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    What would the hoarder know of generosity? Everything, obviously! At the very least, he knew that which was presented as generous while being no such thing. What of his verbal response, though? Well... "He would know all that he needs to understand the lack of it," he said. On went Artoria to insist she did not lie. There were many semantics to be argued in that regard, truthful though her words were by technicality. Would he argue any of them? No; no he wouldn't. There was far too much to do, including the absolute molestation of the tongue he was offered in spite of Artoria's naysaying.

    He could have easily called her compliance the act of a guilty person, but instead, he relished in the sensation of that tongue in his mouth. He was finding coffee to be a rather pleasant thing to taste, but... perhaps that had nothing to do with coffee at all. Perhaps it was simply the tongue itself. Perhaps it was the reactive movements against his own tongue. Perhaps it was nothing to do with any of that, and could solely be blamed on the repeated collision of lower bodies that would certainly not be ending any time soon. A shift would come eventually of course, but how many minutes would pass first? How many orgasms would occur on either end, and how many changes would come about? Maybe it wouldn't be worth counting anything. . .

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    "Hmphf!" A scoff, was all that Artoria could offer as her outstretched tongue was taken. Even so, the previous words of Gilgamesh were not being ignored at all. He was quite right about his ideations. It was true that as a hoarder he did have a unique understanding of generosity especially about being on the receiving end of it. Even so, Artoria would not be stopped and it appeared that even the Golden King did not currently wish to argue semantics with her. Why? Because he was too busy wrestling her tongue with his own. At the same time she was busy tasting wine as the ultimate finisher to her breakfast, he was partaking of her breakfast. This dance this movement of hips his outrageous thrusts being met all of it was symphony of feeling which Artoria herself could not deny enjoying.

    In a moment like this, she felt like she could continue on forever... and maybe she would. How many times would she reach bliss. How many times would her mouth open and close? How many times would moans be released only to be swallowed by the King of Heroes? Too many. She was not counting, she was told time was of no consequence and as such she'd not been keeping track. She was keeping track of other things though, the twitching of her leg muscles, the slickening of her loins the constant vibrating pulse of being knocked against internally. Yeah, she could not deny enjoying that at all. Long after the time the sun should have reached its highest peak, a number of positions later into the day Artoria would be found propped up on her elbows one leg over Gilgamesh's shoulder the other dangling off the edge of the bed. She felt like she was being pushed back with every stroke but that was fine too. From this angle she'd taken to watching his manhood disappear at length into her body only to come out again. Strange, it still seemed like the sort of thing that should not work, but she found herself enjoying watching it happen. The muscles of bodies always moved in such noticeable ways and she'd willingly admit to herself now that she enjoyed watching Gilgamesh a bit too much to hide.

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    The day's earlier bath had been made all but purposeless. Though their bodies had been cleaned as intended, the gratifying murk of intercourse didn't take long to make its appearance anew. After multiple alterations to their positioning, Gilgamesh found himself looking down at the Queen of Knights' body, taking note of the area surrounding their lower regions. He couldn't recall a single fight in which he'd accumulated sweat like this, and he could see the mix of fluids pooling on the bed, beyond its primary purpose of making his constant reentry something done without scorching the flesh. Long had he gone without the previous night's restraint, so that would have been quite the annoyance.

    At this point, the king's motions could hardly be considered thrusting. His hips were moving furiously, but it was more oscillation than anything else. Within Artoria, he moved up and down whilst plunging in and out, almost as if he still felt the need to jimmy his way in each time. Considering how ferociously she'd been clenching him, one could say he did need to do as much. Alas, he couldn't get enough of that clenching either. That may or may not have been obvious to all, but it was perhaps certain to become more clear with his next maneuver. One arm remained hooked around Artoria's lifted leg to keep it upon his shoulder, but he'd kept a free hand with which to press against the queen's pelvis. He already presented no shortage of vigor, but stagnation was not his way. Minor shifts had been occurring from time to time in the past few hours, all to create slight changes in sensation for both parties. Only a bit of pressure applied to Artoria's pelvis would be needed to achieve the current goal, as Gilgamesh continued his movements unhindered. Ah, but there was another thing to take note of, wasn't there? He hadn't missed that. "Does the queen take pleasure in gawking at her own defloration? It is a thing to marvel at," he stated, seeming no less amused than he'd been at the beginning.

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    The movements of the King of Heroes in such a situation were not to be understated. Artoria had demanded a bath first thing in the morning, and would likely demand another at some point in the next few hours. She couldn't claim to feel clean but it was not a disgusting kind of sweat upon them. No, she'd liken it more to the kind she could get from working out early in the morning by herself. Or the kind of filth she'd come back to Camelot with after slaying the Sword Emperor. Gratifying. Signs of a job well done. Yes... something like that.

    The pooling of wetness near her lower body was also something else to know. At current it was keeping her from overheating making those oscillating motions of Gilgamesh something she could enjoy repeated. And then another minor change. One of his hands came to rest against her pelvis forcing a clenching which sent her into near shock. It was such a minor movement but it made the entire sensation of the moment change. A gentle moan slipped from between her lips as her eyes shifted from their point of interest up to Gilgamesh's eyes for just a moment and then back where they'd been looking before. "I would not say I am gawking, nor would I say it is simply a matter of watching you deflower me which is a thing of interest..." she mentioned. Her mind was likely still too much for violence watching him plunge in and out of her reminded her of torture. Not perpetrated against herself but the sort she enjoyed committing against others. Blades sunken at the perfect depth removed with precision, only to be sunk in a second time was all but unheard of as a skill aside from her own ability to do so... "It is a thing of magic and wonder to watch blade repeatedly sink in and be removed at the same angle in the same place. Much more interesting is watching one use all of that muscle to achieve such a goal..." What a strange thing to admit as her body almost convulsed around the tool and she fought to keep her eyes on what she wanted to see. "I enjoy the view."

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    A minor miscalculation preceded Gilgamesh's speech. Artoria had not been observing her own defloration all this time, but had instead likened it to the acts of violence she so enjoyed. That was rather strange, and just as strangely erotic. Ah, but that wasn't all. A passing comment of musculature had been thrown into her explanation, confirming another target of her viewing pleasure as the king himself. For one who spoke against his smug nature, she was quite keen to enable it. "Fuh~" he cackled. "Then at long last, you have spoken words of glorious purpose! You shall be rewarded."

    Always one to speak of punishment and reward, Gilgamesh was never one to go without delivering. What would this alleged reward be? Something full of pomp, certainly. His upper body pulled away until he achieved a vertical position. The arm around Artoria's leg snaked over it, reaching out to grasp her back. While pulling the woman toward his torso, he'd also move his own legs until they were crossed beneath her, never once disconnecting them in the process. "You see, witnessing your brilliance has never been enough. I did not know satisfaction until I could lay these hands upon you. Come, Artoria Pendragon; know the same elation I have discovered." That dangling leg of Artoria's was taken with gusto, brought up to Gilgamesh's side and held by the thigh. In the meantime, the hand by which he'd lifted her explored the queen's back. His movements hadn't halted once; even his buttocks would see some use in enabling a continued pumping motion. Most importantly though, this new positioning left open a greater tier of intimacy. Viewing and touching were both available in spades, and Gilgamesh himself would not hesitate to take advantage. Not even three seconds passed before he was assaulting Artoria's exposed neck with his mouth, even as her hair caught in his nostrils with every inhale─ even as a few strands were caught between his lips and the very flesh he sucked into his maw. A secondary bath in a few hours? She'd be lucky if he even loosed her in that time.

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    Artoria did often speak against the King's smug nature, but she also wasn't a liar and did not dislike it... all the time. What kind of reaction would she receive... to likening a sex act to one of violence? Apparently... a positive one. Artoria's words had not been taken badly, she was beginning to wonder if they could be. Instead of anything audacious she was rewarded with a chortle and talk of further rewarding due to her honesty.

    She was lifted by the back brought into parallel with his body. His body realigned into a seated position beneath her own now altered state. All the while he had not let go nor had he stopped the pumping of his manhood within her core. That was strange. The shift itself caused more pressure along her body so much that she could no longer resist the brief closing of her eyes as she reached flourish in a moment. Her thighs clamped against his side before both relaxed again, how dare he do this to her? And then she began to feel. Like electricity flowing along her spine as Gilgamesh explored her back with his hands, it arched in response. This shift in position allowed for the pair to continue while also seeing and touching each other. This was to be her reward? "I am not sure what surprises me more... acceptance of things I say I know are strange or your positive reinforcement of them," she questioned only gently as she relaxed into his lap. His face buried into her neck she found herself stretching to allow more access. Her own arms around him as she traced his flesh with fingertips. She brushed across his neck tracing lines once used to murder feeling pulse flowing and enjoying it. She pressed her own lips against flesh marked red and left open over his upper torso. She traced muscles of back until her fingers wandered towards his torso. She supposed she could potentially find elation in coming to know this body in such a way. The sun would definitely set long before she took interest in anything else.

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    A setting sun would be the least of it, as a matter of fact. There were more positions, more surprises, more experiences to be shared than could be confined to a few measly days. One did not become gimped for a fortnight with so little effort. Gilgamesh promised a ruining, and to do as much for so long, an equal amount of time had to be committed. So, it would not be once that the sun set. Twice, thrice, four times more would daylight fade. Within that time, there were many breaks. Baths were taken, meals were enjoyed, all for the sake of getting right back down to business. Nearly a week into seemingly endless debauchery, Gilgamesh would be found walking toward the bed once more. He bit into an apple, grinning widely and swaggering his way over to Artoria's location.

    "Now then," he said, tossing the once-bitten apple in the queen's direction. They were not quite done yet. There was much to do still; perhaps this most recent break had been a little setback in his overall plan. Oh well; setbacks would only have him exploring the woman's body for even longer─ whether it was Artoria Pendragon, or Hoshimi Eri in control. "How long has it been? Long enough for your discovered desires to be laid bare at long last? Or must I continue breaking down the walls that obscure your vision of them? Well... no matter the case, I will be continuing."

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    Days. They'd been fornicating, bathing together, eating together, and fornicating more for days. So many interesting things happened and so many boundaries were pushed by this man that the flickers of Artoria Pendragon's instinct, Hoshimi Eri made quite a few appearances over time. Artoria hadn't been counting the time, she'd fallen into enjoying each and every moment. Hoshimi Eri kept herself outside of it as much as possible and so... she had an accurate account of the days that passed and the activities that had so far taken place.

    She watched with cold calculation as Gilgamesh swaggered towards her again like a man on a mission. And in turn she managed to look impassive, except... there was still that fire in her eyes, even when her gaze did not quite match the idealism of the form this world was most used to. Half a sheet was pulled over her flesh, important parts of her body were covered but it did not seem like she was making much effort to cover herself. Instead her left hand came up to catch an apple thrown her way with a single bite taken from it, and that little dagger danced across the fingers of her other. An ornate dagger, a gift from the King of Heroes, one even she liked as she used it to comfort herself even in moments like these were she was tossed forward as a last ditch effort for Artoria Pendragon to gather herself. She sank blade into flesh of this apple, cutting pieces for herself with the precision that only a trained killer or chef could manage. She did not hit the core instead an entire piece of said flesh was held upon that knife's blade and placed towards her mouth as she cut her eyes at Gilgamesh. "Six and a half days, is the answer to your question. And you can wipe that smug look off your fucking face, Gil." Oh, right, Hoshimi Eri was no polite Queen of Camelot... "And did you ever stop to think that breaking down metaphorical walls is exactly how you keep ending up with me on the surface?" she questioned as she ate. "I told you to stop fucking with me. Every time I surface she becomes a bit more like me..." she voiced her complaints at being made the dominate force in this body repeatedly. She'd surfaced more times in the last week than she had over the previous thousand years and it would be difficult for her to keep appearing this way. It would seem she had no problem with Gilgamesh on the whole, but more of a problem with her own rising so many times to greet him over the last week of bliss. She'd been equally treated to his non-sensical elation. She was still confused by him. Even now she ate an apple he'd bitten and found herself strangely comfortable in his presence. She trusted him, but kept being flung forward whenever certain triggers were breached. It was like Artoria Pendragon was withdrawing ever so often to leave things to her trusted alternate whenever it was convenient to her.

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    Gone was the Queen of Knights, Artoria Pendragon. The one he faced now was the killer normally sealed within─ the one that seemed nigh bound to blood and blade as she used that old dagger to carve an apple. Nearly seven days, she claimed they'd been at this. "Is that all?" he questioned. Six days felt like so little time, even while feeling like an eternity. As he'd yet to tire, he could see himself committing another six as easily as he took breath. How much more time would pass, though?

    Whatever lay ahead of them as a pair, Hoshimi Eri was content to complain. It was clear, she didn't take too kindly to being brought out so frequently... And yet, she continued to enjoy the time she spent outside nonetheless. How very contrary. Why she concerned herself with how much the other one was affected, he couldn't fathom. "And what of it? Your repeated waking has been a garnish to this divine banquet of mine. Dare you imply that the Queen of Knights will be made lesser by your own influence? The mother must parent the child; similarities developed in rearing are unavoidable." Still, he moved forward. Upon finally reaching the bed, he crawled his way onto it. An apple slice upon that knife had its opposite side bitten into by the male while he grabbed her knife hand by the wrist. "My question, Hoshimi Eri. You shall answer it, and fall further into bliss alongside your... counterpart."

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    Is that all? Six days, they'd been at this strange pattern of debauchery and time spent together and he had the nerve to make it sound like it was nothing at all. Hoshimi Eri scoffed. "Six days is a ridiculous amount of time to spend doing anything.. except perhaps... a stakeout," she managed even knowing he wouldn't feel the same way. "It has been fun, though.." she admitted. Hoshimi Eri was the one who had no problem confirming such things, even while knowing they would do her no real good. She was the big sister after all, her base personality was a bit more placating when it was already obvious she had an attachment to someone.

    Ah, but it seemed they did not share an opinion once more. According to Gilgamesh it was only right that she have some residual influence over Artoria Pendragon and he seemed to take issue with the idea that she would be made lesser by the influence of Hoshimi Eri. A smirk crossed this woman's face as she shook her head. "Buttering me up doesn't work, Gil..." she said unflinchingly at his approach. The truth of the matter was she was a terrible point of influence for Artoria Pendragon and every time she had trouble separating herself from that face an incident occurred. That stolen bit of food would have been enough to stir anger in her, but it was the stopped movement of that knife hand of hers which kicked in a certain response. A knife flicked around from stopped wrist to free one while the apple fell in her lap. That little dance across her fingers was effortless given the balance of the blade and when it reached her other hand that was held dangerously close to the neck of the King of Heroes, so long as it saw no interference from one motion to the next. "I am gonna need you to not trigger reflex checks in me. Unless you are trying to get me to cut you..." she said those exact words and saw behind her eyes the swiftest moment of blood-letting that would be interesting to see, but... in staring into the color of his eyes she ultimately decided she wasn't sure if she wanted to see such a thing. "I am really thinking about cutting you right now... though that is just an initial desire..." she said those words with an amount of honesty that bordered upon the outlandish. "I should probably refocus before I forget I don't hate you..." she said those words and those green eyes shifted to his mouth again and she decided a course of action in the moment, leaning in to steal a kiss... yes at knifepoint but she wasn't going to drop it if he did not release her wrist.

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