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    Three pieces of Anais tentatively agreed to this 'taste' of darkness. Though all three were interested in at least finding out, only one of them was willing to fling herself completely into the activity. That being said, Anais was still rather interested and she couldn't say she wasn't. The darkness was truly a rather inviting thing. It'd hinted at her that she could learn anything or everything if she accepted. And because of how she was, she obviously wanted that... but trying to cram everything in a single day also wasn't really an activity she was willing to undertake. Now it seemed Mugen had heard something unknown. He hadn't been given such an restriction before... but still thought he could make it work... and lo, her opening stretched just a little. Oh? That was rather interesting wasn't it? She found her own hips shifting gently, just a little. "I seem to say things people haven't heard a lot..." Anais moaned. There was a certain harmony by this approach. Her internal voices seemed pleased enough at just the start... a taste of darkness was indeed fine, but most things were supposed to be in moderation right?

    At the same time Miwa could do nothing but praise the restraint of the little elafia girl. All the while, Ailen found himself teasing the woman about her lack of that same restraint. Ah, well... it was his day, and he did almost lose it to Qin and then did lose it to Mugen. She was quite bad at managing the men in her life, especially when the rowdy ones acted demanding. "Ai-chan, well... ah..." she didn't really get through anything else. "That.. one was me, yes. But... how could I resist? I don't have much restraint to start with..." she mused. Ah, well at least she understood her faults. One of them was that she desired forbidden knowledge, the other was she was into a bit of destructive behavior every now and again. As such, she couldn't have put a stop to the invasive nature of her husband. "It is a great outcome, but I'd still be ready. Just because she knows restraint it doesn't mean he does. I don't think I've seen him so excited about something in quite a while..." she stated honestly.

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    Mugen made the initial push, and Anais moved in response. That small shift wasn't an effort to retreat, but one to embrace, he was sure. Inching forward in very small amounts, Mugen worked on breaking down the world's barrier. There was little progress, but progress nonetheless. He was hellbent on having a full, new experience today. Moderation, however, was not something that existed in the void. Anais may have sought such a thing, but Mugen pushed for excellence in excess. She could be so much more. All she had to do was taste a bit more of the Forbidden, make the decision to seek it further... and receive away. At this point, such a thing would even be the primary factor in greater ease of entry. Of course, Mugen didn't mind using a bit of force either.

    Ailen, on the other hand, felt the force was an unnecessary thing. If the world did not accept their union, simply following the path would allow the desired result in time. Actually, if Anais officially set herself on the path with any of the other four Myouou, she could easily join with Mugen afterwards. Whatever worked for her in the end, though, he would allow as long as it didn't hinder her development negatively. Ah, but there was the fact that Mugen had nothing resembling restraint. He could always be trusted in most cases, but he did have a habit of offering unnecessary quantities of mana. Surely Miwa could attest to that as she spoke of her own lack of restraint. "You never did; it's possibly one of your charms. I'm not very upset about missing a day, thought I do feel it has been a long time. And yes, I'm fully aware and prepared to move even now. It's just... I am only gaining more and more faith in this apprentice of mine. She's incredibly inquisitive, you know?"

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    Anais was taking a new experience in stride. She realized that there was something of a barrier, and her own knowledge of sexual activity from the other world said this was to be considered normal in some ways. But there was the fact that this world seemed to allow a lot as long as it was accepted, so what was the difference here? Well it was something she'd figure out surely... Actually now that she was sinking in a bit further she felt a certain pull. It was such an inviting warmth and it gave her a strange desire to go with it. 'Anything you two?' she questioned her internal voices. 'I said what I had to,' mentioned her quieter voice. 'Do it!~' mentioned her rather loud fun oriented personality. Ah, they were both fine... that little taste of darkness had her feeling warm and wanting to shift down as well, but that was surely the darkness itself. Her own internal voice was like that too, so maybe just one more thing. Yes, she was likely standing in her own way, but clarity was key. "Ah, Shishou... I understand the pull of this Forbidden Knowledge thing, and it seems like something I want to do... I can't think of a reason not to, so... am I missing something? Is there any reason I shouldn't?" Ah yes, when all else failed, she'd consult her advisor. If she happened to be overthinking she'd get back to it, but if she wasn't she'd feel better knowing.

    Before that statement was spoken, the troublesome nature of the wisdom goddess was something discussed by the married couple. It'd been a bit since her last session spent in the company of her resident alchemist. Even so, he seemed no less in a good humor than he usually was, "Hai hai, I doubt many would count it as charming at all. And you're so easy going and it's definitely one of your charms~" she smiled when she said it. Of course, she'd advised him to keep an eye on the situation. But then, she had something to say as well. He claimed his apprentice was inquisitive and he had faith in her. "Oh? Interesting... I didn't expect her to ask any questions... I get more surprised every second." Miwa's face had nothing but approval on it. What an interesting little deerling that had landed in her lap.

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    Apparently, Ailen's easygoing nature was a point of charm as well. He shrugged upon hearing that from the goddess, thinking she was free to believe it if she wished. "If you insist, who am I to argue?" he asked mostly in rhetoric. Just then, Anais's progression became something to participate more actively in. She seemed to have discovered and realized the pull of Forbidden Knowledge... and instead of jumping headlong into it as a result, she called upon Ailen with a question. The elf's eyes widened slightly. He had a great deal of faith, yet he still didn't expect such perfect thinking. "Ah? Interesting that you would think to ask something like that. Well..."

    Where would he start? There was much to say from multiple perspectives in terms of an answer. In the end though, it all resulted in the same. "That depends entirely upon you. As in everything, there are many paths to take. We Myouou are five for a reason. Each of us has an additional name, attributed to our attributes. However, there are two exceptions among us. There is one aligned to Yang, and another ─ Mugen-san ─ aligned to Yin. To be open to all knowledge, one must travel a path mostly determined by the first and second choices. There is no specific order beyond that, but when beginning with Yin or Yang, will... well, my explanation won't do it justice. Shitsureishimasu." With that said, Ailen descended from the throne and approached Anais and Mugen. Tall as he was, he easily leaned over the latter's shoulder to slide a moist tongue into Anais's mouth. Mugen may have still been in the slow process of penetrating her womanhood, but Ailen didn't seem to mind at all. Most important here and now was the delivery of information directly into the recipient's mouth.

    Anais would soon see five points arranged in a circle, each with a different color. Within that circle, there was a star pattern connecting each point. An inward swirl of darkness began at the point marked 'metal', and an outward swirl of light stemmed from the one marked 'wood'. Each of those spirals moved clockwise, completing the basic image of what Ailen meant to portray. Many times did his tongue rub against Anais's during this process, retreating only when he chose to speak. "You see? That was the Circle of Creation and the Star of Destruction. This is not the whole of it, but in short... if you begin your journey here, the only way to progress without sacrifice is to follow the second path. Each path has a reverse as well, so you would either sacrifice your ability to gain the full breadth of knowledge from every attribute... or lock yourself out of three potential paths and await the unknowable appearance of Solomon-ou to progress after this," he explained. "That should be all you need for an informed decision. I respect whatever choice you make for yourself, whether for your growth or your personal enjoyment. Ah, and if I missed it earlier, our previous lectures do not count as starting a path. For that, vaginal penetration and ejaculation are both required."

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    "See, easy going~" was Miwa's statement on the matter. Actually, he was quite enjoyable for exactly that reason... but perhaps it'd do good for him to have someone else let him know of it as well. Moving on from this point, it was clear that Anais was a different sort of curious person. She definitely had an inquisitive mind and she had a great deal of restraint. She thought through her decisions as fully as possible and managed to ask perfect questions even when the situation was tense. In truth, Miwa would say that this girl was made to exist within the confines of her kind of wisdom. While this happened Ailen went on to answer the girl's question.

    According to Ailen the Myouou were each titled something different and had attributes to go along with their power structure. Of course, that sounded a bit familiar but she'd have to know the full details of it to be able to make the rest of her informed decision. Beginning with Yin or Yang in this case would change something, but... what? Oh... well she'd be given this information directly. In fact, he'd be placing his tongue within her mouth and allowing her to see this circle of creation and the star of destruction. Ah, she remembered, it was a bit more like Naruto. Ah... including the Yin and Yang. It started and she accepted it even while being on top of this man and being held over his girth. She also oddly had no problems with this arrangement. 'Box it'. Moveover it would be several tongue strokes before she heard her mentor's voice again and when she did it came with additional information.

    "Sou ka, so if I do this, I lock myself into traveling in a specific way. I definitely wouldn't want to give up anything... I want to know everything. I want to learn everything..." the girl murmured, that desire of hers had an interesting trigger. "Besides, given what that circle looks like if I follow it around starting from Shishou... then Mugen-sensei is next," she seemed to come to the conclusion she wished, but since she was no longer a single entity she supposed it was only fair to consult her other self. 'Oh fine... take it the long way round. We still get to party so I don't mind!~' mentioned her hastiest voice. 'As you like,' said the other voice, who truly didn't care so long as balance was achieved. "Mugen-sensei, can I get a raincheck on this?" she asked as politely as she always did, her choice was made by logic, by desire and her willingness hadn't changed at all. It was interesting to observe in truth Miwa respected the lass's moxie in addition to all else.

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    After offering his explanation and a partial lecture on the five phases, Ailen nodded. Anais seemed to easily understand the lesson, even making a decision without much thought beyond the teaching itself. The limit to her desired knowledge was nonexistent, so she clearly preferred the idea of starting her path elsewhere. Moreover, it sounded as if she was choosing the path of creation, which would result in Mugen falling into place at any point after Ailen. To the elf, that all sounded like an appropriate application of wisdom on Anais's part. To Mugen, however, it all sounded like a letdown. Lo and behold, the girl's next words were for the demon. Even her dark-leaning internal voice had accepted the terms he knew would soon be addressed, and of course... she spoke of taking a raincheck.

    "Tch!" With a click of his tongue, Mugen withdrew himself. He'd never been on this end of the equation before, and he didn't particularly enjoy being riled-up for nothing. Even so, he was a demon ─ not a jackass. He wouldn't exactly be forcing the issue if it was the girl's decision. Actually, any blame he had to give would be sent Ailen's way for skipping lessons. He looked toward the elf, who would only be found grinning... almost triumphantly? No, surely he was imagining something there. "Ah, sumanai. I did say I was distracted and didn't sense you here earlier, Mugen-san. I would have informed her long before, had I known~" Ailen chirped. "Uh-huh. Well, I have nothing to say. This is new. I'm not sure I like it, but oh well." Mugen sighed, lifting an arm to scratch his head. In the meantime, the other arm casually let loose of Anais as well, leaving her to stand on her own feet or whatever else she decided. "Guess I lost a chance for once. Congratulations? That's one more surprise you've thrown at us since getting here."

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    Miwa got to see another new thing today. She got to see someone capable of telling Mugen no, and his subsequent reaction to it. The man wasn't a bad one by any means, and she watched as the little deerling's feet met the floor gently. Mugen was surprised. Miwa was surprised, but strangely Ailen wasn't. The look on his face was interesting to Anais, she wondered what that was, but now that she was on the floor again she walked over to her abandoned bag, which along with her armor had been undone when she'd noted her increase in size. Ailen's explanation made sense to the girl, but she'd been responsible for the distraction that caused the man not to share important information. She might have thought to apologize but the man looked so pleased she didn't end up doing that. "I don't mean to be surprising... but that isn't said like it's a positive," the girl said as she reached in pulled out pieces of clothing to redress herself. The last piece she pulled but the first she would don would be a different pair of tiny underwear. If she'd been planning to say something she wouldn't be doing so immediately. "Damnit Ness," she mumbled as she looked at what appeared to be a a barely existent lace thong. Whatever. She wasn't going to think about it. Yet another thing to box until she felt like discussing it. But of course she wouldn't get away with that.

    "Wait wait, are those panties? Those are cute!~" Miwa was suddenly rather excited and would be found eyeing the girl from her throne seemingly amazed by this particular design. "Yeah... they are," the girl said her face suddenly red. She was just going to quietly get dressed. All the while, Sakura was rubbing the head of the lad in her lap. He'd been redressed by her, and she'd brushed out his hair and was now seemingly amused. There weren't any more disturbances in power so she supposed they'd be fine to go ask her mother questions whenever the lad woke up.

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    Of course Anais didn't mean to be surprising. If she had been, she'd probably be wearing the same annoying expression one could see on Ailen's face at the time. "If you expected that to be positive, you've got even more to learn about how this all works," Mugen said. He had to be legitimately losing his touch. Even after stretching his legs, so to speak, he'd failed to do what only came natural at all times. If the Void influence alone wasn't enough, surely he should have been, no? Well... apparently not. Some reflection would be necessary. Maybe he'd have to perform a proper check on all his own abilities soon. Oh, but he'd first have to deal with something else. Anais had decided to redress, pulling a few articles from her bag including... something Miwa acknowledged as a pair of panties. No. Mugen knew temptation above all else; he wasn't walking into that self-damning trap. Ailen, however, immediately took to observing another pair. "Oh? They are becoming smaller and smaller. I did like the last pair, but these seem capable of adorning without obscuring. Is there really such variety in those?" he wondered.

    In the meantime, a fully-dressed Charlemagne was barely beginning to stir. The warmth he felt was out of this world, even though he had little to no mana circulating at present. From his position in Sakura's lap, a strange development would take place. It was without proper consciousness that Charlemagne turned toward the girl, nestling fully into her lap while one arm snaked its way around her midriff. He'd almost taken to using her as a pillow while a few subtle fidgets and moans occurred. Of all the progress in Charlemagne this day, the most recent step apparently turned him into a child. . .

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    According to Mugen if she thought that sort of surprising was a positive she had much to learn. Well, she wasn't sure what she expected but she was certain this had taken a turn Mugen himself hadn't expected. 'Box it, maybe it will make sense later...' she thought about that particular bit. Still, she'd leave it there. Perhaps there was something in this whole thing she needed to understand but right now, what she wanted was to disappear into a hole as at least two people decided to stare at her in her underwear. But, Anais wasn't rude so she continued to dress but addressed the questions as directly as her embarrassment would allow her to, "If I am being honest, I knew about the variety, and it is plentiful... but I am beginning to think my friend thought my emergency needs are very different from what they are. I am honestly a little scared to know what the rest of them look like, and I've decided to box it and deal with it later..." she stated, though this thong was much more comfortable for her increase in size than her previous pair. Perhaps a few more wouldn't be a bad idea of her body would be fluctuating in size? "Oh, I think I might have jumped to a few conclusions about panties if they can look like that..." Miwa stated. "Hai, I'm sure you can find many things you'd like that would be quite flattering for you..." Anais mentioned. This was just something else Miwa was learning, perhaps she'd be able to show the others later after making or acquiring some. At the same time, Anais would begin pulling slightly less stretchy leggings up her legs and hips. Leaving her bottom half to look as if it'd been painted on, but there were no obvious lines from those undergarments distracting from the fullness of her rear. She slipped on a shirt and the corset which belonged atop and began restringing it while barefoot. Yes, she was appropriately covered and thus no longer felt exposed, though there was a different appeal to her physical form now that she couldn't be aware of.

    At the same time Charles was beginning to stir, but strangely he didn't wake. Sakura had never watched someone sleep like this before, and the lad turned into her body and seemed to nestle in further instead of waking properly. Sakura wasn't sure what she felt about this, but given the increased grip to her person and his gentle rolling she felt oddly satisfied. It was interesting at least, this unconscious reaction. She continued to rub his head and wait for the rest. She wondered if being drained in this way was what allowed him to sleep so peacefully. Obviously, it would require more study.

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    On the topic of varied undergarments, Anais implied the total number was beyond measure. At least, that was how Ailen interpreted the way she phrased it. He didn't much see the point of extra clothing layers being connected to any emergency ─ apart from temperature concerns. Whatever the case, he watched her don this new pair and found the articles becoming more appealing each time a new one showed itself. "Goodness. This is becoming..." The elf paused, as the further donning of layers served only to accentuate Anais's new form more. "... quite the development," he finished. Just then, Mugen hazarded a glance once more. What a waste, he thought. There were so many things he could have done with that form. At this rate, half of the ideas would leave him before his chance came. Ah, but the demon had been made aroused once already. Anais would pay dearly for this decision in the future, and it wouldn't even be an act of malice on Mugen's part. Perhaps Miwa would be paying said price first, he thought while glancing in the goddess's direction briefly.

    Charlemagne was fully at peace. That rubbing sensation against his head began seeping into his consciousness, eventually causing him to stir more directly. He groaned, he grunted, and he nestled further. "Spent," he muttered at an almost whisper. Eventually, the lad's eyes would open, and he'd see only the darkness of Sakura's dress. That flowery scent invaded his nostrils. The softness of her thighs eased his waking when combined with that gentle movement of her hand through his hair. How long had he been out? Well, that wasn't important. Charlemagne intended to speak, managing only a yawn when first opening his mouth. "Huah~. Ohayougozaimasu."

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