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    In the aftermath of all that strange pumping and the filling of Meron's rear, Albertus found himself incapable of functioning to any normal capacity. The bones in his legs were suddenly made of jam, or something of the sort. Did humans deal with this sort of thing every time they copulated? He definitely hadn't expelled that much mana. Ah, but it wasn't a bad sort of feeling he experienced either. His legs wouldn't respond as he would normally want them to, but it was... relaxing.

    With this newfound relaxation, Albertus was soon found with his weight bearing down on Meron from behind. His breathing had become labored, and it seemed he was on his way farther down, toward the mattress at Meron's side. In doing so however, he left an arm hooked around the woman as if he meant to pull her down with him. It was still Albertus' intention to take rest while he remained within Meron's body; he hadn't forgotten that part at all. It didn't matter what hole he was in, nor did it matter how long humans slept. He'd abandon consciousness whenever Meron lost it, even remaining firm within the woman's bum all the while. "I'm not sure 'pretty good' really covers it. That was awesome!" he exclaimed. Truly, this had all been very new to Albertus. How many more new things would he discover over time? How many would be shown to him by one Kujaku Meron? Time would tell, surely, but he was excited to see the future regardless.

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    According to Albertus, Meron's words about this situation were a bit muted. If one asked her, he was far too excitable as an individual. Granted, she could appreciate his excitability as a person and it was infectious she still found it amusing. Still, she found herself relaxing in the afterglow and this man hadn't removed himself from her person. Instead he collapsed into her person and bed as if to find comfort. Did he fully intend to sleep buried within her person. "Awesome, is a bit extreme, but I guess it was pretty awesome~" she mused. She supposed if he did, she didn't have to worry about anything negative happening. He definitely wasn't planning to sneak off. Perhaps that was for the best, it'd be a shame if this man turned out to be some drunken fever dream of hers.

    Whatever the case, she found herself drifting off to sleep with an arm slumped around her and a man buried inside of her. Such sleep came much easier than normal, and whenever she finally woke she'd be reasonably well-rested if not a bit hungover.

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    Extreme. Apparently, that was how Meron considered his assertion. It was a notion she seemed to frequently apply to things he said and/or did. He didn't particularly mind it; that was something he'd simply come to expect. Extraordinary feats ran in the family, even in old times among other Creators. Those were times very far in the past now, but the weight of such things could only become greater in a world devoid of both magic and the presence of deities.

    It was only when Meron fell asleep that Albertus allowed himself to do the same. Connected as they were, he was able to essentially put himself into rest mode on a timer. When Meron's mana became active during her moments of waking, his own would lose the calmness of rest as well. Of course, he did have an open link directly to Meron all the while. If she were to dream, it would be one he shared while having a second-hand feel for how the mana coalesced within her body. Well... that was something else new for him, wasn't it?

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    Meron spent a night sleeping, plagued by odd dreams and odder sensations. One might have thought it was simply the matter of mana and a sensation she didn't understand. But oddly enough, it wasn't the mana and its settling within her person which seemed to eat away at her. Instead it would be the sensation of a fully erect man buried within her rear for the duration of the night which would stir her occasionally. It was a strange thing to consider, but he truly was extraordinary for his ability to do this sort of thing, and every once in a while a stirring motion or movement would cause her to realize the connection and comfortably settle back into sleep. The sensation of her mana was something entirely unknown to her and it wouldn't be until the early afternoon of the next day that she'd actually bother opening her eyes and trying to get her life together and likely failing at it.

    "Ugh, what kind of night was that..." she mumbled to herself as she aimed to stretch and remembered that there was someone else occupying her bed as well, warm and taking up space next to her. Strange, she sort of fully expected this man to disappear.

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    Humans did not sleep for very long at all, as Albertus was soon to learn. It was only a matter of hours before Meron's mana began moving, which caused Albertus to stir as well. His waking was an easy one. The swirling of mana was something he sorely missed. Surely none would have anything to say if he basked in it for a moment. Oh? Well, it seemed Meron did have something to say about... something. Specifically, she commented on the previous night while stretching in such a way as to move his shaft about within her. He hadn't expected movement so soon after a mortal slept.

    "I'm pretty sure we already decided it was the awesome kind," he commented. With that, Albertus propped himself up on one elbow, the other arm still slung around the woman's midsection. There wasn't a single sign that he'd been asleep mere moments before, but... it wasn't as if he needed something like sleep anyway. "You didn't go changing your mind, did you?"

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    Another groan escaped Meron. Yes, humans didn't sleep very long in the grand scheme of things but it was long enough for Meron. A quick shift of her gaze, and Meron was confronted by a sight many would never see. Albertus looking as happy as when she'd met him, as if he'd not spent the entire night drinking. He was quippy, attractive and still, buried within her body. And what was this he was saying? They'd decided last night it was awesome? That sounded somewhat familiar but there were more pressing things to discuss. "Last night is done. Now we are on how unfair it is that you manage to wake up in godly fashion while the rest of us can't get our lives together..." she griped. She had to look horrific. She probably smelled gross. She probably felt gross, but she did like waking up in this man's arm space.

    "It really isn't fair," she groaned. She felt strange. Perhaps it had something to do with all the drinking she'd done the might before. "Still, I guess last night was still pretty awesome..." she said her complaints mostly finished already.

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    Of all the things Meron could have said, she pointed out an alleged unfairness regarding his state of waking. The rest of them couldn't get their lives together, she said. In Albertus' opinion, she hadn't a clue what she was talking about. "Huh?" he muttered. Upon propping himself up, Albertus had a gander at the state Meron was in. Was there something to human waking he didn't understand? If there was, he certainly wasn't going to be seeing it in her. "Who's 'the rest of us' exactly? You don't seem to be struggling to do anything~"

    Well, maybe Meron's inability to see the ethereal glow of magical energy was at fault for her state of mind. Albertus couldn't tell. What he could tell, was that there was no need to 'get her life together' or anything of the sort. Whatever the case, they agreed on one thing. "Of course it was awesome! That was just the start, and the beginning's always the best! So, what's the next thing?" he wondered.

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