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Thread: Finis Chaldea

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    For gods to avoid meddling in the affairs of mortals made no sense. What was the point of being gods if they did not lord over the mortal races? Those lesser existences needed guidance, and they were the ones to offer it in exchange for nothing but worship. "With an attitude like his? How long do you think he will be satisfied with being a Hero? As soon as a few more appear, that childish man will aim for the next step higher. Where does that put him? Oh. Targeting us with no provocation. Best let him lose that divinity we granted him now. Maybe then he won't be able to manage anything, if he's allowed to live that long," said Enki. If nothing else, he hated that loud-mouthed king. He'd be the end of their age one way or another, so it only made sense to nip the weed at its bud before it grew all the way to Celestia.

    Anu didn't see much choice in the matter. To prevent strife between his fellow gods escalating, and to prevent the eventual fall of the humans who sustained them all, he had to grant Ishtar this moment of vengeance. A wave of his hand produced a pair of lapis lazuli bull horns set in a golden halter. Seven years of famine would befall the mortal world soon, but Anu trusted his companions to keep their word. The choice was not an easy one; it had to be made to the best of his ability regardless. "Calm yourself, Metis. We will not war amongst ourselves as the mortals do. Whatever the cost, that must always be avoided," he declared. With that, eyes of green were opened by the ever-meditative Enlil, speaking words of their own to his state of understanding. Did anyone hear them? Most typically didn't, but this time, he had something audible to say. "With all action, there is consequence, dear Wisdom. The remuneration of our every choice will be deserved as it is earned."

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    The claims of Enki about the attitude of Gilgamesh were not necessarily unfounded. He was abrasive by his own nature, but not so childish as Enki thought. In fact, Metis could almost guarantee that if he grew bored of his current level of conquest the only god in any real danger was Anu himself. Besides all of that, King Gilgamesh was just and put in place by them, if they didn't trust in their own work why did they even bother? It was a circular argument every time it came up, a simple shake of her head would occur. There was no point in constantly explaining the same point. No, instead she would do as she always ended up doing, she'd wait... and be proven right.

    Metis was told to calm herself even as the golden halter and lapis lazuli horns were produced. He really intended to grant this goddess, the means to take her vengeance because someone brought up actual truthful facts about her, when she tried to seduce them? What sort of lesson did this teach anyone involved? What was to be learned from this situation? Nothing. A scoff left Metis, there was a burning anger in her one which cried to be unleashed. Anu was so concerned about actions taking place between the gods, he hadn't even stopped to consider how one like Gilgamesh would take this constant interference. While she though through all the possibilities, a single conclusion was reached. The Bull of Heaven would die this day and once again this council would meet. And when it did, a decision would be made by her. Strangely, the words that met Metis' ear weren't from any of the others, instead, Enlil spoke and his words were hauntingly cryptic but... Metis was wisdom incarnate, she understood his stance now. She wondered if he truly thought the fall of the gods was the right thing to do? Maybe, there would be a greater reason for it later, but whatever the case, Ishtar's eyes were sparkling.

    The Bull of Heaven was hers this day, and she'd use it to rain terror down on Uruk. Yes, she'd have to feed the people afterwards, but she'd trample that idiot Gilgamesh for speaking badly of her. And maybe, if he groveled and begged forgiveness, she'd give him the chance to make it up to her. She'd take that thing from Anu and head herself back down to the world to release this bull upon Uruk. She'd stand atop the walls of the great city as she brought down this mountain sized beast. The bull would take a breath. A large crack opened up in the ground, swallowing up a hundred men... killing and stirring up panic. Another snort opened up two cracks tearing aside the land once more, two hundred would die as a result. None would be safe from her wrath this day. Her cackling laughter would be heard throughout Uruk as chaos ensued.

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    And so, a great terror befell Uruk and the world as a whole. The Bull of Heaven's steps were a thing to fear. Its breath alone severed the earth, sending hundreds of innocent citizens careening to their deaths on the world below. Uruk and other segments of the surrounding Chaldea were falling apart piece by piece, and the creature had only just been loosed. Naturally, these tremors reached the likes of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, the former of whom rose from his throne with a grimace. As for the latter, Enkidu... Well, they were still celebrating their victory over Huwawa. While no more than a genderless tool of the gods, now of Gilgamesh, Enkidu preferred identifying as male. As the ultimate tier of shapeshifter, they had such ability to produce whatever genitals they preferred, or... whatever their partner preferred in this case. In the midst of ecstasy and the wake of that second destructive snort, Enkidu pushed upward, gazing down into eyes that matched their own. Sweat was wiped from the brow as it continued glistening across their perfect androgynous form. "Forgive me. My dear brother, I fear, may be in need of his weapon," Enkidu spoke through a series of pants. "I will return to further bask in victory with you soon. Wait for me."

    What a terrible time for an assault on Uruk, and for what purpose? None that Enkidu knew. Nevertheless, they happened to be much closer to the walls of Uruk than King Gilgamesh, becoming the first to face off against that mountain-sized beast by the river. That laughing, was that... the goddess, Ishtar herself, he heard and saw upon the wall? What reason could she have to bring heaven's great beast to assault her own city? It seemed Enkidu was even more necessary than they first thought. . .

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    The Bull of Heaven's rampage had started and there was only one person capable of stopping it. Ishtar stood atop the city walls and laughed at the destruction and chaos. She knew it would draw the attention of King Gilgamesh. She knew he would come and save his people. And if he wished to stop the bulls rampage he would have to grovel and apologize.

    Ah, but someone else was also apologizing. As a push forward met her hips, a certain Sacred Prostitute was enjoying the body of the Chains of Heaven. Enkidu had been indulging in her since their victory over Huwawa, and she'd been enjoying him in kind. Of course the rumbling across the ground was something rather obviously not related to their clandestine activities. A smile crossed her face as she looked into eyes that mirrored her own. "Well, I suppose it was too much to assume it was simply us making the ground shake so... Go. I will always wait for you..." she said leaning into his face to press her lips against his cheek.

    Soon after the first two, another deep breath would be aimed at this city, nothing could stand in the way of Gugalanna's power! Ishtar would continue to reign down terror on Uruk until the King issued his apology, preferably on his knees while singing the praises of her might and glory. Yes, that was the best possible outcome here, and she'd have it. With the Bull of Heaven on her side, it wasn't possible that she'd lose either. The Bull of Heaven was practically invincible. None could fell a divine beast! Maybe it would come to her attention a bit later, what the Chains of Heaven were created for. She'd been present when that idea was put up, but it was hardly her concern, she definitely didn't retain anything about it, besides knowing that it'd been a beast before challenging Gilgamesh.

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    Enkidu met the Bull of Heaven with preparation, but no one person could possibly be prepared enough for a divine creature of its caliber. A third snort caused the Chains of Heaven to topple just as the king was approaching the fray. Luckily, Enkidu managed to recover quickly before falling through another crack in the land. This recovery did not come easily, however. Chains emerged from their robes, extending to great length to take the bull by its horns. A swing was meant to bring Enkidu about onto Gugalanna's back, where they intended to use chains as reins to steady its movements.

    Meanwhile, Gilgamesh stood before the bull and the ireful Ishtar atop the city wall. To think, she would resort to acquiring the Bull of Heaven simply because she felt slighted. He looked upon that divine beast with crossed arms, and the smuggest of grins on his face. He actually seemed entertained. Why wouldn't he be? He'd been approached by a goddess, and rejected her idea of affections, just to produce this outlandish reaction. One might consider this something worth bragging about, even as hundreds died around them. "Ishtar, you whore... Did you go and cry to your father in heaven?" he mumbled a curiosity, knowing the Bull of Heaven was not at all attributed to that woman. "You went as far as dispatching the Bull of Heaven, and for what? Because the King of Uruk can see that no man deserves the dream of bedding you, when it is followed by the nightmare of waking up while you remain at his side the next morning? Hmph. Hardly befitting of a goddess."

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    The Bull of Heaven was being properly wrangled by the Chains of Heaven. Of course, to Ishtar this whole thing didn't matter, she was sure it wouldn't last. Even as the Chains used themselves as reins, the beast still thrashed about trying to mar more and more. Still, its breaths could no longer reach the ground to split it apart and now, a great number of the people here were considerably safer than they had been. Their king and his friend, had stepped up to save them, in spite of any abrasiveness in his personality it was obvious he was here. Ah, but what of this goddess, why was she like this? What had the King of Uruk done to incur her wrath? Oh... he'd turned down her proposition. Really? Something so simple had hundreds killed and thousands endangered. She was the patron goddess of Uruk and this was the choice she made?

    He spoke to her, but his words didn't beg forgiveness. No. He was still insulting her?! A huff escaped the goddess known as Ishtar. "I told him of your slights against me, and I was granted the Bull to enact my vengeance!" she proclaimed as if this was a perfectly legitimate line of thought to take. "Instead of spewing more insults you should be begging forgiveness!" Her audacity knew no bounds. No, she would not call off the bull, not until such a time as an apology was issued, and maybe... he'd learn his lesson. "It is any man's dream to wake and serve me. And you should be no different. Heel and I'll be gracious and forgive you!" she claimed her nose up in the air. Oh, yes, this was all about saving face. She seemed not to realize that no one actually had to know the man had turned her down if she hadn't made a public spectacle of the situation. She seemed to be lacking the basic reasoning that she could have sulked about this in private and nothing bad would have happened. But no, she'd brought the City of Uruk to the footfalls of a divine beast, because a man didn't want her.

    All the while Metis watched from above. It was more obvious now to her that the ignorance that plagued the brain of Ishtar was leaking out into the world at large. How stupid could one be, to create a problem for themselves, and then make it public by issuing an act of revenge. She was a goddess, she could have cursed him quietly with no show of force and forced his hand. If Metis had a power like hers and wished to make a man suffer, there were many easier ways to do it, she could have left is body longing unable to find satisfaction with anyone else. She could have made herself the only option for him and quietly forced his hand. All of that would have cemented her power and made him look ill-tempered as everyone claimed he was. But no... here she was, bringing a foul name to divinity and making herself look like no more than an idiotic tantrum-throwing child. A fist met the side of Metis' cheek, annoyance exuded from her being. How long would this last?

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    Oh, she spoke of his slights against her. Of course. It wasn't as if he'd simply told her of her own escapades throughout the long life of a deity. Even though he hadn't fabricated a single line of that speech, she reacted as if it was all slander. Ah, but he should beg forgiveness. He should desire to serve and service her, he should be gracious of her desire for him, and he should... heel? "Fu─" he chortled. Gilgamesh stood at the top of the world, both literally and metaphorically. He was an existence like no other, and one the likes of which there would never be again while his legend remained intact. Never would he heel before a whiny goddess, nor any deity or otherwise. "You confuse dreams with illusion. Me, heel? I find you more deserving of the heel of my boot; or perhaps the palm of my hand, being the petulant child you are. Off my wall, whore goddess, and I will see you bent over my knee as you deserve."

    Even in the face of the Bull of Heaven, Gilgamesh knew no fear. He could not be stopped. He could not be punished. He could not be bested, even by the thing made for the sole purpose of restraining him. All those gods had against him was a heaping pile of nothing, worth less than even dung used fertilize a single, crushed seed of barley. Gilgamesh could hardly resist laughing at the thought, while Enkidu continued to wrangle Gugalanna. Its tail brushed against them just once, nearly throwing the Chains of Heaven from their place atop it. Regardless, persistence was apparent. "My friend, we boasted that we would leave enduring names behind us. Let us rip the heart from this bull and throw it in Ishtar's face, that she might never show her face again with that bloody makeup," they insisted. With that, Gilgamesh's restraint was lost. "Fuhahaha! Interesting. That sort of makeup would certainly fit that bitch, with her shrill, annoying laughter."

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    Gilgamesh may have stood atop this world, but he as nothing compared to a goddess. This was a belief held firmly by Ishtar. Of course, it didn't matter that this was part of her own delusion of grandeur. He should have simply done what she wanted. How dare he bring up things that didn't matter when she propositioned him. How dare he make the self-serving decision not to do what she wanted. He deserved to suffer for his misdeeds, so did everyone else connected to him. Still, he claimed not to heel, and not to desire what all men did. He claimed her undeserving, explaining methods of physical punishment. He called her a petulant child and threatened to bend her over his knee. A look of shock and disgust crossed the goddess' face. How dare he?! No one treated her like that, the fact that she was willing to go so far merely for the way he'd spoken to her should have made this clear. "You are but a man, you can't make claims like that. Do as your goddess commands or suffer," Yes, that saved face didn't it?

    Well, not really. In fact, the words of Enkidu did nothing but prove that her threat hardly mattered. They were talking about slaying a divine beast, and sullying her with its entrails. How gross. "You cannot slay the Bull of Heaven. Divine creatures cannot be slayed by the likes of you!" she exclaimed, more cackling laughter leaving her face. Yes. There was nothing any of them could do until she called off her beast. And she would only do so with Gilgamesh's submission. This plan was perfect. But what was this, Gilgamesh was laughing with Enkidu? Wasn't he just a tool? Why did his opinion matter, why did it look like they were having fun? Nothing about this was fun, this was vengeance! How dare they enjoy each other's company when she was standing before them? She was here for worship. They were supposed to cower in fear of her wonderous form. Apologies were supposed to be issued, it was supposed to be made worthwhile for her to have to feed the remaining people of Uruk, after she conquered Gilgamesh.

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    "H'oh? Come then, O' Goddess. Bring me to my knees with your divine power, and perhaps you will be the first to make Gilgamesh heel," the king challenged. It was worth wondering why Ishtar thought herself so superior, but one might suppose all deities would eventually be as such. No matter. She could think there was no besting the Bull of Heaven, for the moment. Both Gilgamesh and Enkidu knew better, even though neither of them could possibly know the whole of it just yet. The king's existence was two-thirds divine, yet also beyond divinity in a way only the world itself knew.

    Even without knowing though, there was an understanding. Nothing could stand against the two of them together─ nothing. They were laughing together in light of the bull's rampage and Ishtar's outbursts, when Enkidu offered an additional clause during a further expansion of chains to bind the beast fully. "Now, thrust in your sword between the nape and the horns!" they called out. To this, Gilgamesh took action by brandishing the Sword of Rupture. Those spinning segments were aimed forward during the king's charge, the end of which would see an effort to pierce the bull's skull. "Enuma Elish!" the king shouted, hellbent on pouring the might of the ultimate weapon directly into the cranium of this divine beast. Divine creatures could not be slain, Ishtar proclaimed. That foolish goddess; divinities were precisely what Enkidu had been created to bind, and no amount of divinity could save one from a power born during creation itself. "Die and be silent!" Gilgamesh commanded of the bull.

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    Gilgamesh had words for Ishtar, he wanted to her to prove her power. To make him heel? How did she do that?! Surprise and shock came over the goddess' face, why should she have to do that sort of work? Speaking alone should have been enough. She'd procured the Bull of Heaven to run amok in his city. Why wasn't this enough to see him brought to heel? She turned her nose up in the air preserving what was left of her dignity. "Divinity such as mine would be wasted upon the likes of you. You should do as you are told!~" she said, casting a slit of a green eye down at him. This was working right? Yes, surely it was, she was a goddess. She stood above men and beasts, all should follow her direction and do as she commanded. No divine power was needed to bring a King like Gilgamesh to his knees, obviously her being here and doing so much should be exactly enough.

    Ah, but it wouldn't be enough. More words from that tool Enkidu. As he gave the advice which would see the Bull of Heaven slain. The combination of the Chains of Heaven and Ea were too much for a simple creature to withstand. Surely, there was some way to win like this. Ah, but no. The Bull of Heaven died in this moment and Ishtar was left to cross her arms over her bulging chest. Metis would never let her hear the end of this blunder. She'd said this would end this way, and now here she was, unable to save face in the felling of her sacred beast. Gugalanna fell to his side and breathed no more. But... but but... It couldn't end like this. She was a goddess, she should get what she wanted. No one told him to slay the Bull of Heaven. Surely punishment would come because he did such a profane thing. Surely this was considered some form of blasphemy. "Curse you, Gilgamesh. How dare you commit more treasonous acts against me. Against the gods!" Yes, that worked right. Obviously the problem here wasn't that she brought a divine creature to try an subdue a man and his city. Obviously the problem was that he'd gone and killed it. He should have let it kill him before bringing harm to something that belonged to the gods.

    Ishtar moaned like a petulant child, but the people of the City of Uruk were busy. The courtesans and ladies of the temple, the sacred prostitutes and all were busy, tending to the wounded. Saying prayers for the dead. Many quietly thanking their king for saving them from this madwoman's ire. The Bull of Heaven was felled this day, and now life could continue on...

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