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    What was the green-haired goddess viewing at the time of her decision? The Hero Gilgamesh had returned to Uruk, ordered the fashioning of a new city gate using the acquired cedar, and washed the filth from his body. Huwawa's blood stained his weapons, so he cleaned them. A clean robe and cloak were required to suit his kingly visage with this new title of Hero, so he took some time perusing his garbs. Only the most luxurious of garments would do. Naturally, he littered his body with jewelry of gold and lapis lazuli, adorning his neck, wrists, ears and so-on. He tied back his hair and placed a crown atop his head before taking his throne. His appearance, his demeanor, his very aura were all the epitome of the word splendid. Moreover, he was on top of the world.

    What of Enkidu? Well, the banquet was over. The pair had enjoyed their meal of victory, with the victory itself fresh in their minds and fresh on their clothes. As such, Enkidu was off enjoying their time elsewhere in the Citadel of Uruk. Perhaps they were indulging, while King Gilgamesh merely basked in his own glory. The blonde male was on top of the world, both physically and metaphorically. What could go wrong now? The way he saw it, nothing at all. Everything was simply... perfect, as if he'd been back in his original world and being named the #1 player on Earth all over again.

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    What could go wrong? Well, one thing? The descent of a certain green-eyed goddess. Her form was admittedly quite magnificent, the mounds of her chest spilled over, and her shape was divine. Waist-length green hair and a golden crown atop her head were about the highlights of her non-physical attributes. She was beautiful and none could deny this as far as her physicality was concerned, but for every mark in the positive space of her attractiveness, she lost five in intelligence, both emotional and educational. How much proof did we need of this? None really, she was about to speak. And though her tone and cadence were soothing and melodious the words she spoke were... "Gilgamesh, I, Ishtar, glorious goddess have seen the greatness you've become and I will give you the honor of becoming my husband. You could have me as your beloved and give me all your riches... It will be your greatest pleasure in life to give to me! And I will see you reach heights second only to me~" she announced as if this was the best possible thing that could happen to any man.

    At the same time that crimson haired woman laughed aloud within her own temple. "If, by some lack of logic he takes such a deal... I am done. This world can obviously live without any wisdom, if that is the kind of deal accepted by the king at the top of the world," she scoffed crossing her arms over her chest and leaning back in her chair. Such an offer was selfish at base, and the woman was not exactly known to be faithful or kind to her lovers at all. Surely, anyone with anything resembling sense could see this. She'd given that man all the things he needed to attain wisdom, so... all the faith she had in humanity, rested on this man's shoulders.

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    Oh, what was this? Was there someone else coming to congratulate the first Hero of this world for his grand conquest? No, that was not the case at all. His visitor was none other than Ishtar, this world's goddess of love, beauty, and so-on. she was the patron goddess of his own city, and one of the most widely-heralded deities in creation. While he was very much against the gods, he still walked the mortal plane, and would thus be expected to participate in customs such as deity worship. Besides, Ishtar was an appealing thing to behold. Perhaps that had to do with his natural preferences, or perhaps it was the influence of her divine authority affecting even him? Well, the answer didn't matter.

    Now then, what exactly did she want? She had seen his greatness. Of course, he was officially the greatest man to walk this planet. None could have orchestrated that plan as he did, as even he couldn't have done it completely alone within Huwawa's marked territory blessed by the gods. She would allow him the honor of becoming her husband? To give her his riches? To reach great heights, second only to her? Such useless dribble spewed before his own throne could be met with nothing but a glare, even as the king appraised the goddess' form. After a few moments of silence and the deepest inhale, Gilgamesh opened his mouth and answered 'glorious' Ishtar.

    "If I take you in marriage, what gifts can I give in return? What ointments and clothing for your body? I would gladly give you bread and all sorts of food fit for a god. I would give you wine to drink fit for a queen. I would pour out barley to stuff your granary..." His words trailed on, seeming almost as if Gilgamesh thought himself unfit to wed the goddess. He thought no such thing. The gods gave birth to him in this world, but he was so far beyond them. They were corrupt at their core, becoming worse over time. Mankind ill needed their interventions, or even their influence─ and no man deserved what he knew Ishtar to do with her lovers. "But as for making you my wife─ that I will not. How would it go with me? Your lovers have found you like a brazier which smolders in the cold, a backdoor which keeps out neither squall of wind nor storm, a castle which crushes the garrison, pitch that blackens the bearer, a water-skin that chafes the carrier, a stone which falls from the parapet, a battering-ram turned back from the enemy, a sandal that trips the wearer."

    Crimson eyes that had no place in mortal skulls were lidded shut as he spoke. The king sighed. He was long-winded already, but not nearly done. What more was there to say about Ishtar's escapades in the thing she called 'love'? Much, much more. "Which of your lovers did you ever love forever? What shepherd of yours has pleased you for all time?" he asked, all in rhetoric. "Listen to me while I tell the tale of your lovers. There was Tammuz, the lover of your youth. For him you decreed wailing, year after year. You loved the many-colored roller, but still you struck and broke his wing; now in the grove he sits and cries, 'kappi, kappi, my wing, my wing.' You have loved the lion tremendous in strength: seven pits you dug for him, and seven. You have loved the stallion magnificent in battle, and for him you decreed whip and spur and a thong, to gallop seven leagues by force and to muddy the water before he drinks; and for his mother Silili lamentations. You have loved the shepherd of the flock; he made meal-cake for you day after day, he killed kids for your sake. You struck and turned him into a wolf; now his own herd-boys chase him away, his own hounds worry his flanks. And did you not love Ishullanu, the gardener of your father's palm-grove? He brought you baskets filled with dates without end; every day he loaded your table. Then you turned your eyes on him and said, 'Dearest Ishullanu, come here to me, let us enjoy your manhood, come forward and take me, I am yours.' Ishallu answered, 'What are you asking from me? My mother has baked and I have eaten; why should I come to such as you for food that is tainted and rotten? For when was a screen of rushes sufficient protection from frosts?' But when you had heard his answer, you struck him. He was changed to a blind mole deep in the earth, one whose desire is always beyond his reach."

    One clause remained─ just one. After all his rambling, Gilgamesh opened those piercing optics of his, offering a single curiosity. "And if you and I should be lovers, should not I be served in the same fashion as all these others whom you loved once?"

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    Disappointment. That is what shined in the eyes of the red haired goddess, as Gilgamesh began speaking. She could only shake her head and watch in horror as he talked like one of those who followed that empty-headed goddess around like puppies. Oh the last hope of the world had fallen on the shoulders of one who could not resist the physical wiles of the goddess Ishtar.

    Excitement. At the same time those first words were spoken, the green-eyed goddess herself looking nothing but superior. Her nose turned up in the air as her ego inflated to a size it couldn't have possibly been before. The first Hero of the world acknowledged her splendor. He alone was fit enough to possess her... and he would provide all that she needed for a life of true comfort. She would indulge, use his wealth and his body and have the life she always wanted to live. No other gods to stand in her way, no other person to get between her and what she wanted. No criticism no flaky behavior just a man who suited all of her needs and could give her happiness, physically, materially, and emotionally.

    While ego inflation and mental victory played in the mind of one goddess. Disappointment, and nigh hysterically bereavement played across another. How on this great planet had the one who could have been everything fallen into the trap of a bimbo with no morals. And then... everything changed. Gilgamesh began speaking and those two faces, switched. Instead of the goddess Ishtar showing a face of glory and happiness nothing but rage and sadness filled her. And for that crimson haired goddess, that disappointment swelled to near parental levels of approval. There was pride and happiness alight in her red eyes and she laughed. It was joyous and perfect. Nothing could have been better. Nothing could have prepared the goddess of Wisdom to see the crest fallen Ishtar, finally meet a man who did not want her. Glorious was this moment. "Tehe....hehe...Ha. Ha. Hahahahahahaha!~" magnificent. All was well, all could be good, in a sea of millions a single clever man saw through her completely. At the same time, Ishtar heard the thoughts of Gilgamesh and couldn't fathom an answer to his query. Instead her face went bright red with rage and humiliation. How dare he bring up all others while she made an offer to him?! Surely he couldn't make such a decision based on the past alone! He couldn't be allowed to think he could turn down a goddess such as herself. Not ever! An angry huff left this woman as she turned heel, disappearing from the sight of Gilgamesh without even trying to formulate an answer to his question. Her wailing cries could be heard by all as she approached, her heavenly father. She did this with all of the energy of a tantrum throwing toddler, told no to a new toy...

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    The long speech of telling Ishtar essentially her own backstory was over, and on the table was a question for the goddess. Wouldn't he be left to suffer the same fate as those others? Would he not be spurned and cursed the moment he proved disagreeable, as all the others had been? What of the moment she took and took until he had nothing left, leaving him worthless and penniless in the desolation of his own choices? He would take no part in it. Gilgamesh had entered this world and done everything in his power to set himself up for greatness. Now that he'd reached the threshold of legends and stepped through the doorframe, neither goddess nor harlot could stand before him and threaten his new legacy. Damned be the fact that Ishtar's form screamed an invitation to his loins. He had access to every woman in Uruk─ nay, every woman he locked eyes with! Her body was perfection incarnate, but there would be others. One day... there would be one who did not seek the treasures he amassed, nor the glory of being by his side. If he was lucky enough, that same woman would have one such physique. As Ishtar stormed off without bothering to answer his question, the king wondered if he would eventually be gifted another prophetic dream from the world, this time involving his newfound curiosity. Oh well. He had more than he ever needed in terms of companionship since Enkidu's appearance, so none of that really mattered anyway.

    Where had Ishtar gone, though? That was not for Gilgamesh to know, but it was for all of Celestia to hear. Of course, there was one god these cries were meant for; it was always the same man in the end. Middle-aged in appearance, golden locks swept back onto his neck, a perfectly-maintained beard, and garb of white, crimson and gold with lapis lazuli gems adorning him. Presently, he took the name of Anu, but he would always take the role of some fatherly figure among this world's deities. He would at times answer to Zeus, Odin, even God despite the fact that such a name could not be applied to him properly for reasons he did not understand. Ah, but there was one word or title that always registered in his case: the Father. Surely that would be what he was expecting, hearing that familiar voice wailing its way across their divine realm toward his heavenly throne.

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    Ishtar's life work had been turned against her... and where did she go... straight to the blonde man with his well-groomed facial hair. Tears in her eyes she stomped angrily before his throne, wanting punishments to be passed upon the 'Hero' Gilgamesh for his slight against her. How dare he actually turn her down by pointing out all the things she'd done before. Whatever, now was the time, she'd put on her most pouty face and let her tears remain, she'd cry a the foot of her father's throne until she got her way, as she always did. "FATHER!! Gilgamesh said horrible things about me, he brought up all the things I did before and he won't agree to be my husband. He... he...he slandered me!" yes, that was the right word. She remembered that one. "He disrespected a goddess, you have to give me Gugalanna so I can punish him and all those other people he has laughing at me!" she demanded petulantly. Surely, this man wouldn't let a slight against the gods go... surely there was no way he'd let the recently crowned hero Gilgamesh get away with two slights against divinity in a single day.

    Ah, but they wouldn't be alone in this throne room for very long. With the wails of Ishtar, carrying far and wide across this plane, other goddesses were drawn in as well. The Mother, as she was called, sat, eyes covered in almost nun-like clothing at the blonde man's side. She'd seen a great many things but maybe this was the wrong way to go about this. Before that woman had to throw herself to the green haired girl's line of sight, that red haired goddess, known colloquially as the Crone sat down next to her and scoffed heartily, still bemused by the goings on, "It's not slander if he's telling the truth. You're a goddess, if you can't avenge your own assumed slights, do you even deserve to call yourself such?" Was the question posed by the red haired woman. The blonde at her side could only nod her agreement this point stuck. To give a creature like the Bull of Heaven to punish a man for telling the truth was not at all in keeping with any teachings a good mother could have. Wailing children had to learn to comfort themselves at some point in life.

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    Of all the reasons Ishtar could be approaching him this day, she chose to whine about being rejected by one who stood among mortals. The one called Gilgamesh was more divine than mortal, but for what purpose did she think his attention worthwhile? She didn't have to come bawling back to Celestia just to whine about some partial human shirking her affections. Slander, though... perhaps he was missing something? Whether he was or wasn't missing a fact or two, the request of the Bull of Heaven was a ridiculous one. He rather fancied that divine beast; it was far too much to waste on some trifle matter. Alas, the Father seldom denied a request from his fellow deities─ particularly those like Ishtar, who brought them great worship.

    Two naysayers rose in response to Ishtar's demands. At the same time, an orange-haired deity arrived to take Ishtar's side in the matter. Seeing Gilgamesh brought to ruin would be a boon to them all─ himself especially. "That's a little extreme, Metis. King Gilgamesh has power that places him among our ranks, and both the attitude and potential to do so. I would suggest a bit of maintenance at minimum, especially after he managed to befriend the chains we built for him," the man spoke. One other male was present, his hair similar in color to that of Ishtar, Enkidu, and a particular Sacred Prostitute. This male came not by any conventional means, but by emerging from vines which erupted through the floor. He had nothing to say, but every inclination to observe the goings-on. While words were shared between deities, Anu seemed to be deep in thought. His comrades were essentially at conference now, so perhaps this was a matter for the majority vote. . .

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    Apparently, the woman known currently as Metis was being extreme. She turned those glowing crimson eyes to the man who'd chosen once again to question wisdom. There was nothing but ire in her countenance. This one would never learn, his whole world would crumble and he'd lose all, long before he realized that he was better off thinking with the head on his shoulders, instead of the one which dangled between his legs. "Is that so, Enki? If it's only maintenance then why don't you lower yourself to the world and impress the goddess Ishtar by defending her honor in glorious combat? Why waste a divine creature to terrorize both innocents and the two people who can kill it? Or have you forgotten just earlier today he slayed another creature created by this plane? I'm sure you did, considering all logical thought leaves your head as soon as those mounds on her chest appear within your line of sight." Oh, yes there was full conversational rudeness. Wisdom was beyond tired of watching this group discuss the comings and goings of this wayward child. If any one of them told her no and it stuck, it would be different, but with at least two men willing to appease her for various reasons, and another one willing to abstain for his own purpose, the annoyance that was this 'goddess' would only continue to float around this realm until she managed to bring it to the ground with her. This was the most likely outcome of all of this, it always had been, and Metis had been warning of it sense the beginning. But only those completely immune to Ishtar's wiles would ever really listen.

    A young girl soon entered her seat in the council room as well. Taking her seat beside Metis. Her body emerged in shadow but she pushed back her hood revealing light pink hair and a small crown in obsidian with empty gems. Her face seemed to show no real deference one way or another. She couldn't help but think this situation was one which would end badly regardless of what way it turned out. Ishtar was more furious now when she'd first shown up. How dare they not give her what she wanted immediately, she was here now, and better than all of them, they should hand her whatever she needed to get what she wanted. "If you don't give me what I want. I'll tear down the gates of hell. There won't be a difference between who dies and who lives, and you'll be the ones to blame for it because you could have just done what I wanted!" she exclaimed. How very unreasonable. Metis looked at this woman and scoffed and her words immediately made an enemy of the pink haired girl who'd just shown up. One didn't get to claim her domain as any part of a threat, and now there were three against this notion.

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    The ire of their resident wisdom goddess was not something which concerned the one called Enki. They were not so different in capacity by their very design, so as far as he was concerned, she had no place to address him in such a way. "You are the wise one, no? What good would it do one of us to face him directly? Any of us would hardly fare better than Huwawa or Gugalanna. If we were to rid ourselves of him, the only way to do so would be to abuse the mortal side and exhaust his stamina first. If we accomplish that, I will gladly be the first to descend for the sake of us all," the orange-haired god explained. Gilgamish was far too great a threat for single combat, especially with the Chain of Heaven in tow. If his options were limited, however, one such as Enki would be dispatched without hesitation. Such was his way for the sake of all gods and their livelihoods, irrespective of the fact that he enjoyed the idea of Ishtar's favor.

    Three seemed against the use of Gugalanna, while only two stood in favor. The silent Enlil was hardly one to contribute; he always stuck to his creations, trees, and so on. This should have been an easy choice. Anu could have simply said no, but Ishtar had a certain mood she tended to resort to at the worst times. She claimed she would tear open the gates of hell and let the dead intermingle with the living if she was not given the Bull of Heaven. Given her usual anger-induced reactions, such a thing was well within her will and power alike. What then, could he do? Discord between the group could never be avoided, but he had to keep them from physical conflict with one another for the good of all. Well... if nothing else, he supposed he could ensure the wellbeing of remaining humans. "If I do what you desire, there will be seven years of drought throughout Uruk, when corn will be seedless husks," he stated. As the patron goddess of Uruk, Ishtar was the one responsible for its fruitful harvests as well. Anu would not see the people suffer her ire as an afterthought. "Have you saved grain enough for the people, and grass for the cattle?"

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    The one called Enki brought up the point that none of them would fare very well against the one called Gilgamesh. His answer to the question presented was simply that they would have to wear down the stamina of him to be able to be rid of him, and that he would easily take that up if it was possible. Ah, but he really didn't get it. Maybe he didn't remember what the goddess of wisdom had been preaching since the time of Gilgamesh's conception. "It would do nothing, as we should do. We are gods, meddling in the affairs of mortals or other gods shouldn't be something we do. Every time we do so, we take one step closer to our almost inevitable end. Instead of making the decision to bother him constantly, we could have left him to his works, all we have ever done is push him further away from his divinity. And it was always something easily avoided," she said with an eye roll. "Or you know, remember that I mentioned trying to force would do nothing but drive him away. And look at him... doing exactly that. Leave him be, let her wallow in her failure that she might actually learn some form of decency. A man saying no to her, isn't the worse thing that could ever happen to her. Or continue to feed that ego of hers, until her head sinks the all of us by virtue of association, the choice as always is yours, but it'll be on your head," she said in an offhanded manner. She knew that the likeliest scenario would be this whiny wench who called herself a goddess, getting her way from yet another enabling man, but... to try an be the voice of reason was her highest priority. She never truly understood what made men go so stupid in the brain, they'd likely blame anything else when they had nothing to show for their efforts. It was kind of sad to see such unmotivated people in such high positions of power. This was actually quite disgusting. Aside from the Mother, and Stranger, there were hardly any reliable voices of reason. Even Enlil was only as useful as his own mind allowed him to be.

    It was about time, someone put that hag goddess in her place. Who cared, about learning lessons and all of that nonsense. She was here to get revenge for the audacity that was shown her today. Good on Enki, trying to win her favor by sticking up for her. No matter what Metis mind would never change, she saw nothing about Ishtar as remotely redeemable. If this was a council of all women there would have been no ground she had to stand on. But it wasn't. There were always three men present which meant she only had to convince the few and use her own vote to throw it the way she wanted. Ah, but what was this, she was asked about taking care of the people, if Anu did what was asked of him? Ah, well it was all but assured she'd get her way. Seven years of providing for the land of Uruk post the rampage of Gugalanna? Yes. "I have enough grain and food for all those remaining. Seven years hardly matters, I want my vengeance give me Gugalanna so I can take it now!" she claimed. Yes, she'd take care of the people if it would allow her to show her rage to Gilgamesh. The Crone sat and sighed. This kind of thing happened repeatedly, and it didn't even take her vast knowledge to understand the outcome. "Ah, and here it comes. Giving her the freedom to rampage over the mortal realm once more... to do nothing but cause more division between us and what is supposed to be our key. Tell me, in less than a year's time, when she's complaining about not having enough to stuff her face, do you plan to feed her then too? What about when this doesn't go to plan and she comes back to beg more? Will you give that to her too? Are you so blind to the consequences of indulging this brat that you can't fathom the harm her actions do to us all?" Those would be her last words this day. It didn't matter that she would get to eventually say 'I told you so' so much would be lost before then, all because no one could see her for what she was. Or maybe they could... and they were fine with the outcome?

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