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    It was generally accepted that more excitement was to be had, primarily by exploring Delsgade in a more natural manner. Now, Anos would not have minded a map or something, but seeing everything fresh with his own eyes was ideal for deciding different rooms' purposes in a moment. He imagined there would be many rooms he thought up a few specific purposes for. First though, there was the matter of new life born of Sin's efforts within the Void.

    According to Sin while she dealt with the endlessly staring creature, Sukuna and one of her children would make quite a fun pairing. She also thought Crbnki was a suitable name for the little beast, expressing that before releasing the creature to let it roam free. Only then would Anos be prepared to move; he wasn't planning on doing so with a random new animal staring him down the whole time. "Then it's settled. Of all the life you've breathed into the Void this day, that thing will be the first named. Now then, shall we? I'm very interested in seeing what we will make out of Delsgade's rooms," he said cheekily, an open gesture of one hand over his shoulder. The castle was massive, but time was endless─ as were their lives. Even if it took an eternity to explore the whole castle, even if there were a million distractions along the way, Anos figured progress would never be anything but perfectly paced to his liking. "I'll even let you lead the way. Rest assured, I'll be close behind all the while~"

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    It was interesting, walking around with Anos and having a fun and light conversation about the things she'd created. But now with the newest little creature named and roaming free, they could go about looking around this great castle of his. According to Anos, they could see what they'd make of these rooms together in a manner most cheeky. Sin, in her understanding of his words could only smile as well... "Well, doesn't that sound interesting~" she said. It'd been quite a while since a place required her hand in any meaningful way. Actually, she hadn't truly done that sort of decorating in quite a while. She could have fun and much to her own chagrin, Anos offered to let her lead the way seeming to wish to follow along behind her.

    "Hoh? What's not to enjoy about that idea~" she mused as she began walking. Since they were out in the gardens she turned towards a high tower nearby. They'd take no issue inspecting such a place first. The building itself was tall, cylindrical and with nested curves and strange carvings in the walls. She walked towards it seeming to think about what it had to be and upon the door opening for the pair of them she was greeted by a smell which any who knew would recognize instantly. It smelled like pages and ink and with a smile on her face she entered the space. "A library? I'd ask why it ended up outside but it's kind of large and full."

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    Sin knew exactly what he was getting at when suggesting she take the lead. In a roundabout way, Anos knew everything that could be found in this new Delsgade, but what all did the goddess incorporate? When he summoned the castle of Delsgade into the material world, it was nothing so extravagant as what was now around them. What better way to inspect its newness, other than with something else to take his gaze now and then? "Nothing, I'm sure. I'll let you know if anything comes up," he quipped.

    With that, Sin did indeed take the first steps toward one of many towers on this massive platform in the Void. A grand spiral tower of this magnitude reminded him of something he'd once known and enjoyed. What was it now, though? As Sin stepped inside, she made its current identity clear. This massive and eccentric tower was... a library. Well, that made a fair amount of sense. As for why it wound up outside the main castle, Anos could grant a very clear answer. "Knowledge lost, and knowledge never known. This place should be full of those things. Interesting. This sort of structure existed in my original castle; it was my armory. I wonder where that's gotten to," he mused most casually. "My personal books should be in here too, shouldn't they? I sense them somewhere nearby. Maybe at the top? The spell tomes and crafting dossiers I wrote have always been floating somewhere in the Void. You might find at least some of them interesting."

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    "I would hope you'd let me know if something came up~" Sin mentioned with devious light playing across those eyes of hers. Of course, she'd not been much of a flirt in the time before knowing Anos, even so, she seemed to fall right into it without much fuss. Perhaps these matters truly were a matter of partner? She found it so easy to quip back at Anos that it was almost as secondary to her nature as breathing or creating. Ah, speaking of creating, in her own burst of energy earlier she'd pulled together his castle and added a few things here and there.

    Though she knew what she'd done in an overarching manner, even she wasn't always certain of the details. Given this she was genuinely impressed by this library and its winding staircases full of bookshelves and random seating. Anos said this library held knowledge unknown as well as what was lost. He also mentioned that such a tower once held his armory. "Oh? Armory? Well... it probably is around here somewhere. Such a place is usually one of my favorites, I assume I took a bit of care in its creation~" she mused. Ah, well that would have made sense. She was a battle maiden primarily. But there was something also interesting. Above, there was apparently knowledge created by Anos himself. Things he claimed he made himself. This statement lead to Sin walking up the stairs towards the place that felt most like him. Up and up she went seemingly amused and very happy to look through anything he'd made. "I suppose I would like to have a look or two. These books felt powerful to me so I separated them from the general fare~" she explained of the choice. Things that felt like Anos seemed to have ended up on a higher plane than the regular information. Of course, this could have been because it was his castle, but the more likely explanation was an actualization of Sin's secret admiration of the demon she'd married. "You should open this door~" she mentioned. It was seemingly locked by the signature of his own mana, probably to keep out those who would pry. While she could open it, she imagined she'd take a great deal of joy in seeing a room she'd basically made into a shrine to his genius. She had to remember to thank herself for all of her random thoughts during her burst of creativity. Within was a large stained glass window, and smaller lights. Comfortable chairs and couches were in the middle and the shelves along the walls were lined with tomes penned by Anos and arranged by sections given their specific topics.

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    "I'll let you know anything you like," Anos stated. Though they were strangely flirting while taking a casual stroll around the demon castle, he had nothing against a moment of seriousness. In this new life, there was much Sin could learn of the old world and the Void. In addition to still wondering about all those stories she heard, he wondered how much of her own potential she'd ever realized. Perhaps the answer would come in this very library.

    According to Sin, an armory would be among her favorite places, and as such would be something she took extra care in constructing. She had no apparent memory of what she'd done with the place, as if to say she'd done all of her creation subconsciously. Strangely enough, that was perfectly believable. "We might be finding out what it's like together then. I'm relatively excited," he mused while traversing bridges within the tower's hexagonal interior. Up and up they ascended, Sin leading the way to the tower's highest point. She did sense some books that felt more like Anos himself, and had preemptively separated them from the others. How strange. He figured they would be placed higher because they were steeped in magic, but... luckily for Sin, she didn't mention the specifics. Eventually, they encroached upon a door that Sin suggested he open. "Ho? Going with isomorphism for a library door lock? That's delightfully excessive," the demon commented while stepping toward the door. His hand reached out, and a moment of contact caused chambers of the door to fill with his mana. As a key would its associated lock, his energy passed through the precise channels necessary to turn the locking mechanism. Soon enough, they would see every tome he'd ever written, including presumably the most massive of them all: A book of something called Origin Magic, which boasted greater potential than an army of demons and gods combined. He imagined that particular tome would be very easy to find, had it been collected.

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    "Anything?~ How very accommodating~" Sin mused in a teasing manner. She also had no issues being serious, but after a full ten or more millennia being duty bound, she came off as a bit more fun seeking than serious. Of course, she held a certain amount of curiosity about the nature of the world, and even the previous one she lived in. She didn't know a lot about the Void either, other than of course its basics, so she had no issue learning and she was a rather quick study.

    According to Anos he was rather excited to potentially see the armory she'd created when pulling his castle back together. A grin spread across Sin's face, she didn't currently have it in her to be as coy as she should be. "Oh? I can't really wait either... it's going to be great~" she mused. It didn't even matter that she didn't fully remember constructing the place. She knew that in bring this castle together she'd done something quite invasive. She'd made it a living shrine to her admiration of Anos. A girlhood dream become reality was this place and each and every piece of it hinted as such, not that she'd be admitting such a thing.

    Of course, this would only become more obvious as time went on. For instance, the locking mechanism on the door was seemingly understood by Anos and called excessive. She'd gone without fully explaining that she'd moved all of his personally written manuscripts into a private space, not only because they were powerful, but simply because they belonged to him. "I am surprised to hear the words excessive and delightful to used to describe a singular thing..." she said as she observed his ability to use the locking mechanism on the door. It functioned as she intended for it to, and as such she could only be happy about the outcome. And once they were inside this equivalent of a cozy study, she felt the pulse of tomes written by Anos. It made her skin tingle gently and had those hearts in her eyes opening only briefly. 'These are all Anos' books!~' she could have let out an excited little utterance, but instead she made her way to the most extravagant and largest tome to exist. Something called Origin Magic which was large enough to make her torso look small and had pages heavy enough they couldn't have been turned conventionally. "Hoh? Origin Magic seems to be quite fickle about who gets to know it~" she mused as if the subject matter itself was alive. She didn't truly know if that was the case, but it wouldn't stop her from running her fingers along the spine and cover of this large tome.

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