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    There was something strange afoot. Mugen broke their kiss in a bout of lip smacking to point out that the nudity she was now experiencing was better. And while she couldn't argue against that point, and hadn't even against her other internal voice she now had a new problem. 'Wait can you hear my inside voice?' she seemed shocked. Maybe she should box that. This particular closeness wasn't something she disliked and now with a few moments of separation occurring just a bit she could feel a bit more at ease though this seemed like it was building up quite a bit. "I wouldn't," Anais stated before her mouth was attacked again. Though she was a bit remiss to find out she was so easily read, she also wasn't really the type to lie. She might not say everything on her mind, but she wasn't the type to lie outright on purpose. Well, not unless it was being done to spare someone's feelings. At the end of all of this, the man was moving his rod between her thighs and she was moving right along with him, with their mouths separated again he claimed to have an idea and it was something. 'He's so excited!' her internal voice was loud. 'That's kinda nice though right?' a deep discussion was underway. 'We could snag him too... we could do it~' mentioned her brain once more. Ah, well she'd done the same thing when they'd been alone with Ailen too, encouraging the girl to completely disregard her lesson for the sake of conquest. "I... uh... that seems like a lot," she stated, seeming to have forgotten the idea the man could hear her internal voices, temporarily. Granted, she did know they'd already done it in her head. She knew it was possible. She also had her other lessons to say it didn't necessarily come with the sort of limitations she might have been thinking about which would have had her fearfully rejecting. Her internal voice had something to say... 'I mean, it doesn't seem like a bad idea though~' Of course that was her answer the always quiet protector also didn't really have anything to say. So, did that mean it was okay? Probably. It would be a bit rude to rile someone up like this... she wasn't that sort of person.

    At the same time, the rather excited developments were taking place before the eyes of the elf and the goddess. The latter of whom seemed to be intrigued. If this girl could befriend and excite Mugen, they could well keep her around to learn from everyone. Besides that part, it seemed that Ailen's only hang-up surrounding his new apprentice had to do with feeling like he'd made a mistake. "Iie, I don't think she sees it that way. And given how very timid she was when she first appeared, I'd say you've done a good job getting her acclimated to her potential. Not to discount her own resilience, it does take quite a spine to bounce back from the kinds of things she found out today," she mused. "Not knowing something isn't bad, not doing anything with what you know is horrible... I met the kind of person everyone should shun... I have never felt more annoyed by ignorance in my life. And this little one is nothing like that... maybe your kin have encountered too many of that other sort," she made an assumption given the sheer mass of idiocy falling from that one goddess's brain. In truth Miwa was certain that one was responsible for a number of stupidity induced incidents. "I thought you might enjoy her company... and she needed someone to look after her emotionally, you were best suited to the task. You didn't have to do anything else, but I can definitely see the benefits of her extended study. But if you're going to keep that from going to far you have a limited window, Ai-chan~" she mused. It would be nice to have someone else around with fresh ideas and a different sort of understanding to the one they had. They could all potentially give to her and see what she came up with given her different walk in life.

    At the same time, Charles was receiving a bit of a break. Ah, well it was only just a bit. That initial grinding of Sakura's was soon replaced by a gentle raise and lower of her hips which had the lad emptying himself once more. Since her mouth was still occupied she'd have to make all her decision based upon sensation. And sensation alone said Charles was fond enough of that method. Fine. She'd do that. All the while, her tongue played in his mouth. She was able to return a bit more of his mana to him this way, but it was hardly the amount he'd been pouring into her. Ah, he'd truly be spent by the time they separated but that was fine too right? Obviously, she'd keep up those movements for now, and continue until they could no longer.

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    Indeed, Mugen could hear the internal voice belonging to Anais herself. He could see how she assumed it was only the darker one linked to him, but the truth was not so finite. In actuality, that second voice likely existed for the same reason he could read her thoughts: Anais was tainted by the demon. "Obviously," was all he said in the small space between lip-locks. In the following moments, many thoughts passed through Anais's mind ─ and therefore through Mugen's. True, he was excited. True, that should be considered nice. True, she could snatch his interest as easily as she did Ailen... and true, his idea wasn't a bad one. Anais may have believed it was a lot, maybe even too much. Realistically though, Mugen knew it was possible without repercussion. In proving that she could manifest an entire personality via his influence, Anais proved she could hold a large quantity of Forbidden Knowledge. He could fill her with so much, spiritually, physically and mentally. So refreshing was the realization that a mortal could handle as much; the thrill of it all had him absolutely throbbing.

    While that throbbing occurred, it seemed Miwa and Ailen were reaching a consensus. Anais didn't have any obvious problems with her mentor's earlier failure, so that was likely fine in reality. Additionally, she had experienced a blatant amount of personal growth if one considered how easily she was now taking to the most aggressive and powerful Myouou's advances. Before Ailen could speak on that matter, Miwa mentioned something about an idiot possessing little knowledge and doing nothing with what they had. He knew she'd taken an impromptu trip recently, but he didn't realize it was that sort of headache-inducing adventure. "Really? From what you said about the other one, I assumed it was a pleasant trip. That's a shame," he said. The rest could fall by the wayside for the moment. He agreed to being best suited for comforting another, given the choices at hand. He'd never disagree to the benefits of Anais's study, for herself and those she learned from. Ah... and he agreed that his window for action was shrinking by the moment. "I'm aware. It is a difficult situation. There are benefits to learning some things he may teach early, but I did want to see the extent of his intention before deciding to act. Besides... I'm also curious as to the current extent of her reprehensions. It may be a high-risk study, but I believe I'm still capable of stepping in at the right moment... if necessary. Do you disagree?"

    Oh, how terrible. Charlemagne wasn't able to offer much by way of reaction. Despite his busy mouth, he had a treacherous body to deal with. That wretched new phallus of his was betraying his every ability to conceal the truth. Why did he want to conceal it? Well, Sakura proved herself a dangerous undertaking time and time again. Amazing as that was at every turn, he'd surely run out of mana and lose all ability to seek further pleasure at some point. If Sakura kept being fed his weaknesses, that would happen even sooner. Oh. Charlemagne didn't know when he started thinking that way, but no matter. With the continued rise and fall of Sakura's hips, he was right back to spilling at every complete entry. Even her attempt to deposit more mana into his mouth was half wasted, as he was soon enough left with a gaped maw, huffing and groaning without much use of his own tongue.

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    Between breaks of lips, Anais was given confirmation of her greatest fear. Someone could hear her internal monologue. If he'd just been able to hear what her obviously overindulgent side had to say, she might have been able to deal with it better. But it was strange for someone to hear the things that ran through her head. 'That's so invasive,' she thought. Ah, but she also technically saw the uses of it. Like being able to skip past explaining how she got to a line of thought. She knew her mental leaps were not exactly easy to follow so there was some convenience in skipping the middle man. 'Yes, it's convenient. Besides... it's not like we aren't naked right now~' she mentioned to herself. True enough, she was already naked. Such offerings were of one's self so it was hardly a leap to share things she normally kept to herself. Though that did make her curious about the extent of this man's power that he could just seep into her thoughts like that. Ah, well... she supposed she'd get to it later. Sometime after she decided what to do about his proposal. He was truly excited and absolutely throbbing between her legs. That feeling was really nice, it had her moving her hips in small circles purposefully stimulating herself as she rocked. Would it feel different inside? She was curious. And in her case curious was her most dangerous state. She did want to know what it was he had to say... and she couldn't rationalize a proper negative to not acting in this case.

    While Anais came to a conclusion, Miwa and Ailen discussed the nature of her trip and the goodness of one versus the negative aspects of the same trip. "The pleasantry of meeting the Death Goddess and the Destroyer outweighed the stupidity by a great deal. I even learned about curses. But we didn't get to talk very much so I'd still like to. I did invite her here... so perhaps I will get the rest of what I wished for out of those conversations," Miwa said seemingly looking forward to potential future interactions with her youngest sister. Ah... moving on from that... there was the matter of Ailen and his apprentice. He was waiting it out to see the full extent of Mugen's intentions as well as his new apprentice's reprehensions. Well, that did make a decent bit of sense. "I understand your position. I will admit to being a bit curious to see if she can fully metabolize what he has to offer. She is quite resilient so I am curious as to how much of what she's learned so far she's internalized. Certain habits are a bit harder to break... but I can't disagree with seeing it through as far as possible," she agreed to the high-risk but high potential reward of seeing how Anais dealt with the full nature of one like Mugen. At the same time, Anais broke her kiss with Mugen for a moment of explanation. "If there is something you think I should know... I don't mind. But I can't say what my long term reaction will be since I don't have anything but that mental experience to go off of..." she was relatively open to the experience but wasn't sure if she was truly capable of fully realizing or dealing with the man's current level of excitement. "Oh? Interesting..." Miwa mused. This girl really would fit in around here if that was her attitude, if she could really take the forbidden knowledge, Miwa would consider the girl a partner in her exploits! A rare find among the masses!

    At the same time, Charles seemed to be slipping further and further towards emptiness. Having taken to moving her hips in a more aggressive way, Sakura was able to take the time to note the man unable to keep his mouth from doing anything but groaning. She pulled away and found herself staring down into his face. She looked at this building exhaustion and she smiled seeming to throb inside knowing she was doing a good job of ridding the lad of his excess energy. "Char-kun... you seem a bit out of it... should I help you?" she asked the lad in a teasing manner. Instead of continuing to ride with a bounce she took to that grinding motion once more. Perhaps he'd be satisfied by a build up to something great. Regardless of how he answered, Sakura had a particular plan she was going to enact. She planned to use that slow grinding motion and the clamp of her internal muscles to build herself towards a rather explosive orgasm. And then at the moment where it felt best, she would rise and lower herself, slamming the lad to his absolute maximum resting place within her womb. Only at that moment would she accept everything he had left to offer. Yes. That would be great.

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    Invasive was one way to describe Mugen in a single word. This one didn't even realize the whole truth of her own thoughts. He had long since invaded her in more ways than most mortals could keep track of, but that was neither here nor there. If nothing else, she found it just as convenient, as confirmed by two of her selves. All of these things were thoughts, granting Mugen ample time to continue partaking of her mouth... which he took to doing with the occasional bite and tug of her bottom lip.

    All the while, Miwa was explaining her trip further to the elf male. Both positives and negatives were taken from that little adventure, though the former outweighed the latter. That was good. Ailen had an interest in the Goddess of Death and this alleged demon, and perhaps he'd even meet the pair of them eventually. That other one, however, he wanted nothing to do with for the sake of his own sanity. "If they do come, please let me know. I feel they may both have something I would benefit from seeing firsthand," he said. With that, Miwa expressed a similar interest in the scene unfolding before them. Their exact purposes weren't directly aligned, but they both had a stake in seeing what happened. "Likewise. Certain developments would make her far easier to instruct. So long as it won't completely overwrite my ability to continue teaching, I have no qualms with any development. Though, you know better than I do how unrealistic an expectation that is. . ."

    Interestingly enough, Anais applied some logic to her potential transfer with Mugen once she finally took time to speak. She was conscious of her questionable future reactions, yet open to the experience nonetheless. Such was how she'd been since Ailen met the lass. To Mugen, that was just shy of the perfect answer. "That's the fun of it!" Mugen said with a grin. "You feel that? Desire, anxiety, a tinge of power and a ton of mystery. That's what Forbidden Knowledge does. Go on; find out what it's like when you get your hands on it," he concluded. All the while, Ailen seemed increasingly curious. "Hmm. . ."

    While Charlemagne heaved away, Sakura took a moment to inspect him again. Upon wondering if she should help him, the lass garnered a raised brow and skeptical visage. She'd gone back to grinding, so the chain-explosion had once again come to a halt. With that, he could catch his breath enough to speak again. "Hah... I... phew~... help? What's help? Isn't this he─elp? It's the best thing ever; it has to be help," he blabbered. Presently, he was at rest... for the most of it. There was a constant slow climb up a proverbial mountain, as if the consecutive spurts he'd been experiencing were now being stored away every time Sakura's walls collapsed. Ah, so that was the help she spoke of, was it? "Oh," Charlemagne blurted. He could already feel it; something truly massive was somewhere in the near future for him. How could he say no to that?

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    Anais was having her lips bitten, and tugged upon periodically while this kiss continued. She supposed, getting used to such things was rather interesting. Either way it was a rather enjoyable experience. Because of the type of person she was, she easily put the same actions into practice when breaks allowed for it, while eventually coming to tease the man's bottom lip with gentle suction. Ah... this was likely worth doing just for fun wasn't it? At the same time Miwa was asked to inform Ailen if the Death Goddess showed up, as he wished to meet her as well. "Hai hai, I think she'd have something useful or any or all of us if I am being truthful," she mentioned seeming to think rather highly of the formerly named Kur. True enough beyond this point, they had very different reasons looking into the growth potential of Anais, but they both wanted to know the same thing. "Yes, well... Muu-chan is quite rowdy at times. It's likely he would aim for more than necessary for a test..." she claimed. "But, she does seem to think about things in a sensible way, and her attitude is rather open while still being conscious of potential risks. Actually, I'd call her a perfect receptacle for knowledge given that combination of curiosity and weighted caution," Miwa surmised. This young elafia could easily become one of the wisdom goddess's favorite people.

    Soon after this, Mugen was giving a speech to Anais which hit her ears strangely. She was told the fun was the unknown part. That Forbidden Knowledge came with a host of strange things, she should experience them for herself. 'Yes, do it!~' her internal voice returned with a resounding yes. It always would. Her protector voice was rather quiet, and her own seemed to agree. "Hm, this sounds like exactly the sort of demon thing I would have been told to avoid at all costs..." she mused seeming to add it to her understanding. "Still... understanding wouldn't hurt. Okay." Anais came to that conclusion all on her own, and in so doing figured out how she would tackle the problem of getting this man where he needed to be. To be fair she should probably take this lesson as she'd taken her other ones, maybe she should ask for a bit of guidance. "So should I take this lesson as I did my other one... or were you being literal when you said I should hop on?" Clarification was key here.

    While Anais sought clarification, Sakura was receiving, a gentle set of pushes towards her own climax. Ah... and what was more, Charles was now talking again. He had been rather winded before, but it appeared this change in pacing was helping him out a bit already. "Best thing ever? Really... I didn't know you'd like it so much~" Sakura found herself looking down at the lad. She wondered if he realized her true purpose, as she moved her hips in this grinding motion just to build up bit by bit. She supposed his knowledge of this situation would mostly depend on how good his senses were and strangely enough his last utterance implied that he had some idea of what she was doing. When she heard it, it registered in her head, at the same time that heat had built up and traveled up her spine. She grinned in the most demonic way she had yet and... rose and sank in his lap, rocketing him to her depths and feeling a fresh release which sent power radiating out from her person and allowed her to settle against him. At the same time a series of internal pulses seemed to want to milk him for every last drop he had to offer currently. All of it, was what she wanted, and perhaps she'd get it.

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    "I'm sure she would. She seems quite capable of making new connections between knowledge sources. It's fascinating ─ exciting even," Ailen mused. One would hope Mugen exercised some restraint in his current approach; seeing this development would be a positive for everyone present if so. The major problem with Forbidden Knowledge had never been its addictive properties. As Ailen understood it, the true issue was that none who lacked details of the Forbidden could ever know what was too much. Then there was one like Mugen, who would never offer 'too much' in the literal sense... though he could and would ruin one's ability to consume anything but the Forbidden side of things if they were ill-informed. Not everyone believed that was a positive.

    Anais could see the connection between Forbidden Knowledge and the typical expectations of demonkind. Even so, she understood that gaining knowledge could not be bad. After a period of adopting ─ and even evolving ─ things Mugen initiated, the girl expressed these things. How satisfying. It was always exciting to see those who fell to the desire for Forbidden Knowledge, and more thrilling still to know they could actually hold it. He'd fill her with information yet, but first came a question. One could easily assume her previous learning experience worked as intended. This would could not be the same. "Didn't he tell you? You can't get this kind of power the same way. You're gonna have to do a lot more than just hopping on, though that'll be a fun start~"

    Meanwhile, Charlemagne's commentary was brought into question... sort of. He hadn't told an untruth. If he tallied all the experiences of both his lives, the only thing he could compare to the present moment was the previous day's similar experience. Even that, regrettably, didn't compare ─ though he knew less what he was doing then. Now that he had some semblance of an idea what was happening, he could just enjoy. How Sakura didn't find it obvious despite her easy reading of him, however, he didn't know. Ah, but that didn't matter either. Everything was... cool. Better still was the moments following another sick grin by Sakura, at which point her backside lifted again. Oh no. Charlemagne knew what was coming, but not the whole truth of it. Upon her descent, Charlemagne felt he was being crashed against, perhaps with a greater force than what actually struck him. Just as one would knock the wind out of another person, Sakura was knocking the mana out of him. Every drop? Oh, she'd be getting that and so much more. A sound that could most accurately be called a yowl passed the male's lips, and with it came a sudden and continuous spray of every bit of mana he had. If he had any sense left at the time, Charlemagne would have likened himself to a fire hose let loose in the street, and still there was more. Even after several moments of spraying mana, the poor lad would be throbbing, his manhood trying to expel what was no longer there to give. Even his body was done for as he twitched away from top to bottom, desperately grasping at the first proper breath he could find.

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    According to Ailen, the progress of his apprentice and her abilities as were being showcased right now, were fascinating and exciting. For Miwa, there was nothing better than the excitement of learning something new, and seeing her husbands excited for new undertakings was one of her highest life pleasures. "I'm glad. It's good to see any number of you excited about something. And we are all getting to learn something new... she seems to have a lot of interesting things going on. I can't wait to see them~" Miwa was actually and truly genuinely excited for the new lass studying under the group. Not only would it relieve a bit of her own pressure, but it would be a good binding agent for the group in general. Actually, given the way the girl interacted with even Mugen on an individual basis, she was sure she'd have them all getting along better.

    At the same time, Anais was cautiously approaching something new. What was being said by Mugen was that Forbidden Knowledge couldn't be passed along as her other lessons had, and he asked if this was mentioned. Given the break between their faces, Anais could respond to that, it was definitely something mentioned by Ailen in their time spent together previously. "Hai, that one was mentioned. Shishou, explained that not all he had to teach could be given in the same manner... I suppose it does make sense that something that would count as Forbidden might not be passed along non-invasively," the girl mentioned. Actually, the more she used the word invasive to describe Mugen, the more she was sure it was true. This man had creeped into her brain space, and had her deciding to fully explore the nature of the Forbidden. Just the same given her understanding her brain's insistence. "Alright, I understand..." she seemed to come to some sort of conclusion and with her agreement already in place now she just needed placement. Her body made a few intuitive determinations. She assumed because he'd asked he could handle the current positioning and since she was already pretty close and practically clinging to him, she could easily find herself with her legs wrapped around his torso, supporting herself on his body and readying herself to be taken in this kind of position. Yes that seemed right. "She is definitely without the full level of reprehension she had on her arrival..." murmured Miwa.

    At the same time, Charles was being given something vastly different from his previous experience. Sakura couldn't help but take full advantage and after such a rough build up, her final slam downward was magnificent. She felt this lad spraying internally until he had nothing left to give. Her own body seemed to fill and experince the rush of a rolling orgasm which after his yelp, left a pulse of pure and desire based energy leaving the lass. She looked down at her work of this lad as she felt the nice tingle of satisfaction and smiled seeming to impress herself upon the lad in a manner which implied just a bit of domination. But she wasn't only the child of one of her fathers. With satisfaction on the board she easily leaned down and kissed the lad on his forehead as he took his first real breath. "You can take a bit to get yourself together, Char-kun. I'll look after you~" the girl said in the sweetest manner. Those dark tentacles of hers, would eventually help her free herself and she'd begin a strange little grooming process. Since he'd expended everything, she'd look after him until he could move again. She'd even take to helping him dress and the like using those extra appendages of hers. By the end of whatever time the lad had. She'd be dressed in a dark little kimono with his head in her lap waiting for him to wake a bit.

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    Just as Miwa believed, the existence of Anais in connection to this harem would be better for all. Not every Myouou saw eye-to-eye with every other. The common ground for all of them had been Sakura in a roundabout way, but it seemed she would soon be with them no longer... at least for most of the time. With one linchpin loosed, another would be added in a more direct manner. Would that be fully established here and now though? Time would tell. First, Anais shared with Mugen her understanding of Forbidden Knowledge's special requirements. Once that was out of the way, she enabled Mugen's recent idea by latching onto him with arms and legs. Since he already had hold of her rear, Mugen further firmed his grasp, rubbing against her folds a few more times to experience a slightly new version of familiar sensation. "There there, little doe. First step: this world doesn't like my kind and your kind mixing." With that said, Mugen aligned himself with the girl's entrance, pressing into that snug little space. No entry occurred just yet, but the world deemed it impossible. It would be up to Mugen and Anais to go against that. Presently, Anais would only be capable of feeling that initial nudge of attempted entry. It seemed quite the struggle, but it also seemed something Mugen anticipated fully. "Time for your part. Want it. Need it. How far are you willing to go?" he asked.

    Ah, at last the moment was upon them. Ailen kept an open ear for Anais's response, knowing it determined her ability to bed a demon of Mugen's caliber. Just the same, it determined how quickly Ailen himself would be intervening. Even now, he anticipated that first touch of the Forbidden seeping into his student's mind and soul, delivering the promise of infinite power and even greater potential. Anais showed little reprehension at the moment, so Ailen's timing would be key to keeping her from treading a path she may not have made the informed decision to follow. Ah, but it all depended on a single response. . .

    Luckily for Charlemagne, he would avoid further traumatization by circumstance. He didn't have to see anything currently happening in the throne room, nor would he for a while yet. Why? Well, he could barely be considered conscious at the moment. The poor lad had a sense of self just long enough to see Sakura closing in, until he felt the press of her lips against his forehead. A calm breath followed, and then... there was naught but darkness.

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    Anais had found a strange amount of comfort in her current method to be held. Actually, while she was like this... she also felt pretty aroused as well. That gentle rubbing of Mugen's tip between her folds as almost enough to be too riveting to say no to. She definitely wouldn't admit that, but it was a thought which crossed her mind. Ah, and then there was that nickname she thought she was unsure about, when in truth, being called 'little doe' made her nether pulse. That probably belonged in a box she needed to unpack some other time. According to Mugen they weren't supposed to mix, that made sense. Demons weren't supposed to be in the world according to the teachings she'd been given. Even if not for the reasons she'd been told prior to this, the fact that his area of expertise was called 'Forbidden Knowledge' meant that they likely weren't included in the original aspects of the world. For better or worse. According to the man she was supposed to want it, need it... how far was she willing to go? Well that was an interesting question. Her own internal voice was immediate in its response. 'All the way! Let's go!~' ah, but she'd been pushing for this sort of the thing the entire time. 'I don't know if you can be trusted to make this decision on your own... it's not just about the sex after all...' That extra personality scoffed. 'How about you, you're quiet...' she asked of her mostly silent protector. 'Balance should be achieved. I am not opposed to the dark,' Ah okay. So that gave her something to work with. It wasn't simply a matter of her darkness wanting something it was a matter of her protector deciding it was necessary. So pacing was to be determined by Anais. "I do want it. But like a taste, I need to gauge all reactions before diving in fully," yes... that was the answer. She wanted a bit, and if it wasn't too much, she could balance out the light of her protector as that was what she wanted. Her darkness could be happy with that... and she could be happy with that..

    At the same time, Miwa heard the girl's reasoning and logic and smiled. "I know adults who lack that kind of restraint. Hell I am one of them," this girl truly would be interesting long term. But what would happen with this lass still resting atop the exposed manhood of Mugen. He wasn't exactly known for going the way of restratint. And her answer probably implied that she'd take more if she was sure of herself. That would probably strike the demon's ear strangely. While that situation worked itself out. Sakura was left with an unconscious Charles. While he slept, she dressed herself and then, used her tentacles and knowledge to redress him as well. She found herself moving hairs out of his face and enjoying their closeness irrespective of his current lack of consciousness. She'd absently pet the lad's head while he slept and look after him until he woke. Whenever that happened to be.

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    All the way, urged the darker voice of Anais from within. That was the answer he expected of the girl herself, and what seemed to be the direction she leaned in anyway. He could feel it in her loins: that throb of arousal from such basic interaction. Ah, but Anais was not two ─ she was three. Leaning on her guardian spirit's voice, the lass opted for balance. She decided to have only a taste of the Forbidden before fully making her decision. That much dedication to action would probably still work, even with some difficulty. "Ho? That's not one I've heard before. Oh well. I think I can make it work," he said, managing to push forward just a bit. The demon would make the first step by stretching the opening he intended to fully enter when possible.

    All the while, Ailen was in awe. He'd seen and experienced the effects of encountering Forbidden Knowledge firsthand. No matter the case, it was always inviting, whispering hints of its secrets into the receiver's soul and leaving every opportunity to descend into darkness. For Anais to speak of moderation in the face of that, her resilience knew no bounds. True enough, Miwa proved time and time again that she had no such restraint. "Oh, I'm aware. Today was my day, if I'm not mistaken~" he teased absently. Still, the elf's eyes were trained on Anais and Mugen's ongoing interaction. "Perhaps I won't have to intervene after all? That is the outcome I was most hoping for."

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