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    Munetsuchi, 'A lake without heat', is a sky island in Chaldea which counts as an empire. It is run by a Empress who claims a direct link to Celestia. In truth, she is one of many discarded demigods who has the power to enforce her will. This place is one of magical aptitude full of mythological creatures and wonder. It is a utopia run by logic and level-headedness.

    Within the enchanting realm of Munetsuchi, traditional Japanese buildings stand as architectural marvels, seamlessly blending with the natural surroundings. Elegant wooden structures adorned with intricate carvings and graceful curves reflect the refined craftsmanship of its builders. Delicate paper shoji screens invite soft rays of sunlight to filter through, casting a warm and soothing glow upon tatami-covered floors. Pagoda roofs with upturned corners reach towards the heavens, a symbol of spiritual connection and harmony. The air carries the faint echoes of laughter and conversation from bustling teahouses and merchant stalls, where the vibrant tapestry of daily life unfolds. Lanterns gently sway, illuminating narrow cobblestone streets lined with wooden storefronts, their facades displaying exquisite artwork and calligraphy. Munetsuchi's architectural tapestry weaves a story of tradition, history, and the timeless elegance of a bygone era.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodedge View Post
    Broad daylight in the sky above Munetsuchi, there appeared to be three falling stars. Sadly, it was but the beautiful visual applied to three people descending from a hellish scene. Charlemagne of the Holy Templar Order of Aincrad had ended his wedding and coronation as Holy Emperor with quite a bang. Well... bang was one word for it. In truth, any 'bang' to be noted was the one which sent him rocketing out of the floating fortress alongside two of his comrades.

    Astolfo, the pink-haired male in a skirt, would not be useful at all. He'd been drained almost dry by that damn succubus of an executioner, and hardly even knew where he was. In fact, he almost seemed to be enjoying the fall. He was trailing behind Charlemagne a bit. Obviously, he'd be no help... but perhaps Charlemagne was in luck. It seemed he'd soon be landing in a lake at terminal velocity. How lucky Charlemagne was that he'd be buried at sea without any effort.

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    Those falling stars would shine with quite a bit more vigor than normal. Among the three falling was a Elafia by the name of Anais. She'd not know this would happen. She'd been enjoying a rather emotional wedding and then suddenly the tides had changed. Charles was being called some sort of traitor against the Holy Father. The Holy Father had decided to take on his form and then suddenly, she Charles and Astolfo were falling due to the mechanizations of isabella Valentine. Strangely, Anais didn't think she was truly meant to be harmed in this endeavor, only included. After all, she was pretty certain if their comrade Ivy actually wanted her dead, she'd have been sliced to ribbons long before she'd gone tumbling out the side of Aincrad. Ah, yes but there was no time to consider this... they were falling. And while they were approaching a large body of water, they were still falling way too fast.

    She pulled her hands together, almost as if in prayer, but she wasn't praying. She was creating and protecting small candle flames. And blowing them out into the air. One for herself, one for Charles and one for Astolfo. They came into being in the form of large white stags and though they couldn't naturally fly, their movements placed them beneath the falling group. They were solid enough to slow their descent, so that while they'd hit the water hard, it wouldn't end any of their lives. They wouldn't last a terribly long amount of time either, just long enough to drag them towards the nearest shore for their own safety. How strange it must have looked for three creatures of incandscent flames to descend beneath the surface of the water... only to emerge a short while later as if they were normal creatures grazing.

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    Irrespective of how he felt, Charlemagne would not be dying just yet. Due to the intervention of Anais ensured that all three falling members of their group would have a slowed descent. Rather than being crushed on the surface and buried in the depths, Charlemagne was taking a dip from the back of a magical stag. Lovely. Or... could all things only be the opposite now? Charlemagne couldn't even be satisfied with the quick thinking of Anais; he was rather busy breaking apart at the seams... both figuratively and literally. By the time he was brought to shore, Charlemagne looked like some glitchy program. Various spasms across his body had individual parts fading in and out of reality, all in a very painful way.

    Meanwhile, there was a slender male figure watching the skies since before those 'falling stars' even descended. He appeared to be a nobleman with shoulder-length, pale blue, asymmetrical hair. He had pale skin, light purple eyes and a small mole under the left corner of his mouth. His attire consisted of a white collared coat with long flowing sleeves, dark blue lapels, and gold trimmings decorated with a number of embellishments worn over a light purple kimono and white pants. He also had black and golden armor on his right shoulder, white and purple gauntlets on both arms, black gloves, and a large golden rope around his neck. Some peculiar-looking blue gemstone hung around his right hip by a thick, golden rope.

    What was this man doing as he watched? Well, he was sitting at a small restaurant, turned in his stool to face away from the bar. His right elbow rested atop the counter while his right arm lay over his lap, that hand holding a large cup of bubble tea. This was about the time he expected a certain someone to be passing by this very restaurant, but he seemed to simply be out for lunch with a companion. "They say falling stars seen in broad daylight are a sign of something else. This one is funny. Those don't look much like real stars at all," he said somewhat cryptically.

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    The group at large was dredged out of the water after falling from a great height. Of course, the first to recover enough to do anything was Anais the least compromised of the group. Immediately after catching her breath and expelling a large amount of water, the white stag she rode dropped her at the edge of the tree line. She needed to conserve energy so when she could walk hers was the first to disappear. She'd go on to set up an active barrier for the group, including Charles who seemed to be suffering quite a bit. She looked over his body as small flames began to flicker about, and arranged the barrier in such a way as to stabilize his condition. "Stay with me, Charlie. It's going to be really difficult if you don't try and hold yourself together!" she explained. Of course, she was mostly uninjured and the strength of this particular version of her power, would also allow Astolfo to quickly regain himself. With another hand on deck, Anais could properly figure out if she as capable of treating Charles, but as she sat at his side, she was certain of one thing. She'd never seen an injury like the one which was plaguing him now. The hit from Ivy was one thing... but his shattered look was something else completely.

    At the same time, at that little stall, there was another person. Well, person was a loose definition. She had fair skin, purple eyes, thigh-length muted pink hair, that was tied at the bottom. Also tucked into those strands were furry pink ears pointed downward, though pierced so they didn't hide. The overly ornate earrings she wore, were globe-like purple gems surrounded in gold with an almost eerie glow to them. She was wearing a stylized version of a shrine priestess's outfit with a short skirt that showed long legs tucked into a stool. She had on an ornate headpiece to go along with the rather notable ensemble. "Umu! A falling star whose light never dims, would make for a real-page turner... I find myself dreadfully curious~" came a statement almost flirtatious as a piece of fried tofu was passed between her lips. She'd looked over her own shoulder at the falling light, knowing exactly what it was.

    Just the same passing this pair by was a different sort of person altogether. A girl with long purple haired tied up in a neat bun adorned by flowers. She wore a white kimono also decorated by the common fare of flowers. A young maiden with an obi of red and eyes which were a uniquely clear shade of blue. She walked with her face tucked behind a fan, but still, she couldn't help her newest habit of people watching and then... she was rather suddenly distracted by the falling stars. Those didn't feel like stars and they also didn't look like them. And then she'd heard the conversation between these two people at the food stall, she'd found herself paused nearby to hear out everything they had to say. Her own curiosity causing her to eavesdrop just a bit.

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    Charlemagne was... probably dying. He had no knowledge of what dying felt like, but he assumed this was probably it. In the past 24 hours, he had his first several experiences feeling his own mana without consciously channeling it. Here and now though, he wished it was something impossible to feel. He was breaking apart on a spiritual level, and he could feel every single crack as it expanded. Anais came to offer healing and stability, but what was it all for? Ah, mostly his back which had been damaged when he was blasted through a fortified wall. That would have helped him physically, but he couldn't even feel it over everything else. "Ana..." Charlemagne groaned after she spoke to him. "This is trying," he finished. Whatever this occurrence was, it was not something Anais's ability would help him with. Astolfo was starting to regain some sense of self, but he wouldn't be very helpful to the situation either. . .

    Ah, but help was in the works back at the city. Two people who were a bit eclectic even for this place were enjoying a conversation with much purpose. The fox-eared woman expressed her curiosity in an interesting tone. "Lady Guuji, curious? It sounds almost like you're about to have another weird and wonderful idea. I'm on board as always, of course," he said between sips of tea. Their conversation was surely being heard by a very specific individual... as it should have been. Those 'stars' were special; they required attention. Knowing the proper attention had been acquired, the blue-haired man stood. He'd be walking slowly, 'coincidentally' past that purple-haired girl while speaking. "Sometimes, what appears at first to be nothing but a passing breeze can ultimately be that which alters the course of events... Fufu~" By the time these words were spoken, he'd stopped right in front of the listener. He'd be looking straight at her, offering the very cup of bubble tea he'd been drinking from. There was... something special about that tea, whether anyone took note of it or not. For starters, it had a flavor profile that couldn't be found in this country ─ maybe in this world as of yet. Beyond that, it boasted the strange ability of regulating mana flow in the most interesting way. If that girl took and drank the tea, she'd find her mana streaming throughout her body like pure water, even offering a sense of coolness as a result. "You know... If you throw fallen flowers onto the stove, the searing heat infuses them with one final spark of vitality, and for a brief moment, they radiate a more glorious glow than the flames themselves... it was a short life they lived, but it was by no means a wasted one."

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    Anais most recently being called, Ana, was being told by her leader that he was indeed trying. She could easily do something about the nature of his physical wounds but holding his soul together wasn't something she could really do herself. Perhaps fixing up his body would help, at the very least it would give what was left of his mana and soul something to cling to as far as shape was concerned. Even so, she knew that this was quite the potential problem. "Shit." she whispered only to cover her own mouth quickly after. "Oops, don't tell anyone about that," she mentioned quickly. "I'll do everything I can... just don't give up okay?" she said earnestly. She felt like she'd be letting the entire group down if Charles died on her watch, but unknown to her... help was technically on the way.

    It seemed the curiosity of fox-eared woman was something of interest to the blue haired man. He claimed to be onboard her random inclinations as he always would be. She grinned and turned to begin walking with him, her dish of choice complete she found herself at his side. "Weird? Wonderful? I don't know you what you mean... I only meant that boredom of the tired tropes would be lifted with literal stars falling from the sky. Sometimes the truth is more interesting than fiction~" she mused seeming to have an idea or two of what she wished to do, but no immediate need to express it.

    Even so, they stopped right in front of a purple haired girl, an offering of tea was made along with some rather cryptic words. She wasn't quite sure what they meant, but somehow looking at this man's face, she felt nothing wrong with trying the food he offered. A few sips and a flavor she'd never tasted before danced across her tongue. Beyond that, the sensation of her mana seemed to cool her entire body down immediately. She didn't even have the grace to look embarrassed about the fact that she'd obviously been caught snooping on this pair of people. "Oiishi!~" she chimed after tasting the drink offered to her. It was so strange, but very good... she definitely wished for more of it. What was more, an even more cryptic message would be shared. "Are?" she questioned as if confused. Her brows furrowed and then she looked on. Perhaps she should go out and do something... she'd been unsure but... now that she was actively feeling the mana in her body and the mana in her atmosphere something felt... wrong. The girl in the white kimono would scurry off after a quick bow. "Arigatou Gouzaimasu, Onii-san! Onee-san!" she said addressing both of these people. Hm, strange, she'd not even spoken directly to the fox woman before doing that. After she was out of earshot the fox woman couldn't help but be amused. "Ara ara, to be so young and full of energy~ I do wonder if we should find someone to keep track of the tales for posterity~" she mused gently.

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    Things were truly in a bad way. How did Charlemagne know this? It wasn't the pain in every fiber of his being, the betrayal, the other betrayal, or all of those things happening on his wedding day. Really, it was the fact that Anais, of all people, swore. Life really was going to shit, wasn't it? "Ugh, no... it's that bad?" he asked the universe. Terrible as this situation was, he wouldn't stop trying to hold himself together. The number of promises he had to keep were piling up, and he didn't plan on breaking any of them. Maybe he could just keep stable long enough to let this all blow over?

    Sadly, that wouldn't be the case. He'd have to wait until another event reached its conclusion, which it seemed to be doing rapidly. A brief exchange was made with the purple-haired girl, resulting in her experiencing an apparently delicious blend of tea. Interestingly enough, she thanked the pair she'd been eavesdropping on, even though she only interacted with the male. Clever girl, the man thought. Moving on, the male would leave her with that tea and a cryptic message. His female comrade had some words to offer about the departing girl, and something else about keeping track of tales. "Oya~? Why would you want to do that?" he asked, almost as if legitimately confused. Just then however, he sported a sly grin. "You were just talking about stories. Why don't we do that? We'll write a 'story' for everyone to read. A good one ─ something... timeless. Sound good?"

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    Anais was watching over the lad and wanted to be honest with him. She'd continue her work and keep them all relatively safe, but still explain the situation as much as she could, preferably without the swears. "I... uh... well... honestly, I can fix your body up for the most part, but I can sense your mana and I can only stabilize it... I can't explain what is happening here, but I am sure we all know you wouldn't have done anything like that," she said about the 'murder' of the holy father. Of course, it looked kind of bad in the moment, but she was certain she wasn't the only person who believed it. "It'll be okay, eventually..." she said trying to be reassuring. But they were definitely going to need help, an expert and maybe an army to clear Charles name. After hearing about Ivy's research into Jeanne d'Arc, she wondered if Charles was being made into the next big bad of the Templar Order.

    While this happened, the girl in the white kimono was walking almost unconsciously towards the direction of the falling stars. It wasn't as if she'd get in trouble for investigating something. Her curiosity was always encouraged. It wouldn't be much to figure out where the lights had gone or even to track down anything else. And... if anything bad happened she could always run off home or call for one of her parents. Besides, stars falling had to be worth looking into, right? Yes and with that decision made, she went along with her cup of tea in hand crossing a long bridge to get to the tree line, where she found a strange amount of warmth. She looked to the water source, and there was no more shining light there, instead only steps and drag marks from the water's edge. Oddly enough, she'd not found anyone else investigating yet, maybe she'd be lucky!

    In the meantime, the fox woman and blue haired male seemed to be shifting gears quite a bit. The initial shock on his face and question surrounding her desires made her brow raise. Only a few seconds after, he was speaking once again. Actually about what she wanted to do. A pout crossed those little lips and a devious light came to her eyes. "Oh? Are you teasing me now? The nerve of you..." she almost scoffed. Of course, there was nothing she wanted to do more than what she suggested. "Still a story that is timeless, requires a good setting... this place is ripe with inspiration, shall we?" she asked in a manner most teasing. It seemed she'd gotten over her initial problem and was more than willing to move on to the destination of choice. A large sakura tree in the distance near some gently rolling falls. "There seems about right~" she said while slipping her other arm around his and squeezing herself into his person.

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    Charlemagne could confirm that at least two people believed his innocence. Isabella made that blatantly clear during their exchange in Aincrad. Now, Anais was doing much the same in direct words. She admitted to being incapable of repairing him, sadly enough. Well, he couldn't be very surprised by that. Anais was an incredible healer, but there was something truly unnatural about his current ailment. "Ngh! No surprise there. This sucks!" he groaned. Random areas of his body were convulsing and fading repeatedly, seemingly to no end.

    Meanwhile, Astolfo was rising on the back of a magical stag. "Ahh! I feel like I just had a long nap! Jan, you... huh?" Apparently, he truly had no idea where he'd been during the coronation and all that accompanied it. Astolfo looked down and around, completely confused with neither knowledge nor concern for any oddities. "Huh. I wasn't expecting to be anywhere different. Teleporting Astolfo, go!" he chanted, immediately finding some amusement all by himself.

    The purple-haired girl's search began while those she recently interacted with started one of a different variety. The 'story' they would write was going to be one for the ages. "Well I wonder what kind of inspiration you're getting from here," said the male. Following the woman's cue, it seemed their destination would be a particular sakura tree by a waterfall. He'd walk that way without question, knowing it would be interesting regardless of venue. What would they really be doing, though? "A tree? With all the corners and rooftops around here, I'm slightly surprised. What could you have planned with a tree?"

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