because that would be a lie. Of course, there was something about his attitude she did like but that did not mean he was allowed to be smug about figuring all that out on his own.

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    Artoria's answer was something he awaited with a fair amount of excitement. He knew the answer, and he knew she knew the answer. The only thing left hanging in the air, was however Artoria chose to admit the truth. She wouldn't lie; she had never truly told a lie in his presence. Omissions of the full truth would occur from time to time, and other scenarios would see a full attempt to divert, but there had yet to be a blatant untruth. She claimed he wasn't allowed to be smug about this, but what could she do if he was? She'd essentially admitted the truth without doing so in a proper statement, so there was truly no avoiding the smug reaction.

    "H'oh?" he began, still speaking directly into the side of Artoria's face. "You could have spoken words of truth in the same breath. There is no undoing the reaction I should certainly have, so it seems you've wasted what words you managed. So then, how will you enforce this new law of yours? I am not allowed to be smug, but here I am. What punishment will you offer?" he teased. All the while, his hips were moving. Force was applied in greater quantities with each thrust. Artoria needn't worry about being knocked forward or anything, though, as his hold of her hair was firm enough to keep her from doing so. Well... perhaps that would create another issue, but could it truly be called a problem? He didn't believe it would.

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    Artoria was having an interesting time. In a state of fluster, she'd caved to presenting the most honest form of rebuttal she had to offer Gilgamesh, which was essentially knowing how he was going to react to her lack of real response. Knowing the Queen of Knights would not tell a lie, meant that any evasion in conversation that was noticeable was immediately tied to the truth. Even so it did not stop her from wanting to argue the point because it was in her nature to do so.

    Speaking of nature, it was in Gilgamesh's to tease her further. Having his words acknowledged he increased the force of his hips. Each one giving more of a knock to Artoria which she enjoyed and her body reacted to irrespective of her own desires. Well, that wasn't true, this was obviously inline with something she liked regardless. There was extra tension as well, spreading across her scalp leaving heat to spread across her face and chest. This was aggressive and also... good. Ah, she was to offer a punishment because he was going to be smug that wasn't really the problem though... "Ah... it... you..." right she should give that a minute. Actually, considerably less time than that as forceful lunges would do their jobs with relative swiftness, to leave the lass' loins a sticky mess as she tried to cling to Gilgamesh's manhood but instead found bliss. Right. She was mostly just moaning, she was supposed to be punishing or at least coming up with one. She wasn't in the mood for it, as her body lost extra tension and relaxed a bit... she take a different route. A peck of her lips against the side of his face which was closest to her own. "I am feeling generous today... and I know well you are incapable of making yourself less smug..." Complete evasion. She really might need to talk to her sister. She hoped no one was bottling whatever chemical made her change from furious to docile. That would be terrible for the general population. Just the same her hips began to shift backwards towards those furious strokes this time. Upon reaching Relaxation she could do so with more relative ease than before.

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    So, what sort of 'punishment' did the Queen of Knights believe she could enforce upon the male at her rear? The answer would not come quickly. It seemed Gilgamesh was just thorough enough in his movements to force the normally stoic and steadfast Knight-Queen's hesitation. Her mouth above managed only noises one would steer children from, while her mouth below only drooled upon and tightly imprisoned its violent invader. In a matter of moments, after tension paved the way for relaxation, some form of answer came his way.

    A peck on the cheek occurred prior to any verbal response. When the latter appeared, it became clear that Artoria had no reaction in mind. Generous, was she? "Hmph. That is no generosity, Artoria Pendragon. It seems punishment is mine to administer," he said, pulling her hair in such a way as to turn her face towards him again. What was that little peck? Pitiful! Ah, but the situation was perfect to create a more favorable use of her mouth. "A liar shall have his tongue removed, and a liar I deem you. Present to the king your tongue, criminal. You needn't do so quietly." While these words were shared, Gilgamesh would have their faces so very close, neither party could so much as take a shallow breath without the other feeling it. Acquiescence to his demands would result in the immediate claiming of Artoria's tongue into his own mouth, where his wine-stained oral muscle would partake of it. She was so keen to start matching the movements of his hips, so surely it would be no issue to offer him the breakfast he'd skipped, no?

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    There was always so much friction between them, when Artoria relaxed she always did so completely. Even under such rough treatment she found herself incapable of doing anything but accepting. Perhaps, this was simply the way for those with innately violent natures? Maybe, but regardless Artoria found her body at his mercy and her mind was tugged along with it as a direct result. This was the way.

    But of course, Gilgamesh could find fault even in Artoria's generosity. She would scoff only to have a retort simple as it was, she was not sure it would count as flirting... "Oh, and the eons long hoarder would know what of generosity I wonder?~" there was moaning to be produced, but still sarcasm and sass. No one could accuse the Queen of Knights of being one who quietly accepted the ridiculousness that was Gilgamesh. He deemed her a liar and thought to punish her for it. Explaining in the moment how such crimes were dealt with. So close he was, he wanted her tongue? How very rude. "I do not lie, Gil..." she mentioned. At the same time there was that gentle tightening of her nether. She did not argue with being a criminal, just argued with the crime. Never a liar, but never one to admit an absolute truth either. Her own nature would only allow absolutism in the narrowest of senses. At the same time, she would not deny this man the desire he presented her. She'd killed people for less audacious claims than calling her... a criminal. He claimed she should present her tongue, she thought to use it for herself once more... it traveled over her own lips before protruding gently between them. Imagine her shock when it was taken immediately and accosted by the King of Heroes. Was this to be her punishment? It could hardly be considered such. What a strange mix of breakfast and wine... she supposed this was why people liked brunch. She would partake of such a kiss matching oscillations of her tongue against his, as if she'd take from him his drink of choice as he stole the last taste of her previous meal. How delightful... if this was punishment perhaps a few more laws could be broken? Criminality was much more her speed than being queen anyway...

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