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    Poppycock. Calling six days a ridiculous amount of time was madness in its own right. "It is only a blink. I shall be immersing myself in you for a time well beyond the human lifespan. Even six weeks would be nothing more than a moment amidst endless bliss," he assured. Apparently, he was... buttering her up, in Eri's own words. That, too, was ridiculous. If he wanted to do something like that, well... "I have done no such thing. Had I intended to do so, you and all others in this world would know without question."

    True enough, any purposeful attempt of Gilgamesh's to sway or impress his future queen would be nothing so... confined. He'd make a grand spectacle of something like that, with no less ease than Eri herself showed when fiddling with that dagger. It wasn't just fiddling, though; she soon had it against his neck as a matter of reaction. She claimed to be truly thinking of cutting him. She'd forget she didn't hate him, would she? Was that to be considered some sort of threat? Whether it was or not, any immediate rebuttal was preemptively silenced. Lips collided by the machinations of Eri, and that knife never moved from its position. Of course, the answer to such a threat was not to release her at all. No, as a kiss occurred, Gilgamesh lunged forward even against the blade of that knife. He could feel it sinking into the flesh of his neck, but more important was the desire to force this woman onto her back once again. Their kiss would break only after he was looming over her, that wrist pinned over her head against the mattress. "You are allowed to forget whatever you find yourself capable of. However, you will be incapable of forgetting what unadulterated pleasure feels like. That, I will ensure," he insisted, feeling the trickle of blood down his nape as lips were brought together once more.

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    Gilgamesh, did not know the meaning of moderation. Regardless of what he preached to Eri, he said things that made it obvious he could not personally follow such ideology. Right now he spoke of immersing himself in her for longer than a human lifetime. They'd both lived significantly longer than humans but endless bliss was a pipe dream. She scoffed once more wondering how he worked up the courage to say such things with absolution. Speaking of impossibilities, she needed to clarify something before all else. "No. You are never to do anything so ridiculous. You can't add more to my problems with you..." she said firmly. True enough, even when they spent most of their time in the last days entwined by the loins, she had many problems with the King of Heroes, not the least of which was the hollowness she now felt at the core of her being at the idea of her own death which she'd never felt once before he'd become so intrusive in her life. The idea of him trying to impress her to such an extent was frightening to her psyche.

    Moving on... there were other ridiculous things to consider. Like for instance that Gilgamesh did not fear for his own safety. He leaned into the knife at his neck aiming to press her further and further back as he did so. He still had her hand captured and though she'd kissed him of her own accord, she did not expect him to take such injury without flinching. Ah, but before she could even comment he was saying more and kissing her again. She did like that... the dagger in her hand remained at his neck though she pulled it back just a bit. Whenever their lips finally parted she'd have a few words to share with Gilgamesh. His movements had also shifted the sheet over her person... no matter she did not mind her own nudity and ignored it as she did most things, even as the peaks of her nipples were kept on edge by the fabric. "I know I won't be forgetting that everything about you goes against natural inclinations. Most people, will at least protect their vitals, Gil. If I pull a knife on you.... you should not let me stab you in the neck of all places so carelessly... you definitely shouldn't move towards it causing such vulnerable parts of you to be exposed and taken advantage of," she mused even as she saw blood fall from that now wound. If she'd been another type of creature she might have attacked him in a moment like this. But it was strangely interesting to watch him bare such injury. Regardless of the sentences so recently spoken, she knew it took quite a bit to cause him injury and thus felt a strange stirring having inflicted it properly.

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    If Eri thought endless bliss was but a pipe dream, she was but an imbecile. Gilgamesh was not one who made decisions that wouldn't reach fruition. Perhaps there had been a few setbacks in his long life, but that was of no consequence. So long as he had a say in this, he would see only one end result: the undying elation of his queen, even in the absence of all things he sought previously. He'd parted with Enkidu. He'd lost immortality. He'd lost the chance to restore the youth of all Mesopotamian denizens. He'd even lost her, for a time. By Gilgamesh's count, he'd taken seven too many losses. Never would there be another loss, including the failure to deliver on a single promise. As for allegedly adding to this woman's list of problems, well... "Then do not present the need for me to butter you up, as you put it. If you do so, the red may never leave this beautiful face," he announced.

    Blood dripping from his neck, Gilgamesh remained entirely unfazed during his assault on the queen. Could she be called a queen while this version was in charge of the body? The world may or may not believe so, but Gilgamesh saw only one entity. Protection of his own vitals was no concern of Gilgamesh's in this woman's presence; his chosen queen could be no threat to his existence. Even as she took the break in their kiss to chide him to the contrary, his belief did not change one bit. "When, Hoshimi Eri, have I ever been classifiable as most people? Was even this Ishigami Daisuke such a man? If so, he was a fool. What sort of king would one be to his queen, if he did not open himself with the same reckless abandon the queen herself shows? I have been taking advantage of your openings for quite some time now. Why should I not show you the same courtesy? It pleases you, does it not?"

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    Of course. The retort Gilgamesh gave to her was exactly the sort of thing she'd assumed it would be. He made the claim that if she did not wish to have her face permanently reddened then she would give him no cause to force him to show his favoritism. Too bad, he'd called her face beautiful in this moment, "But.. you... ugh..." she couldn't even get through a sentence because her own face was already so red. She could not think of a situation that would require her being buttered up, she would rather just assume he'd do it on his own. Even so she could not honestly say she was anything other than astounded by his references for her. "Fine." That was always how she dealt with it. An overload of emotional honesty, a compliment that struck the depths of her soul and warmed her heart. She was not by her own nature such a person but that did not mean she did not feel it. Actually, since being in this man's presence she'd begun feeling many things that she had no proper explanation for.

    There were apparently many things Gilgamesh was willing to do, not the least of which was emotionally disarm Eri. Even with blood dripping from his neck, Gilgamesh was content to not heed her warnings nor take her chidings. Had he ever been normal? No... not really. "Baka! That logic is skewed. Are you saying recklessness is good in some way," she questioned, none too calmly. "Though I cannot deny that you were never really like other people anyway," she said. "I can't speak for kings, though it'd probably help you live a bit longer if you didn't act so casually against your own life," she commented. She had not removed this knife from her hands completely. Did she like how open he was when taking advantage of her? Yes. Was she pleased by the good faith shown even when she thought it stupid? Yes. "Just because I like it, doesn't mean it's not stupid Gil..." she said finally. "I could still hurt you..." she mentioned softly. Strangely overtime her answers had been becoming more direct, and less evasive. It did not get beyond her notice that this man wasn't even protecting himself from the emotional sabotage of dealing with her, but she supposed, she wasn't protecting herself either, especially considering how she viewed this situation... "Speaking of openings, you've managed to take advantage of... you have me pinned, are you going to let go?" she asked in a manner which was mildly provocative. According to him, she did not have to stop her violent inclinations and she was curious why she was the one awake as he seemed to be the one triggering such a thing with his own actions.

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    Surely she didn't think there was any avoiding his mannerisms. They'd known one another far too long for any version of Hoshimi Eri to envision a change in the ways of Gilgamesh. Avoiding embarrassment, and avoiding exasperation, were things left completely in the flaxen woman's hands. Well... perhaps not completely. He did enjoy the shifting of her face far too much; he very well couldn't go without seeing some of those expressions for too long. Even now, it was so very easy to fluster the woman, he could hardly be considered trying. How then, could there be any avoidance... ever?

    The king was called reckless, and within the very next cause, the difference between himself and others was addressed. Alas, she claimed he was taking action against his own life, and that he'd live longer in the absence of such behavior. Foolishness. "I am not so foolhardy as the likes of you, choosing to embrace death. The Gallus cannot hold me. When the final vestiges of mankind leave this world, Gilgamesh will remain. The only thing that can hold my golden majesty, is you," he declared, certain of his every word. As for any injury he received, it was completely inconsequential. Much the same, would be the effort of releasing Eri's wrist. Ah... but he could pin her further. One hand remained available, so he used it to take her by the ankle and lift its associated leg. "You are beyond such moronic questions, Hoshimi Eri. No matter the meaning you take from it, there is only one answer to the question of whether I'll let you go. You speak of an impossibility that even I will never overcome. You may accept that as gospel, for it shall never be anything less." With that said, Gilgamesh's hips moved yet again. He was to reinsert himself into the loins of Hoshimi Eri, as if doing so in retaliation to her inquiry. "Why would you even think otherwise?"

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    It was truly impossible to avoid the mannerisms of Gilgamesh. There was no part of Eri who wasn't aware of this fact. Even so, it was her responsibility as the one currently facing him to make it clear that she would not like being embarrassed beyond belief over his antics. It was already far too easy for him to change the way she viewed things. After all, knowing that he wasn't lying about the things that fell from his mouth. She expected to be lied to, someone saying such ridiculous things as the truth was well beyond her level of evasive behavior.

    Speaking of things she could not evade. More speech from Gilgamesh about his apparently not so reckless behavior was one of them. According to the Golden King the only one who could hold him was the woman before him. Apparently even the supposed demons of the underworld could not manage it. How strange. Did her heartbeat just speed up? Hearing those words against her ears was something quite strange. She did not expect him to say the sort of things he did, but at the same time she couldn't hate when he said such flowering words fall from them and they were aimed at her. "You didn't have to say it like that..." she said seemingly suddenly rather sheepish. Of course she did, she felt something strange and warm in the increased beating of her own heart in her chest. She did not like feeling things, and every time he spoke or did something she felt weird.

    Speaking of weird, in addition to one pinned arm, she now was having one of her legs lifted by the ankle. Oh? This was going somewhere quite interesting indeed. As it happened Gilgamesh seemed to take issue with her line of questioning. He made the claim that he was incapable of letting her go and this was something she should take as gospel. How ridiculous. Ever welcoming however her attitude came out, was the depths of her person he seemed so content to slide into. She wanted to say that nothing was impossible, as far as she understood it... he should let her go at some point. He'd have to given her own retirement plan. Ah... but that wouldn't be stated right just now. No, as he reached his home within her person, she could say nothing so contrary. "Fuck!" she mumbled. That grip on the knife in her hand only tightened just a little. Even pinned like this she seemed content to threaten this man with a knife he gave her... only it had not truly moved in that hand even as her body stretched and clamped down upon him as he moved forward. "Self-preservation..." a single idea for why he should be capable of letting her go. Maybe she wasn't even just talking about him in saying such a thing. To know he was being truthful and to believe in him as she did was confusing to her sense of self. He should have wanted to protect himself from another loss and she had already made clear her intention to walk into death like greeting an old friend. No matter. Here and now she'd meet a different embrace, actually, that knife disappeared from her hand as she reached for his face instead, content enough to bring their lips together.

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    Notions of self-preservation would never be shared between the two. Who did she even speak of more? He had no interest in preserving himself; there was nothing left to taint by his own decision. Preserving Artoria Pendragon, Hoshimi Eri... whatever she could be called at any given moment, was the thing of interest. Alas, she would be fading from this world soon. That was fine; he'd deal with that when the time came, and the return would be even more glorious than her final moments. Regardless, there was no point to this thing called self-preservation, as far as Gilgamesh was concerned. It seemed the importance would also fade from Eri herself, at least in some respect after a sudden loosed knife and meeting of lips.

    She'd say her piece against his behavior, and she'd fall into the embrace of his antics all the same. Such was fate. Just the same, it was her fate to be assaulted in the most vicious manner Gilgamesh could manage. The past several days had been but a climb, and as fate would have it, the top of that climb would not be reached in this lifetime. More days would fly by, and the immaculate bedchambers of Gilgamesh gradually became a small warzone. In a total of ten days time, the bed was in ruins. Tables and chests were broken and strewn about, and even the curtains had been torn from the window. Virtually all things usable had been used until they broke in some way, except... the wall. Indeed, they wound up against the wall once more. His hands were pressed against stone, arms bent at the elbow and supporting his partner's legs. It seemed they had finally entered the last stretch. Gilgamesh moved as if it was his only purpose; listeners beyond the confines of this room may have believed renovation was occurring, given all the slamming and whatnot. Amidst all this, the king had but one thing to say. "In all this time, you've yet to speak the words I've awaited. It is a certainty by now; you will be carrying the heir of Uruk. Your consent by now is irrelevant, yet not undesired."

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    A battlefield. Everywhere visited by Hoshimi Eri or by Artoria Pendragon, could likely count as such. She'd spent literal days besiged in a bedroom with the King of Heroes. There were many casualties along the way, the greatest of which was her chastity. Still, a hard fought battle marred the landscape. Broken furniture, torn curtains... constant sounds of cracking and breaking... but the two combatants remained strong. Both never seeming to give up at all. As one learned and delved deep into this thing the other calld bliss, she learned of aspects of her nature she'd allowed to go unused for a literal eternity. She could not speak of disliking this turn of events, this evolution of self, nor could she truly discount any efforts undertaken by this man.

    The time they'd spent together so far had been marvelous, and truly she had only started to desire more. When is the last time she'd even considered picking up a weapon? Well a few days ago, but that wasn't really for the same purpose as normal. Here and now she was being battered by her favorite sword of a different type. Attached to Gilgamesh it plunged in and out of her repeatedly. Who was she right now? Did it truly matter? Probably, but the lines between her personalities had been blurred so much she was hardly certain she was anyone anymore. That was fine though, right? As her legs and body were supported by Gilgamesh as he plunged in and out of her depths he had something to say.... he'd been waiting for her to say some specific words and she hadn't yet. He kept going pushing repeatedly. She could feel the pulse of her canal around him as if she was trying to squeeze him to death even as he assaulted her so thoroughly. He thought she bore his child by now... if she thought it possible for her to bear children that likely would have been a concern. But as those emerald eyes of hers lifted she saw an amount of truthfulness in this man that he always possessed. He did not need her consent but he still wanted it. She scoffed gently her hands moving around his shoulders and up into his hair her face moving ever closer. She'd tease just a bit... feeling that building of great tension within herself inching her closer and closer to the glory she now sought. "You possess infinite audacity to claim to desire my consent for such a thing after all you have done to me..." she murmured softly. A gentle little smirk crossed her lips as she stared into his face, she truly did like looking at him from every angle he approached her. None more so than while he was exerting himself in such a manner as this. "But I have grown fond of your gifts... as you would call them so just this once I tell you to make that offering deep as you can, for the queen you claim. You can do this for me..." she said knowing it was something great to finish around a magnificent tool. Knowing it was greater yet to be filled to the brim after he'd slammed himself home within her. She actually truly enjoyed this time they spent together and it was something she would not lie about nor discourage when they were alone together.

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    Artoria spoke some amount of truth in the end. Of course, she could never do so prior to pointing out his audacity; she seemed far too fond of doing that. Nevertheless... the lack of need for her consent was beyond clear. The most potent of reproductive fluids had been deposited within her various times already; rejecting the idea of childbearing would be pointless. Her loins worked tirelessly to ensnare him and squeeze those fluids from the pipe; arguing against her body's actions would also be pointless. She did neither, but something was... just slightly off. Was she still foolish enough to believe she could bear no children? If so, she underestimated the ability of any children they'd have. Her physical restraints were of no consequence here.

    Whatever the case, the words were spoken in a manner quite demanding. The grin Gilgamesh already wore stretched further, and the throbbing of his tool became rather aggressive. "Then I will take it as your solemn vow. A monarch of the future resides in you. Shall I show you the face of our firstborn as the final step of assurance is taken?" he asked. He continued to mentally question this woman's belief in the certain future, but... it should be nothing to share the truth with her. His eyes already possessed that trademark eerie glow of foresight. Would Artoria Pendragon accept the future wholly if she saw the visage of the first child? Would she even accept the offer to see for herself? They'd find out the answers in the coming moments, but waiting on discussion didn't deter Gilgamesh from banging on the door to their child's... first bedroom, in a manner of speaking.

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    Did Artoria believe she could still not have children? Yes and no. There were several issues at play when it came to her body's abilities. But he always seemed so truthful and assured she would not argue with him. She had different feelings about everything so even with the offer to see the face of their first born she'd do something else entirely. Ah, such would trigger the slip between her personalities as Gilgamesh kept knocking away at the entrance to her womb. She truly did enjoy that feeling among all the others she took, and those convulsions in her depths continued without a hitch.

    "Baka!" that was the first word but it would soon be accompanied by her lips making contact with his forehead all the while rejecting fully any chance to see such a thing. "For the man who will make the future happen with his own hands and who tells me no lies..." she mentioned ever so softly. "I have only hope to offer for the future. I need no confirmation..." she said those words and meant them. Whether she gave birth to a child now, whether it happened later, whatever the case would be that life sprang between them, Artoria Pendragon and Hoshimi Eri chose to believe in his will in this case. The lack of normal physics in this world was something she'd started considering the moment their bodies had properly connected, as such who was she to argue? She did not need to see fate to believe in it. She'd been believing in many things blindly her entire life. But she saw him and all he did, she had no desire to question his will for such moments any longer.

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